Boost up for hair. Before and after photos, how to do Bust up basal volume, the consequences of the procedure

Boost-up is an author’s method of increasing the root volume of hair, which is popular due to significant advantages among similar cosmetics.

The complexity and time spent on the bust up session is compensated by a hairstyle that retains its original appearance for 6 months. Visually enlarged volume is visible in the photographs, giving natural hair naturalness and beauty.

What is boost up

“Bust up” from English has the gallon translation “lift up”, reflects the meaning of the technique that provides a voluminous appearance of the hair. Externally, the curls after the procedure look natural. As a result of a several-fold increase in volume, the strands remain straight.

For thin, weak and rare hair, boost-up technology is safe. After a curling session, rain, snow and wearing a headdress are not afraid. It is not recommended to curl at home. Laying is done in the cabin, by masters who have been trained in the technique.

The boost-up had a great influence on the development of fashion trends in the field of hair care and hairstyle creation. Glossy magazines and online resources devoted to the method of creating root volume help women and girls to decide on their hair without making a mistake in choosing their style.


Boost up for hair (the photo shows all the advantages of the method as an example) has a number of advantages, thanks to which the method is widely used:

  • stable volume;
  • safety hairstyles in any weather;
  • wearing a hat without prejudice to styling;
  • ease of care;
  • the unpleasant effect of salinity is eliminated;
  • to create volume, you can select any area of the head;
  • it acts on the skin safely. The structure of the components for styling is similar to human hair, and propolis, which is part of the reagent, has a calming effect;
  • unlike a regular curl, a hairstyle gradually loses its shape, and not immediately;
  • preparations included in the composition have a preventive effect on the hair and skin;
  • It looks natural;
    Boost up for hair. Before and after photos, how to do Bust up basal volume, the consequences of the procedure
    Boost up for hair (photos are presented) looks attractive and natural.
  • guarantees safety for health;
  • saves hair care products;
  • It has a healing and healing effect on the skin;
  • if necessary, the hairstyle creation session can be repeated.

A boost for hair, (a photo of a successful styling can be seen later), made according to the rules, guarantees an increase in the volume of strands by 2 or more times.

Cystiamine, which is part of the components for creating a basal volume, restores the structure of the hair and creates a protective filter.

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Disadvantages of the procedure

The boost-up method is quite new, so the styling quality depends on the stylist’s skill.

Therefore, you need to remember the disadvantages of technology:

  • cost from $ 41;
  • duration from 3 to 5 hours;
  • not enough masters who know the boost-up technique;
  • hair length is recommended from 5’9 inch;
  • from the use of drugs, the hair dries and becomes brittle at the ends; Boost up for hair. Before and after photos, how to do Bust up basal volume, the consequences of the procedure
  • after the action of the composition, the hair structure tends to change not for the better;
  • after 7-8 months, the volume drops noticeably, but the corrugation effect remains;
  • the likelihood of hair loss.

If the procedure was carried out by an unqualified master or cheap and low-quality drugs were used, then:

  • treated hair breaks;
  • allergic reactions to the skin are possible;
  • curls do not straighten over time, but as the curls grow, they lower and the hair becomes untidy.

Who is the method suitable for

The procedure is suitable for almost all women.

Looks spectacular on long, short and thin curls.

The method is recommended:

  • owners of thick and heavy curls;
  • owners of thin and brittle hair, untidy and oily at the ends;
  • wishing to have a fashionable and festive hairstyle;
  • with a small head compared to the body.

Contraindications to the procedure

Boost-up styling products contain a composition that gently acts on the hair and scalp, but a similar basal volume is not suitable for everyone.

Contraindications are:

  • taking antibiotics;
  • disorder or disease of the hair follicles; Boost up for hair. Before and after photos, how to do Bust up basal volume, the consequences of the procedure
  • pregnancy or breastfeeding;
  • brittle and dry hair;
  • repeated use of hydrogen peroxide;
  • short curls;
  • critical days;
  • stress, depression, fever;
  • susceptibility to allergic diseases;
  • postoperative period.

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Boost UP hair salon technology

For those who decide to visit the salon, you need to be patient. The session takes a lot of time, the procedure is complex and time-consuming. Directly depends on the length and density of the hair.

