Face primer – what it is, types, how to choose and use. Rating of the best

Clean skin and even complexion – a natural desire of each representative of the beautiful half of humanity. However, not everyone can boast of perfect skin, so you have to use special matting agents.

Face primer is one of such cosmetic products to create the perfect make-up. What it is and why it is needed in a women’s cosmetic bag will be described later.  

What is a face primer and why is it needed

A facial primer (what it is, not everyone knows) is the foundation for makeup. This is a cosmetic product that is applied to the skin to create a base for foundation. It is based on silicone and a special pigment, there are also vitamins and minerals that nourish the skin.

The merit of this tool is to create the perfect complexion, because with it you can hide skin imperfections and all kinds of defects. Its main task is to transform the skin of the face, eyelids and lips.

The primer is used in cases where it is necessary:

  • even out skin tone;
  • mask imperfections in the skin of the face (acne, scars, spider veins, inflammation, small wrinkles);
  • create a strong connection between skin and makeup; Face primer - what it is, types, how to choose and use. Rating of the best
  • stabilize the secretion of the sebaceous glands and matte the skin;
  • create an invisible film, which will be a kind of barrier and prevent the makeup from getting into the lower layers of the skin.

Also, this cosmetic product will become indispensable for those who are familiar with the following problems:

  • enlarged pores;
  • oily shine in the T-zone;
  • uneven and dull complexion;
  • pigmentation;
  • shallow wrinkles;
  • unstable makeup.

A correctly selected primer is able to cope 100% with the tasks assigned to it.

Types of face primer

The facial primer (what it is, was described above) has an extensive assortment. It is necessary to choose this tool based on the individual characteristics of the skin.

The cosmetics industry offers the following types of primers:

  • corrective – very similar to concealer . Its main task is to mask problem areas of the skin. It is suitable for those who want to hide minor imperfections on their face and make up acne scars, scars. This tool is usually pink, yellow or light green in color, due to which it copes with the task perfectly, and hides specks, bumps and roughness; Face primer - what it is, types, how to choose and use. Rating of the best
  • matting – it is better to use it in the summer so that the makeup does not spread , and the skin remains matte, without oily sheen. Such a primer is suitable for owners of sensitive and problematic skin;
  • moisturizing primer is best chosen for women with mature skin . This tool will perfectly hide small wrinkles, eliminate bumps, give shine;
  • tinting (sparkling) is suitable for any type of skin , gives brightness, radiance, evens out the tone.

Types of primers for face composition

Also, primers are divided into several types in their composition:

  1. Silicone – thanks to the texture of this product, all pores and wrinkles are filled, the skin acquires a smooth, velvety and smooth surface. It is possible to apply such a primer both on separate areas requiring correction, and on the entire skin of the face. Suitable for normal to oily skin.
  2. Reflective (luminescent) primer incorporates reflective particles that trap electric light and make the skin gallon shine. Such a primer is most often used as the basis for evening makeup. The product is applied to the entire face. Face primer - what it is, types, how to choose and use. Rating of the best
  3. Mineral primer is actively used for problem skin. It has a green hue, due to which all redness is hidden. It is applied locally to problem areas (irritation, acne, acne).

Varieties of primers for consistency

  • cream primer – universal, suitable for any type of skin. Thanks to the soft creamy texture, as well as moisturizing ingredients, the skin is moisturized and is preparing to apply decorative cosmetics. This tool can eliminate minor skin imperfections (redness, freckles);
  • the primer liquid in consistency is suitable for owners of normal skin, without obvious problems. Such a tool is not so much able to disguise as to nourish the skin, add dullness and protect against external influences; Face primer - what it is, types, how to choose and use. Rating of the best
  • gel primer is suitable for oily and problem skin types, as it does not clog pores and does not create a mask effect on the face;
  • for problematic skin, a solid remedy is better. It is it that is better than others capable of masking scars and visible skin imperfections;
  • pudding primer is a relatively new product on the counter of cosmetic stores. The structure is similar to powder and copes with the tasks: eliminate greasy shine, smooth the skin texture, dry it. Such a tool is better suited for problematic and prone to rashes;
  • the lightest primer lotions that are the lightest in texture . They are best suited for creating natural makeup. Such a tool is quickly absorbed and often has a light tonal effect.

Face Primer Colors

The primer for the face (what it is, and what types it happens, is described above) also differs in color and its functions. Each primer color solves a specific skin problem.

It is a misconception that, depending on the chosen color of the primer, the face will acquire the same shade. This tool is applied in a very thin layer, and therefore the skin does not shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow. When choosing a foundation for makeup, it is important to understand what effect you need to achieve after using it.

