Nicole Scherzinger. Photo in a swimsuit, without makeup, figure, biography, personal life

Model, actress and singer Nicole Scherzinger is considered one of the most “natural” beauties among modern celebrities. Make sure this will allow a photo of a popular brunette. Today, Nicole is 41 years old, she is still bright, spectacular and attractive.

short biography

Nicole was born in Hawaii in 1978 in a multinational family. The singer’s father is Filipino, and her mother has both Ukrainian and Hawaiian roots. The future star did not live in this place for long. After her parents divorced, she moved to Kentucky with her mother. Here the woman married for the second time, and Nicole received the name of her stepfather, who in the future became famous throughout the world – Scherzinger.

Nicole Scherzinger. Photo in a swimsuit, without makeup, figure, biography, personal life

Catholic parents raised the future singer very strictly. But this did not stop Nicole from doing what she loved — she attended art school: she studied acting and sang.

Teachers from a young age celebrated the girl’s unprecedented talent. Noticing such successes, parents did not interfere with their daughter’s creativity, but on the condition that they put a good education in first place. Nicole gave them a promise, but did not keep it.

In 1999, Scherzinger, contrary to the wishes of her mother and stepfather, quit the prestigious university and began her career as a singer. Because of this, she even had to quarrel strongly with her family. In the future, Nicole made peace with her family and received support from them in her endeavors.

Nicole Scherzinger. Photo in a swimsuit, without makeup, figure, biography, personal lifeWork in the first musical group did not bring the girl the desired fame, so she quickly left the team and became a member of the American Star Factory. After that, Nicole tried to sing solo, then moved from one project to another. After the “Factory” they began to recognize her on, invite her to TV and offer to participate in advertising.

Scherzinger found herself in the group “The Pussycat Dolls”. She became the main voice of the collective. Every year the group gained more and more popularity. Fans noticed not only talent, but also Nicole’s bright appearance. Beauty helped her get on the covers of several men’s magazines, as well as simultaneously start an acting career.

Nicole Scherzinger. Photo in a swimsuit, without makeup, figure, biography, personal life

Today Scherzinger continues to develop professionally, participates in a huge number of creative projects.

Shape options

Nicole Scherzinger, whose photos were printed in dozens of glossy magazines, does not hide that her appearance greatly helped her become popular.

The beauty from nature received parameters that many girls only dream about. Nicole’s height is 5’4 foot. He allows Nicole to wear shoes with the highest heels. Her singer is very fond of. In an interview, Scherzinger said that it is much easier for her to leave the house without makeup than without beautiful stilettos.

Nicole collects and buys shoes in huge quantities, but there are some difficulties in this hobby. The girl has a shoe size that corresponds to 41 American. Therefore, in ordinary stores, Nicole often does not find shoes on himself. The star likes to order the manufacture of shoes to order from American and Italian designers.

Nicole Scherzinger. Photo in a swimsuit, without makeup, figure, biography, personal lifeAs a result, stylists often note the excellent taste of the brunette. Her shoes are always original, bright, unusual, like Scherzinger herself.
Interestingly, celebrities draw sketches for most of the models on their own.

Nicole’s weight averages 119 pounds. The girl tries to adhere to this parameter. Scherzinger herself admits that she loves to eat and has a tendency to be overweight. In order not to gain extra kilos, the star strictly monitors his diet and regularly visits the gym. For example, Nicole always carries her favorite yoga mat and tries to do it even between performances.

Nicole Scherzinger. Photo in a swimsuit, without makeup, figure, biography, personal lifeShe also selects hotels with a large high-quality gym and starts the day in the pool or on the treadmill.

About once a week, Nicole allows himself a “day of mischief.” At this time, she feasts on her favorite dishes, sweets, even drinks soda. But afterwards he fulfills his weaknesses in large-scale training. Thanks to such efforts, Scherzinger’s body always looks perfect. Several times, the girl led the ranking of celebrities with the most spectacular feminine figures.

She appeared on the covers of men’s magazines in very frank images. Nicole herself explains that she does not see anything reprehensible in such photo shoots, but to this day she is worried how the strict family of the girl perceives them.

The rest of the parameters Nicole tells the table:

Scherzinger Options Values
Chest circumference 91. 2 inch (this is 2 size)
Waist 22’8 inch
Hips 37 inch
Clothing size 6 (American) is 42 American

Thanks to her parameters, the singer is very fond of inviting popular designers to her shows. Especially American. Nicole looks great dresses of any style and style. The girl herself loves the mini most and often shows fans her slim legs.

