Cold plasma in cosmetology and medicine. What is it, photos, injections, lifting, devices

Plasma is a gas composed of neutral molecules and charged particles, and is in a partially or fully ionized state. In a cold plasma, the percentage of charged particles is not more than 1%, and the gas temperature is only 30-40 degrees.

Plasma in a cold state has bactericidal properties and contributes to the destruction of substances hazardous to health (in water and air). These properties of gas have gained wide distribution (in order to restore skin condition ) in the field of cosmetology.

The mechanism of action of the procedure

A cosmetic procedure using cold plasma is carried out with a special pen (plasminer). During the therapeutic session, the specialist acts with a “pen” on the skin areas without touching the device (a distance of several mm).

Cold plasma in cosmetology and medicine. What is it, photos, injections, lifting, devices
Cold plasma in cosmetology is used to solve many dermatological problems

Between the epidermis and the tip of the plasma liner, an ionized arc appears, which forms a mini skin burn. As a result, the cell regeneration process and the formation of collagen are activated, as well as the plasma has a bactericidal effect. As a result, the skin is rejuvenated, scars and acne are eliminated.

The main effects of plasma:

  • The resulting ionized gas has a safe photoelectric effect. Unlike ultraviolet light, plasma does not promote the development of cancer cells, but can also penetrate deep into the skin and restore cell activity;
  • by exposure to cold plasma, the skin quickly heats up to a temperature of 40 degrees (exposure occurs not only on the surface layers, but also deeper). As a result, the upper area of the skin receives slight damage, which contributes to the activation of cell activity to restore the damaged area, including the production of collagen;
  • plasma has a mild peeling (cleansing) effect of the upper layers of the skin, without injuring the epidermis.

In the process of performing the procedure, injections or other violations of the integrity of the skin are not required. The procedure is contactless – as a result, there is no risk of infection. Due to the possibility of selecting individual settings, the procedure can be performed on any type of skin, including in areas of increased sensitivity (skin around the eyes).

Biomedical effects of plasma

Cold plasma in cosmetology is used to restore the condition of the skin (rejuvenation, removal of scars, acne).

Due to ionization and thermal radiation, plasma has the following therapeutic properties:

  • antiseptic. Ionized gas can destroy microorganisms resistant to potent antibiotics. The property is used to disinfect problem or infected skin (bacteria, fungus, ulceration);
    Cold plasma in cosmetology and medicine. What is it, photos, injections, lifting, devices
  • cell regeneration is activated , as a result, the skin regeneration process is accelerated. This action is used not only to rejuvenate, but also to accelerate the healing process;
  • collagen production improves. As a result, the skin returns elasticity and firmness, wrinkles are reduced;
  • eliminates scars and age spots due to accelerated cell renewal;
  • The activity of the sebaceous glands is normalized , as a result, the number of acne rashes decreases.

In the process of plasma exposure to the skin, the epidermis is heated, as a result, the fat layer is reduced, the withdrawal of excess fluid from the treated area is accelerated.

This helps to restore (natural regeneration) of the skin.

Plasma methods in cosmetology

Cold plasma in cosmetology is used to improve the condition of the epidermis (eliminate wrinkles, improve skin texture, get rid of age spots) by exposure to heat from the plasma, as a result of which the cell regeneration process is accelerated. There are 2 main methods of plasma rejuvenation, which are discussed below.

Plasma skin regeneration

The procedure consists in the short-term exposure of the plasma to the epidermis in the form of millisecond pulses. For its implementation, a special device is used filled with nitrogen, which under the influence of electric current forms a plasma between the skin and the device.

Due to the short and contactless exposure time, the likelihood of a severe burn of the epidermis during the procedure is minimal. The size of the treated area, as well as the depth of penetration of heat from the plasma, can be adjusted by changing the distance between the device and the skin or by changing the current pulse.

Cold plasma in cosmetology and medicine. What is it, photos, injections, lifting, devices

If the skin is exposed to a plasma with the device set up using “low” energy, then the procedure can achieve light skin lightening, eliminate facial wrinkles and the effect of light peeling. If the device is set to “high” energy, then you can eliminate deep folds, achieve a facelift and eliminate stretch marks / scars.

 Fractional microplasma RF technology

Fractional skin regeneration is performed with the use of plasma flashes and subsequent mechanical processing of the problem area. For the procedure, an apparatus is used on the basis of which there is a nozzle with many electrodes (in the form of microneedles).

As the tip approaches the skin, electrical discharges form flashes of plasma, exerting a thermal effect on the skin. Next, the current is automatically turned off and the nozzle (when touched with treated skin) acts as a massage roller, as a result, the effect of the procedure is enhanced.

