How to narrow pores on the face: cosmetics and folk methods at home

The causes of enlarged pores on the face lie both in the type of skin and in the methods of caring for it. Oily sheen and acne during the ripening period are a consequence of hormonal imbalance in the body. Clogged pores with a mixture of fat and dust are stretched and do not always return to their previous state, unless procedures are performed to cleanse the epidermis.

You can narrow your pores at home using certain procedures. An excess of secretion of skin secretion is characteristic of the period of hormonal changes at any age, and not just in adolescence.

Skin preparation for procedures

Pore narrowing procedures are performed when the ducts are free from contamination.

How to narrow pores on the face: cosmetics and folk methods at homeThe skin is prepared using masks and steaming with decoctions of herbs or using a warm towel.

Pore narrowing cosmetics

People with oily skin need special cosmetics to narrow their pores. How to narrow pores on the face: cosmetics and folk methods at homeExpanded pores not only spoil the appearance of the face, but can also cause the multiplication of bacteria and, as a result, the onset of infection. Pore clogging is the main cause of acne, acne, inflammation and numerous skin diseases.


The lotion is applied to clean skin after washing without further removal. If there is zinc in the composition, you can get rid of black spots, oily sheen, enlarged pores and purulent inflammations.

Some time after the procedure, the skin looks as if professional chemical peeling was carried out in the salon. The face looks rested, fresh, and the skin becomes smooth, soft and clean from the first use.


Beauticians recommend that you pay attention that no professional cosmetic or home remedy will narrow your pores for a long time, even a tonic. How to narrow pores on the face: cosmetics and folk methods at home

Short-term narrowing of the pores is definitely beneficial. It consists in the fact that after using the tonic, excess cream will not be absorbed into the skin, therefore, the pores will not clog, and the cream consumption will decrease. In addition to narrowing the pores, the tonic is able to reduce and dry the rashes.


The function of the sebaceous glands normalizes after the systematic use of a special cream. It promotes the healing and narrowing of pores on the face. With comprehensive home care, the effect lasts as long as possible.


Compresses help not only with pain in the joints, but also when giving the skin of the face health and beauty. There are a lot of varieties of compresses in cosmetology: dry, wet, oil. The method of application is the same for all types – the fabric moistened in a solution, a cotton pad or gauze is placed on the face. How to narrow pores on the face: cosmetics and folk methods at home

The main positive properties are toning and restoration. In addition to beauty, an important indication for the use of compresses is health. Excessively oily and dry skin – deviation from the norm.

Properly selected herbs can correct the situation forever. In the first case, it is preferable to choose yarrow, birch buds, and in the second case, dogrose, chamomile and sage.

Pharmacy preparations

Dermatologists include ready-made pharmacy cosmetic preparations:

  • cosmetic clay, depending on the problem and skin type;
  • acetylsalicylic acid;
  • zinc;
  • buttock.

In the problem with enlarged pores, white clay is preferred over cosmetic clay, which for use is simply mixed with water and does not lose its beneficial properties. The use of acetylsalicylic acid, which stabilizes the function of the sebaceous glands, contributes to the correction of the color and structure of the face. How to narrow pores on the face: cosmetics and folk methods at home

Zinc is used in many lotions and creams, but also separately. Gently cleanses and does not dry, normalizes the work of the glands. Bodyagi is known in the fight against protruding veins and bruises, but it also, like aloe, draws dirt and lard from the skin, whitens and removes puffiness.

These drugs eliminate oily gloss, dry acne and inflammation, narrow pores. We must not forget about precautions, because the regular use of these drugs can greatly dry the skin. To avoid problems, it is necessary to know the measure and additionally use moisturizers.

Ice Cube Treatments

It is only necessary to wipe the face with ice cubes along the massage lines, only in this way the blood will rush to the surface of the face as much as possible and bring the vessels to tone. It is important not to stop for a long time in one place, otherwise the skin will get cold and acne will appear. How to narrow pores on the face: cosmetics and folk methods at home

Such a procedure should be carried out twice a day during washing. Women with dry skin type should be treated with caution and use cosmetic ice exclusively in the area around the eyes.

Scientists have proven that under the influence of low temperatures, the surface vessels narrow, and after a second blood rush due to the expansion of deeper vessels. So there is a narrowing of the pores and a decrease in the secretion of the sebaceous glands.

What herbs constrict pores

At home, you can narrow the pores on the face with the help of cosmetics and drugs, as well as medicinal herbs. Advantages of the latter in low price, natural composition, stable and long-lasting result. The use of herbal decoctions is suitable for women prone to allergies, and owners of problem skin. How to narrow pores on the face: cosmetics and folk methods at home

Dermatologists include the following herbs that are best suited for narrowing pores in the skin:

  • chamomile;
  • mother and stepmother;
  • lavender;
  • thyme;
  • nettle.

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Decoctions of herbs


Herbal medicine makes an invaluable contribution to cosmetology, and chamomile can improve the appearance of the skin, lighten freckles, and cure many diseases. It is not difficult to prepare a decoction, it is enough to pour boiling water over the flowers of the plant, let it brew and strain.

