Face creams in pharmacies

The pharmacy offers a wide range of different face creams. These cosmetics are intended not only to care for the skin, but also for its healing.

Human skin, being the largest organ of the body and performing basic protective functions, itself needs constant care. And if most of the dermis is covered with clothing, then the face is constantly exposed to external factors, therefore, it requires special attention.

Facial whitening cream

It is a mistake to assume that age spots are a sign of old age, they can appear on the skin regardless of age, therefore they are a very common problem. Such defects are very difficult to mask with layers of decorative cosmetics.

Face creams in pharmacies

There are different ways to combat the manifestation of increased pigmentation on the skin, but experts recommend using professional whitening products in the form of face cream, presented in a pharmacy.

The active components that make up the cream penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, destroy the melanin accumulated in the cells. As a result, age spots become less noticeable or disappear altogether.

The active substances include: lactic, glycolic, fruit acids, hydroquinone, essential oils. Therefore, when purchasing a cream, you should pay attention to the presence of these components in the composition of the product.

Apply bleaching agents to clean skin before bedtime, course of treatment – until the complete disappearance of pigmentation darkening.

Face creams in pharmacies

The leading pharmacological campaigns offer their products from age spots:

  • “Eveline Cosmetics” (Poland);
  • “UriageDepiderm” (France);
  • Vitex (Belarus);
  • “Idealia PRO” from Vichy (France);
  • “Lierak Sunific Extrime” (France).

Moisturizing face cream

In the skin layers on the face, the number of sebaceous glands is negligible. Therefore, the amount of fat produced in this area is insufficient. This circumstance provokes water imbalance. Lack of constant hydration can lead to dry skin. To prevent such a problem, it is necessary to constantly apply moisturizing creams to the face, which can be purchased at the pharmacy.

Face creams in pharmacies

Such creams intensively moisturize the epidermis and deep layers of the skin. They are usually enriched with vitamins, ceramides, essential oils that restore moisture, reduce wrinkles and activate the production of elastin and collagen.

It is better to purchase products that do not contain preservatives and flavorings, they are safe for people suffering from allergies . Moisturizers are used during evening and morning treatments.

A moisturizing face cream is popular in the pharmacy of the following brands:

  • “A-Derma” (France);
  • Decubal (Denmark);
  • “Skin Naturals” from Garnier (France);
  • “Papaya Moisture Cream” from The Skin House (Korea).

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Nourishing face cream

Stylists note that a nourishing cream must be in the arsenal of every woman. Such products contain hyaluronic acid, essential oils and herbal extracts, amino acids, natural antioxidants and vitamins.

Thanks to the highly effective ingredients that are part of the creams, these products deliver the necessary nutrition and moisture to the skin layers, prevent the aging of the epidermis, and stimulate cell regeneration. They are designed for various types of skin, are used during morning and evening procedures.

Face creams in pharmacies

Nourishing face cream in a pharmacy is presented in a wide price range, among them are:

  • Aevit (USA);
  • “Perfection of youth” from Declare (Switzerland);
  • “Creme nutritive compensatrice” from Avene (France);
  • “Nourishing evening cream Bark” (USA);
  • “Nourishing cream” from NIVEA (Germany).

Face cream for combination and oily skin

The main objective of the cream, intended for oily and combination skin, is the normalization of the activity of sebaceous secretions and the prevention of inflammation caused by blockage of the fatty ducts. Attention should be paid to funds containing:

  • salicylic acid and zinc oxide – they have a drying effect;
  • caffeine – tightens pores;
  • herbal extracts – stop inflammation;
  • essential oils – prevent the appearance of acne and acne.

Creams are designed for different age categories. Apply them 2 times a day. Regular use contributes to the normalization of the activity of the sebaceous glands, the elimination of toxins and keratinized epidermal particles, a significant narrowing of the pores.

Face creams in pharmacies

The line of creams for oily and combination skin is presented in the pharmacy by such means:

  • “Vichy Normaderm” (France);
  • “Matt perfection” from NIVEA (Germany);
  • Day Cream “Sophora Japanese” from Natura Siberica (USA);
  • “Noreva Matidiane Anti-shine day treatment” (France);
  • “Uriage Hyseac 3-Regul” (France).

Cream for dry skin

Moisture deficiency in the skin is accompanied by unpleasant sensations: this is a feeling of tightness, itching and peeling. Such a dermis quickly loses elasticity and is most prone to the formation of early wrinkles. Choose a face cream in a pharmacy that fights against dry skin, especially carefully. Beauticians advise you to purchase a product containing the following ingredients:

  • ceramides – they are necessary to prevent peeling;
  • vitamins A, E, C – provide facial skin rejuvenation, activation of metabolic processes;
  • depanthenol – its action is aimed at eliminating dryness in the deep layers of the skin;
  • glycerin – not only moisturizes the skin, but also retains moisture in it;
  • UV filters – protect the epidermis from the aggressive effects of sunlight;
  • functional carotene – provides the early penetration of active components into the skin;
  • moisturizing oils.