Nicole Scherzinger. Photo in a swimsuit, without makeup, figure, biography, personal lifeProbably an excellent figure in the Scherzinger family is inherited. Not only the younger sister of the girl, but also their mother can boast of the same parameters. A woman often appears with her daughter in society. Nicole is known for her reverent attitude to the family, so she loves to take relatives with her to social events.


Nicole Scherzinger, whose photo is admired by her fans, is the owner of a very bright piercing look. This is what his dark brown eyes do. A girl basically never wears colored lenses, which many of her colleagues love so much. This is because she is very proud of her true natural eye color.

The singer often jokes that she doesn’t need to be popular at all, in order to attract the attention of men with her only one look. Nicole noticed this peculiarity at a very young age. And later, the star learned to further highlight her eyes with a special make-up.

Nicole Scherzinger. Photo in a swimsuit, without makeup, figure, biography, personal life
If Nicole is painted, then almost always makes bright black or dark brown arrows . Previously, a girl necessarily applied mascara in 2-3 layers, and recently, she increasingly chooses eyelash extensions or glued. Scherzinger spends 2-3 hours in 10 days in the master’s office to achieve that piercing look, framed by fluffy long eyelashes.

Nicole’s natural hair color is black, but she often decides on dyeing. For example, a girl likes to lighten individual strands or the ends of curls. The singer has a personal hairdresser who always deals with her hair.

Interestingly, the master travels with Scherzinger around the world. The girl explains that she really does not like looking for new specialists and is worried that the result after working with such people will greatly disappoint her. Indeed, such a result for a long time spoils the celebrity mood and deprives inspiration. It’s very important for Nicole that she always looks perfect.

Nicole Scherzinger. Photo in a swimsuit, without makeup, figure, biography, personal life
Filipino’s father gave Scherzinger a rare dark skin tone. Thanks to this girl is not required to visit the solarium or use tanning. Nicole only makes sure that her skin is smooth and beautiful with the help of cosmetic procedures and proper nutrition.

Plastic surgery

Nicole Scherzinger was on the lists of the most natural famous beauties.

After all, she has no obvious “pumped up” huge lips, implants in place of her cheekbones, she never did liposuction.

But a comparison of current and past photos of the girl suggests that she still resorted to the services of plastic surgeons. And the singer herself has repeatedly stated that she is not against operations and considers them the best way to deal with looks and age-related changes.

Nicole Scherzinger. Photo in a swimsuit, without makeup, figure, biography, personal lifeAccording to the assumptions, Nicole changed:

  • the shape of the nose – removed the hump, made it thinner, and the tip – smaller;
  • breast shape (without increasing size);
  • lip size (when using a hyaluronic filler).

It is impossible to say for sure that a girl has definitely decided on this or that operation.

About 2 years ago, the girl gave a detailed interview on the topic of her appearance and explained that she plans to resort to plastic only much later – after 50-55 years.

She also asked to stop asking questions on this topic. The star promised that she herself would tell the fans when she decided on something like that. So far, no such statements have been received from the singer, but changes in her appearance are already clearly visible.

Nicole Scherzinger before and after plastics

Nicole Scherzinger is trying to post extremely successful photos on the Web – with complex multi-layer processing, professional make-up and other tricks. But the paparazzi periodically manages to take ordinary star shots in everyday life. On them it is natural – without makeup.

It was such images that were used by well-known plastic surgeons. They compared photographs of Nicole at 25 and 40 years old.

Nicole Scherzinger. Photo in a swimsuit, without makeup, figure, biography, personal life
First of all, the changed shape of the nose is striking. The tip became more elegant, a small hump disappeared. Scherzinger herself explained that she was able to achieve such a result by properly structuring her face and special light in professional photos. But fans remembered the period when the singer allegedly could go for rhinoplasty.

For several weeks, the girl did not appear in public, claiming that she was just on vacation, but at the same time only old pictures were added to her social networks. As you know, after changing the shape of the nose, the face is covered with bruises for a long time, which is almost impossible to hide with cosmetics.

Nicole Scherzinger. Photo in a swimsuit, without makeup, figure, biography, personal lifeNicole always had magnificent breasts. But at about age 35, its shape changed significantly. Scherzinger began to appear more and more in public without a bra. The most attentive fans even saw the shape of the implants. But plastic surgeons have denied such assumptions.

