Argan oil. Useful properties, cosmetology recipes for skin of the face, body, hair

The beauty industry is increasingly paying attention to products offered by nature. Argan oil is used by many branded manufacturers. Its properties are very valuable, as it has a rejuvenating and antiseptic effect. The exotic product has found application in both expensive professional and home cosmetics.

Raw materials and technologies for producing argan oil

Raw materials obtained from the fruits of Argania spinosa. This is a rare and expensive oil, as it has a limited distribution area. It is received only in the of Morocco. In the Kingdom of North Africa, women’s cooperatives are producing oil. First they collect the fruits, then they are sorted and dried in the sun.

Then the products are cleaned of pulp and the seed is separated from the shell. Subsequently, oil is squeezed out of these seeds. Moroccan oils spend more than one working day to get 0,3 gallon of oil. In this case, approximately 9 pounds of cores are processed.

The oil product is food and cosmetic. For eating, use a product from lightly roasted seeds. This gives it a dark color and a peculiar smell of nuts. The raw material is very nutritious, it is included in many traditional recipes of Moroccans.

Argan oil. Useful properties, cosmetology recipes for skin of the face, body, hair

Products for cosmetic purposes are obtained by cold pressing, and the seeds are not fried. It is this technology that preserves the valuable properties of the product. The raw material is a light yellow and odorless. Sometimes fragrant additives of jasmine or rose are added to it. Maximum purification of oil from impurities is achieved by the use of biological filters.


For locals, Moroccan oil is an analogue of vegetable fat. The main feature is its composition, which includes Omega-6 organic compounds, as well as valuable alpha-linolenic acid.

The oil product also includes various elements:

Components The properties
Fat soluble vitamins They take an active part in the assimilation of food, have a positive effect on the skin of the face and body.
Vitamin A Promotes natural skin rejuvenation
Vitamin E Protects the skin from dry air, cold and other adverse conditions.
Powerful Antioxidant Polyphenol Protects DNA cells from carcinogens and degreases food
Linoleic acid Improves metabolism and digestibility of proteins, helps maintain a balance of sebum secretion
 Omega 6 Affects brain function, condition of bones, hair and skin
Phytosterol Favorably affects the heart, prevents Alzheimer’s disease
Plant sterols Boost immunity
Squalene It has a general strengthening, immunomodulating, anti-inflammatory effect on the body.
High molecular weight proteins They participate in the metabolic processes of the body, and also acts on the skin in a tightening way.

Due to its rich mineral composition, the product is universal. It is suitable for people of all ages and has no contraindications.

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The properties

Argan oil, the properties and application of which are associated with a therapeutic and aesthetic effect on the skin, on the condition of the hair and nail plates, has a bright external characteristic.

Argan oil. Useful properties, cosmetology recipes for skin of the face, body, hair
Argan oil – the beneficial properties of the drug.

The product is found in different colors:

  • amber;
  • solar;
  • all shades of yellow.

The brightness of the color depends on the ripeness of the seeds. If the product has a too light color that deviates from the base palette, this may indicate a falsification of the product.

Slight roasting of the fruit of the product expresses the taste of almonds and hazelnuts and is a bit like pumpkin seed oil.

The cosmetic product has a specific aroma with a hint of nuts and herbs. The smell may have an unpleasant hue from biological filters. If you apply oil to the skin, then after 2 minutes the smell disappears completely. This indicates the naturalness of the product.

If the aroma is unpleasant and lasts a long time – most likely, the product is spoiled or made from low quality raw materials. Edible oil has a pleasant nutty flavor.

The product is suitable for dry, brittle and oily hair, face, body and scalp and has unique abilities:

  • soothes the skin;
  • protects from UV radiation;
  • have an instant lifting effect;
  • removes wrinkles.

The Moroccan product is used in its pure form, as well as with the addition of other cosmetics.

Name, labeling of natural product, importing country

When purchasing an oil product, attention should be paid to labeling. Raw materials are known as argan oil or argan oil, the analogue is iron wood.

Argan oil. Useful properties, cosmetology recipes for skin of the face, body, hair

 Foreign marking:

  • in English – argan oil;
  • in French – lhuile d’argan;
  • in Latin – Argan oi spinosa.

The main importing countries are:

  • USA;
  • Croatia;
  • Poland;
  • Lebanon;
  • Iran;
  • France;
  • Morocco;
  • Bulgaria;
  • Finland;
  • Kingdom of Great Britain;
  • Turkey;
  • Greece;
  • Korea;
  • USA;
  • China;
  • Islam;
  • Brazil;
  • South Korea;
  • Slovenia;
  • Italy.

The producer country is the only country – Morocco. If another country is indicated, this indicates a fake product.

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The benefits and harms of external use

Argan oil, the properties and application of which is widely known in cosmetology, is also used in the treatment of certain skin diseases. For these purposes, unprocessed seeds are taken: so they have more vitamins and various nutrients.

Outwardly, the product is used for cosmetic purposes, because it:

  • prevents early skin aging;
  • smoothes wrinkles;
  • normalizes complexion;
  • protects against peeling;
  • treats problem teenage skin;
  • improves hair;
    Argan oil. Useful properties, cosmetology recipes for skin of the face, body, hair
  • strengthens the nail plate;
  • prevents hair loss;
  • removes stretch marks on the body.

In addition, the oil product improves lymphatic drainage, has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal effects. The tool helps to get rid of scars, burns, traces of chickenpox and other skin lesions.

The use of a Moroccan product accelerates the regeneration of skin tissue and eliminates joint pain. It is used for the treatment of the musculoskeletal system. There are no special contraindications for external use. In exceptional cases, with individual intolerance to the product, an allergic reaction can occur.