Process steps:

  1. Shampooing and towel drying.
  2. Separation of the upper part of the hair in order to cover the lower, wound.
  3. Wrap thin strands on hairpins. Each curl is fixed.
  4. Application of a special composition.
  5. Exposure to the mixture for half an hour.
  6. Flushing.
  7. Processing each strand with fixing material.
  8. The fixing process is designed for one hour.
  9. Removing retainer and studs.
  10. Air conditioning and hairdryer drying.

The technology is similar to perm, but has a small effect on the hair and skin of the head. Used components that protect and restore the structure of hair and skin. A boost for hair (the photo shows the poor work of the master) does not always work, and in this case anti-boost is used. Boost up for hair. Before and after photos, how to do Bust up basal volume, the consequences of the procedure

The procedure is expensive and causes additional damage to the state of the wave. Hair removal will require professional cosmetics and equipment. The previous appearance of the hair is re
turned in the event of a change of image. If everything is done correctly, then the damage done becomes minimal for curling.

Two ways to remove the curl:

  1. Keratin straightening. Soft procedure, the hair will become smooth and gain shine.
  2. Chemical method. Possibility of damage and overdrying. Applies only as a last resort.

Home Volume Tools

The volume of work is large, and the help of another person will be required. To create a beautiful hairstyle, you need to purchase sets of chemical components, combs, hair dryers, hairpins for wrapping, aluminum foil, fixative. Tools and preparations must be of good quality and in the right quantity. The receipt of the desired result depends on this.

Boost volume at home: step-by-step instructions

At home, any hair procedure is doable. The disadvantage lies in the complexity, lack of necessary skills in the process technology and difficulties in acquiring chemicals.

A few recommendations from leading stylists will help you deal with problems:

  1. It is necessary to consult a doctor about the condition of the hair and scalp. This will avoid unpleasant consequences. Externally healthy hair may have some medical conditions.
  2. It is advisable to have a positive mood. A session takes a lot of time and effort.
  3. Tools, instruments and chemicals must be selected carefully.

Tip: Feel free to contact a specialist for help. Boost up for hair. Before and after photos, how to do Bust up basal volume, the consequences of the procedure

Rules and recommendations:

  1. Hair cleaning. Stylists disagree. Some recommend that you wash your hair twice with shampoo. Others recommend applying curlers to unwashed hair. This issue will have to be solved independently.
  2. Waving on hairpins. The stage takes most of the time. It is useful to determine the area of the head that will have to be processed. The hair is distributed in separate strands and gently wound on hairpins 3’9 – 5’5 inch long.
  3. The composition of the studs should not include metal that negatively reacts to the chemical components for curling.
  4. The roots of the hair are not involved in order to avoid tangling.
  5. Curls with foil are fixed to studs.
  6. The prepared composition for curling is carefully applied to curled blanks. Contact with other hair and head is not allowed.
  7. Care should be taken to extract the composition on the workpieces. 15-25 minutes
  8. The composition is washed off carefully, without removing the hair from the hairpins.
  9. Upon completion of the washing procedure, a fixing composition is applied for no more than 5 minutes.
  10. The neutralizing composition is removed gently without damaging the hair wrapping on the hairpins.
  11. After being released from the studs, you need to thoroughly wash your hair. With the help of a hair dryer, dry and pull out the curls without using thermal devices.
  12. For 3 days, to consolidate the result of work, you do not need to wash your hair.

Features of creating volume on long and short hair

On long hair, creating volume using boost-up technology is straightforward. Masters and stylists give preference to the owners of such curls. The result is always possible to predict. The processing area is easily masked by strands. But the time is longer.

Boost-up for hair (the photo will show how unexpected the result will be) to apply to short strands is undesirable.

Fashion magazines dedicated to hairstyles and care for them are not advised to carry out the procedure for creating volume on short hair. The hairstyle can take an unpredictable shape, the length of the strands is not enough to mask the effect of the corrugation. A feature is the difficulty of wrapping and care for the result.

How long does the result last

The boost-up technology was developed by leading experts and continues to develop. The advantage is the duration of preservation of the hairstyle and the deliverance of its owners from daily styling, combing and other inconveniences. From 3 months to 6 months, women can forget about daily care for styling. Boost up for hair. Before and after photos, how to do Bust up basal volume, the consequences of the procedure

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Is it possible to achieve a similar effect by other methods

In addition to boost volume technology, there are several other ways to get a similar result.

