Almond peeling for the face – what is it, how is it done, photo before and after, reviews

Among the popular cosmetic procedures that reduce aesthetic and age-related skin defects, a special place is given to chemical peeling. It eliminates problems such as post-acne, pigmentation, wrinkles, enlarged pores, and a dull complexion. With minimal risk of damage, a positive result is maintained for several months.

Almond face peeling – what is it

Those who want to improve skin condition often ask what is almond peeling for the face. This is a gentle chemical procedure that affects only the top layer of the skin, therefore it is also suitable for dry or sensitive skin.

Almond peeling for the face - what is it, how is it done, photo before and after, reviews
Almond face peeling

Cleanses, heals the skin, has a rejuvenating effect (smoothes fine wrinkles). Eliminates epidermis from dead cells. Eliminates pigmentation. Stimulates the production of proteins responsible for the elasticity of the skin.

Even in ancient times, the Avicenna doctor used raw materials in the treatment of hematomas, freckles, to improve complexion.

The anti-inflammatory effect of mandelic acid helps get rid of black pores. Therefore, it allows you to eliminate acne and acne. This peeling normalizes the functioning of the sebaceous glands. So, it will be beneficial for prone oily, mixed skin with enlarged pores.

Why do I need almond peeling for the face, what is it – it is worth explaining in more detail. Mandelic acid is a product that is obtained from the extract of bitter almond fruit. Previously, amygdalin (a toxic substance) is removed from the acid. It has properties similar to fruit acids.

The sparing effect is due to the fact that due to the large molecular mass (molecules are several times larger than the molecules of other acids), it penetrates less actively into the upper layers of the skin and injures them less. Consequently, skin regeneration is faster.

In the last decade, the procedure is gradually gaining popularity among the representatives of the stronger sex, as it fully satisfies their request: so that it is quick, effective and painless.

It is interesting! Not so long ago, scientists found that acid has antioxidant properties, inhibits the growth of free radicals.

Two weeks after peeling, the skin responds more easily to sunlight. The tan will become even, and age spots will not appear.

The difference between this type of peeling from others is the possibility of use at all times of the year (even with maximum activity of sunlight). It is harmless with different skin types (also with rosacea) and is used by cosmetologists as a preparation for laser resurfacing.

Types of Peeling

For almond peeling, gel or water-alcohol formulations are used. Sometimes, in addition to the main component, they contain lactic, malic, or salicylic acid.

Almond milk peeling

Lactic acid is known for its gentle effect on the skin. It moisturizes the deep layers of the epidermis well, but is ineffective in combating rashes.

Almond peeling for the face - what is it, how is it done, photo before and after, reviews
Almond milk peeling

The tandem of mandelic and lactic acids copes not only with peeling, but also with clogged pores, faded complexion. The composition, including mandelic, lactic, glycolic acid, is used as pre-peeling.

Almond-apple peeling

Such an almond peeling for the face is a procedure that eliminates acne, normalizes the balance of fat (gives the face a healthy haze), saturates the epidermis with useful nutrients.

In addition, it strengthens small vessels, reducing the appearance of spider veins. Malic acid, thanks to its amino acids, helps in the regeneration of epidermal cells.

Almond Salicylic Peeling

More “heavy” type of peeling. It is used for acne, post-acne, wrinkles, faded skin. Used for face and hand care.

Indications for the procedure

Almond peeling effectively fights against problems such as:

  • fine wrinkles (expression lines), wilting, sagging of the epidermis;
  • comedones (black pores);
  • freckles, pigmentation;
  • enlarged pores;
  • pimples, purulent rashes, oily seborrhea;
  • acne, rosacea;
  • weak microcirculation of blood.
    Almond peeling for the face - what is it, how is it done, photo before and after, reviews
    Indications for peeling

Contraindications to the procedure

The use of almond peeling has a number of contraindications. Beauticians do not recommend the procedure for:

  • carrying a child and feeding a baby;
  • exacerbation of herpes;
  • allergic reactions;
  • elevated temperature;
  • wounds cuts with violation of the skin;
  • psoriasis
  • tuberculosis
  • prolonged exposure to the sun (in a solarium).

