We quickly remove the ears from the sides on the hips of the house and in the gym

Volumetric breeches, ears on the outside of the hips change the proportions of the body, visually shortening the legs, making the figure squat. To remove the ears from the sides of the hips, you need a comprehensive approach, time and patience, since the accumulation of fat in these areas is due to the action of female sex hormones, the body spends these “reserves” last.

Exercises for weight loss woman’s buttocks at home:

Before starting the workout, you should warm up (10-15 minutes) so that the body warms up well, muscles and ligaments become more elastic, and endurance increases. Thanks to the warm-up, the effect of the complex will be much higher.


Lie on your back, straighten your legs (put together), stretch your arms behind your head, clutching your thumbs, muscles of the abdomen, thighs and buttocks are tense. When you inhale, roll over to your side, while exhaling, return to your original position, then when you inhale, roll over to the other side, while exhaling, return to your back.

Make 20 coups on each side.

This exercise is very effective to quickly remove the ears from the sides of the hips, since in addition to the general load on the muscles, there is an intense mechanical effect on the breeches.

Foot rotation

It is necessary to lie on your side, with one hand propping your head, with the other – resting on the floor.

We quickly remove the ears from the sides on the hips of the house and in the gym

Perform with each leg 30 circular rotations clockwise and 30 rotations counterclockwise, in 3 sets.


Lie on your side, one leg is on the other. Raise the leg by inhalation, slightly moving it back while lowering as you exhale. The range of motion is approximately 75 degrees. The number of repetitions 30 times on each leg, 3 sets.


  1. Classic. Legs shoulder width apart, feet parallel to each other, arms along the body. You need to sit down 20-30 times, do 3 sets.
  2. Plier. The feet should be placed about 3’3 foot apart, the socks slightly deployed to the sides, hands along the body. Perform 20-30 times, 3 sets.
  3. Legs together. Feet together, arms down. 20-30 squats, 3 sets.
We quickly remove the ears from the sides on the hips of the house and in the gym

General recommendations for performing squats: the back should always be straight, crouch on inhalation, on exhalation, return to its original position. Pull your arms forward while squatting.

Lunges (normal)

To stand upright, make one big lunge forward with one foot, while the toe of the second leg rests on the floor (the heel comes off the floor). Squat, without touching the floor with your knee, the body is straight.

We quickly remove the ears from the sides on the hips of the house and in the gym

Perform 3 sets of 20 lunges on each leg. Hands on the belt, or to increase the load, take dumbbells weighing 7 -9 pounds.

Leg lift

Get on all fours, stretch your leg parallel to the floor, perform 30 swing with each leg, 3 sets.

We quickly remove the ears from the sides on the hips of the house and in the gym
Leg lift

To achieve a sustainable result, the complex must be performed 3 times a week. The effect will be visible after 2-3 weeks – the breeches will decrease, the muscles of the hips and buttocks will noticeably tighten. A nice bonus will be strengthening the back and abdomen.

Hip Slimming Wrap Recipes and How to Apply Them

Wraps are an effective way to reduce body fat on the hips. To obtain a lasting cosmetic effect, the sessions should be carried out in a course of 7-14 procedures, the course should be repeated every 3-4 months.

Beauty salons have in their arsenal a wide variety of types of wraps: clay, chocolate, seaweed, branded mixtures.

We quickly remove the ears from the sides on the hips of the house and in the gym

To save time and money, wraps can be done at home. The ingredients for the mixture are in any supermarket, and the excellent effect of the procedure is guaranteed.

You need to know what ingredients should be used when wrapping, since removing the ears from the sides on the hips by using some of them can be done as quickly as possible.

Dry mustard powder

To make the composition you will need: dry mustard powder (1 cup). Mustard should be mixed with warm water until the consistency of a thick cream, applied to the hips.

We quickly remove the ears from the sides on the hips of the house and in the gym

To enhance the effect of the composition, you need to wrap it with cling film and dress warmer , the duration of the session is 15–20 minutes, then the mixture is washed off with cool water. The application of anti-cellulite cream will complete the procedure.


Sold in dried form (chopped or ground).

We quickly remove the ears from the sides on the hips of the house and in the gym
Laminaria (seaweed)

The composition of algae includes minerals and vitamins that help improve metabolism, breakdown fat, remove toxins from the body.

There are 2 ways to make kelp:

  1. Chop the seaweed with water and let it brew for 20 minutes.
  2. Dilute kelp with water (1: 4), gradually pouring powder into the water and stirring constantly so that there are no lumps. The resulting slurry is infused for 20 minutes, then you can do a wrap.

Spread the prepared mixtur
e on the skin in a thick layer, then wrap in a film, leave for 40-60 minutes.

If after the session, the algae is poured with water and put in a cool place, then the gruel can be used 2 times. Shelf life is 4–5 days.

Cinnamon for wrapping

Wrapping using this aromatic spice is very effective, since cinnamon improves blood circulation, enhances lymph outflow.

