Nadia Dorofeeva. Figure, height, weight, photos hot in a swimsuit, Playboy, Maxim, plastic

Nadia Dorofeeva is one of the brightest stars of the 21st century. She became very popular among young people thanks to her extravagant clips and photos. Despite her great popularity, the girl still remains kind and sweet.

Biography of Nadia Dorofeeva

Nadia Dorofeeva is a famous singer, soloist of the duet Time and Glass and a clothing designer.

Nadia Dorofeeva. Figure, height, weight, photos hot in a swimsuit, Playboy, Maxim, plastic
Photo by Nadia Dorofeeva as a child

Nadia Dorofeeva was born on April 21, 1990. The girl’s father was a commander, and her mother was a dentist. Parents from early childhood noticed Nadia’s love for dancing and songs. Therefore, at age 6, Dorofeev was sent to a music and dance school. At age 12, the girl received her first award at an international vocal competition.

At the age of 21, Nadia graduated from the New York State Institute of Cinematography at the Faculty of Vocal. After graduation, the career of the future star went up. She won competitions in Ukraine, Hungary, USA and Bulgaria. Nadia became one of the best dancers in the country, so she got into the Ukrainian delegation. Then, for a whole year, Dorofeeva traveled with other rising stars around the UK.

In 2005, Nadia sang in the music group “Ministry of Emergencies”, which in 2007 broke up for unknown reasons. Nadia Dorofeeva. Figure, height, weight, photos hot in a swimsuit, Playboy, Maxim, plastic

Since 2010, she became a soloist with the duet Time and Glass, together with Alexei Zavgorodny.

In 2021, Los Angeles Dantes Ukrainian singer twice made an offer to Nadia. The first time a woman refused due to the fact that the couple did not meet much time. But Nadia agreed to the second proposal in the summer of the same year, the lovers got married.

Nadia Dorofeeva regularly appears on the channel “1 + 1”. There she participated in television shows: “Star + Star”, “Little Giants” and “Dancing with the Stars: The Return of the Legend”.

Nadia Dorofeeva was a coach of the show “Voice of Children”, and in 2021 of the “League of Laughter” – in 2021

The appearance of the singer

The main characteristics of the appearance of Nadi Dorofeeva:

Age 29 years
Height 5’5 foot
Body weight 121 -123 pounds
Shape options Tightened, trained body
Breast volume 35’4 inch
Waist 24 inch
Hips 37 inch
Foot size 14’6 inch
Natural hair color Light brown
Eye color Green

How the singer has changed over the years

As a child, Nadia was a sweet and kind girl. As her parents say, she was a very energetic child who never sat still. Then the future singer had blond, straight hair and small lips. Nadia Dorofeeva. Figure, height, weight, photos hot in a swimsuit, Playboy, Maxim, plastic

From the photo of Nadia Dorofeeva, you can see that at age 15, she turned into a real rebel. She stopped wearing dresses and skirts, and began to prefer a sporty style.

Change in singer hairstyle

When Nadia was 20 years old, she first dyed her hair red. As she said, Dorofeeva herself, she had long dreamed about this and after graduation she fulfilled her desire.

In 2021, Nadia posted on the Internet a photo where she became a blonde, and in the summer of 2021, a woman dyed black and shortened her bangs. In addition to hair color, she changes and haircuts. Sometimes a star twists hair and makes it wavy, and in some cases it straightens. At certain times, Nadi had a hairstyle in the style of Kare.

Clothing changes

In addition to her hair, a woman also changes her clothing style. At 15, Nadia wore sportswear, and at 20 she preferred ripped jeans and T-shirts. At the moment, the woman wears open and bright costumes that cause a stormy reaction among fans.

Lip changes

Dorofeeva’s lips grew larger. They became much chubby and softer. Nadia Dorofeeva. Figure, height, weight, photos hot in a swimsuit, Playboy, Maxim, plasticIf in childhood they had a pale shade, were small and flat, now they have doubled and become pink.


Nadia has only 13 tattoos.

Nadia Dorofeeva. Figure, height, weight, photos hot in a swimsuit, Playboy, Maxim, plastic

She made the very first at 24:

  • Allyouneedislove tattoo on the left arm.
  • Heart tattoo with the word “Dodo” on the left hand.
  • Harmony tattoo on the neck.
  • Tattoo in the shape of a zipper on the left side.
  • Tattoo “Relax” on the left wrist.
  • Tattoo “Takeiteasy” on the right wrist.
  • Tattoo of a sprig of lavender on the left shoulder.
  • Cross tattoo on the left ear.
  • Tattoo of a rose on his left hand.
  • Tattoo in the shape of a target on the right hand.
  • Tattoo of the heart on the little finger.
  • Tattoo arrows on the index finger.
  • Tattoo number 7 on the left brush.