The microplasma method allows you to eliminate deep wrinkles, stretch marks and reduce scarring. Also, using fractional technology, it is possible to treat large areas of the skin (abdomen, hips).

Advantages and disadvantages

Cold plasma in cosmetology, with the correct procedure, allows you to achieve tangible results from the first application, and after completing the course (this is 3-7 sessions), the effect persists for at least 3 years. The procedure has other advantages, as well as disadvantages.

Cold plasma in cosmetology and medicine. What is it, photos, injections, lifting, devices

Benefits disadvantages
The procedure is painless, the patient only feels heat. A large list of contraindications.
The treated area is restored within 5-7 days.
The procedure is predominantly contactless. As a result, the risk of infection during the session is practically 0. Difficult rehabilitation period (strict rules).
Possibility of spot treatment without
injuring healthy areas.
The skin is restored due to natural reactions, which provides an improvement in the epidermis within a few months after completing the course. To carry out the procedure at home, specialized courses are required.
The procedure does not provoke the development of cancer cells, so repeated courses are as safe as primary ones.
Plasma activates the process of cell regeneration, disinfects wounds and accelerates healing, so the presence of abrasions at the treatment site is not a contraindication (this item is present in almost all other methods of skin rejuvenation). The possibility of complications, especially with a low qualification specialist or improper skin care in the recovery period.
A wide range of actions (the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms, the return of elasticity and firmness to the skin, the elimination of age spots).
One device can eliminate both small and deep wrinkles, produce a surface or deep peeling, by adjusting the current power. The high cost of the procedure, if necessary, the processing of several sites.

The main advantage of procedures using cold plasma is a visual reduction in age to 10 years without surgery.

Indications for use

The procedure using cold plasma is recommended in the following cases:

  • to eliminate pigmentation or freckles;
  • to remove scars, scars or stretch marks;
  • to eliminate flat freckles, papillomas or moles;
  • to eliminate acne (acne);
  • to disinfect wounds and accelerate the healing process;
  • to destroy pathogenic microflora on the skin;
  • to restore skin elasticity and skin elasticity;
  • to restore the oval of the face;
  • to eliminate fine and deep wrinkles;
  • bags and swelling under the eyes;
  • for the treatment of infectious dermatological diseases;
  • to remove the tattoo;
  • to normalize skin color.

Also, the procedure can be used for medicinal purposes to enhance the permeability of external medicines, to increase the effectiveness of the drug.


In cosmetology, it is strictly forbidden to use cold plasma with:

  • the presence of allergies to the used formulations for analgesia and skin disinfection;
  • the presence of oncological formations;
  • pronounced inflammatory reaction or severe suppuration of the wound;
  • the presence of diseases of the heart and blood vessels, as well as the kidneys, liver and pulmonary system;
  • endocrine pathologies and epilepsy;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • violation of the blood (anemia, increased / decreased coagulability);
  • the presence of colds or fever;
  • severely reduced immunity or its absence (HIV, frequent colds);
  • carrying a child, lactation and during menstrual flow.

If there is a piercing on the body, it should be removed for the duration of the session. If within 3 weeks other procedures were performed for the purpose of rejuvenation (fillers, peels, laser cleaning), then the procedure is also prohibited.

Is it possible to do the procedure at home

The procedure using cold plasma at home is not recommended. To achieve the desired result, it is not enough to have the knowledge of a cosmetologist. You need to know all the rules and subtleties of using the device. This requires special training courses from specialists (knowledge from video on the Internet is not enough).

Cold plasma in cosmetology and medicine. What is it, photos, injections, lifting, devices

For home use, equipment with low power and minimal settings is sold, which does not allow achieving the desired effect.

What is the difference between cold plasma and laser exposure, injections for rejuvenation

Cold plasma in cosmetology stands out with its pros and cons when comparing the effect of a laser and injections:

