How to rejuvenate your face after 30, 40, 50 years. Home Rejuvenation Recipes

At all times, people have sought to preserve youth, but no one can stop time. However, it is possible to slow down skin aging with the help of rejuvenation recipes, which can be used both for the body and for the face.

What happens to skin with age

The main causes of skin aging:

  1. Slowing down processes in the body, including metabolism and blood circulation. In this regard, the skin lacks useful trace elements that supplied the blood vessels supplying these skin integuments.
  2. Decreased skin elasticity and recovery.
  3. Deterioration of skin regeneration, which is directly related to cell metabolism. The period of renewal of skin cells increases with age.
  4. Reducing the amount of estrogen, which affects the thickness and susceptibility of the skin. How to rejuvenate your face after 30, 40, 50 years. Home Rejuvenation Recipes
  5. Decreased sebaceous glands, which are responsible for maintaining elasticity and minimizing wrinkles.
  6. Insufficient skin nutrition due to improper nutrition from the inside and lack of special care products – outside.
  7. Growing bad habits: poor-quality skin cleansing, alcohol, smoking.

After 30 years

The aging process of the body begins much later than at the age of 18, when the first wrinkles may appear.

The main signs of age appear later than 30 years. At this time, there is a decrease in the rate of renewal at the cellular level and metabolism. This does not mean that the skin begins to fade, despite the change in skin quality. This type of skin is called “mature.”

The skin reflects, if I may say so, the ecological situation and weather conditions: wind, dry air, exposure to the sun, etc., which show the first wrinkles. By the age of 35, wrinkles intensify. Due to the action of the muscles of the face, dynamic wrinkles appear.

After 40 years

Age is characterized by a decrease in moisture in the skin due to a decrease in the amount of gualuronic acid. The process of reverse evolution is observed. Dermatologists argue that the transformation of the layers of the skin does not occur at the same speed: first, the deep layers change and only after that – closer to the surface. How to rejuvenate your face after 30, 40, 50 years. Home Rejuvenation Recipes

In women of Balzac age, wrinkles all over the face dynamically appear: crow’s feet, frontal and nasolabial parts.

The skin is characterized by dryness, rigidity, the presence of age spots. Sagging cheeks are observed, the neck is covered with the first wrinkles, a second chin is often outlined. The skin on the eyelids drops and forms a crease. Also, due to changes in hormones, hair above the upper lip is noticeable.

After 50 years

Often this elegant age is characterized by the transformation of the hormonal background of the whole organism, menopause begins. In fact, an active increase in wrinkles occurs sharply. This is due to the dynamic loss of collagen and elastin after the onset of menopause. The properties inherent in nature are lost. How to rejuvenate your face after 30, 40, 50 years. Home Rejuvenation Recipes

This is manifested in the fact that the skin becomes thinner, drier, less regenerative, worse supplied with blood, and as a result, there is a lack of oxygen supply to the tissues.

Estrogen, which affects the oily skin and the sebaceous glands, significantly ceases to work. The level of subcutaneous fat is reduced. Also, a modification of the skull occurs, due to which the rise of the eyebrow is manifested, nasolabial folds become more clearly visible and the upper lip becomes much longer.

The skin is characterized by pallor, dryness and increased thinning, peeling is often observed. Hydration collapses markedly, causing wrinkles to deepen.

After 65 years, the dermis is thinning out more. Brown spots and neoplasms appear, the fluff is actively growing. At the same time, facial features are sharpened. Bags and dark spots are formed under the eyes, on the forehead multidirectional wrinkles.

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Features of skin care

After 30 years

Basic skin care is to regularly receive salon treatments, using specialized cosmetic and folk remedies. In addition, proper diet and maintaining healthy lifestyles are important.

Every morning it is necessary to cleanse dry skin with milk, oily and normal – with individually selected foam. Due to the high chlorine content in tap water, its use is undesirable. Specialists are recommended to use infusions of chamomile, parsley, etc. as a means of cleansing.