It’s important to know! Menstruation is not included in the list of contraindications, but since a woman’s body is weakened during this period, edema can occur and recovery will take much longer.

Stages of peeling in the salon

It is better and more correct to entrust the face almond peeling to a professional. The cosmetologist will explain what it is, calculate the correct concentration of the product and the exposure time to avoid skin burns.


Before the procedure, you need to prepare for the fact that the skin will be exposed to chemical reagents. Specialists recommend applying a cream containing 15% phenoxyglycolic acid or a gel with fruit acids 7 to 14 days before peeling every night (applied 2-3 times a week after waking up).

Almond peeling for the face - what is it, how is it done, photo before and after, reviews
Preparation for the peeling procedure

If there was no such preparation, the procedure is carried out with a short exposure time.  Immediately before peeling, you need to clean the skin. The cosmetologist, using a special lotion, performs makeup remover and degreases the dermis with a tonic, which contains mandelic acid.

Pre-peeling preparation

To check for allergic reactions, the beautician applies for several minutes a 5% solution of acid (glycolic, lactic or phenoxyglycolic) to the neck, face and decollete. In addition, the procedure evens the epidermis, preparing for an even distribution of the basic com


A solution of mandelic acid (30-60%) is applied on top of the preparation. The exposure time, the concentration of the substance, the incoming components, the number of layers depends on the type, color and condition of the skin. The decision is made by the master.

For example, if the complexion is dull, and the skin is prone to acne, the beautician adds an alcohol component that dries and narrows the pores.


A special drug that neutralizes the effects of mandelic acid is applied to the treated areas after peeling and is removed by washing with water at room temperature.


The skin that is inflamed after the procedure must be soothed using masks with extracts of aloe, calendula, chamomile (exposure time – 20 minutes). After removing the mask, a cream with moisturizing properties is applied.

How to make homemade composition – recipe

The procedure can be performed while at home. Such almond peeling for the face is so mild (as it is mechanical, not chemical) that there are practically no contraindications to this.

The composition should contain only natural ingredients.

In this case, a mask with a low concentration of the substance will be obtained and will not cause harm.

Aloe, almonds, oatmeal and kaolin

Thoroughly chopped oatmeal and almonds (4 teaspoons each) mixed with 2 teaspoons kaolin, add 4 teaspoons hot water, 4 teaspoons aloe juice, 2 teaspoons almond oil. Into the cooled mass, add lavender oil (8 drops). After 15 minutes rinse off.

Oat flour and almonds

Mix flour and ground almonds 1: 1, add milk powder and water (until creamy).

Almond peeling for the face - what is it, how is it done, photo before and after, reviews
Homemade oatmeal peeling

Apply to well moisturized skin. Rub in light circular motions for 15 minutes. Olive or rose oil can be added to the composition (for sensitive and prone to dry skin).

Vinegar, honey, almonds

Ground almonds, grape seed oil, honey, stir 3 drops of apple cider vinegar, apply to the surface to be treated. Massage gently and leave for 5 minutes. Wash off with cool water.

Aloe and almonds

To mix ground almonds, aloe juice, oat flour and water, apply on the treated surface for 15 minutes. Wash off with cool water.

Almond peeling for the face - what is it, how is it done, photo before and after, reviews
Aloe and almond peeling at home

Worth to know! At grocery outlets you can buy almond powder. Its fairly small particles make it possible to clean even supersensitive skin due to its gentle effect.

Peeling at Home: A Step-by-Step Guide

As mentioned above, it is not necessary to visit the beauty parlor to conduct almond peeling for the face. It is easy to do it yourself.

To learn more about what it is, you need to carefully study the instructions and do an allergy test (apply acid to the delicate areas: the inside of the elbow or wrist a week before).

The course includes 7-14 procedures (the degree of neglect of the problem and the desired final result affect the quantity). Between procedures should take 1 to 2 weeks (skin structure affects). The second course is carried out no earlier than 6 months later.

