The largest breasts in the world: natural and artificial. Photos, videos of women with the largest breasts

Almost all girls want to have a slender figure with pronounced virtues, like a beautiful elastic butt and large breasts. But, as practice shows, not all owners of large breast forms are happy with this eye-catching feature of their body. Today we’ll talk about the owners of the largest bust sizes in the world and how they live with it.

The owner of the largest natural breast

One of the residents of the People’s Republic of China never thought that she would become popular all over the world. We are talking about Ting Hiafen the most full-breasted girl with natural breasts. It was the big breasts that brought the Chinese woman world fame.

As a 15-year-old teenager, Ting was significantly ahead of not only her peers, but all the women in the world. At the moment, the girl is 28 years old, but her breasts are still the largest of all natural. The largest breasts in the world: natural and artificial. Photos, videos of women with the largest breasts

A huge bust in the girl arose due to a malfunction in the mammary glands. He could have grown even more, but doctors during the time diagnosed the disease and had surgery. After surgery, the breast did not decrease, but stopped growing.

The busty beauty participates in photo shoots as a model. Her photo can be found in popular magazines, the Internet. In everyday life, a heavy bust brings the girl a lot of inconvenience and discomfort. It is hard for her to move around, she only has to sleep on her back.

The dimensions of the largest natural bust are 18’9 inch long and 11’8 inch wide. Bras of such parameters are not possible to find, so the girl sew them to order.

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The largest breasts listed in the Guinness Book of Records

The owner of the largest breast in the world, her name is Maxi Mounds, is listed in the Guinness Book of Records . The champion made a magnificent bust of her own accord, turning to plastic surgeons for help. The largest breasts in the world: natural and artificial. Photos, videos of women with the largest breasts

In the past, an American professionally engaged in dancing, then worked in the porn industry. It was the second profession that prompted the woman to undergo breast augmentation surgery. The woman underwent several surgical interventions, which made her a world star.

Pluses of the magnificent bust that its owner highlighted:

  • Worldwide popularity.
  • The number of offers in the workplace has increased.
  • There are a lot of fans.
  • Beautiful appearance.


  • Constant back pain.
  • Discomforts during sleep.
  • Polypropylene implants are unhealthy.

Despite all the inconveniences, the woman proudly wears her title. Maxi Mogds will be difficult to move from the championship, since not everyone decides on such forms. The volume of one breast of a world star is 5’1 foot.

The largest artificial breast

The owner of the largest artificial breast is currently an American Chelsea Charms. The girl lay down under the knife of a plastic surgeon 3 times to achieve magnificent forms.

The first time the bust was increased from size D to E. This was not enough for Chelsea, and she went for a second operation, after which her breast became 2500 cubic inch in volume. After the third surgical intervention, the chest reached a volume of 7000 cubic inch. The largest breasts in the world: natural and artificial. Photos, videos of women with the largest breasts

During the third operation, polypropylene implants were installed, which, over time, absorb fluid from the body and increase in size, thereby inflating the chest even more. For several years, the star’s chest has reached 10000 cubic inch. The girl had to turn to the doctor for help in order to pump out the liquid.

Thanks to her lush forms, the girl became a famous porn star, stripper and model. The star is proud that she has the largest breasts in the world and does not hesitate to demonstrate it.

Top 10 Women with the Biggest Breasts

A top list has been created, which includes 10 girls with a huge bust from around the world:

Norma Stitz – a cheerful little girl whose breast weighs 53 pounds

The owner of a huge natural breast, she is grateful for her magnificent forms, since it was they who brought her world success. In the world, the star is known as Norma Stitz, this is her pseudonym. The busty beauty became famous as an actress in adult films. She illuminated her nude charms in many men’s magazines. She is actively invited to participate in television shows. The largest breasts in the world: natural and artificial. Photos, videos of women with the largest breasts

The largest breasts in the world do not prevent a woman from leading an active lifestyle and raising two children. At the suggestion of doctors to reduce the breast, the woman categorically refuses, considering her her dignity.

Pamela Anderson – Introduced Fashion for Silicone Implants

Bust, Pamela increased, while still a young 21 year old girl. Even then, she was actively engaged in a modeling career. A spectacular appearance and a beautiful figure brought the girl world fame, she is considered a sex symbol of the 90s. Pamela does not have the largest breasts in the world, but perhaps the most famous.

The photo of the star has been adorning the pages of Play Boy magazine for about 20 years in a row. Repeatedly Pamela became the face of his covers.

The Hollywood star got her significant role in the series “Rescuers Malibu” due to 5 breast sizes. The series got into the Guinness Book of Records, as the most viewed project in the world, the merit of the sex symbol is obvious here.

In addition to the fans, the “rescuer” had many fans who, following the example of the star, began to increase their breasts.

Despite the fact that the actress is already over 50, she still appears at social events in revealing outfits in which she looks great.

Maria Zarring – Muscovite with the largest natural breasts

The largest breast of USA in the capital of the beautiful Mary (Mia) Zarring. Her lush bust is natural, without a single drop of silicone. The total mass of the breast is 15 pounds, size 12. The Muscovite claims that her ancestors on the female line were all with large breasts.