There are several ways to use it:

  1. use instead of tonic, wiping the face with fresh broth and activating all the processes in the cells.
  2. wash your face with cool broth in the morning.

The systematic use of chamomile broth in facial skin care will give it a fresh, healthy and beautiful appearance. This is an excellent matting tonic, enriched with organic acids, vitamins and trace elements.


The use of decoction from coltsfoot at a
deep cellular level cleanses the ducts of the sebaceous glands, removes toxins and soothes the skin after negative influences. If you experiment a little with the composition of the coltsfoot broth, you can create a unique tool for daily washing or removing makeup. How to narrow pores on the face: cosmetics and folk methods at home

As a regular homemade tonic, you can boil 1 large tablespoon of grass and wipe the skin daily. It can both treat acne and acne, and improve microcirculation, cleanse and soothe the skin. Since the product turns out to be medicinal in its properties, it is able to strengthen the skin’s immunity and prepare for sudden temperature changes.


The anti-inflammatory properties of lavender provide the removal of irritation and peeling of the skin. A decoction of lavender flowers is used in the care of sensitive and problematic skin. Accelerates cell recovery, which allows you to make the healing process of acne painless and without a trace. How to narrow pores on the face: cosmetics and folk methods at home

Lavender broth cleanses the skin, activates blood circulation and enrichment of cells with oxygen. Prepared in cosmetology it is weakly concentrated (1 tablespoon of water 1 small tablespoons of flowers). It should be used 1-2 times a day as a substitute for tonic. British scientists during the experiment found that half of the tested women during the regular use of funds with lavender smoothed out fine wrinkles.


A decoction made from fresh thyme leaves is considered a real antioxidant. You can cook it in 15 minutes. To do this, part of the grass is boiled with water over medium heat for 10 minutes and filtered. The liquid can be placed in a special container with a dispenser and stored in the refrigerator.

Regular rubbing of the face helps to soothe skin irritations, dry out inflammation, relieve swelling, and restore blood circulation at the intracellular level. An alternative to freshly picked leaves is the dried herbs purchased at the pharmacy.


Nettle can provide the daily intake of many vitamins and minerals. Its composition exceeds the norms of useful substances of other products and herbs by more than 10 times. The broth is prepared from 5 fresh chopped leaves, which are boiled over medium heat for 5 minutes and filtered. How to narrow pores on the face: cosmetics and folk methods at home

For use, you need both a decoction for wiping, and leaves for a disposable mask. Homemade cosmetics made from nettles relieves acne, skin diseases, acne and inflammation.

Oily skin will be cured with decoctions and infusions that remove excess fat while moisturizing. Along with plantain, nettle tightens minor scratches and skin lesions.

Rosehip broth for dry skin

Dry skin needs constant hydration and protection from heat. An indispensable helper for the skin in this situation is rose hip. The broth from which gently cleanses and simultaneously retains moisture in the skin. The result is soft, fresh and nourished skin.

It is impossible to cook and immediately use this decoction. To do this, pour a handful of dried berries 0,1 gallon. Water and boil for 10 minutes. Then the liquid is left to infuse in a warm place for 6-8 hours. The broth is used instead of tonic and serves to wipe clean face skin.

Home masks

From clay

Cosmetologists use clay in their sessions for deep cleansing and drying of the upper layer of the skin. Clay is an absorbent, therefore, it absorbs an excess of secretions of fat and sweat glands. Depending on the type of clay, it removes redness, dries the skin, and cleanses. How to narrow pores on the face: cosmetics and folk methods at home

Masks with it are suitable for any type of skin.

In addition, its recipe is simple – 1-2 small spoons of clay are diluted with water to a thick sour cream and applied to the face until completely dry. The mask should turn out without lumps, to enhance the properties of clay, a couple drops of tea tree essential oil are added at will.

It is worth remembering that the masses should not fall on the areas around the eyes and lips – stretching and draining the skin. In pharmacy masks, clay is added to enhance the bactericidal action of excipients.

From fruits and vegetables

Fructose and acids contained in vegetables and fruits allow you to “wipe” freckles, age spots and even wrinkles from a woman’s face. Masked vegetables and fruits are a great way to heal cells and saturate them with useful trace elements, vitamins and glucose.

You can apply mono masks, consisting of one product, or a mixture of different ones. In a small deep plate, soft fruits (vegetables) are kneaded into porridge and distributed over the face. Solid fruits (vegetables) are grated and mixed with a thick mass (sour cream, oil). Rinse off the mask with warm water.

From starch

A course of starch mask in 30 procedures reduces existing facial wrinkles and prevents the appearance of new ones, the tone becomes smooth and uniform. Signs of dry skin such as peeling, tightness and dryness will disappear. How to narrow pores on the face: cosmetics and folk methods at home

To avoid the feeling of tightness after removing the mask from the face, it is advisable to initially add 1 small tablespoons of any base oil (jojoba, peach, apricot) to the starch and slightly dilute the mixture with boiled water to a creamy consistency. Starch compositions, unlike others, do not need to be kept for long, 5-10 minutes will be enough.