But zinc, alcohol and mineral oils should not contain creams for moisturizing.

Face creams in pharmacies

The following moisturizing products meet these requirements:

  • Lokobeys from RIPEA (Italy);
  • “Doliva” (Germany);
  • “Clarins HydraQuench” from Rich (France);
  • “DardiaLipo” (Italy).

Face Cream with Vitamin C

Creams with the main active ingredient – vitamin C are divided into winter and summer, night and day. All of them are designed to normalize the metabolism in the skin, increase the immunity of this protective organ, and neutralize harmful radicals.

After all, vitamin C is a strong na
tural antioxidant that reduces the foci of skin inflammations, improves blood circulation, eliminates fine wrinkles and capillary mesh, and protects against UV radiation.

One of the most amazing properties of such creams – the result of their exposure appears quite quickly. Ascorbic acid has excellent penetrating properties, having passed the membrane barrier, it immediately begins to act.

Face creams in pharmacies

To return to the skin of the face youth and beauty, you should use such products containing vitamin C:

  • “ActiveC” from LaRoche (France);
  • Satara (India);
  • “Multivitamin” from the Green Pharmacy (Ukraine);
  • “Arctic Cloudberries” from Lumene (Finland);
  • “Vitamin night cream” from Danielle Laroche (Israel).

Hyaluronic Acid Face Cream

Hyaluronic acid is an important component for the skin, it provides deep hydration and nutrition. In the manufacture of the cream, low molecular weight acid is used, since it has a small weight.

Face creams in pharmacies

The fewer molecules in a substance, the deeper it penetrates the skin . It is in the deep layers that elastin and collagen are produced, and hyaluronic acid activates this process.

Face creams containing such acid have a light and delicate texture, easily fit on the skin.

After application on the epidermis, a breathable, thinnest layer is formed, preserving the skin’s moisture, protecting it from infections and contamination. Use funds at bedtime or at least 40 minutes before going out.

A cream with hyaluronic acid will be an ideal face skin care product of any type.

Many manufacturers of cosmetic products use this substance in the manufacture of care products, but it is better to choose the products of leading brands:

  • Cream – mask with hyaluronic acid “Bark” (USA);
  • Hyaluronic cream mousse from Merz (Germany);
  • Hyaluronic cream “Libriderm” (USA);
  • Cream “Laura” from Evalar (USA);
  • Cream “Liftaktiv” from Vichy (France).

Facial Collagen Cream

Collagen is a natural protein that is present in connective tissue and is responsible for its strength and elasticity. With age, the body slows down the production of this substance, the epidermis fibers stretch, wrinkles appear.

Face creams in pharmacies

To prolong the youth of the skin requires the restoration of collagen reserves. Face creams containing protein quite successfully cope with this. They tighten the skin, protecting from the formation of bryl and deep wrinkles, stimulate the regeneration processes in the skin cells, moisturize.

If collagen is necessary for caring procedures, you should purchase a cream from this list:

  • “Hadanomy gream collagen” from Sana (Japan);
  • “Ultralifting” from Garnier (France);
  • “Masque Creme au Collagen” from Etre-belle (Germany);
  • Cream “Evening Care” from Cora (USA);
  • “Medical Collagene 3D” (USA).

Face cream with retinol in a pharmacy

Scientists using clinical studies have proved that retinol (vitamin A) helps to reduce wrinkles and treat acne, seborrhea. This component, necessary for life, is not produced by the body, but enters into it from the outside. Therefore, foodstuffs (orange fruits and vegetables), medications, and cosmetics can replenish retinol.

Experts advise buying creams enriched with retinol in light-protective packaging, since the sun increases the instability of the component.

Why should face cream be preferred over liquid vitamin A capsules when caring for facial skin In cosmetics, there are other important ingredients that contribute to a deeper penetration of retinol into the layers of the skin.

Face creams in pharmacies

At the moment, cosmetic products with vitamin A are presented in a wide range, but you should consider the options that you can buy in pharmacies:

  • “Retinol 0.3%” from Skin Ceuticals (USA);
  • “Lipo Ceutical Retises Nano” (Spain);
  • “Kinetinol Martiderm” (Spain);
  • “Redermic R” from La Roche (France).