We quickly remove the ears from the sides on the hips of the house and in the gym

In 2 tablespoon. cosmetic oil (you can use any), add 2 drops of cinnamon essential oil, slightly warm and apply to the breeches, wrap with a film, leave for 30 minutes.

Coffee for wrapping

Natural coffee destroys fats, removes toxins, promotes the regeneration of the skin, reduces swelling.

Pour ground coffee (100 g) with a small amount of boiling water, allow it to cool slightly (temperature should be comfortable), spread on hips, and insulate with a film. The exposure time is 40-60 minutes.

There are many more recipes for preparing a composition for wrapping. As additional ingredients for the breakdown of body fat, pepper and various essential oils are used.

Basic rules for wrapping:

  • Before the procedure, take a bath or hot shower, cleanse the skin with a scrub.
  • Check the reaction to the components of the mixture (apply the composition for 30 minutes to a small area).

How to massage hips for weight loss

According to many cosmetologists, even regular massage very effectively removes the ears from the sides of the hips, as this is a therapy that helps to improve blood circulation, remove excess water from the body, normalize metabolism, and activate metabolic processes.

Massage should be carried out in a course of at least 10 sessions. Ideal if you can visit a professional massage therapist. If this is not possible, then thigh massage sessions can be performed on your own at home.

Slimming jar massage

Special medical cans for massage began to be used not so long ago, however, this method has proven itself in the fight against bulky hips.

We quickly remove the ears from the sides on the hips of the house and in the gym
Beautician will tell you how to remove ears from the sides of the hips using cans

Medical cans are sold in many pharmacies. The material of manufacture can only be silicone or medical rubber – glass will not work.

Instructions for the proper installation of cans:

  • take a hot bath until the body is completely steamed;
  • improve blood circulation with light movements along the entire length of the hips. For this purpose, you can take a washcloth, massage brush or a special roller;
  • use anti-cellulite cream. As an alternative, any gel containing natural oils is suitable;
  • fix the cans so that they can capture the largest possible surface of the skin;
  • after waiting a little time, move the bank from the knee up to the highest point of the hips;
  • session duration 25 minutes.

This type of massage is done in elite beauty salons. Instead of cans, a special vacuum machine with containers at the ends of the suction cups is used.

However, a massage with cans at home will help save money and time, since removing the ears from the sides of the hips can be done with the same effect as in the salon.

Honey Slimming Massage

Massage with the use of honey is a widespread practice, since due to its special composition, honey favorably affects the woman’s body. The volume of the hips will decrease markedly after several sessions.

We quickly remove the ears from the sides on the hips of the house and in the gym

Before applying honey, you should take a bath or shower to warm the surface of the body well, and then apply honey with light movements. The massage itself is a pat. At first they are as gentle as possible, but by the end of the session they become sharp and with a noticeable effect of cotton. In time, everything takes no more than 30 minutes.

Having penetrated deep into the epidermis, honey will begin to act directly on body fat.

Diet for weight loss in the hips of a woman

To achieve the desired effect, you should adjust the diet, as removing some ears from the sides of the hips helps to exclude certain foods from the diet. It:

  • carbonated drinks;
  • Confectionery of any kind;
  • smoked;
  • marinades;
  • crackers;
  • chips;
  • flour – bread, rolls.

Better to cook steamed or in the oven.

You should eat fractionally (3-4 times a day), in small portions, and it is very important not to skip breakfast. Dinner should be no later than 2-3 hours before going to bed. The diet should be varied, including meat, fish, cereals and dairy products. In sufficient quantities, you should eat vegetables and fruits daily (with the exception of bananas and grapes – they are very high-calorie).

In no case should you starve or severely restrict yourself in food, for the body this is undesirable stress.

In the last decade, marketers have skillfully formed an idea about the benefits of low-fat products (yoghurt, kefir, sour cream, cream, etc.). However, modern studies show that if you regularly eat this kind of food, then the body, not getting enough natural fat, starts to accumulate it, and metabolism is disturbed.

Proper fluid intake

For the proper functioning of all body systems, it is important to drink a sufficient amount of still water at room temperature (cold water irritates the gastric mucosa). Doctors have established the optimal rate of water consumption per day: 3 – 4 pint. When visiting a bathhouse, intense physical activity, on hot days, fluid intake must be increased.

The recommended amount should be drunk evenly throughout the day, avoiding the appearance of signs of thirst. It is useful to drink a glass of warm water in the morning (on an empty stomach) – this helps to reduce weight, speeding up metabolism, activating the production of enzymes, and normalizing the digestion process.

Only an integrated a
pproach – proper nutrition, regular physical activity, massage and body wraps – will help to remove ears from the sides of the hips as soon as normalization of metabolism, metabolism is accelerated, muscle tone is increased, blood circulation improves. The result of the efforts will be great health, a toned, slim body and elastic rejuvenated skin.

Video on how to eliminate the “ears” from the sides of the hips

A simple way to remove ears from the sides of the hips:

How to remove the sides:

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