Toning is an important stage of morning skin cleansing procedures. Tonics can be prepared by the manufacturer or on their own. One of the most effective recipes is a mixture of water, honey and lemon juice.

Due to the specificity of the skin around the eyes, its subtlety and vulnerability, specialized means should be used to care and nourish this area. To minimize the impact, apply these funds with the ring finger with a light massage. To remove edema, it is necessary to make compresses of parsley, carrots or potatoes in raw or boiled form.

In cosmetics, there should be sunscreens, vitamins antioxidants, gualuronic acid. For ages more than 35 years, it is necessary to apply anti-aging cosmetics. In the evening, skin care is the same as in the morning with the replacement of day cream with evening cream, applied one hour before bedtime. What is not absorbed is removed after 20 minutes.

Additionally, scrubs and gommage must be used. For dry skin, it is advisable to cleanse once a week, for other types – twice.

After 40 years

Beauticians insist on systematic cleaning, moisturizing and nourishing the skin at this age. As a cleansing, you need to use milk or mousse. Moisturize and nourish with creams and masks.

Equally important is a good sleep and proper nutrition, with the obligatory inclusion of vegetables and fruits in the diet, which saturate the skin with vitamins and essential trace elements. How to rejuvenate your face after 30, 40, 50 years. Home Rejuvenation Recipes

To tone the skin, you should use frozen decoctions of mint, chamomile, etc. In the morning, tone your face with ice. It is important to remember that cold water has a bad effect on the quality of the skin and its condition at this age, making it sagging. Therefore, you need to wash your face with warm water.

For eyelid skin care, experts advise specialized creams. For rejuvenation at home after 40 years, the eyelids are wiped with aloe juice, cucumber, as well as decoctions of chamomile and mint. For daily face refreshment after a busy day, cucumber juice, aloe are also used, but milk is also used.

Skin care is dependent on air temperature. So frost very seriously injures the skin, irritating it and causing dryness. To avoid this, it is necessary to apply a protective cream before going outside. Nutrition should include vitamins and omega-3s. This helps to rejuvenate the
skin from the inside and creates additional protection against frost.

In summer, to protect from sunlight, you should wear a hat and apply protective equipment. In addition, it is important to drink about 0,4 gallon of water, excluding carbonated, to maintain cellular metabolism. Be sure to clean your face from the makeup after and use a moisturizer. You also need to make masks.

Try to minimize the amount of makeup, a large amount of which adversely affects skin sweating and low oxygen delivery, provoking the process of withering.

After 50 years

Age skin requires a different approach to care. Simple cleansing and moisturizing are not enough; more powerful methods must be connected. Cleansing must be done with mild products containing avocado, sesame or hazelnut oil. There should be no alcohol in tonics, but cereal and collagen extracts are welcome.

When moisturizing, you should also use products containing oils of components such as avocados and macadamia, while daytime products include wheat or honey extracts.

The best nutrients are placenta extract, ginseng root and, of course, gualuronic and retinoic acids. To saturate the skin, dermatologists recommend masks. In order that the skin does not get used to masks of the same type, the best option is their implementation in 2-week courses. If you use the suggested tips correctly, this will rejuvenate the skin.

Homemade peeling

Peeling is a skin cleansing system using exfoliating agents that allows you to rejuvenate your skin, both at home and in specialized salons. The use of such procedures can heal the skin and reduce the number of facial wrinkles.

The most popular types of peeling include: using vacuum, mechanical exposure, chemical exposure and laser. These types of different modes of exposure. No less effective peeling can be implemented at home.

Experts recommend peeling at home not often, otherwise the natural skin barrier will be damaged and its condition will worsen.

The most favorable peeling cleansing for skin prone to oily and various kinds of rashes. Removing the upper layer of the epidermis, it is cleaned, and then updated. Depending on the product used, it is possible to brighten the skin, its softness, elasticity and smoothness.

