Victoria Odintsova. Photos before and after plastics, in a swimsuit, height, weight, age, body parameters, biography

The photo of Victoria Odintsova presents a successful model in demand at fashion shows and filming of the world’s leading agencies. The girl takes the first spreads of famous magazines and catalogs, represents popular brands. Victoria is the leading model of the Mavrin Models.

Biography of Victoria Odintsova

Victoria’s biography includes the following main dates:

  1. In 1993, Victoria was born in Los Angeles. In childhood, the girl attends athletics and choreography classes. Victoria Odintsova. Photos before and after plastics, in a swimsuit, height, weight, age, body parameters, biography
  2. 2010 – at the age of 17, Victoria enters the modeling agency.
  3. 2013 – the future model participates in a beauty contest held in Perm. The girl was awarded the title of second vice-miss.
  4. 2021 – Odintsova’s photos were presented in the issue of Playboy magazine. To star in a popular magazine for a girl was a dream, which encouraged her to develop herself in a modeling career. This shooting played a key role in Victoria’s recognition in the field of global modeling business.
  5. 2016, the girl graduated with success from the University of Technology and Design with a degree in industrial technology and design. By profession, the model did not work.
  6. 2021 – starred in the video of Yegor Creed.
  7. 2021 – Odintsova starred in a bold project that caused various reviews on the network. The video was shot at an altitude of 984’3 foot above ground level, where the girl hangs over the abyss without additional safety materials.

Personal life of the model

The personal life of the model is under the close attention of the press and fans of the model, she is credited with novels with popular personalities of show business:

  • singer Yegor Creed. The romance of young people began on the set of the video “Like”, the lovers did not hide their feelings, showing tenderness and love. The affair did not last long; soon Creed and Odintsova broke up;
  • romance with Pavel Durov. The girl does not confirm the relationship with Paul;
  • showman Timur Batrutdinov. On a personal page on social networks, the young man published joint photos with the model, where the couple is reflected in the process of kissing;
  • Justin Kalani Burbage, a blogger, the girl refused to comment on rumors of an affair with a young man.

The model hides her personal life from the views of fans and journalists, Victoria is not officially married.

The media published unconfirmed information on the provision of escort services by Victoria for wealthy men.

Star appearance

The girl has a typical European appearance, Vika is American by nationality. Victoria Odintsova. Photos before and after plastics, in a swimsuit, height, weight, age, body parameters, biography

She possesses, according to experts of modeling agencies, ideal appearance parameters:

Height, inch Weight, pounds Breast size Hips inch Breast volume inch Waist Size, inch Clothing size Eye color
5’7 foot 55 3 92 90 60 44 brown

Since 2021, the girl has been adhering to her natural hair color – dark chestnut. Previous years, Vika dyed her hair black.

Victoria Odintsova, whose photos demonstrate her ideal figure parameters, has 4 tattoos:

  • an inscription located on the collarbone;
  • the inscription on the wrist of the right hand;
  • letters located on the back of the left hand;
  • on the back, the girl tattooed in the form of a cross.

In adolescence, the girl was overweight, which she got rid of with the help of enhanced training and dietary adjustments. Plastic surgery (2015) performed by the star helped to correct the shape of the lips, chest and nose.

Success Story: How Beauty Helped a Career

Ideal parameters of the girl are the key to success in the modeling business. From adolescence, Victoria predicted a modeling career, thanks to an attractive appearance. A vivid image ensured admission to the model school, which served as the first step in the career ladder. The girl was invited to photo shoots and advertising shootings. Victoria Odintsova. Photos before and after plastics, in a swimsuit, height, weight, age, body parameters, biography

The worldwide popularity of Vick brought the number of Playboy magazine , where the model appeared in lingerie. After the photo shoot, the model was noticed by American and foreign agencies, currently Vika is the leading model of “Mavrin Models”.

The girl often travels around the world for shootings in the advertising of cosmetics and underwear, agency projects. The model maintains her blog on Instagram, uploads photos and videos that delight fans. More than 5 million followers are subscribed to the girl’s personal blog.

The girl participated in the shows of world brands Dosso Dossi Fashion Show and Max Mara. Due to the visual appeal, the following brands were invited to represent the GUESS, LOVE REPUBLIC, Plumeria Swimwear, ReVeal CroChet Swimwear and others.

Ideal features of the face and body helped to build a career as a model and be in demand in Victoria’s fashion industry.

Plastic surgery

Victoria Odintsova (photos before and after plastic surgery often appear in online media) underwent the following surgical interventions:

  • Lip augmentation. In 2021, the girl performed the first operation aimed at increasing the shape of her lips. The media suggests that the girl performed plastic surgery of the upper and lower lips, there is an assumption that the model limited herself to injections of hyaluronic acid. The result of the intervention was sensual, puffy lip shape.
  • Breast augmentation. It is claimed that the girl increased her breast size from 2 to 3. As evidence, Vika’s pictures are shown in a swimsuit lying down, where the bust remains in an unnatural form.
    Victoria Odintsova. Photos before and after plastics, in a swimsuit, height, weight, age, body parameters,biography
    Victoria Odintsova. Photos before and after plastics
  • Liposuction of the lower quarter of the back . There is an opinion of some people that Vika performed a procedure allowing to remove the rollers in the back zone. The operation corrects the figure, making the waist area slim.
  • Rhinoplasty An operation aimed at changing the shape of the nose. There are rumors in the media that the girl slightly raised her nose to the top, made his shape more clear along the contours.