For self-peeling, you need to purchase a kit with all the necessary tools (it also contains step-by-step instructions).

You can also buy mandelic acid (pay attention to the concentration of the product). It is better to use a substance of low concentration to avoid damage.

Almond peeling for the face - what is it, how is it done, photo before and after, reviews
Almond peeling at home

Pre-peeling preparation. Apply cream every night for 7 days with a moisturizing effect (5 – 10% mandelic acid).

Skin cleansing. Required condition. The skin is cleansed with cosmetic milk.

Degreasing the skin. Removes excess sebum. The skin is cleansed with cosmetic lotion.

Peeling. At the main stage, the substance is applied with a 30-60% acid solution (carefully study the annotation before use), the skin is gently massaged with the fingertips. Duration – from 5 to 20 minutes. (takes into account the type of dermis and problem).

Post peeling. After the procedure, wash your face and apply a herbal (with calendula, chamomile or aloe) mask to soothe the dermis and remove negative reactions.

Side effects

A slight swelling and redness of the skin is quite natural after peeling. But if such a reaction lasts more than 3 days, you should worry: a chemical burn is possible (this is only the fault of an unprofessional cosmetologist who incorrectly calculated the time or concentration).

Other side effects:

  • discomfort (moisturizer required);
  • redness (a soothing cream will remove it);
  • dryness, feeling of tightness, peeling (mask will help: with collagen, algae, aloe);
  • infection due to poor hygiene (ointments and creams with antibiotics);
  • puffiness of thin sections of the dermis (hormonal creams).

Beauticians practicing this procedure identify, based on customer feedback, the most common reactions, such as:

  • slight discomfort (clients feel tight, dry, which disappears under the influence of moisturizing creams. Usually passes the next day);
  • burning sensation (noted during the procedure. This should not be feared, since in this way the acid acts on the epidermis, without such sensations it is not possible to achieve the desired effect);
  • redness and peeling (not often, but still clients complain of a similar skin reaction. But even in this case, the excitement is in vain, because the procedure is chemical, which means it cannot pass without a trace. The skin usually calms down after a day).

It’s important to know! Almond peeling is one of the most gentle procedures used in beauty parlors.

Naturally, it is important that the doses and time of exposure be selected correctly, all recommendations are clearly observed and proper care is performed.

After peeling care

For 3 weeks, after waking up and before going to bed, use creams with nourishing and moisturizing properties, masks, including those prepared independently.

Almond peeling for the face - what is it, how is it done, photo before and after, reviews
After-peeling with Skin-active cream

Suitable cream “Skin-active”, “Vitamin-F99”, ointment “Traumeel”, “Bepanten”, grape seed oil.

The skin must be protected from ultraviolet radiation, using protective equipment (SPF at least 30).

In addition to mandatory measures, after peeling, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • be protected from injuries, bruises, scratches;
  • do not use scrubs;
  • wash only with warm boiled water or micellar;
  • reduce the use of makeup.

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Which almond peeling to choose

To use almond peeling at home, you need to find out which peels of which brands are most popular and what effect is obtained from their use.

– chemical peeling 35%

The active substance is mandelic acid with a concentration of 35%. The gel form of the product allows you to evenly apply it to the skin, guarantees a prolonged action.

Eliminates the appearance of pigmentation, evens out skin color. Smoothes fine wrinkles, accelerates collagen synthesis, activates cell renewal. Used as preparation for laser resurfacing. It treats acne and post-acne. It is used for rosacea.

Has accelerated post-peeling rehabilitation.

The cost of the drug is from $ 24. ( 1,01 fluid ounce).

Alpine Almond Peeling (5.15%)

In the composition of 3 substances with active action: almond, succinic and fruit acids. The summarizing effect of these components regulates the depth of the peeling, gives the process efficiency, and has a low invasiveness.

Almond peeling for the face - what is it, how is it done, photo before and after, reviews
Almond Peeling Alpika

It is used for aging skin, pigmentation, inflammation, enlarged pores.