Mechanical Exfoliation

As a care product in this method, small abrasives are used that exfoliate skin particles. In this regard, abrasives such as apricot kernels, nutshells, healing mud or sand, which are called scrubs, are most popular. How to rejuvenate your face after 30, 40, 50 years. Home Rejuvenation Recipes

For greater effectiveness, scrub should take into account the age and oily skin. The older the skin, the more particles the scrub should contain. In addition, the drier the skin, the less scrubbing should be done, and if the skin is dry and sensitive, the scrub base should be creamy, low in acid. Oily skin requires the use of glycol peeling.

Important! The skin during the mechanical peeling procedure should be healthy, without damage and rashes.

After the procedure, it is necessary to minimize the amount of ultraviolet radiation on the skin, protecting it with special means.

Chemical effect on the skin

The first stage is purification. Typically, a tool for this is included in the kit for the procedure. If not, a cleansing gel or foam is suitable. How to rejuvenate your face after 30, 40, 50 years. Home Rejuvenation Recipes

Chemical peeling involves exposure to the skin and its rejuvenation with acids. Therefore, if during the procedure there is a burning or redness of the skin, then the composition must be removed. If there are no unpleasant sensations, then you must follow the instructions.

Skin effects with fruits

As you know, fruits have a positive effect on whitening, cleansing and rejuvenation of the skin. To implement this procedure at home, you need to use the pulp of pineapple, papaya (100g each). Squeezing the juice, add honey. The peeling agent is ready. To exclude an allergic reaction, it is advisable to try the mixture on a small area of the skin. How to rejuvenate your face after 30, 40, 50 years. Home Rejuvenation Recipes

Another recipe. Mix olive oil (1 tablespoon), rosehip oil (1 tablespoon) and citric acid (1 teaspoons).

Glycolic peeling

Glycolic or, as it is also called, deep peeling is best done in the spring. For this, glycolic acid is applied to the face. Important! Burning is possible during the procedure. After – it is forbidden to go out into the open sun.

Salicylic peeling

During the implementation of the procedure, salicylic acid 15% is applied, which remarkably cleanses the skin and removes its upper layer, and also normalizes the work of the glands. The procedure takes 5 minutes.

Home Peeling Masks

Grind Hercules flakes (2 tablespoons) and almonds (2 tablespoons). Separately mix the cream (1 teaspoons), green tea (1 teaspoons) and rose oil (1 drop). To mix everything. After 20 minutes, apply to wet skin. 15 minutes later, remove and use the cream.

For oily skin, cream should be replaced with milk, and butter with lemon essence. Another effective recipe: grind dried peels of citrus fruits mixed with kefir. How to rejuvenate your face after 30, 40, 50 years. Home Rejuvenation Recipes

Natural skin scrub – coffee grounds. It is used in cosmetology both separately and in combination with other elements. So if the skin is dry, then it is added to the cream, if it is oily, then it is used in combination with kefir or yogurt. Clay is also often used, which can be used not only on its own, but in combination, for example, with egg shells.

Anti-aging masks at home

With gelatin

Gelatin affects skin softening, whitening and tightening. It is because of these qualities that gelatin is used as a rejuvenating mask at home. Preparation involves pouring gelatin with cucumber juice, dairy products (for dry skin) or herbal infusions (for oily skin). After swelling the gelatin in the cucumber juice, heat it, add the necessary ingredients.

Important! To achieve a rejuvenating effect during the procedure, complete rest is necessary. How to rejuvenate your face after 30, 40, 50 years. Home Rejuvenation Recipes


Cleansing, wrinkles and tightening pores: to the gelatin and flour taken on a teaspoon, add a tablespoon of kefir and milk.

Mask for elasticity: add ingredients for varying degrees of oily skin to the base of gelatin and banana:

  • melon, gooseberry, mandarin apricot (dry skin);
  • cherries, strawberries (high fat content);
  • grapes, peach, orange (other).