The following types are produced:

  • yellow – designed to mask dark circles under the eyes and even out the tone of the face;
  • green . The task of the green primer is to eliminate bumps, minor rashes and redness on the skin;
    Face primer - what it is, types, how to choose and use. Rating of the best
    Depending on the color, the primer for the face provides a different effect.
  • Orange. An orange remedy will help mask bruises and even out complexion;
  • purple – gives the skin a natural shade;
  • a peach or pink base is suitable for absolutely everyone, it is able to give the skin a radiance;
  • white. The most popular is the base in white. It resembles a regular cream. The use of such funds can make the skin radiant, and give the face a fresh and rested look.

How to choose a primer by skin type

When choosing any cosmetic product, an important factor is the type of skin:

  • for owners of normal skin, it is better to choose a cream primer, since special correction is not required. A thin layer is applied to create a protective barrier;
  • dry skin needs constant hydration. Any kind of makeup base is suitable, except for silicone. It is better to choose products that contain moisturizers. In autumn and winter, a makeup base is essential; Face primer - what it is, types, how to choose and use. Rating of the best
  • for combination and oily skin, it is necessary to select a tool with a matting effect, and categorically avoid funds with a liquid consistency. Applying the latter can lead to the fact that all makeup will “leak”, and decorative cosmetics will look unpresentable. Silicone, cream and pudding primers are able to perfectly smooth the skin texture and clog the enlarged pores, as well as normalize the production of sebum;
  • for sensitive skin, silicone primers are contraindicated. It is better to use water-based products;
  • for women with age-related changes in the skin in the area of the nasolabial folds, eyes, forehead, it is better to choose a base with a dense structure that can fill all facial wrinkles.

Primer Tools

A facial primer (what it is, and what it is needed for, described above) is applied directly to the skin, so that in order not to be used for its application, the device must be individual and clean. If makeup tools are not cleaned, this carries the risk of infections, bacteria, ticks and other undesirable problems getting into the skin. Face primer - what it is, types, how to choose and use. Rating of the best

Makeup artists apply the primer with a concealer brush, with which the tool can be spread in a thin layer, with a minimum consumption. If there is no such brush, the product can be applied with a slightly damp sponge or locally with the fingertips.

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Features of the use of a primer for the face

A facial primer (what it is, was described in detail earlier) will give the desired result if it is correctly selected according to skin type and applied correctly.

To make-up was persistent, and the skin became perfect after applying the foundation, you should adhere to the following tips:

  1. The face must be prepared for applying the primer: wash, cleanse the skin from dirt and makeup. She needs to dry.
  2. Moisturizing with a light cream. It is necessary to allow the product to soak, if necessary, remove the remaining cream with a cotton pad.
  3. Primer application. If a matting agent is applied, then its tone should be as close as possible to the complexion. A primer is applied to the entire face (except for green, which acts locally on problem areas of the skin). It is important to correctly apply the base under makeup: first, a small amount is applied to the palm of your hand, the product should warm up a bit. Then the cosmetic product is applied to the face with a moist sponge with rubbing movements. You need to start with the eye area, gradually moving to the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. For delicate skin of the eyelids and lips there are special products. If necessary, you can re-apply the primer to the T-zone. Face primer - what it is, types, how to choose and use. Rating of the best
  4. The tool should be well absorbed, so you need to wait a few minutes before applying the foundation.
  5. If the foundation is not used, you can just lightly powder your face.
  6. In order to keep the makeup all day long, it is better to remove excess sebum with matting napkins, slightly dampen the skin with them, but in no case usd it.

Possible application errors

  • if the primer is applied to dry skin, the result is unlikely to please: such makeup will not last long, and all decorative cosmetics will not lie evenly;
  • do not cover your face with a thick layer of primer. This will only overload makeup;
  • no need to try to drive and actively usd the product into the skin, this will lead to an uneven and unkempt tone;
  • you can not apply a primer if the skin already has powder or foundation;
  • if you do not allow time for the primer to dry, you get the effect of not dried varnish, when the next layer of makeup will simply roll;
  • during the day, do not additionally apply a layer of foundation or powder to get rid of the shine on the face. Such actions will only spoil the make-up;
  • it is not recommended to fix makeup with thermal water, as it contains active components, with the help of which decorative cosmetics easily penetrates into the pores. Use thermal water only on clean skin;
  • it is imperative to look at the expiration date of the product: an expired primer will not allow you to apply perfect makeup. He is also able to cause an allergic reaction.

MAC face primer

The popular MAC brand offers primers for both professional and home use. You can choose any product according to the type of skin. Face primer - what it is, types, how to choose and use. Rating of the best

MAS primer will give the skin a slightly perceptible radiance, while evening out the tone, perfectly hide any imperfections on the skin, remove redness and smooth out fine lines.

Cost: from $ 27.

Max factor

For the perfect make-up, the legendary Facefinity All Day Primer from the famous Max Factor brand will be an excellent choice. This tool is suitable for absolutely any type of skin.

Due to the light texture, the makeup is preserved throughout the day and does not roll. The active ingredients nourish the epidermis, regulate the production of sebum, even out complexion and narrow pores. When using this foundation under makeup, the durability of the tonal foundation is guaranteed even in the summer heat.

Cost: from $ 6,8.