3 best of them:

  1. Flushing.
  2. Buffant.
  3. Corrugation.
Flissing Flushing is slightly different from boost-up. The procedure for creating a hairstyle in time takes up to 2 hours. The result lasts up to 3 months. The process is similar, with the exception of certain points. When boost-up, curls are wound, and when conducting flushing, they are combed at the roots. The pile is processed by a special compound and is removed at the end, but not completely. You will have to take care of the hairstyle more often, wash your hair with the means that stylists advise. Unlike a boost, flushing is not done on very long hair.

It is not recommended to carry out the procedure with dry, brittle and curly curls. The process of straightening and dyeing adversely affects the hairstyle. At home, it is possible, but problematic, to make a hairstyle using the technology of flushing. It is better to sign up to a specialist. Use tools and curling iron from the tools.

Buffant With the help of the buffant procedure, the hair volume is increased by 2 times, and the free ends remain straight. Unlike other methods, the hair divided into strands is pre-combed, wound on curlers and processed with a special solution for corrugated effect.

The technology is quite new. Masters who have undergone quality training and received a certificate are few. Therefore, the cost of the service is over $ 68. Reviews are mostly positive, and negative are associated with the unprofessional work of masters, amateurs and self-taught. You need to choose a stylist with good recommendations.

Corrugation Corrugation technology provides a temporary increase in hair volume and is easily performed at home. For curling, you need an iron for fine corrugation
of curls. It processes the desired area of the head, where it is necessary to increase the volume.

The technologies of boost-up, flushing, buffing and corrugation have almost the same advantages and disadvantages. In addition to the above, there are other methods to increase hair volume.

Hairstyle is done with:

  • corrugation;
  • fleece;
  • powder Boost up for hair. Before and after photos, how to do Bust up basal volume, the consequences of the procedure
  • special inserts and hairpins.

Can I do during pregnancy

A boost up for hair is strictly not recommended during pregnancy and during feeding. Within 6 months after giving birth, it is better to refrain from this procedure of increasing the volume. During pregnancy, the load on the body increases, and the hair weakens.

Become fragile and brittle at the tips, as in the photo. Additional stress during the procedure is highly undesirable. In the process of laying, chemicals are used that harm the health of the mother and child.

Can I be painted after the procedure

In the process of implementing the boost-up technology, the bulk of the hair is not involved. Therefore, experts allow partial painting. The first two weeks to use basma, henna and unverified paints is undesirable. Paint that does not contain ammonia can be applied immediately after installation.

Hair care after boost up

In order for the styling result to last for a long time and have its original appearance, it is necessary to regularly care for the hair. Not only in the cabin, but also at home.

This requires simple steps:

  1. The first two weeks after creating the styling, you need to abandon the use of curling irons, irons and stylers.
  2. Do not braid your hair and apply various hair clips. If you want to collect hair in a tail, it is advised to do it gently, with slack. The constriction adversely affects the uniformity of the volume.
  3. After creating a hairstyle for two days, there is no need to wash your hair. The styling performed in the cabin at a good level does not cause discomfort. When visiting the pool, sauna or beach, a bathing cap is used, styling will not be affected.
  4. It is necessary to use combs with large teeth, they do not stretch hair and do not harm the bulbs.
  5. After the boost-up procedure, hair coloring should be done two weeks later, not earlier. It’s better to lighten up after 3 weeks.
  6. All care questions should preferably be agreed with a specialist.
  7. After the boost up procedure, the hair is washed with a mild shampoo, masks, balms, conditioners are applied to the ends.
  8. You need to dry your hair with a towel, bending down. The use of tools for comfortable combing facilitates the process of grooming. Boost up for hair. Before and after photos, how to do Bust up basal volume, the consequences of the procedure
  9. It is preferable to combine keratin straightening and boost-up.
  10. Masks with oils are contraindicated. They shorten the duration of the boost-up procedure.
  11. Food should be balanced. Fruits and vegetables should be added to the diet.

It is possible to ambiguously evaluate the boost-up technology for hair. The process is much more complicated than it seems. But the desire to look stylish does not stop when choosing a hairstyle. The photo shows the result obtained with the right approach to boost-up technology.

Boost Up Hair Video

About the advantages and disadvantages of the method:

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