Acrylic powder for strengthening nails. How to apply step by step, steps, photos, video

Currently, a large number of types of manicure and innovative materials for nail strengthening, extension or design are available. But, why not all customers and even specialists figured out applying acrylic powder.

Acrylic powder is a crushed synthetic powder with firming properties. Initially, acrylic was used in dentistry, only later it became popular in the nail industry.

Acrylic powder: properties and varieties

Acrylic strengthens nails by increasing the thickness and density of the coating, so the manicure lasts several times longer. If applied correctly, there will be no exfoliation and leakage on the cuticle or lateral nail rollers, which affects not only aesthetics, but also the durability of the coating.

Advantages of acrylic powder:

  • universal hypoallergenic material that is suitable for almost everyone;
  • Acrylic stands out for its excellent wear resistance. Reduces the risk of breakage and deformation;
  • ease of use, time saving;
  • Great choice for modeling and performing volumetric designs.

For the correct selection of material, you need a correct understanding of the final desired result.

Type of acrylic powder The properties Result
Transparent Particularly fine grinding. It does not stand out on natural nails. Use for base coat, formation of the free edge of the nail, aquarium design.
Matte Perfectly hides flaws and visually aligns. Apply as a base coat for building and strengthening.
Camouflage Material with a denser texture, not transparent, flexible, can be modeled well. The color resembles the natural shades of the nail plate.

It has, as a rule, flesh-colored shades with a pink undertone.

It hides bumps and yellowness, evens out defects in nail plates, strengthens nails.
Finish line It is well modeled by any tool, after drying it has a glossy shine. Suitable for modeling top glossy coatings.
Color A wide selection of shades. Can be used without fixative, does not make nails heavier. Performing any design, creating the effect of “sugar nails”.
Neon Bright saturated shades, dense texture.


Used for sculpting. Often used for youth manicure.
Glitter powder Transparent or colored powder with the addition of glitter. There are different grinding and texture. It is used for the finish layer or bright designs and volume sculpting, it helps to show imagination as much as possible.

The action of acrylic to strengthen nails

To apply acrylic powder to strengthen nails, many masters prefer. Acrylic, penetrating along with the gel into microcracks, under the influence of ultraviolet rays, attaches any damage like cement. The nails are strengthened and some serious “breakdowns” can be fixed. Acrylic powder for strengthening nails. How to apply step by step, steps, photos, video

It will also be an excellent solution for those who do not hold shellac for longer than 1-2 weeks, with acrylic powder it is possible to extend this time by 1.5 – 2 times.

The addition of acrylic makes the nails hard, but at the same time they remain quite elastic, due to which they break less. There is no healing effect here, strengthening occurs due to an additional protective layer. By applying acrylic powder, manicure does not end. After that, you need to go through the remaining stages.

But, such a strengthening of nails has undeniable advantages:

  • lasts longer than ordinary manicure or shellac;
  • It looks natural, without the increase in volume that occurs when building;
  • microcracks and damage are eliminated;
  • prevents the formation of bubbles that occur after helium coating;
  • protects nails from any external factors, including ultraviolet and household chemicals;
  • makes it possible to grow the desired length of the nails;
  • easy to correct;
  • simplicity of the procedure.


Often you can hear about the dangers of acrylic on the human body. But only pairs are harmful, so the powder is toxic until it dries. Contraindication is only individual intolerance. The material has been tested in dental offices for years, so it does not cause significant harm.

Allergic manifestations were found in less than 5% of clients. However, acrylic has a pungent and unpleasant odor, so it is recommended to use it exclusively in well-ventilated rooms.

Tools and materials for the procedure

In the presence of a complete set for shellac coating, it remains only to additionally purchase a suitable powder. Acrylic powder for strengthening nails. How to apply step by step, steps, photos, video

Applying acrylic powder to strengthen the nails for the first time, without appropriate experience, will be more difficult and you will need to prepare a list of materials. It is recommended to purchase materials from official representatives in order to be sure of the quality of the goods and get a predicted result.