Freshness can be restored by preparing a teaspoon of gelatin on a decoction of herbs with the addition of protein.

With honey

At all times, honey was considered a miracle cure. Beauticians recommend using honey as a means of rejuvenating the facial skin at home after 30 years due to the presence in it of a considerable amount of useful elements that the human body absorbs. How to rejuvenate your face after 30, 40, 50 years. Home Rejuvenation Recipes

The most important rule when preparing a mask of honey is the quality of the honey itself. It must be purchased directly from beekeepers and in no case be diluted. Carefully cleanse the skin before the procedure. It is advisable to clean after steaming with closing the pores. The mask must be done at night.

Anti-inflammatory mask helps to get rid of imperfections: mix aspirin powder with a teaspoon of water, adding honey.

A mask with honey and cinnamon gives a stimulating effect to supply the skin with oxygen. A mask with honey and an egg nourishes the skin. A honey mask with lemon is used to refresh the skin, whiten and reduce fine wrinkles: 2 teaspoons. lemon juice and 1 teaspoons honey. Keep the mask 1/2 hour.

A honey mask with sour cream rejuvenates the skin of the face, affects its tone and smoothes wrinkles. To make, mix honey and sour cream. When applying, do not forget about the hands. Do 1/3 hours. A honey mask with yolk acts as a way to rejuvenate the skin after 50 years: mix the yolk (1 pc.) With honey.

With aloe

Aloe – is used in masks in the form of juice, which is obtained from leaves that have lain in the refrigerator for 12 days. A wrinkle mask that reduces skin aging is prepared from mixed 1 tablespoon. aloe with cream. A mask with honey and aloe promotes the regeneration and fullness of the skin with vitamins. How to rejuvenate your face after 30, 40, 50 years. Home Rejuvenation Recipes

Sour cream mask with aloe has a high anti-aging effect, giving the skin a velvety appearance, is prepared from a cocktail on a tablespoon of aloe juice, sour cream, St. John’s wort and 1 teaspoons. honey.

With vitamins

In the absence of any vitamins at home, they can be compensated for by fruits, vegetables and berries. So, for example, vitamin C is found in lemon grapes and tomato juice, vitamin A – in egg yolk and sour cream, etc.

Vitamin E (tocopherol) in the mask promotes skin rejuvenation and is a cocktail of 10 drops of lemon juice, vitamin E, 1 teaspoons. honey and 1 tablespoon yogurt. Vitamin E is sold in ampoules in a pharmacy. Keep the resulting cocktail for 30 minutes.

A mask with a banana and tocopherol consists of carefully mixed halves of a banana, 5 drops of tocopherol and 2 tablespoon. sour cream. Cucumber tocopherol lotion is easy to prepare. Mix one cucumber and vitamin E (2 drops).

With cucumber

Cucumber is a universal tool for masks; it perfectly restores skin elasticity. Self-prepared masks with this vitamin-rich ingredient do not carry any nicknames and are anti-allergenic.

Prepare masks from chilled vegetables, cut into thin slices. It is necessary to accept procedures in a horizontal position. You can not wash off the remnants of the mask.  A tonic refreshing mixture is prepared from foam, whipped from rose water, cucumber juice and cream. After 15 minutes, wipe the remainder with a napkin. How to rejuvenate your face after 30, 40, 50 years. Home Rejuvenation Recipes

An effective mask with a rejuvenating effect is prepared from parsley extract and grated cucumber. Skin elasticity is achieved using a mask of oatmeal, yogurt and grated cucumber. A mask of a mixture of cucumber, honey and parsley infusion has a positive effect on reducing pigmentation.

With yeast

Yeast has a fungal origin and is a biologically active product that rejuvenates the epidermis. As a result of the use of these masks, the dermis becomes elastic and taut. Important! Masks with yeast should be alternated with other compounds.

