How to apply patches under the eyes, which ones to choose, reviews

The first signs of age-related changes appear in barely noticeable wrinkles around the eyes after 25 years. The skin in the periorbital contains virtually no fat and sebaceous glands. With age, it quickly loses moisture and becomes thinner.

The modern cosmetology industry offers a wide range of various products for the care of delicate skin around the eyes, one of which is patches. Active advertising, in which they show how to properly apply them and what results can be achieved with their help, has made this product incredibly popular among women of different age categories.

Appointment of patches for the eyes

Patches are compact pads impregnated with highly concentrated cosmetics, the composition of which depends on the purpose. They are also called pads, petals, adhesives and patches.

How to apply patches under the eyes, which ones to choose, reviews

The main function is express correction of the aesthetic imperfections of the skin in the periorbital: edema, dark circles and age wrinkles. However, modern cosmetologists have expanded the scope of patches, starting to use them to protect the mucous membrane of the eyes when building and staining eyelashes.

From bags and swelling

One of the main causes of puffiness is water retention in the body. The skin in the periorbital zone is very thin and weak, so it is deformed under the pressure of excess fluid, forming an ugly bag. With age, this problem is exacerbated because the skin becomes less elastic.

After the decay of the edema, it cannot restore its initial form, it sags under the lower eyelid, forming a fold.

To combat edema, patches with a lymphatic drainage effect are used. In addition to blood circulation stimulating and anti-edematous drugs, their impregnation contains components that increase vascular tone and improve metabolic processes.

From dark circles

There are several reasons for bruising under the eyes:

  • anatomical features;
  • violation of the normal functioning of the body;
  • the presence of bad habits;
  • increased eye strain.

After intense eye strain, blood flow to the eyes increases. The eyelids turn red and swell, which subsequently leads to the formation of bruises. Patches will help fix this problem. Within 30 minutes after applying the mask, pigmentation will be restored.

How to apply patches under the eyes, which ones to choose, reviews

Lightening the skin under the eyes is due to the stimulation of local blood circulation, as well as the use of antioxidant and whitening agents. If the cause of bruising is due to a violation of the cardiovascular system or kidney dysfunction, then only tonal cosmetic products will help to cope with them.


One of the main reasons for the appearance of facial and age wrinkles around the eyes is dehydration. For emergency elimination of undesirable manifestations of age-related changes, it is necessary to apply patches with moisturizing, nourishing and tonic properties. Hydrogel pads with colloidal gold ions and snail mucin will best cope with this problem.

Eyelash extensions

Not so long ago, patches became an indispensable accessory for eyelash extensions. Their functionality is to protect the cilia of the lower eyelid from contact with the adhesive, which is used during the procedure. They are hydrogel, silicone and fabric based.

How to apply patches under the eyes, which ones to choose, reviews

Silicone linings are reusable. They are well fixed, do not slip and are suitable for almost any shape of the eyelid. The pads are fixed on top of the lower eyelashes at a distance of 1/32 – 1/32 inch from the line of their growth.

For eyelash tinting

For dyeing eyelashes, you can use the same patches as for extension, with the difference that you need to fix them not on top of the eyelashes, but under them, as close as possible to the growth line. This is necessary to protect the skin of the eyelids from the ingress of coloring pigment.

How to apply patches should know every master. It is important that the edge of the petal does not intersect with the mucous membrane of the eye. If the gel or substances included in the impregnation of a cosmetic mask get on the conjunctiva, this can cause irritation.

Composition and properties

The composition of the impregnation of cosmetic plasters determines their properties.

All patches can be divided into 4 groups:

  • draining;
  • moisturizing;
  • nutritious;
  • anti-aging.

There are no universal cosmetic masks for the periorbital area, therefore, when choosing a product, you need to pay attention to its purpose.

Kinds of patches:

How to apply patches under the eyes, which ones to choose, reviews

Group The main active ingredients Effect of application
Draining Vitamin E, horse chestnut, lime and arnica extract, ginkgo biloba Improving the circulatory and lymphatic system. Acceleration of metabolic processes and regeneration of skin cells.
Moisturizing Glycerin, hyaluron, collagen and rose water Actively moisturizes the skin, restores the hydrolipidic balance of the epidermis.
Nutritious Extracts from various plants, retinol, fruit and lactic acids, placenta, hyaluron, collagen Effective prevention of wilting, combating age and facial wrinkles, increasing skin tone and elasticity.
Anti age Peptides, hyaluron, coenzyme, colloidal gold, snail mucin, caviar and ginseng extracts, pearl powder They prevent aging, smooth wrinkles, restore the water-lipid balance, accelerate the regeneration processes, tone, tighten and brighten the skin.