Anti-aging (anti-aging) face cream

The needs of the skin change with age. After 30-40 years, simply moisturizing is not enough for the skin, it requires products containing a complex of drugs that help slow down aging.

At this time, the body processes metabolism more slowly, the cells of elastin and collagen are synthesized worse. These facts immediately “affect the face”: the epidermis becomes flabby, darkens, dries.

To prevent the rapidly approaching signs of aging, special anti-aging face creams have been created.

Face creams in pharmacies

The pharmacy presents these cosmetic products containing:

  • adenosine – contributing to increased elasticity of the dermis;
  • glycerin – a moisturizer;
  • Coenzyme Q10 – “Youth Enzyme”
  • retinol – activating cell regeneration;
  • hyaluronic acid – stimulating collagen synthesis;
  • fruit acids – removing age spots.

With the regular use of anti-aging creams, the level of production of our own collagen and elastin increases, the epidermal relief is leveled, the complexion improves, and facial and wrinkles are visually reduced.

Face cream after 30 years: popularity rating

The popularity rating of anti-aging creams for those over 30.

Face creams in pharmacies


  1. “Vichy Agualia Thermal” (France).  Moisturizing cream with a light texture – one of the leaders in the market of caring cosmetics. A professional hypoallergenic product to combat dehydration of the skin. It contains sunscreens, hyaluronic acid and thermal water. Can be used as a base for makeup. Suitable for application in the eye area.
  1. “Nivea Q10 plus” (Germany).  Cream with anti-aging program contains creatine and coenzyme. Its texture is dense and oily, in this regard, the product is more suitable for owners of dry skin. It perfectly copes with moisturizing the epidermis and lifting fine wrinkles. Apply before bedtime.
  1. “PhytomerPionniere XMF” (France).  Among professionals, this face cream is well-deserved. Its excellent qualities are noted: quick action, value
    for money. The result is noticeable from the first days of application of the product. The cream is based on hyaluronic acid and sea sugars, significantly improves the condition of the skin: it slows down aging, strengthens cell membranes, and promotes collagen synthesis. Suitable for evening / morning use.
  1. “Mizon All in One Snail Repair Cream” (Korea). In reviews, this remedy is called nothing more than a “miraculous cream.” The product has earned such a characteristic due to its excellent anti-aging effect. And this effect is ensured by its constituent components: copper peptides, hyaluronic and glycolic acids, extracts and oils of medicinal herbs. Apply cream for morning and evening procedures.
  1. “Clinigue Superdefense Broad Spektrum” (USA). Cream for daily use from the “luxury” category, which has earned the most positive reviews. This tool softens the skin, evens out its tone, relieves inflammation, and soothes. UV filters protect the skin from premature aging and the negative effects of direct sunlight. The product is easy to apply, absorb, without leaving greasy marks. It should be applied in the morning and evening.

Face cream after 40 years: popularity rating

Women who have crossed the threshold of the 40th anniversary should stock up with caring creams containing the following components:

  • enzymes and vitamins are natural antioxidants that prevent skin aging;
  • sunscreens – “enemies” of increased pigmentation;
  • ANA (alpha hydroxy acids) – activators of skin renewal;
  • panthenol – a substance for the regeneration of epidermal cells.

Face creams in pharmacies

All these components are contained in the popular anti-aging creams recommended after 40 years:

  1. ClarinsMultiRegenerante” (France).  The product is suitable for any type of skin. The composition of the cream, in addition to the above components, includes natural extracts of oats, hops, thyme, pink radiola. Purpose of the product: facelift of the Y-zone and effective rejuvenation. Apply to face and decollete.
  1. “Avene Eluage” (France). The cream gallon wipes crow’s feet off the face. The tool has a powerful effect, at the first slight age signs it is enough to apply the cream not every day, but once every 2-3 days before bedtime. Active substances of the product: hyaluronic acid and retinol trigger the renewal of the skin.
  1. UniSkinJour (France).  Cream with a perfecting smoothing effect provided by the UNI PERFECT complex. With regular use, it fights against the deficiencies of the epidermis: pigmentation, traces of fatigue, inflammation, peeling, wrinkles.
  1. “EsteeLauder” (USA).  Day cream with a soft delicate texture and incredible aroma won the love of women all over the world. The product creates the thinnest breathable film on the skin, retaining moisture in the layers of the epidermis. The product stimulates the regeneration processes in the skin, helping to neutralize the damage caused to it by external factors during the day. It is applied to clean skin in the morning and evening. The only “minus” of the cream is a rather high price.
  1. “The Power of 5 Herbs” from the Clean Line (USA).  A budget option, but despite the low cost, the tool has earned many rave reviews. The cream soothes, nourishes and moisturizes the skin, removes traces of stress and fatigue. All this is ensured by the action of useful components: allantoin, shea butter, extracts of oats, clover, ginseng, and chamomile. There are product options for daytime and evening use.