Nadia did the first piercing in her ears. At that moment she was still a teenager. In November 2021, a woman did her upper lip piercing at age 25. Most often, Nadia puts it on the shooting of clips or photo shoots. Nadia Dorofeeva. Figure, height, weight, photos hot in a swimsuit, Playboy, Maxim, plastic

In fact, N
adia Dorofeeva has more than 4 piercings. One is on the lip, and the other is on her ears. As she says, she herself does not mind making even more punctures in the future. She intends to get a piercing on her nose and eyebrows.

Plastic surgery

Unlike other stars, Nadia was not seen in serious plastic surgery. The only noticeable change in the star is the lips. Some fans believe that Dorofeeva injects hyaluronic acid. They make her lips bigger and puffier. But most likely the singer just did a plastic surgery.

This is because it is impossible to inject lips into such a shape. The woman herself was not hardened and did not refute this information. Answers all questions of his fans evasively or refuses to say anything at all.

In addition to the lips, there is a rumor that Nadia had surgery to increase the gluteal muscles. Many fans noticed that in the old photos the star has much less hip than now. But this information is refuted by the fact that the woman in the past did not wear open dresses. That is why it cannot be argued that her buttocks have become larger.

And there is also debate about the cheekbones of Nadi. You may notice that in childhood, the woman had puffy cheeks with almost unexpressed cheekbones. But after Dorofeeva grew up her appearance changed a lot.

Her cheekbones have become very pronounced compared to what was in the past. Some fans say the star did the surgery, while others think it’s just makeup.

The singer herself does not respond to fan questions. Therefore, these rumors remain the usual guesses of fans.

Beauty treatments

Many fans believe that the singer regularly performs cosmetic procedures. One of them is acupuncture, which helps to make the face smooth and even. Nadia Dorofeeva. Figure, height, weight, photos hot in a swimsuit, Playboy, Maxim, plastic

And there is also a rumor that a woman makes liposuction to herself to always maintain a slim figure. Because of her busy schedule, Nadia does not always have enough time to visit gyms and proper nutrition. Therefore, many fans felt that the singer goes for lipoxation.

In addition to various cosmetic procedures, a woman regularly visits beauty salons. There she participates in various procedures like: mud baths, massages and others.

Photoshoots of a star in a swimsuit and nude

In addition to her songs and amazing clips, Nadia Dorofeeva also became famous thanks to her participation in photo shoots for men’s magazines. On them, the singer posed in clothes or completely naked. In total, Nadia had 4 photo shoots.
For the magazine “Maxim”

It was for the magazine Maxim that the first frank photo shoot of a woman took place in 2011. As the star herself said, for her it was a new and interesting experience, which she always wanted to get. True, even despite her attitude, Nadia felt constrained and did not immediately manage to open up. But thanks to the support of the photographer, the woman succeeded, and she showed all her sexuality.

The photo shoot itself took place in an abandoned building. During her, Nadia changed her underwear several times, adding necklaces and stockings. There were photos where the star was sometimes shot and completely naked.

Nadia Dorofeeva, whose photo appeared on the network, caused an mixed reaction among the girl’s fans. Some were glad for the star that she was able to open up and finally fulfill her long-standing desire.

And there are those who did not understand such a dramatic change in Nadia. Indeed, most recently, while participating in the Star + Star show, she seemed to the audience a sweet and modest girl.

For the magazine “XXL”

For the magazine “XXL” the woman had two photo shoots. On one of them, the singer posed on her own, and on the second, along with Alexei Zavgorodny, the second lead singer of Time and Glass.

First photo shoot Nadia Dorofeeva. Figure, height, weight, photos hot in a swimsuit, Playboy, Maxim, plastic

During the first photo shoot for the XXL magazine, Nadia was much more self-confident.

She stopped being afraid of revealing outfits and specifically tried to make poses more frank.

As Nadya herself said, she really liked this experience, and the woman was glad to take part in the photo shoot for the XXL magazine.

Compared to the magazines Maxim and PlayBoy, this photo shoot was not so open. Most of the outfits were gated, but there were frank instances.

But even this did not stop Nadia from looking seductive for the male population.

Nadia Dorofeeva (the photo with her participation turned out to be very bright and sexy) was invited to a photo shoot, which was held at a special studio of the magazine in 2021. Nadia’s clothes were in the style of 70s: a closed white and open blue swimsuit, palazzo pants, a topic and baggy jacket.

At the same time, in almost many pictures the singer was on rollers in which empty Pepsi cans were inserted, and in one picture the singer was with a disco ball. All this clothing sits perfectly on the star and gives it a special charm.

The fans of the star reacted much more calmly to the photo shoot for the XXL magazine than for Maxim and PlayBoy. Most people realized that Nadia really liked it and, first of all, she poses in these photo shoots not for outsiders, but for herself. But, despite this fact, there were those people who believed that these photo shoots were too provocative.