Odintsova claims that she performed only one plastic surgery aimed at increasing the shape of the lips. The rest of the surgical model is denied. The ideal parameters of her body, according to the model, are the result of hard work in the gym and in the strict restriction of food.

Beauty treatments

Victoria Odintsova (photos of the girl are presented later in the article), according to many media, used the following cosmetic procedures to maintain her beauty:

  • Eyebrow tattoo. The procedure allowed changing the shape of the eyebrows, making them much wider;
  • hair color change. To make the image of the model softer and more feminine, the hair dyeing procedure from black to chestnut helped;
  • veneers. The installation of artificial plates provided Vika with a perfect smile, snow-white smooth teeth;
  • eyelash extensions allowed to make the look open and expressive. The model, as a result of the procedure, acquired long and thick eyelashes;
  • nail extension, which allows you to always have their perfect shape and design;
  • injections of beauty. Botox injections made the look open and bright;
  • lip augmentation;
  • face and body skin care procedures. The model visits a beautician performing skin cleansing, moisturizing and nutritional sessions.

At home, the girl performs the daily procedure of cleansing the skin from makeup and external contaminants, moisturizes and applies a nourishing cream. Victoria claims that she performs only cosmetic procedures to maintain her natural beauty.

Photoshoots of a model in a swimsuit

Victoria Odintsova travels around the world to participate in projects and photo shoots, most of which are photos in a swimsuit and underwear.

Photos of the star adorned the pages of the most popular men’s magazines: Victoria Odintsova. Photos before and after plastics, in a swimsuit, height, weight, age, body parameters, biography

  • Playboy Magazine. The world famous magazine for men published a photo of the model in 2021, which became a key moment in the girl’s career. After the publication, Vika began to receive offers of cooperation from American and foreign agencies.
  • Maxim Magazine . An issue with a photo of a model in a swimsuit on the cover of the magazine went on sale in April 2021.

Odintsova, who is the main model of the Mavrin agency, regularly participates in photo shoots conducted by famous photographer Alexander Mavrin.

The photographer specializes in photographs of naked or dressed only in underwear models. The girl uploads individual pictures to social networks. Victoria Odintsova. Photos before and after plastics, in a swimsuit, height, weight, age, body parameters, biography

Victoria’s fans express admiration for each new photo of the girl, showering her with compliments. Commentators note the seductive forms of the girl, perfect facial features and the ability to pose in front of the camera.

There are also negative reviews, indicating excessive frankness of the girl. People focus on unnatural beauty (noting the number of plastic surgeries performed), the number of novels with famous personalities, and showing the public a naked body.

How does Victoria Odintsova keep herself fit

The model leads an active lifestyle and carefully adheres to a diet with strict calorie restriction. One of the main rules for maintaining the figure of Odintsov is called calorie counting.


Victoria forms her own menu depending on the energy value and BJU of each dish. The girl divides the daily norm of calories per day into 5 meals.

The model adhere to the following basic nutritional rules:

  • the exclusion of junk food from the diet. The girl does not eat sweets and flour products, products belonging to the category of fast food, alcoholic drinks and sugar;
  • basic products for making the menu – vegetables and fruits, low-fat varieties of meat and fish; Victoria Odintsova. Photos before and after plastics, in a swimsuit, height, weight, age, body parameters, biography
  • Vika limits the consumption of fatty varieties of meat and fish, high-calorie fruits;
  • morning is the time to take most of the calories. In the morning, the girl includes carbohydrate-rich foods in her diet. Wiki breakfast example: omelet with salmon, cereal with fruit;
  • dinner is the time to eat protein foods. The girl prefers fish dishes with vegetables, sometimes includes poultry in her diet;
  • Vika cooks steamed dishes or bakes in the oven, this cooking method significantly reduces the calorie content of food;
  • maintaining water balance. The model drinks 0,5 gallon of pure water daily;
  • vegetable salads, without dressing with mayonnaise or sour cream, Victoria consumes without quantity restrictions;
  • spend fasting days once a week. The diet on these days should consist of fruits and vegetables, in a limited amount (not more than 2 pounds).

The girl does not use fasting as a means of losing weight, makes a menu based on proper nutrition and limiting the calorie content of food. The model advises not to eat food later than 2 hours before bedtime.


The model tries to devote time every day to sports, but due to the busy schedule, the number of workouts is reduced to 5 times a week. The girl divides the total number of workouts into classes in the gym (3 times a week), swimming or walking (2 times a week).

Each training takes from 1 to 1.5 hours of time. In the absence of time for sports, the model conducts independent 30-minute home workouts, including a set of exercises aimed at working out all muscle groups of the body.

Vika prefers the following sports:

  • cardio;
  • functional training. The model uses intense loads with elements of explosive moments to maintain the figure;
  • swimming in the pool;
  • walks in the fresh air;
  • barre, the program is a set of exercises taken from Pilates, ballet and stretching;
  • stretching;
  • yoga. Victoria Odintsova. Photos before and after plastics, in a swimsuit, height, weight, age, body parameters, biography

The girl does not use weighting exercises for her workouts in order to protect the feminine shape of the figure. To perform classes, the model uses elastic bands and dumbbells.

The personal trainer of the star makes up an individual training program, which he constantly changes, depending on the need to train a particular zone. At the end of each workout, the girl performs the stretching necessary for grace and smoothness of the shape of the figure.

Model Victoria Odintsova claims that there is no need to deal only with an individual trainer, you can limit yourself to classes at home on video or photo programs from the Internet.

Author: Julia Pisareva

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