Here are the funds for the face, which, according to customers, occupy a leading position.

Cream “Burenka”

The cream, presented by the Burenka brand, has a rich, and as the manufacturers claim, secret composition. Its main component is phytofloran, which is a complex compound of natural extracts. Natural antioxidants provide the product with a long shelf life.

Face creams in pharmacies

This tool performs a wide range of actions: moisturizes, evens out the color of the epidermis, protects, nourishes, and fights against wilting. Suitable cream for young and aging skin.

Reviews about the “Burenka” only positive. Many women are delighted with the remedy after the first applications.

After all, the face is “smoothed out”, the skin becomes velvety and clean. This product can be used as a makeup base. And if before applying the cream, the skin did not tolerate wind and cold, it peeled off and turned red, then with this cosmetic product that perfectly protects the skin, these problems disappear. The face looks fit and rejuvenated.


Face creams in pharmacies

The Libriderm brand is famous, first of all, for its hyaluronic face cream. The complex of active moisturizing components gives the product the property of deep moisture.

Due to the low molecular weight acid, the fluid is not only delivered to the dermis, but is also securely fixed there.

As a result, the microrelief of the skin is leveled, the processes of metabolism, blood circulation are stimulated.

Also, the composition of the product includes camelina oil, which provides the removal of irritations, and pomegranate extract, which is responsible for the synthesis of collagen.

The cream does not contain synthetic components, so it can be used during pregnancy.

“Payot” cream

The goals of the Payot brand funds are skin rejuvenation and facial contour modeling. Manufacturers have developed a whole range of PerformLift creams to restore elasticity to the skin of the face.

Face creams in pharmacies
Payot face cream is sold both in the pharmacy and in cosmetics stores

Their base is peptides, hyaluronic acid, poppy extract. These substances successfully provide a connection of skin layers, restore the dermis structure lost with age, and nourish it. The cream is used as an express means to combat sagging tissues and wrinkles in the “beauty triangle” (cheekbones – chin).

“Nivea” for the face

Face cream in the NIVEA brand pharmacy is presented by Care. This cream with a soft, airy texture is well absorbed without leaving greasy marks and shine. The product formula and shea butter give the skin a delicate structure, make it protected and moisturized for the whole day.

Face creams in pharmacies

The product is suitable for any type of skin, intended for use in the morning and evening.

Cream “Panthenol”

Panthenol is a drug that promotes the regeneration of the skin and the restoration of its structure. Thanks to these properties, the substance is actively used in cosmetology.

Face creams in pharmacies

The composition of the cream for the face “Panthenol”, in addition to this component, also includes sodium citrate, petroleum jelly, potassium. Experts recommend using the remedy with these signs:

  • dryness of the epidermis;
  • signs of dermatitis;
  • inflammatory processes;
  • the presence of wounds and scars.

Promotes cream and the elimination of fine wrinkles, the return of skin elasticity.

Customer reviews talk about the cream “Panthenol” as a means of restoring skin elasticity, firmness, healthy color. This cream perfectly fights with peeling, reduces swelling under the eyes. The product is suitable both for medicinal purposes and as a cream for daily use.

Clean Line Face Cream

The American brand has held a solid position in the cosmetology market for over 20 years. In its developments, it effectively applies the properties of plants, believing that there are no more balanced and useful substances than those created by nature. The foundations of herbal medicine are also laid in the creation of the Clean Line facial cream.

Face creams in pharmacies

This product from the first use “adapts” to the tone and type of skin. The active ingredients of the composition moisturize the epidermis, release it from toxins, and mattify. And SPF10 covers the skin with a protective layer, protecting it from the effects of external irritants.

Cream “Black Pearl”

Another popular American brand that pleases women with constant new products. In their collection there are face creams day, night, seasonal, for various age categories and skin types. The composition of the cream includes healthy oils, vitamins, minerals, plant stem cells.

Face creams in pharmacies

Each woman can choose a cream of this brand to eliminate the necessary problems: dry skin, wilting, oily sheen, nutrition, rejuvenation.

Consumers claim that the “Black Pearl” in action and design is not inferior to leading foreign brands.

Face cream in the pharmacy is very widely represented, here you can find a tool that will help solve a specific problem. And acquiring it in a pharmacy minimizes the risk of getting low-quality and unsafe goods.

Face Cream Videos

List of whitening face creams sold at the pharmacy:

Cheap wrinkle cream in a pharmacy:

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