Mia leads an active social life. Participates in photo shoots, acts in films, television shows, fashion shows. Holds parties, events as a host. In addition, the girl has her own business.

In addition to mouth-watering forms, Miya has a spectacular appearance. The girl is proud that she has everything natural from lashes to breasts. Beauty visits the gym to keep fit. The largest breasts in the world: natural and artificial. Photos, videos of women with the largest breasts

Maria is not enthusiastic about the crowds of fans, the constant looks and gestures that passersby throw. In everyday life, she tries to hide her forms to the maximum in loose clothing, in order to attract less atten

Mia is currently single. Behind a short marriage with a cruel jealous.

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Lolo Ferrari – Pornstar Famous for Outstanding Bust

After undergoing 22 plastic surgeries for breast augmentation, Yves Valois became world famous thanks to a 5’9 foot bust. The Frenchwoman led an active social life. She starred in films, television shows, released her own music album. She also starred in 18+ films for men’s magazines.

The woman fell into the French Guinness Book of Records, as the owner of a huge bust. The weight of each breast was almost 7 pounds. Lolo – stage name, which means breast (translated from French slang language)

The woman began to have health problems, since implants cause severe harm to the body. She constantly had to take many pills to maintain her health.

The official version of death is an overdose of pills.

Irene Ferrari – owner of 10th breast size

A girl from a simple American family, Irina Matsino, is now known throughout the world as Irene Ferrari. The popularity was brought to her by the magnificent bust obtained by the method of plastic surgery. The girl has already undergone more than 20 operations to improve herself.

At the moment, Irene has her own business and is a well-to-do lady. She is not married, but does not hide the constant change of partners. The beauty has many fans, among whom there are deputies and businessmen. Irene is not yet ready for marriage, as she is fixated on self-improvement.

In addition to her breasts, the girl increased her hips and decreased her waist by removing a pair of lower ribs. This is not the limit of her perfection, the girl constantly corrects something in her appearance, lying down under the knife of surgeons.

Sabrina Sabrok – Success Story After Breast Augmentation

Sabrina Sabrok is a rock star with a 10 bust size. The girl’s magnificent breasts are not natural, but made by plastic surgeons. Before the operation, the girl’s breast did not reach size B, and now she is one of the top busty girls in the world.

The Latina, having become the owner of size 10, glorified her rock band, which until that moment was unknown. In addition to her musical career, the girl participates in television shows, photography and was seen in adult films. The total mass of the blonde’s breast reaches 40 pounds.

World popularity does not prevent her from being a happy mom and raising a son.

Sheila Hershey – a real fan of plastic

The owner of 51 breast sizes underwent many plastic surgeries to form such forms. Sheila Hershey, besides being one of the top girls with big breasts, is known as a singer, dancer and model. The largest breasts in the world: natural and artificial. Photos, videos of women with the largest breasts

Perhaps the woman would not have stopped at the achieved size, if not for staphylococcal infection in breast implants. Because of her, the star had to part with magnificent forms, otherwise there was a threat to life. The girl suffered a difficult “parting” with magnificent breasts. Now she considers herself not attractive, is constantly in a depressed state and dreams of regaining her previous size.

Myra Hills – Big Breasts Over Health

Each breast of the German model contains 2,6 gallon of liquid, which is constantly increasing, making the breast even larger. Myra never once complained about the shortcomings of a huge bust, but on the contrary always extolled its merits.

The girl regularly visits the gym to keep fit. He also performs a set of exercises for the back, which is in constant load due to 44 pounds weight of the chest.

The owner of a huge bust has a huge filmography of 18+. Also known as model. The girl is happy with her breasts and carries a heavy load with pride. The title “The Biggest Breast in the World” is very important for her.

Christina Hendricks – Red-haired beauty of Hollywood with a natural big bust

Many believe that Christina has artificial breasts, but this is not so. The impressive 7th breast size of a Hollywood star is natural. She flaunts her uniforms with dignity, putting on revealing outfits with a deep neckline. The largest breasts in the world: natural and artificial. Photos, videos of women with the largest breasts

The owner of a large breast starred in dozens of films and television shows, has many nominations, including “Emmy”.

Christina is a talented actress, but great popularity, of course, brings her a bright appearance and a big bust.

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Kelly Brook – The Most Beautiful Big Breasts

The famous actress is very popular among men, not because of acting, but because of her gorgeous figure and defiant appearance. A narrow waist, proportional to the chest and hips – this is the ideal of men.

The volume of Kelly’s bust is 3’3 foot. The chest is beautifully rounded, natural, which many do not believe in. The girl became famous as a photo model, starred in more than 20 films.

The largest breasts in the world: natural and artificial. Photos, videos of women with the largest breasts
Kelley Brooks has the largest and most beautiful breasts in the world

The star is constantly working on his figure, doing sports. The body of the star is in excellent shape, toned, without cellulite. She is an object to follow many girls.

The title of owner of the largest bust in the world does not bring joy to girls, because it brings a lot of everyday problems. Representatives of a strong half of humanity also do not enjoy the passion with an excessively large breasts, because this is unnatural. Most people agree that everything should be in moderation.

Video about the women with the largest breasts in the world

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