Anti-aging mask consists of 1 tablespoon. yeast, yolk, 1 teaspoons honey, 2 teaspoons olive oil and half a glass of milk. The mask must be applied in courses, performing 12-14 sessions with a monthly break. A tightening mask is a 20 g cocktail. yeast, a glass of kefir and protein.

It is important to prepare the skin: it is necessary to clean the dermis with gel, milk and tonic. Then steam it with a warm towel to increase the absorption of useful elements.

 With kefir

Kefir is perhaps the most readily available cosmetic product. Due to the high content of vitamins, kefir is applicable for different skin types, including mature skin. In masks, it is most advantageous to add kefir with a shelf life of no more than 7 days. How to rejuvenate your face after 30, 40, 50 years. Home Rejuvenation Recipes

For drying skin, kefir mask with parsley, which is more like gruel, is used as a means of rejuvenation. Anti-aging mask. After moisturizer, apply a mixture of gelatin diluted in kefir. Fading skin is supported by a mask based on kefir and oatmeal. Remove the swollen mass after 20 minutes.

With cottage cheese

The use of cottage cheese in masks is universal, including facial rejuvenation at home after a certain age. The fat content of cottage cheese is inversely proportional to the fat content of the skin: increased fat content – less fat content of cottage cheese. The required consistency is achieved by adding milk, sour cream, etc.

The mask, which removes the feeling of tightness, is prepared on the basis of cottage cheese with the addition of vegetable oil and orange juice. Wash yourself after 15 minutes. Fatigue is removed with a mask of cottage cheese, kefir and strawberries. Session spend 20 minutes. Skin toning is provided by preparing a mask with honey and, if necessary, sour cream or milk added to the curd.

With avocado

Avocado has high protective properties that affect the tone of the epidermis. This is due to glutathione – a substance that supplies the epidermis with oxygen and prolongs the youthfulness of the skin. In addition, this fruit is filled with anti-wrinkle vitamin E. Contraindications to the use of avocados are a manifestation of an allergy to it and increased production of greasiness. How to rejuvenate your face after 30, 40, 50 years. Home Rejuvenation Recipes

A mask with avocado in combination with green clay is used to rejuvenate oily skin. Skin nutrition can be achieved by mixing avocado, mayonnaise and yolk. Mask action 17 minutes.

How to rejuvenate and nourish the face at home after 30-50 years, you can use gra
ted avocados and carrots with the addition of sour cream. Stand for 15 minutes. A fruit mask made from avocados and strawberries has a preventive effect against wrinkles.

With egg

The value of eggs for cosmetologists lies in their properties to rejuvenate both the skin of the face, and the hair, and nails, and the skin of the hands. This is realized thanks to protein, retinol and albumin.

High efficiency was demonstrated by an egg yolk mask and 0.5 teaspoons. honey. Important! You can not use this mask in the presence of a capillary grid. Another equally high-quality mask against wrinkles from the yolk, 1 teaspoons. oil and lemon juice. A mask of a mixture of rye flour (1 tablespoon), tea and egg yolk promotes skin rejuvenation.

Protein is also used in egg masks. So, for example, the components of the tonic mask are egg white, honey, vegetable oil and lemon juice.

With almond oil

Almond oil contains elements that contribute to the functioning of epidermal cells, namely, protect the skin (folic acid), provide regeneration (organic acids), relieve irritation and peeling (carotene, essential oils), etc. How to rejuvenate your face after 30, 40, 50 years. Home Rejuvenation Recipes

Important! Use should be systematically with enviable regularity. Moisturizing mask consists of almond oil, cottage cheese and applesauce. Another mask with a moisturizing effect: mix almond oil with avocado pulp.

With glycerin

Glycerin provides a moisturizing effect. However, it is important to be in a humidified place. Otherwise, glycerin will act on the contrary. To minimize this, glycerin is used in combination.