Most patches have a crescent shape, which is considered universal. However, Korean manufacturers’ products are often characterized by a relatively small size and small diameter of the arc adjacent to the lower eyelid. This form is not suitable for everyone, which significantly reduces the effectiveness of the masks, since they cannot completely cover the problem area.

Some manufacturers make round overlays with slots for the eyes. They provide care for the entire periorbital zone, and not just the lower eyelid.


Cosmetic patches are one of the most useful tools for correcting skin defects around the eyes, however they also ha
ve their contraindications.


  • individual intolerance to the components that make up the impregnation;
  • damage to the integrity of the skin of the eyelids;
  • chronic conjunctivitis;
    How to apply patches under the eyes, which ones to choose, reviews
  • disturbance of microcirculation in blood vessels (rosacea).

Even in the absence of contraindications, violation of the rules for using patches can cause unpleasant consequences.

To avoid them, you must adhere to the following recommendations:

  • take breaks between the use of masks in order to prevent the accumulation of active active substances, which can subsequently act as allergens;
  • Before buying patches, you need to familiarize yourself with the composition of the impregnation of the patch, in order to exclude the possibility of an allergic reaction;
  • Before starting the course, it is recommended to make a skin test by applying a patch on the inside of the wrist for 30-60 minutes to assess the potential reaction to the components.

How to patch properly is indicated in the manufacturer’s instructions. It must be remembered that excessive fascination with magic masks can have the opposite effect.

Their continuous use leads to inhibition of the regeneration of the skin of the eyelids and the cessation of the production of their own collagen. Excessively active action on the capillaries contributes to their expansion, and the appearance of the vascular network.

Types of eye patches

Choice gives rise to doubts. To find the best product, you must first familiarize yourself with the range that the modern cosmetology market offers.

With lifting effect

The main purpose is to eliminate facial wrinkles, restore smoothness and elasticity of the skin, creating a visible pull-up effect. Long-term anti-aging effect is achieved by accelerating the regeneration of skin cells and stimulating collagen synthesis.


These mini masks contain black pearl powder, which effectively moisturizes the skin, increases its elasticity and smoothes fine wrinkles.

How to apply patches under the eyes, which ones to choose, reviews

Black patches do a good job of swelling and can be used on an ongoing basis.

With gold ions

Such products are anti-aging. Gold ions easily penetrate into the deepest layers of the epidermis. They improve blood circulation and oxygen supply to cells, increase fiber elasticity, and correct pigmentation.

Collagen supplemented

Anti-aging patches. The effect is achieved due to marine collagen, which is as close as possible in composition to human. Quickly smoothes wrinkles, makes the skin supple and supple.


A thin silicone film is left, which acts as a primer, filling in irregularities and smoothing the skin structure. Often used in salons for coloring or eyelash extensions. They can be used several times. After each use, the pads must be washed and placed in an individual package.


Gel patches have the same properties as hydrogel patches, but have one significant difference: they can be recommended for night care. The hydrogel is able to absorb a large amount of moisture and if the pads based on this material are left for a long time, they can dry out delicate skin.


They are made of jelly-like material, impregnated with compounds that provide effective care.

How to apply patches under the eyes, which ones to choose, reviews

From the heat of the body, they begin to melt, and nutrients penetrate into the deepest layers of the epidermis. There is no excess composition after application. Recommended application time is not more than 20 minutes.

Fabric based

Textile-based mini masks are more like wet wipes. They dry faster than hydrogel ones, but immediately fix well and do not “drain”. The set of active substances depends on the destination. Designed for single use.


Hydrogel masks that can be used 5-6 times. After use, rinse with warm water, place in individual packaging and store in a cold place. They are distinguished by high cost, so they are not very popular.

how to properly patch and what is the optimal time of their action you need to know to achieve maximum effect.

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Top patch brands

The most popular trademarks for eye patches are owned by Korean manufacturers. However, Korea has long ceased to be a monopolist in this segment of the market for cosmetic products. Recently, countries such as France, Italy, Iceland and even USA have joined the struggle for consumers.