The cost of the drug is from $ 20. ( 1,01 fluid ounce).

Belita – face peeling (30%)

The basis of the product is mandelic acid. It has the properties of peelings in this category: it treats problem skin, eliminates pigmentation, uneven tone, fine wrinkles, and is used for rosacea.

The cost of the drug is from $ 20. ( 6,76 fluid ounce).

Almond-salicylic peeling Arcadia 38 + 2%

The composition contains 2% salicylic acid and 38% – mandelic.

Thanks to this combination of acids, peeling acquires an antibacterial and keratolic effect. Gently exfoliates the keratinized layer of the epidermis, stimulates the appearance of new cells, normalizes the production of sebum, reduces pores, brightens. It can be used in summer.

Almond peeling for the face - what is it, how is it done, photo before and after, reviews
Almond peeling Arcadia

The cost of the drug is from $ 34.


The composition includes almond, ascorbic acid and pumpkin seed extract.

Cleanses, exfoliates the skin, removing dead skin cells, improves complexion, brightens, eliminates pigmentation. With gentle action, the product restores the epidermis.

The cost of the drug is from $ 94. ( 3,38 fluid ounce).


The product contains 40% mandelic acid.

It is used for acne of various degrees, seborrhea, biologic aging of the skin, increased pigmentation. It has a pronounced bactericidal effect and antiseptic. Moisturizes the middle layers of the skin.

The cost of the drug is from $ 41. ( 1,01 fluid ounce).

Kosmoteros 30%

Superficial peeling, contains a 30% concentration of mandelic acid.

Almond peeling for the face - what is it, how is it done, photo before and after, reviews
Almond peeling Cosmoteros

Suitable for sensitive skin, problematic, with emerging signs of aging. Moisturizes, has antioxidant properties, fights against germs. Accelerates cell renewal and collagen production.

The cost of the drug is from $ 28. ( 1,01 fluid ounce).

Mediderm (peeling)

Available in water-alcohol and gel forms with different concentrations of mandelic acid.

Recommended for biological aging of the skin (smooths wrinkles, reduces pigmentation). It has an antibacterial effect, controls the production of sebum. The complexion is leveled, comedones, acne are reduced.

Suitable for sensitive skin. It can be used with active sun (reduces photosensitivity of the skin).

The cost of the drug is from $ 29 – $ 35.


Contains a higher concentration of mandelic acid.

It is used for the same purpose as peels of other brands. But since the product is stronger, it is not recommended for use by owners of sensitive or dry skin, as well as those who first decided on the procedure.

The result from the use of this tool is positive and long-term.

Almond peeling for the face - what is it, how is it done, photo before and after, reviews
Almond peeling Aegia

The cost of the drug is from $ 44. ( 3,38 fluid ounce).

The cost of peeling in the salon

Of course, this procedure does not have a fixed price, in different stores and the cost varies. On average, the price per session ranges from $ 14 – $ 54. (depends on the amount of acid required). A course of several sessions, respectively, will cost more.

How often do

For the best effect, the procedure is carried out in courses with a frequency of once every several months. The course consists of 5-8 sessions, a break between which is 7 days.

Skin after peeling – before and after photos

Almond peeling helps many to improve the appearance of the skin, bringing it to an almost perfect condition, eliminating age spots, acne. Photographs of patients clearly show the differences in the condition of the skin of the face before and after the procedure. Almond peeling for the face - what is it, how is it done, photo before and after, reviews Almond peeling for the face - what is it, how is it done, photo before and after, reviews

It is noticeable that almond peeling for the face is an effective procedure that removes such an unpleasant disease as acne, visually rejuvenates the appearance, improves color, and tightens the oval of the face.

Almond peeling is the most gentle skin care used in modern cosmetology. It effectively acts not only on the skin of the face, but also on the neck, decollete, hands. Peeling has almost no contraindications and side effects.

Video about the procedure of almond peeling in the salon:

Video about the use of almond peeling at home:

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