How to rejuvenate your face after 30, 40, 50 years. Home Rejuvenation Recipes
You can rejuvenate your face at home with glycerin. After applying the composition, note the time, otherwise the mask may give the opposite effect

Anti-aging mask: glycerin with vitamin E. Its specificity lies in the fact that the mask is applied at night. A mask with a tightening effect includes glycerin and gelatin. Intensively moisturizing mask – honey-glycerin consists of honey, glycerin and hot water. Keep the cooled mixture on the skin for 15 minutes.

With starch

The use of starch does not have any contraindications except intolerance. In this case, starch helps relieve swelling.

The classic anti-aging mask includes a tablespoon of starch, diluted in 0.25 st. water and warmed to a thick state with the addition of carrot juice and sour cream. Important! Do not burn yourself. This mask needs to be made 3 days in a row for 25 minutes. Store the composition in a cool place for no more than 3 days.

Asian anti-aging mask consists of a mixture of starch, honey, ground sea salt, taken in 1 teaspoons. If the skin is dry, add milk. Important! The remains of the mask cannot be stored. Make a mask in a cycle of 10 procedures every other day for 25 minutes.

With clay

Clay helps to increase the elasticity of blood vessels, the formation of collagen, the synthesis of keratin and the general prolongation of youthful skin. Different types of clay have different effects on rejuvenation. So, for example, white clay – tightens the skin, blue clay positively affects the elasticity of the dermis, etc.

Clay gives the best rejuvenation effect when used not in its pure form, but with the addition of elements such as honey, aloe, gelatin, etc. How to rejuvenate your face after 30, 40, 50 years. Home Rejuvenation Recipes

Important! A clay mask should not dry out on the skin, as this dries the skin.

A rejuvenating mask with white clay does not contain water, but sour cream or yogurt, depending on the oily skin. The wrinkle smoothing mask includes the following components: white clay, starch, protein and sour cream. The best reviews for a toning mask with ingredients such as white clay, chicken yolk and sauerkraut with juice.

Mimic wrinkles lend themselves to the action of a mask of blue clay diluted with water, whipped protein and sour cream. In a rejuvenating mask of blue clay do not use water. Instead, the clay is diluted with honey with the addition of yolk and essential oils.

With herbal broth

Herbs contain all the most necessary vitamins and minerals. That is why they are indispensable assistants in the process of rejuvenating not only the face, but also the whole organism. The body can be influenced from the inside (drink infusions of herbs) and from the outside (masks).

A mask with a rejuvenating effect is made of water, nettle leaves, rose petals, motherwort and chamomile, taken over a tablespoon. The crushed ingredients are mixed with the addition of warm water to a thick mass. Insist on a bath. For people with wrinkles, a mask of squeezed parsley and the addition of sour cream is recommended.

The mask for rejuvenating oily skin consists of water, St. John’s wort, sage and chamomile, taken over a tablespoon . Stir everything to a state of density and put it to insist.

With banana

Bananas are used for masks with a tightening effect, which not only smooth the skin, but also protect against new wrinkles. A revitalizing mask for cleansing and regenerating the epidermis consists of half a banana, yolk, a tablespoon of cornmeal and 2 teaspoons. rice oil. Use at night. How to rejuvenate your face after 30, 40, 50 years. Home Rejuvenation Recipes

The mask for removing inflammation and whitening the skin is a mixture of banana (1/2 pc.), Sour cream (1 tablespoon.), Honey (1 teaspoons.), Lemon juice (1 teaspoons.), Vitamin A ( 1 capsule). Apply in cycles of 14 treatments several times a week with a break for a month.

The nourishing mask with metabolic recovery has the following elements: half banana, quarter apple, 2 tablespoon. oatmeal and olive oil. Stir until smooth.

With chocolate

Chocolate nourishes the body not only from the inside, but also from the outside. Energy and freshness, tone and whitening are the result of the effect of chocolate on the skin.

The only contraindication is allergy.