Second photo shoot

The second photo shoot of the star was held in the summer of 2021. Together with Nadia, Alexey Zavgorodny took part in it. This was the first time for a couple when they together took part in a general photo shoot in the Nude style. Compared to others, she was the longest and most anxious for Nadia.

Nadia Dorofeeva (the photo in which she faces topless topless, took more than 2 hours to create) admitted that she was embarrassed to be in these poses, because each of them has a soul mate. But they managed to overpower themselves and take stunning pictures. Nadia Dorofeeva. Figure, height, weight, photos hot in a swimsuit, Playboy, Maxim, plastic

The photo shoot took place in a beach theme on a yacht. Five photographs were taken in black and white, and the remaining two in color.

During the shooting, two stars periodically changed clothes.

Alexey changed clothes for shirts and pants, and Nadia swimsuits. In two photographs, the singer was wearing a short white cloak and pants without a top.

The fan of Nadi and Alexei liked that the two stars starred together.

They felt that the general photo shoot helped the man and woman get closer, making the clips more frank and interesting.

And also among the fans there was a rumor that a new song would soon be dedicated to the sea and beaches. But due to the fact that summer has passed, this assumption has been refuted.

For PlayBoy Magazine

The woman had the most candid photo shoot for PlayBoy magazine in 2014. It was for her that the girl stopped hiding her body, and showed herself in topless. As she says, Nadia, during this photo shoot, she was herself.

The star did not pretend, did not try on someone else’s role and tried to show her whole essence. During posing, the woman experienced rather vivid emotions, because she had such an open photo shoot for the first time.

The photographer himself said that it was primarily important for her to focus o
n the tattoos of the star. Thanks to these pictures, fans learned that the woman has 7 more drawings on her body. Moreover, the process of creating new tattoos was shown in the photo shoot itself.

This time, Nadia was in most photos without clothes. Only 3 of them on the woman was a small corset and an open swimsuit. On the rest, she was completely naked with small decorations on her hands and fingers. Nadia Dorofeeva. Figure, height, weight, photos hot in a swimsuit, Playboy, Maxim, plastic

Nadia Dorofeeva (the photo in which she posed for PlayBoy magazine caused a great stir among the media and the woman’s fans), according to many people, it was too compromising. They believe that Nadia showed herself not from the best side. But other people believe that these pictures helped the woman open up even more and overcome her own fears.

Potap, who once in the past helped Nadia to become a real star, also responded to these photo shoots. As the man said, for him the new image of the singer was extremely unusual, because he remembered her as a sweet girl. But Potam himself has nothing against such changes. On the contrary, he is happy that a woman is growing and developing.

How does Nadia Dorofeeva keep herself fit

Nadia Dorofeeva has a great shape. She monitors her diet and does not allow herself to eat anything superfluous.

Nadia has a whole list, consisting of rules for maintaining a slim figure:

  • per day you need to eat 4-6 times with a frequency of 3 hours. Moreover, it is extremely important that the portions are small;
  • in the first half of the day it is advisable to eat foods where there are a lot of carbohydrates, and in the second where there are a lot of proteins;
  • if there is a strong desire to eat something sweet, then you can use bitter chocolate or a handful of dried fruits;
  • pastries, smoked and fried foods, soda – all this must be removed from the diet.


As the singer herself said, she has her own diet for every day.

Nadia shared one of them with her fans:

  • in the morning – oatmeal with berries and coffee without sugar;
  • lunch – an apple;
  • lunch – soup;
  • afternoon snack – pieces of cheese;
  • dinner – steam protein omelet;
  • before going to bed – cottage cheese.

Beauty Secrets

The woman also has several other secrets, thanks to which she remains beautiful and slim:

  • you need to monitor your hair well. The singer regularly uses nutritious masks and anti-fragility agents; Nadia Dorofeeva. Figure, height, weight, photos hot in a swimsuit, Playboy, Maxim, plastic
  • Dorofeeva does not like to starve herself and does not adhere to strict diets. The most
  • the main thing, according to the singer, is organic products: vegetables and fruits;
    You should never go to bed without rinsing your makeup. If you are not traveling
  • opportunities to wash, you need to use makeup remover. So the skin will not be overdried and will always be tender;
  • Dorofeeva regularly visits the gym. She has a personal trainer who strictly monitors the woman’s workouts. If during the tour there is no opportunity to visit the hall, Nadia does the training at home.

Nadia Dorofeeva is a new symbol of beauty and femininity. She has a stunning figure, which many ladies strive for. And also the singer combines the best qualities: she is kind, sweet, gentle, cheerful and open to new beginnings. Songs and videos of the star are famous throughout USA, they catch young and adult people, and photos even pleasantly surprise the male part of the population.

Video about Nadezhda Dorofeeva

Nadia Dorofeeva gives an interview:

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