Starch is a catalyst and enhances the positive properties of additional substances in the mask, penetrating into the deeper layers of the epidermis. Women with oily skin after a course of procedures in the mirror observe smooth and soft skin without greasy shine and wide pores.

From honey

The effect of narrow pores and facelift at home is achieved by using some kind of honey mask. Depending on the desired result, certain components are added to the mask. How to narrow pores on the face: cosmetics and folk methods at home

This product is not suitable for many as a mask, as there are frequent allergic reactions. Proper use implies heating honey to a temperature of 40-45 degrees and spreads a thin layer on the skin for half an hour. Rinse off such a mask is recommended with cold water.

Honey is a product that easily retains moisture in skin cells. Scientists have proven that the first cause of skin aging is dehydration. Flabbiness and lethargy of the skin, the formation of wrinkles, dryness are its signs. Sugar in honey contains liquid-binding elements. Due to this, honey masks prevent drying of the skin.

From brown bread

Rich in nutrients, the composition of black bread is considered an excellent basis for the manufacture of cosmetic face masks. They are, on the one hand, bu
dgetary, and, on the other hand, profitable.

At minimum cost, a mask is created that can nourish, cleanse and tighten the skin of the face. It is not difficult to apply: a crushed bread crumb is soaked in warm water and distributed evenly on the skin, washed off after half an hour.

Of linden flowers

Sluggish, sagging skin needs to increase firmness and elasticity. This is facilitated by masks of linden flowers. A handful of flowers are brought to a boil over low heat and filtered. The resulting mucus serves as a nutritious product and is applied to the face and neck for 20 minutes. Remove dry cotton swabs over time.

The composition includes hormones that are similar in structure to the female sex hormones (estrogen). So linden masks can give a rejuvenating effect. Leading gynecologists-endocrinologists of the world recommend that after 30 years, women take linden decoctions. Linden face masks relieve swelling, fatigue and give elasticity to the skin.

Egg masks

In preparing a homemade egg mask, a whole egg is rarely used, in classical recipes it is divided into protein and yolk. In dermatology and cosmetology, this approach is considered the most correct. Protein and yolk individually will solve the problem better than together, since their composition is different, then they solve different skin problems. How to narrow pores on the face: cosmetics and folk methods at home

Protein has a constricting property and is used in oily skin care. It is whipped into a foam and a cotton pad is applied to a clean surface, as soon as the layer dries up – the next one is applied, and so on until the whole mass is on the face. Then rinse in warm water.

And in the yolk there are more fatty components that fully nourish dry skin. The principle is the same as with protein. The yolk is applied on a layer by layer and washed off with warm water after the mask has dried.

From plantain

Applying masks from plantain at home has a tonic effect both for the upper layers of the skin of the face, and for the inside. The unique composition of the mask allows the tool to heal wounds, narrow pores, and restore damage to the skin at the cellular level. How to narrow pores on the face: cosmetics and folk methods at home

Porridge from leaves of plantain, ground in a meat grinder, is suitable for each type of skin. Regular wiping with a liquid mask narrows the pores and tightens minor injuries, heals acne marks. In addition, the addition of plantain juice will provide youth and skin cleansing, as well as accelerate the healing of boils and inflammations after insect bites.

Oil masks

In medicine, oils are used for the regeneration of mucous membranes or skin, and in cosmetology – for nutrition and moisturizing the skin. The simplest and most effective option is to apply the oil evenly with a thin layer and leave for 30-60 minutes, then blot the remaining residue with a napkin. There are recipes in which oil stays on the skin all night.

But they should not stick to it, because at night the sebaceous glands are activated and the oil prevents the enrichment of the dermis with oxygen and, as a result, sebaceous plugs and acne are formed. It should be noted that oils nourish more than moisturize. Therefore, to achieve the latter with their help is impossible.

Steam baths

An ideal universal remedy for cleansing and restoring the skin’s water balance at home is steam baths.

How to narrow pores on the face: cosmetics and folk methods at home
Steam baths help narrow the pores on your face. Read more how to carry out the procedure at home below

3/4 of the volume of hot water is poured into a small pan. The face bends at 15’7 inch and is covered with a towel or blanket for 5-20 minutes, depending on the type of skin. Oily requires more time for steaming and cleansing, dry – less. Before starting, it is necessary to lubricate the area around the eyes with a fat cream. Essential oils of chamomile, lavender or eucalyptus are added to the water as desired.

Hot steam contributes to the expansion of the sebaceous glands and the removal of toxins to the outside, providing subsequent narrowing of the pores. After carrying out this procedure at home, the skin of the face is ready to better absorb the nutrients of both masks and creams.

Skin Care After Procedures

According to the recommendations of leading cosmetologists, you only need to wash your face in the morning with melt or mineral water. After numerous studies, it was revealed that this method of washing forms an acidic environment on the skin, providing protection against bacteria after cleansing. How to narrow pores on the face: cosmetics and folk methods at home
How to narrow pores on the face: cosmetics and folk methods at home

After-treatment skin care also includes vitamin supplements for the epidermis. For this purpose, vitamins A and E are suitable, which are applied along the massage lines with patting movements.

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