Infaillible Mattifying Base from L’Oreal Paris will help you create a flawless complexion and velvety skin. This base is completely transparent and more suitable for normal skin, but it is not within her power to cope with acne, traces of acne or redness.

The product is used by professional makeup artists and has the following advantages: perfectly evens out the tone, hides pores, perfectly mattifies and gives the skin a radiance. In cosmetics stores, such a primer costs from $ 7,48.


The American brand Smashbox has a huge selection of primers, complete
ly different.

You can highlight the universal base Photo Finish Color Correcting Primer Balance, which does everything that is expected from such a tool:

  • prolongs makeup resistance; Face primer - what it is, types, how to choose and use. Rating of the best
  • gives the face a radiance;
  • moisturizes the epidermis;
  • gives the skin smoothness and comfort;
  • hides all imperfections.

The price for it varies within $ 34.


The legendary Chanel brand offers a high-quality universal makeup base Chanel Le Blanc de Chanel Multi-Use Illuminating Base, which contains natural ingredients.

This tool instantly improves the complexion, gives it a radiance and a healthy look, hides imperfections and facilitates the easy application of decorative cosmetics. This product is perfect for problem skin, as it acts locally and masks dark circles, pimples, and redness well.

Cost: about $ 41.


An ideal assistant to achieve the goal on the path to even and beautiful skin is a primer from the French brand Guerlain. With this tool, the skin will shine, it will look rested and fresh. Face primer - what it is, types, how to choose and use. Rating of the best

Lightweight and invisible structure absolutely does not make makeup heavier and is great for lovers of natural beauty.

Price: from $ 38.


This brand has a huge selection of different makeup bases, each of which will prepare the skin for applying makeup and even out the tone. Maybelline New York primers can be selected by skin type. Cost: from $ 6,8.


The Swedish company offers several options for makeup bases that add dullness to the skin, refresh the face and mask imperfections. Price: from $ 4,76.


For oily skin, Revlon company offers a wonderful product Photoready, which hides acne and pores, mattifies well, evens out the relief, does not make makeup harder, and the foundation stays smooth and holds for a long time.

Cost: $ 7,48.


The popular Nyx brand makes various makeup bases for each skin type. The most popular is the Born To Glow base, which is able to give the skin a radiance thanks to its light texture. Face primer - what it is, types, how to choose and use. Rating of the best

It can be applied independently, mixed with foundation or used as a highlighter. Prices for the primers of this brand start from $ 9,52 and above.


A popular brand offers a multifunctional primer with hyaluronic acid, which perfectly nourishes the skin. This tool will even out the tone and surface of the skin, give it a perfect look, restore, hide redness minor imperfections.

Cost: $ 5,44.

Urban decay

This company offers a convenient spray primer for daily use. The Urban Decay tool allows you to gallon give your skin a rested look, make it shine from the inside, and the makeup lies and holds much better.

Cost: about $ 27.


Clinique offers makeup bases made using a universal formula, but in 3 shades, designed to mask specific skin imperfections. In addition, the primer provides a persistent tonic effect, saturates with minerals and vitamins, so that the skin takes on a beautiful, healthy and well-groomed appearance.

Cost: from $ 41.


The Belarusian popular cosmetic brand offers a base for makeup of excellent quality, created on the basis of snail filtrate and natural extracts. Face primer - what it is, types, how to choose and use. Rating of the best

This tool is 100% coping with its task: masking imperfections, preparing the skin for further makeup, coping with the problem of dull complexion, enlarged pores and other problems on the skin.

Cost: $ 2,72.


The foundation for the make-up of this company is a light consistency, highly absorbent product that hides the enlarged pores, eliminates oily sheen, mattifies, and makes the face well-groomed. Makeup lasts much longer, does not flow or slide.

Approximate price: $ 5,44.

What is the difference between concealer and primer

What is a primer for the face, and what is it for, was described in detail earlier. But how it differs from concealer, not many know. Both of these tools perform one common task: mask skin imperfections.

Concealer is a cosmetic product with a loose structure, most often natural or close to it in color . In fact, this is also the basis for makeup, but it differs only in higher covering ability and the presence of more pigment.

At the same time, the concealer is designed to pointly solve a particular problem on the skin. With it, you can hide a pimple, hide facial wrinkles, mask redness and remove dark circles under the eyes. At the same time, it is important to understand that the concealer only masks problems, and not fight them.

The task of the primer is not so much to hide imperfections on the skin as to become an invisible barrier and protection for it.

He is also able to cope with the following tasks:

  • even out the tone of the face;
  • give a little shine;
  • hide pores, fine expression lines and mask imperfections.

In addition, the concealer is applied directly to the primer. Here, perhaps, are all the differences between these tools.

In the arsenal of any girl who wants to look perfect and well-groomed, there must be such a tool as a primer for the face. This cosmetic product is simply indispensable for creating lasting and beautiful makeup.

Face Primer Video

How to apply primer on your face:

Features of the choice of primer:

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