So, the list of materials:

  • standard manicure set;
  • cuticle preparations;
  • abrasive files and buffs;
  • dehydrator;
  • antiseptic (pharmacy is suitable);
  • a primer;
  • bonder;
  • acrylic Powder;
  • dust cleaning brush;
  • modeling gel or colored shellac;
  • base and top coat;
  • LED or UF-lamp;
  • lint-free napkins and orange sticks.

It is always important to keep safety in mind; therefore, tools must be regularly cleaned and disinfected. Also, before starting the procedure, it is better to treat your hands with an antiseptic.

Instructions for strengthening nails with acrylic powder step by step at home

It will not be easy for beginners to carry out such a procedure at home. For the gel, you need a special lamp. For those who independently perform gel manicure, the procedure does not require additional skills and is easily performed at home. But, it is important to carefully follow the instructions to prevent chips and detachments.

It is required to consider in detail all the stages of nail strengthening with acrylic powder, including initial preparation and work with gels. The procedure is carried out in several steps.


Before starting any action, it is recommended to treat nails, hands and all
tools with an antiseptic. Do not neglect this step. Acrylic powder for strengthening nails. How to apply step by step, steps, photos, video

Artificial coating is worn for a long time, so the smallest infection that gets under the cover can lead to the development of microorganisms. In addition, many “troubles” can be transmitted through a poorly sanitized tool.

Then the nails are prepared, the desired shape is attached, hygienic manicure is performed. You should remove the cuticle, move it well and clean the plate from pterygium (the area in front of the cuticle). The most common reason for peeling off any coatings is insufficient nail processing.

Next, grinding is performed with a soft file or buff, cleaned with a brush from dust formed. At this stage, the gloss is completely removed so that the coating holds well, but does not finish cutting. This will lead to unpleasant sensations and increase the risk of infection in the nail bed.

Primer application

After grinding and brushing, the nails must be degreased by wiping them with a cotton pad moistened in the intended fluid (dehydrator or degreaser).

Now apply a primer to the entire nail plate. He will prepare the basis for further steps, equalize the pH balance and remove excess moisture from the surface of the nails. The primer also improves adhesion to artificial turf. It has a liquid texture and dries almost instantly in the open air. For work at home, it is better to choose an acid-free primer. Acrylic powder for strengthening nails. How to apply step by step, steps, photos, video

To achieve the best effect, you can apply an additional bonder and let it dry well.

Bonder prevents peeling of artificial materials. It has a denser texture and resembles glue, which is why it is called “double-sided tape”.

The gel-like structure is distributed evenly, but it is important to ensure that it does not leak, it is also recommended to “seal” the edges of the nail with it.

If you use both tools, the primer will be the preparatory stage and is applied in front of the bonder.

Some bonders dry only under the lamp, so you need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions in each case.

At first glance, both drugs provide a good adhesion, but they act differently:

  • the primer forms a film through which chemicals from the subsequent layers of manicure do not penetrate the body, and also cleans, degreases, disinfects and regulates the ph-balance;
  • the bonder is quite flexible, it holds the layers together as much as possible, prevents detachments and cracks.

Therefore, you should not choose between these completely different means, they do not replace each other. You can not use them, limiting yourself to the proper performance of the gash and degreaser, but for a long-term and aesthetic manicure it is better to use both means.

Base coat application

To strengthen the nails, it is recommended to give preference to silicone thick consistencies or rubber bases.

The base layer is coated immediately, as soon as the primer or bonder dries out (if used). In order for the base to be distributed evenly, it is advisable to apply the first layer on 4 fingers (from the little finger to the index) and dry in a lamp. Then do the same with the second hand.

After that, the base is applied separately to the thumbs, so that it is more convenient to dry the nails and the gel does not flow down at the edges. It is necessary to ensure that the coating during application does not fall on the cuticle or on the skin on the sides, in these places there will be detachments. If the gel is numb, it can be carefully removed from the skin with an orange stick before polymerization.

