Face fitness exercises for the face. Japanese method, Elena Karkukuli, Dubinina, Anastasia Burdyug. Video lessons

Face fitness technique is a set of exercises aimed at preserving a youthful face without the intervention of plastic surgery and injection rejuvenation.

The founder of this concept is the German plastic surgeon Reinhold Benz, who at the beginning of the XX century. published a book on face fitness. Based on his writings, effective training methods have been developed by both American and foreign face-fitness trainers.

The essence and basic principles of face fitness

Face fitness (exercises for the face) helps strengthen the subcutaneous muscles of the face, which weaken with time and become smaller. Exercising daily can normalize blood circulation, get rid of most wrinkles and achieve a clear oval face.

High-quality execution of face-fitness will make the skin supple, healthy and toned without surgery. Simple exercises are performed independently at home by women who want to keep youth.

Japanese Face-Fitness Method “Become 10 Years Younger”

An effective facial massage technique was created by Japanese cosmetologist Yukuko Tanaka when in 2007 she presented her book “Facial Massage”. The complex of exercises of lymphatic drainage face-fitness is called Zogan or, as is often called in USA, Asahi. Face fitness exercises for the face. Japanese method, Elena Karkukuli, Dubinina, Anastasia Burdyug. Video lessons

An energetically revitalizing massage technique is aimed at the effects of connective tissues and deep muscles of the face. All skin manipulations are performed strictly in accordance with the location of the lymphatic currents.

This type of massage is therapeutic, therefore, it is possible to achieve a rejuvenating effect only with regular exercise, as a result of which toxins are eliminated, complexion improves, and wrinkles disappear.

Just 4 minutes of exercise in the morning and before bedtime will achieve the following results:

  • getting rid of edema;
  • the tightness of the oval face;
  • skin smoothing;
  • raising the outer corners of the eyes and eyebrows;
  • smoothing the skin around the lips;
  • elasticity and smoothing of the skin on the neck and chin;
  • getting rid of the second chin;
  • smoothing nasolabial folds;

Gymnastics Elena Karkukuli

Face-fitness (facial exercises) was developed by the founder of Faceday club, Elena Karkuklya, where the fair sex, using a universal technique against wrinkles, learn to correct and maintain their face.

The basic principle of Elena Karkukuli’s face-fitness classes is safety, excluding all exercises that lead to muscle strain, and therefore to wrinkles on the skin. Face fitness exercises for the face. Japanese method, Elena Karkukuli, Dubinina, Anastasia Burdyug. Video lessons

The program of face care includes training in a culture of maintaining skin tone, competently using means for washing and applying day and night cream. You can achieve maximum effect at any age, observing the regularity of exercises. The express complex will take 7 minutes to complete. per day, and the full will be 10-15 minutes.

The methodology of face-fitness of Elena Karkukuli is aimed at achieving the following results:

  • eyelid and forehead lift;
  • expressiveness of the eyes;
  • cheek strengthening;
  • cheekbones;
  • face oval alignment;
  • correct posture;

Faceforming of Galina Dubinina

Galina Dubinina teaches classes on the healing and rejuvenation of problem areas of the face on the official website of the Youth School, which was recognized in 2004 by presenting her face-training course – gymnastics aimed at developing the subcutaneous muscles and external rejuvenation.

In addition to online classes, there are real-time lessons that are held in Los Angeles.

Face fitness exercises for the face. Japanese method, Elena Karkukuli, Dubinina, Anastasia Burdyug. Video lessonsGalina Dubinina personally tested the course and conducted it with a group of women who faced age-related changes in the face and decollete. Two coaches, Yevgenia Belyaeva and Yevgeniya Bobrovskaya, teach at the school along with the author of face-formation.

The advantage of face-to-face exercises of Galina Dubinina is that they do not need to be performed comprehensively at a time. Exercises can be done at that moment and in the place where time allows, which is convenient for business women, but always systematically.

Gymnastics is designed for girls and women:

  • from 20 years – the prevention of facial wrinkles;
  • from 30 years – prevention of age-related changes;
  • from 40 years – facelift, eyelid lift, elimination of the second chin;
  • from 50 years – the fight against wrinkles, the formation of an oval face;
  • from 60 years – support for the tone of the muscles of the face;

Gymnastics for the face of Anastasia Burdyug

Face fitness trainer Anastasia Bordyug began her activity at 29 years old. Having found a way to preserve youth by the method of Carol Maggio, she was trained in physical exercises that strengthen the facial contour and received certification, subsequently establishing the Super Face project.