  • only dark chocolate is applicable to masks.
  • oily skin does not accept pure chocolate, only with additives.
  • a chocolate mask is applied for 10-20 minutes. How to rejuvenate your face after 30, 40, 50 years. Home Rejuvenation Recipes

A complex mask for skin with wilting consists of a tablespoon of grated chocolate, a tablespoon of oatmeal, a teaspoon of honey and cream. Mask with honey: melted chocolate (1 tablespoon), honey (1 teaspoons), aloe juice (1 tablespoon).

With potatoes

Due to the presence in the potato of water, starch and other useful elements, it contributes to the rejuvenation of th
e skin after 30 years and its use for this at home.

Recommendations for the use of masked potatoes:

  • apply a young or ripened fruit without violating storage conditions;
  • warm up the skin before the procedure;
  • the raw fruit in the mask is more aggressive, but more effective;
  • apply the peeled fruit immediately, it can not be kept open in the air;
  • skin lifting should be mashed potatoes;
  • anti-aging effect is higher when using warm mashed potatoes;
  • before use, an allergy check is necessary;
  • masks withstand no more than 20 minutes with raw fruit and 40 minutes with boiled fruit.

The wrinkle mask is a mixture of mashed potatoes (1 pc.) And chestnuts (2 pc.). Apply in a warm form. Nutritious mask: mashed potatoes from boiled potatoes in milk mixed with warmed olive oil and beaten chicken egg.

With sour cream

A mask of blue clay diluted with sour cream has a rejuvenating effect on mature skin. From wrinkles and dark circles, a mask of heated honey, yolk, cottage cheese and sour cream is effective.

With carrots

The composition of carrots allows it to be widely used in the manufacture of anti-aging masks in home cosmetology. Experts recommend the use of this kind of masks for dullness of the face, withered skin, blurry contour, age wrinkles. How to rejuvenate your face after 30, 40, 50 years. Home Rejuvenation Recipes

Anti-aging mask consists of mashed carrots and grated apple. Complex nourishing mask: 2 tablespoon. carrot juice, egg yolk, oatmeal, with the addition of olive oil and sour cream.

The effectiveness of masks at home

The marker of the health of the whole organism is the face. As soon as any kind of deviations are observed in the body, they are reflected in rashes and irregularities. It is recommended to use masks to refresh the skin and minimize negative effects. How to rejuvenate your face after 30, 40, 50 years. Home Rejuvenation Recipes

It is important to remember that cabin masks may not be better than those made at home.

To increase the effectiveness of the masks, the following conditions must be observed:

  • before the mask, to open the pores, peeling is necessary;
  • a mask while taking a bath is more effective;
  • it is important to take into account the type of skin;
  • olive oil should be added for nutrition;
  • skin hydration will increase with the use of thermal water.

Anti aging skin lotions at home


Lotion for skin prone to wrinkles and lethargy: 1 tablespoon. place chopped parsley and linden flowers in boiling water (2 tablespoon.), cool, strain. Lotion when entering the wind: 1 tablespoon. seeds of dill and parsley pour boiling water (1 tablespoon.) and insist 3 hours. Lotion to minimize age spots: pour parsley (50 g.) With vodka ( 0,1 gallon.), Remove into a dark place, filter. Keep lotion in a cool place. How to rejuvenate your face after 30, 40, 50 years. Home Rejuvenation Recipes

Anti-aging skin lotion with high fat content: mix parsley broth (1 tablespoon.), White wine ( 1,69 fluid ounce.), Grape seed oil (1 tablespoon.), Pour into a glass. Keep lotion in the cold for 5 days.

From lemon

Despite the rather aggressive effect of lemon on the skin, this citrus is often used in bleaching, cleansing and treatment of the epidermis by cleansing its upper layer. It is undesirable to use lemon for sensitive and dry skin, as well as in the open sun without the use of additional protection.