Argan oil based cosmetics

The oil product is used as the basis for various types of cosmetics.

The cosmetic line based on it includes:

  • restoring serum;
  • elixir for the body;
  • nutritious cream;
  • restorative hair mask; Argan oil. Useful properties, cosmetology recipes for skin of the face, body, hair
  • shampoo;
  • spray;
  • styling products;
  • mascara.

Many well-known brands offer products :

  • Avon
  • Londa;
  • Kapous;
  • Garnier;
  • L’Oreal;
  • Lakme;
  • DuDu and others.

Cosmetics differ in their purpose, but have a common similarity – each drug contains a unique component of argan.

Wrinkles on the face

The raw material formula is enriched with a cocktail of plant minerals with healthy vitamins that help smooth wrinkles.

The light structure of the product with a pleasant aroma can be easily distributed over the skin. At the same time, it is well absorbed into it. It is recommended to apply in the morning and evening on clean skin with light massage movements.

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To strengthen the structure of hair and eyelashes

Due to its properties, argan oil is actively used for healing hair and eyelashes. It well strengthens, nourishes, heals, from which hair and eyelashes grow elastic and smooth. The complex effect of all useful components nourishes the roots of the hair and eyelashes, as well as the skin.

To get the effect, you should regularly use the Moroccan product. You can treat your hair in its pure form or in combination with shampoos and masks.

For nail strength

The product is widely used in manicure and pedicure procedures. It is nutritious enough for weak and brittle nails. With the active use of the product, they appear healthy shine and well-groomed appearance. They become hard enough, stop breaking. In addition, the raw material softens the cuticle.

It is recommended to usd a small amount of the product regularly into the surface of the nails before bedtime.

From stretch marks on the body

The oil product is used to moisturize the skin, making it supple and without leaving greasy spots.

Argan oil. Useful properties, cosmetology recipes for skin of the face, body, hair

The tool helps cells recover and smoothes scars. The systematic use of products helps with stretch marks on the body, normalizes blood circulation.

Homemade cosmetics with argan oil

The oil product is used at home undiluted and with various skin care products. The best result has a course application.

Masks for different types of skin

Focus on the type of skin, a mask is selected from the product. To prepare a mask for dry skin, you should take 2 small tablespoons of oil and the same amount of yogurt. After this, honey and avocado pulp are added for 1 teaspoons.

To prepare a mask for any skin type, 1 teaspoons oil is taken. and 3 products, 1 tablespoon each:

  • lemon juice;
  • honey;
  • yogurt;

All ingredients are mixed and applied in a thin layer on the forehead, cheekbones, under the eyes. The resulting mixture is left to dry completely. After that it is washed off with warm water.


An oil product is added as an enrichment of homemade soap formulations. Due to its high content of vitamin E, soap makes the skin soft and smooth. It is recommended to use soap in the morning every other day, as in action it resembles a scrub. The product should be thoroughly foamed and applied to the face and decollete, and after 1-2 minutes, wash with clean water.

Means for hair and eyelashes

Argan oil, the properties and application of which is known in aesthetic cosmetology, is a good tool for strengthening hair and eyelashes.

Products heal, affect the growth, restoration of the damaged structure of each hair. It provides lamination, keratolically affects curls, gives shine and gloss. To eliminate brittle hair, to make healthy eyelashes it is recommended to use oil wraps, shampoos and masks based on an expensive remedy.

Body Scrub

Oil-based scrub makes the skin smooth and supple. It moisturizes the skin, saturates with useful elements, acids and minerals.

Argan oil. Useful properties, cosmetology recipes for skin of the face, body, hair

The tool is used for normal and problem skin. Apply the scrub in a circular motion with your fingertips on wet skin, then rinse with water.

Where to buy, prices, how to choose re
al argan oil

Natural products should not have preservatives, flavors or water. The package should contain a composition where 100% is occupied by a pure product.

The price cannot be cheap, since productivity, manual labor, and shipping costs are taken into account.

It is not recommended to purchase products from Chinese suppliers. They buy it in Morocco, breed it with water and sell it. In shopping centers it is also hardly possible to purchase real oil.

To check the product for naturalness, you can buy a test bottle at one of the plants. Using it for its intended purpose, it is already clear whether it helps or not. If you anoint a wound on the skin with oil, then the next day it will already begin to heal – an indicator of quality products. Genuine raw materials must have a certificate of organic cosmetics.

How to store cosmetics and clean oil

To keep the oil as long as possible, it should be stored in a dark bottle. In this case, the neck in it should not be wide or very open. If the products are sold in different packaging, then there is a risk of acquiring a fake.

Raw materials are afraid of direct sunlight, so they should be stored in a dark and cool place, for example, in the refrigerator doors. So you can check the naturalness of products. Being in the refrigerator, real oil will not change its liquid consistency. If it contains additives that thicken from the cold, then the raw materials will all thicken.

The oil product can be stored no more than 2 years. If the packaging indicates a longer period, then this indicates that chemical additives have been added that underestimate the useful properties of the raw material. After the specified time, the smell does not change, and many mistakenly believe that you can continue to use oil.

However, continued use may cause side effects:

  • skin irritation;
  • itching
    Argan oil. Useful properties, cosmetology recipes for skin of the face, body, hair
  • redness.

Subject to storage conditions, the oil will last a long time and usefully. Argan oil is produced only in the country of North Africa. Due to the presence of vitamins and useful elements, its properties have found application in the field of cosmetics and cooking.

The raw material is suitable for the care of face and body skin, for brittle, split ends and eyelashes. The oil is quite expensive, so you should pay attention to the correctness of its storage.

Argan Oil Video

What is aragan oil and what is its secret:

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