Face-fitness (facial exercises) by Anastasia Bordyug with a regular quality approach allows us to achieve the following results:

  • strengthening the subcutaneous muscles;
  • proper relaxation;
  • getting rid of wrinkles;
  • contour alignment;
  • skin color improvement;

Facebuilding for Carol Maggio’s face

Carol Maggio, at the age of 50, developed her own face-building exercise system based on a technique created by plastic surgeon Reinhold Benz. After a while, she gained fame thanks to the effectiveness of her exercises, demonstrating results on her own appearance. In 2021, she published the book Aerobics for skin and facial muscles.

Face fitness exercises for the face. Japanese method, Elena Karkukuli, Dubinina, Anastasia Burdyug. Video lessons
Carol Maggio Face Fitness Exercise Pioneer

Systematic exercises according to Carol Maggio’s technique lead to the same result as after plastic surgery, because wrinkles disappear not after tightening the skin, but due to an increase in muscle tissue.

With regular and competent face-building, muscle cramps are caused, leading to the effect, as if after botulinum toxin injections. The Carol Maggio technique does not carry a force load, since facial muscles cannot be inflated.

In the process of wilting, the inflated muscles will begin to stretch the tissues in the sagging areas of the face, as a result of which wrinkles will appear. All Maggio exercises are performed by touching the fingers, so physical activity on the skin and facial muscles will be minimal.

Gymnastics for the face of Alena Rossoshinskaya

Osteopath and fitness trainer Alena Rossoshinskaya, the owner of the official website “I love facefitness”, has more than 7000 fa
ns of the rejuvenation and healthy lifestyle program who recognized the results of the transformation.

The training method of Alena Rossoshinskaya is based on the study of the facial muscles and maintaining their tone. The face looks healthy thanks to improved blood circulation and lymphatic flow.

A basic program has been added to the basic exercises, which includes methods:

  • massage and relaxation;
  • vacuum gymnastics of the face;
  • facial expression monitoring;

Facebook building by Eugenia Baglyk

The complex of training on Facebook created by Evgenia Baglyk is popular among women who are actively struggling with age-related changes. Training brings quite quick results and effectiveness, which was noted by numerous clients using the Eugenia Baglyk channel on YouTube. Face fitness exercises for the face. Japanese method, Elena Karkukuli, Dubinina, Anastasia Burdyug. Video lessons

Classes are aimed at ridding those age-related changes in women that they have:

  • preventing the appearance of new wrinkles;
  • disposal of bags under the eyes;
  • return of firmness to cheekbones;
  • prevention of the second chin;
  • alignment of nasolabial folds and facial wrinkles;

Muscles and tissues by this method receive oxygen, which leads to a general tone of the facial muscles, the complexion changes. It is allowed to use natural oils that do not contain artificial flavors. Before applying oils to the skin, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist regarding contraindications and allergic reactions.

Otherwise, it is recommended to use essential oils, conducting trainings with a lit aroma lamp, combining face-building classes with aromatherapy.

Indications for the beginning of the use of face fitness

Face-fitness (facial exercises) can be performed at any age, starting at the age of 18. Lack of sleep and stressful activity leads to a tired, rumpled person whose negative result is reflected in women 25 years old. A suitable training set selected by the trainer will help get rid of problems with wrinkled skin. Face fitness exercises for the face. Japanese method, Elena Karkukuli, Dubinina, Anastasia Burdyug. Video lessons

The incentive to start classes will be followed by indications:

  • expression and age wrinkles;
  • loss of skin firmness and elasticity;
  • prolapse of the upper eyelids;
  • bags under the eyes and dark circles;
  • weakening of the subcutaneous muscles and loss of facial contour;
  • the occurrence of a second chin;
  • nasolabial folds;
  • thin lips;
  • dull complexion;

Face-Fitness Contraindications

Face fitness is contraindicated in diseases:

  • hypertension II and III Art .;
  • brain disorders, trauma;
  • skin diseases and inflammatory processes (acne, rash, boils);
  • damage to the facial nerves;
  • jaw joints;
  • oncology;
  • thyroid gland;
  • malfunction of the lymphatic system;
  • runny nose, sinusitis, sinusitis;
  • heat;
  • general malaise;

Gymnastics for the face is contraindicated in such cases as:

  • postoperative rehabilitation period;
  • cosmetic procedures;
  • the presence of facial implants;
  • skin damage (scars, wounds);

You can deal with caution with paralysis.