Distinctive points Cold Plasma Procedures With laser Using injection
Due to what the effect is achieved Cold plasma heats mainly the upper layers of the skin, activating cell regeneration and collagen formation in a natural way The laser beam by heating evaporates the upper layers of the epidermis, as a result, the process of cell regeneration is started to create a new layer of the skin, collagen production is also activated A special composition is introduced under the skin, which can be therapeutic (the components included in the composition activate the renewal of epidermal cells and the formation of collagen) or act as a filler (wrinkles are straightened out due to the filling of voids under the skin with the introduced composition)
Soreness of the procedure Anesthesia is extremely rare, the patient often feels warmth Painkillers required Soreness is low, but present. Anesthetic Gels Used
Risk of infection Missing Minimal Only when combing the crust or removing it yourself ahead of time Infection with a needle under the skin is possible
The appearance of the skin after the session Possible slight reddening of the treatment area Redness and swelling at the site of laser exposure, followed by a feeling of skin tightening due to the formation of a crust Point hematomas and hemorrhages remain at the injection site
Features of the rehabilitation period The skin is restored within 5-7 days Recovery of the epidermis up to 6 weeks (during this time a new skin is formed and a crust from old skin is torn off) The skin is restored after 3-14 days. Depends on the composition used
Feasible side effects Rarely develop Pigmentation is possible, and with improper
skin care during the rehabilitation period, scar formation is possible
Suppuration of puncture sites as a result of infection. The formation of lumps under the skin
Method performance High and lasts a long time (from a year) High efficiency with skin youthfulness up to a year Injections can smooth out wrinkles (mostly superficial) for up to 8 months. The effect may be mild.
Distinctive features of the procedure It has a disinfecting effect. The skin condition improves within 3-6 months after the end of the course Do not use in the eye area An allergic reaction to the composition may develop.

When choosing methods, contraindications should be taken into account initially, only after this a method of rejuvenation is selected.

Types of devices, models, prices

For the procedure of skin rejuvenation using cold plasma , the following types of devices are often used:

Cold plasma in cosmetology and medicine. What is it, photos, injections, lifting, devices

  • Plasmajet Derma. Manufacturer England. Argon plasma is used;
  • PlasM. Germany. It functions on nitrogen;
  • Plaxpot. Korea. Equipped with high electrical safety.

The cost of the equipment is specified by the manufacturer, before concluding the contract. In USA it is from $ 272.


A session of skin restoration using cold plasma consists of 3 main stages, which are discussed below.


It is recommended to choose a proven beauty salon with certificates for these procedures.

At the first visit, the master examines the skin to determine the severity of the cause of treatment (wrinkles, scars, age spots). Next, the specialist discusses the existing contraindications for their exclusion.

Stages of the procedure

The sequence of the procedure:

  1. Dirt or cosmetics are removed from the treatment area using disinfectants.
  2. At the request of the client, anesthetic gel / cream is applied.
  3. The device is tuned to the desired current pulses.
  4. The tip is disinfected.
  5. Spot processing of the problem area is carried out. The duration of exposure in each area is not more than 1 second.
  6. At the end, the skin is re-treated with an antiseptic, followed by a moisturizing or nourishing cream.

Depending on the treatment zone chosen, the duration of the session can vary from 20 to 45 minutes.

Healing period

After skin rejuvenation using cold plasma , the following rehabilitation conditions must be observed:

Cold plasma in cosmetology and medicine. What is it, photos, injections, lifting, devices

  • for 7 days to disinfect and moisturize the skin, the procedure is carried out at least 3 times a day;
  • avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, it is additionally recommended to use sunscreens;
  • it is forbidden to visit saunas, baths, solariums during the week;
  • Do not use peels and scrubs to cleanse the skin for 10 days.

Up to 10 days, the use of decorative cosmetics is prohibited. On the 8-10th day, a noticeable improvement in the condition of the skin is noted, even after one procedure. Recommended number of sessions with deep wrinkles up to 7 pcs. with breaks between them at least 20 days. The maximum effect of the procedure is noted 4 months after the completion of the course.

Possible consequences

With insufficient specialist qualifications, the session may result in burns of the skin. if the rules of care are not followed, the effectiveness of the procedure will decrease. the appearance of age spots.

With increased sensitivity of the skin, it was initially recommended to perform a test treatment of the epidermis in invisible skin areas. In case of a negative reaction, carry out the processing of the required zone.

The cost of procedures in clinics in New York, Los Angeles

In the clinics of New York and Los Angeles, the following prices for the procedures are set:

Purpose of application Plasma exposure time (min) Average cost (in usd)
Cold sore Relief 5-15 1000
Fungus elimination 5-20 1500
Acne Elimination 20 2000
Peeling 40 2500
Skin rejuvenation 60 3000
Elimination of tattoo or moles 20 1000

Cold plasma allows you to achieve rejuvenation of the epidermis and, thanks to its antiseptic properties, is used to eliminate pathogens on the skin (fungus, bacteria or viruses). The result is noticeable 10-14 days after the first session and intensifies over 4 months. Due to its multidirectionality, it is used in medicine and in cosmetology.

Video on plasma rejuvenation results

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