How to apply patches under the eyes, which ones to choose, reviews

The best brands:

Name Producing country Active substances Act Rating and price in usd. on ozon
Patches Novosvit Lifting Strips USA Vitamins A, E, Grape Seed Oil, Noglycan Glycoses, Tartaric Acid Relieve swelling, nourish and tone the skin. The minimum usage time is 30 minutes. Can be left overnight. 4.3 / 5


Japan Gals Patches Hydrogel 6 pcs Japan A complex composition which includes collagen, extracts of black caviar and aloe vera, glycerin and much more The mask nourishes, moisturizes and brightens the skin. Eliminates swelling and wrinkles. 4.1 / 5


Payot Perform Lift Express Care to strengthen the skin and eliminate signs of eye fatigue (10×2 pcs) France Acti-Lift Complex, Wakame Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Silk Tree Extract and Asian Herbs Strengthen, tone, relieve puffiness and brighten the skin. Eliminate signs of fatigue, fight wrinkles. The duration of the session is 15-20 minutes. It is recommended to apply the course every other day. 3.75 / 5


Patches BIOAQUA China Glycerin, propylene glycol, golden osmanthus petal extract. Fabric based mask Increase skin elasticity, restore the structure of collagen fibers, slow down the aging process. Unlike standard patches, they are round in shape, which allows for care of the entire periorbital zone. 4.65 / 5


Sans Soucis CLEANSING patches for eyes, 70pcs Germany Cornflower Extract, Panthenol, Castor Oil The product is unique in that it is designed to remove permanent makeup. Impregnation of wipes can effectively remove the most persistent dirt, provides skin care and stimulates the growth of eyelashes. Recommended for people using contact lenses. 5/5


Patches for the eye area L’Sanic, with snail mucin and gold, 3,04 fluid ounce Korea Snail mucin, colloidal gold, vitamin complex, collagen and elastin Accelerates metabolic processes, slows down wilting, strengthens and tones the skin, relieves swelling, and actively fights wrinkles. 4.65 / 5


How to properly patch to get the maximum result is written in the instructions for use.

The list of actions for fixing finished cosmetic patches is as follows:

  1. To clear a skin of pollution and the remains of decorative cosmetics.
  2. Prepare patches for use. Hydrogel pads are carefully removed from the container using the special spatula included in the kit. Fabric-based patches are separated from the protective film.
  3. Apply patches under the eyes, previously gently smoothing the skin. To avoid getting cosmetic impregnation and gel on the mucous membrane, the patch should be fixed at a distance of 1/32 – 3/32 inch from the eyelash growth line. To remove puffiness and lighten the skin, the lining is fixed with the wide side to the inner corner of the eye, and in the fight against age and facial wrinkles – to the outer.
    How to apply patches under the eyes, which ones to choose, reviews
    How to apply patches Instructions will help you do this.
  4. After the session, carefully remove the patches. Drive the remains of cosmetic treatment into the skin with light tapping of the fingertips. Stretching the eyelids with active massaging movements is strictly prohibited.

For each type of cosmetic pads under the eyes, the maximum session time is indicated. Keeping them on the skin longer makes no sense, and in some cases is even harmful. Most manufacturers recommend using patches in the morning, but some types of cosmetic petals are designed for evening and long night care.

How to replace patches at home

There are several ways to get rid of edema and bruising under the eyes, which were actively used before the sale of cosmetic pads.


  • pads made of cotton pads soaked in an infusion of green or black tea will perfectly cope with edema and lighten the skin a little;
  • if you attach napkins soaked with custard coffee to your eyes, you can deal with bruises. Caffeine stimulates blood circulation;
  • massage with ice cubes will help to remove traces of fatigue;
    How to apply patches under the eyes, which ones to choose, reviews
  • when there is no desire to make coffee or tea, it is enough to apply tablespoons to the eyes, previously cooled in the freezer. This is the most budgetary way to relieve puffiness.

Storage rules

Storage conditions for patches are indicated in the manufacturer’s recommendations. As a rule, all types of cosmetic petals are perfectly stored at room temperature, but leave them in the sun or in the bathroom. Elevated temperature and humidity contribute to the spread of bacteria that can easily enter a poorly closed container.

Hydrogel patches are preferably stored in the refrigerator. So you can extend their shelf life and enhance the cooling effect. The lid of the plastic packaging must be tightly closed. If the tightness is broken, the hydrogel dries in a matter of days, and an expensive product becomes unusable.

Cosmetic patches for the eyes – the best solution to preserve the youth and beauty of the skin of the periorbital. However, each tool has its own purpose and instructions for use.

Before using a product from a new manufacturer, you need to clarify how to apply these patches correctly, what is the maximum session time and what are the recommendations for the frequency of use. Only the correct application will give the expected result.

Video on how to patch properly

Patches under the eyes, how to apply:

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