If after classes discomfort and pain are felt, it follows that contraindications are not taken into account or the exercises are not performed in accordance with the instructions.

Useful recommendations for patients

Before class, you should clean your skin from makeup, no creams or oils are applied. It is advisable to do for 10-15 minutes in the morning and evening 2 hours before bedtime. Hands moisturized with a nourishing cream. To check the correct execution of exercises in the first training, you must use a mirror. Face fitness exercises for the face. Japanese method, Elena Karkukuli, Dubinina, Anastasia Burdyug. Video lessons

The back should be even, breathing is correct, pain should not be. It is impossible to stretch the skin of the face strongly, because new wrinkles will appear. During the exercise, you need to feel the tension of that facial zone and the muscle that is training.

If there is no tension or pain occurs, it means that the exercise is not performed correctly. After completing the exercise, you need to take a break for 1 minute before the next. After a set of exercises, it is recommended to wash your face and apply a cream suitable for the type of skin.

To achieve the maximum effect from the selected face-fitness complex, it should be performed regularly and according to the instructions of the trainer. Adhere to proper nutrition, follow a diet and monitor posture.

Particular attention should be paid to the fact that most wrinkles are formed on the face not due to weak muscles, but because of hypertonicity, that is, intense tension. Given this, the facial muscles need not be trained, but properly relaxed using facial massage.

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The main set of face-fitness exercises

Basic exercises from face-fitness trainer Elena Karkukli, author of the book “Face-day: Perfect face in 10 minutes a day.” Face fitness exercises for the face. Japanese method, Elena Karkukuli, Dubinina, Anastasia Burdyug. Video lessons

Stretching the spine along the axis. The exercise is aimed at acquiring the correct posture and position of the neck to align the oval of the face and get rid of the second chin. 1. It is necessary to straighten the shoulders, pointing the shoulder blades to the center of the back and slightly down.

2. The thoracic is revealed. Keep your head straight without bowing it. There should not be much tension, only a feeling of comfort.

3. The statics of the body are restored, getting used to the correct position of the head and neck.

Massage the upper part of the head. Exercise reduces puffiness, has a lifting effect on the upper part of the face, gives freshness and a healthy color. 1. Warming up. Massage movements need to “comb” the upper part of the head from the edge to the crown.

2. Do the same from the
back – from the crown to the edge down. The exercise takes 30-60 seconds.

3. “Tearing off strands.” You should take a large lock of hair closer to the scalp in your hand and gently pull it up, shifting in different directions. Perform the exercise for 30-60 seconds.

Lift the upper eye area. Gymnastics for raising the temporal zones, corners of the eyes and upper eyelids. 1. Exercise is performed by taking the correct posture.

2. Putting your palms to the temporal zone, you need to move it 3/32 – 4/32 inch up.

3. At the time of the shift of the temporal zone, the mouth slowly and wide enough opens and closes, feeling the movement of the facial muscles under the palms. Exercise must be done 20-30 times. It is not necessary to pull the temporal zones up strongly, to exert pressure on them with tight hands.

Gymnastics for cheek lift using a spoon. It is aimed at lifting the zygomatic muscles, acquiring lip volume and smoothing the nasolabial folds. 1. To perform this gymnastics, you need to prepare a teaspoon with an even wide end.

2. The lips are pulled by the teeth, and the spoon inserted into the mouth is held by the retracted lips.

3. Then you need to slowly pull the smile with the cheekbones up to the temples. A smile lingers in static for 20 seconds, then relaxation and a slight pat on the cheeks with your fingers. The corners of the mouth should strictly go up, and not to the sides. The lower jaw does not produce any movement. Eyes do not squint, neck and chin should not be strained. Gymnastics is performed 20 times in 3 sets.

Exercise “Duck”. Gymnastics is aimed at strengthening the labial muscles and the effect of their increase. Smoothing facial wrinkles. 1. The index and thumb are joined, covering the area around the slightly open lips.