Whitening lotion for any skin type: mix cucumber juice (6 tablespoons), rose water (1 tablespoon), lemon juice (1 teaspoons). Pour into glass, keep in the cold. Nourishing lotion: mix the yolk, a teaspoon of honey,? glasses of cream, lemon juice and vodka. Use lotion as an evening cleansing. How to rejuvenate your face after 30, 40, 50 years. Home Rejuvenation Recipes

Lotion for skin that has lost tone: in 1 tablespoon. water add cologne, glycerin and lemon juice. Toning lotion: mix olive oil (3-4 drops), honey (0.5 teaspoons), lemon juice (10 drops), oat flour (1 teaspoons) and yolk (1 pc.). Stand for 15 minutes.

Rejuvenation preparations

Laura Evalar

Dietary supplement Laura Evalar is an anti-aging drug that carries beneficial elements to the deeper layers of the skin. These characteristics allow the drug to trigger anti-aging skin processes. The composition of the additive contains the phytohormone of wild-growing yams, acids (hyaluronic and ascorbic) and vitamin E. All these components affect the restoration of collagen and the elasticity of the dermis. How to rejuvenate your face after 30, 40, 50 years. Home Rejuvenation Recipes

Experts say that a month later, positive changes are observed: the number of wrinkles is reduced, the face is dull, skin tone improves. The basic requirement is 1 tablet per day.


How to rejuvenate your face after 30, 40, 50 years. Home Rejuvenation Recipes

Chronolong is a rejuvenating complex for women, which includes genistein (alkaloid) – a beauty phytohormone.

Phytoestrogens is a kind of female sex hormones that affect the well-being, appearance of nails, hair, skin, cardiac system and bone tissue.

Genistein is a natural source of phytoestrogens, most of which are found in soy. Chronolong has a high concentration of this unique substance due to the presence of the GeniVida complex.

In addition, it contains other elements that effectively affect the prevention of oncology of the female reproductive system, anemia, diseases of blood vessels and joints. Take 1 capsule daily for 1 month.


Imedin – a series of anti-aging biologically active additives, consisting of 3 products. Each of them is designed for a certain age. How to rejuvenate your face after 30, 40, 50 years. Home Rejuvenation Recipes

The basis of the complex is the proteins of some fish living in deep water in the northern seas. Their tissues, in addition to proteins, contain polysaccharides similar to substances that inhibit skin aging. Regular use of the drug increases elasticity, moisture and a visible anti-aging effect.

Other components, such as vitamin C, zinc, vitamin E, etc. prevent the destruction of the newly formed skin elasticity and a decrease in the protenoid.

Anti-aging facial massage

Classic massage is an effective way to combat wrinkles. It is used most often. To carry out the massage, you should clean the skin not only with a cleansing gel, but also with a scrub. The procedure is done with your fingertips, pattin
g and stroking the skin.

Each stage is done in several repetitions:

  1. The circles of the lips are the outer corner of the eye.
  2. Circles of forehead and temporal.
  3. Stroking the whole face with effort.
  4. Face rubbing.
  5. Tapping on the face and neck, pay attention to the chin and behind the ears.

Qualitatively established itself in facial rejuvenation at home massage, called Japanese. To perform, you should stimulate specific points with a light tapping. First, the skin must be warmed up, rubbing it with your hands. Repeat all actions 35 times.

  1. Small blows to the back of the head with hands clasped to the ears.
  2. Tapping on top of the urine.
  3. With one hand, placing the index finger in the middle of the nose bridge, and the large and index fingers on its sides, make spiral movements to the outer corner of the eye.
  4. Stroking and banging the head with fingers attached to the temples.

With the help of French massage, the oval of the face is tightened, swelling is removed, the elasticity of the epidermis increases.

French massage may not work at home. Rather, it is designed for sale in salons. When performing any type of massage to rejuvenate the face at home after 30 years, it is necessary to relax all the facial muscles and cleanse the skin. It is important to think about the pleasant and to be completely at ease.

Video about skin rejuvenation methods at home

The doctor will share the secrets of facial rejuvenation in a couple of days:

A simple anti-aging recipe. Facial rejuvenation at home:

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