Application of acrylic powder

Apply acrylic powder to strengthen the nails directly on the base or shellac before the last coat dries. After covering the nails, you immediately need to sprinkle them with a dense layer of powder, without leaving voids. Acrylic powder for strengthening nails. How to apply step by step, steps, photos, video

You can sprinkle the nail completely only with stress zones (central and side faces). You can just dip the nail in powder and tap your finger on the edge so that the excess crumbles. The coating dries under ultraviolet light for a couple of minutes.

Now you need to remove the excess with a brush. If the surface is uneven, it should be sanded.

Fixing with a base coat or gel polish

On top of the hardened acrylic gel varnish is applied in 1 or 2 layers, each drying in a UV lamp.

If it was only planned to strengthen, without applying a color coating and decor, then acrylic must be fixed with a base coating before using the finish.

In both cases, a topcoat is applied, which is also dried in a lamp. Top protects nails from ultraviolet and creates a glossy shine, it can be applied in 1 or 2 layers.

Acrylic powder for strengthening nails. How to apply step by step, steps, photos, video
After strengthening the nails with acrylic powder, you can do a manicure

If the topcoat leaves a sticky layer, then after the lamp it is removed with a cotton pad dipped in a degreaser. Alternatively, acetone-free nail polish remover is suitable.

The cost of the procedure in the salons

If the procedure seemed complicated or not in the presence of a complete set, which is necessary for its implementation at home, then it is easier to do it in the salon. After all, the master will be able to perform professional manicures, strengthen nails, conduct a pleasant hand massage. Also in the salon you can learn about the latest in the nail industry, and pick up a design from a wide range.

The cost of strengthening nails using acrylic powder ranges from $ 7 – $ 27. It all depends on the, the quality of materials and the level of skill. In addition, many salons offer a low cost procedure, and in addition you will need to pay for manicure, base coat, shellac and design.

For example, a nail strengthening service will cost $ 10,88, and together with manicure and shellac coating it will cost $ 24.

Acrylic powder for strengthening nails. How to apply step by step, steps, photos, video

How long does acrylic powder hold

Due to the special cementing properties of acrylic, any manicure with its use will last 2 times longer.

That is, the correction of gel polish, for example, will be required after 3-4 weeks. With the right procedure, there will be no chips and delaminations.

It is not recommended to overtake nails for longer, especially long ones, because the overgrown free edge becomes heavier, and the nail plate at the base of th
e nail remains unprotected and vulnerable.

As a result of this, the “center of gravity” shifts and the risk of damage is significantly increased.

How to remove acrylic coating

To remove acrylic, you will need a special liquid. Finding it will not be any difficulty, but not everyone knows how to use it correctly. To begin with, it is better to cut the free edge of the nail to the desired length. Then remove the topcoat with a highly abrasive file (at least 180 grit).

Now wrap each nail with a cotton pad with a means for removing acrylic or gel, fix with foil on top. Periodically check that she does not go away or put on special holders. Remove no earlier than 10 minutes.

Acrylic subsequently softens and can be easily removed with a softer file and an orange stick. Acrylic powder for strengthening nails. How to apply step by step, steps, photos, video

The second way to remove is to file each nail without softening the acrylic. This method is also used quite often, but it will take more time and patience. Only the upper layers are removed with a highly abrasive file, closer to the natural nail, you will need to switch to softer files or buffs so as not to injure the nail plate.

Removing artificial coatings injures the nails, so after the procedure it is better to protect them with special care products.

Rather simple procedures need to be implemented to strengthen the nails with acrylic powder. The quality of the execution of all stages affects the final result. That’s why it is recommended to do everything carefully and follow the instructions given.

Application will not cause difficulties for those who already do shellac on their own. The technique is simple, but gives an amazing result in the form of beautiful and durable nails, increasing the time until the next correction.

Video about strengthening nails with acrylic powder

3 ways to strengthen your nails with acrylic powder:

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