2. Depicting a duck, the lips “protrude” forward, pressing them to the front teeth, as if resisting.

3. The position is fixed for 20 seconds, after which the lips and fingers relax. Gymnastics is performed 20 times.

Exercise “Bucket”. It is aimed at strengthening the lower part of the face, getting rid of the second chin, aligning the line of the oval of the face. 1. Exercise can be performed both sitting and standing. Posture is leveled, shoulders are straightened.

2. The head stretches up, the chin should be held up.

3. The lower jaw extends “away from you”. Muscle tension should appear.

4. Slightly pat 10-15 times on the chin. The exercise is performed by turning the head slightly to the right or left in turn.

Exercise “Cap”. Gymnastics is aimed at relaxing the lips and remembering the muscles in the correct position. Achieving the effect of lip augmentation, the clarity of their contour and getting rid of wrinkles of the nasolabial triangle. 1. Performing this exercise, you need to take a cap from a pen or felt-tip pen.

2. The cap is inserted into the mouth with the teeth clenched, holding it with the most relaxed lips.

3. The cap must be held in this position for 30 seconds.

Exercise “Smile to the Sun.” It is aimed at general muscle relaxation. 1. Lightly touching the fingers of your face, slowly smooth the skin from the center of the lips towards the ears, like drawing a smile.

2. The skin does not need to be pulled, only fingers. The exercise is repeated up to 100 times. After such a lifting, the effect of lifting the face skin up should be felt. The muscles will remember the position of the inner smile.

Do not worry with a slight burning sensation and tingling after performing face-to-face exercises, moreover, give up training. New sensations are an indicator of fruitful muscle work.

Result fixing

Consolidate the achieved result will help proper nutrition, diet and taking the right vitamins. Face fitness exercises for the face. Japanese method, Elena Karkukuli, Dubinina, Anastasia Burdyug. Video lessons

The effect of face-fitness is manifested in various ways, based on age and individual characteristics. Regularly performed exercises force women who have achieved effective results to control their facial habits without frowning or grimacing.

Particular attention should be paid to correct posture. In addition, you must use high-quality face care products and decorative cosmetics.

There is such a thing as anti-fitness – these are bad habits that daily worsen the condition of the face and skin. Compression of the lips leads to their subtlety and the appearance of purse-string wrinkles. Frowning eyebrows, squinting and other facial expressions lead to the formation of a wrinkled mesh and deep folds.

The application of decorative cosmetics is accompanied by grimaces, leading to uneven skin. In addition to face fitness, you need to carefully control your facial expressions daily, then the result of the efforts will be effective.

Opinions about face fitness of doctors and patients

Beauticians and plastic surgeons recognize the effectiveness of regular face-to-face fitness, noting the ability to rejuvenate the skin of the face and stimulate lymphatic flow. Slowing down the aging process, women who carefully monitor their appearance manage to postpone a visit to a plastic surgeon and a cosmetologist for beauty injections for a long time.

Face-fitness exercises gained popularity due to the fact that this type of rejuvenation was actively used by American and foreign celebrities – movie stars and pop stars. Systematically practicing gymnastics for the face, they noted getting rid of facial wrinkles and tightening all facial areas. Face fitness exercises for the face. Japanese method, Elena Karkukuli, Dubinina, Anastasia Burdyug. Video lessons

Some cosmetologists insist that it is advisable to use sculpted face training at the age of 30 years. Up to this age, skin and muscle tone should be maintained using light massage and proper face care.

Acceptable exercises that prevent the appearance of facial wrinkles and crow’s feet near the eyes are acceptable. At a young age, excessive enthusiasm for face fitness can lead to an unnatural pumped face, which will ruin the appearance of the girl.

When to Expect a Face Fitness Effect

Performing all exercises strictly according to the instructions of the trainer, observing the regularity of classes, the effect can be achieved in two weeks. To note a number of changes, trainers advise taking a “before” and “after” photo. A complete change in appearance should be expected after going through a set of selected exercises in 2-3 months.

Face fitness exercises are recognized as an alternative to surgical interventions and injectable cosmetology. It is also a supporting physical therapy after plastic surgery on the recommendation of a doctor. In addition, according to the trainers themselves, face-fitness is a philosophy of a healthy life, with which not only the face and the external transformation change, but also the quality of life improves.

Face Fitness Video

Face Fitness – true or myth:

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