If the star had a changed shape, then only the shape of the chest. Its size has remained the same natural. Most likely, Nicole decided on a breast lift. This is a less complicated procedure. After it, patients recover much faster. In addition, there are fewer risks, as is the case with implant placement.

Nicole Scherzinger. Photo in a swimsuit, without makeup, figure, biography, personal life

As for the lips, then, probably, the changes affected only the upper one. The lower one was always magnificent. And Nicole used to regularly emphasize her upper lip with a cosmetic pencil, using a large amount of gloss and other tricks. And after 38 years, Scherzinger suddenly had a selfie, on which the changes are clearly visible.

Most likely, a hyaluronic filler was used to increase. When using it, the lips recover very quickly and begin to look natural, which is especially important for public people.

Several years ago, the press also reported that Nicole had reduced her stomach and had liposuction. The public prompted such thoughts by the girl’s quick weight loss.

Nicole Scherzinger. Photo in a swimsuit, without makeup, figure, biography, personal lifeFirst, Scherzinger appeared at a star party in a dress that clearly emphasized the belly that appeared (there were even suggestions of pregnancy), and then she showed the world photos with the perfect press in a swimsuit.

Later, Nicole herself explained that she was a living person and sometimes also allowed herself to relax. Scherzinger quickly removed a few extra kilos that appeared after the vacation, but this was helped exclusively by sports and diet.

Secrets of a beautiful appearance

As noted above, a star cannot imagine her life without sports. Nicole begins every morning with an active run. She especially likes to engage in the fresh air, for example, on the ocean.

Scherzinger is also involved in dancing. She attends classes with a personal teacher 2-3 times a week. Thus, Nicole rehearses new numbers for concerts and improves her own figure.

A girl practices yoga after a particularly difficult day, when she needs to relax, and also between performances. If during the day Scherzinger allows himself to eat something high-calorie, harmful, then he necessarily enhances physical activity.

Before each performance, Nicole always drinks a portion of maple syrup, recommended by her nutritionist. This product has powerful fat burning properties
that enhance active physical activity during a concert.

Nicole Scherzinger. Photo in a swimsuit, without makeup, figure, biography, personal life
In everyday life, the singer does not adhere to any special diet . It switches to special power systems only if it gains a few extra kilos. The rest of the time, the star simply chooses the right nutrition.

She drinks a lot of water, eats fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grilled seafood. The girl completely excludes sweets and pastries from the menu. If Nicole needs to quickly lose weight, she drinks only water and maple syrup for 2-3 days.

Scherzinger regularly visits the beautician. If time permits, the girl goes to a specialist 1-2 times a week. She switched to such a regime after 35 years. At a cosmetologist, the star most often chooses moisturizing and nourishing procedures. Cleansing, the use of scrubs and other products that can injure the skin, she carefully avoids.

Personal life

Nicole Scherzinger, whose photo today can be found in hundreds of glossy magazines, is not married today. The star also has no children.

Nicole Scherzinger. Photo in a swimsuit, without makeup, figure, biography, personal life
In the photo: Nicole Scherzinger and racer Lewis Hamilton

A burning brunette does not go unnoticed by men. The longest relationship with the girl was with the rider Lewis Hamilton . At first, the lovers carefully hid their romance, but then decided to tell the whole world about it. Together the couple was about 8 years old.

Fans were waiting for the wedding news, but instead Nicole announced a breakup with Lewis. The reason was the rider’s unwillingness to marry his lover. Scherzinger already dreamed of children from a partner, and Hamilton bluntly stated that the family and heirs are not included in his plans.

After parting with the rider, Nicole quickly began a relationship with a new lover – Grigor Dimitrov. The tennis player previously had a relationship with Maria Sharapova. About a couple together, but lovers see infrequently. Scherzinger does not hide that he dreams of a family, but does not rush his chosen one.

Interesting facts about Nicole Scherzinger

Fans of Nicole managed to collect a list of interesting facts about their favorite:

  • Scherzinger has a Ukrainian grandmother. Now the woman lives in Hawaii. Interestingly, in honor of her grandmother, the girl also got a middle name – Praskovya.
  • Mom Nicole was a dancer in the past. It was her daughter who took the first lessons.
  • At school, classmates gave the future star an unpleasant nickname, “Crybaby.” Nicole herself is confident that this is because of her increased sensitivity. She was a vulnerable, impressionable child who was easily offended by those around her. With age, the girl learned to keep emotions in herself and share them only with the closest people.
  • Scherzinger dropped out of school because there was no time for her. The girl began to devote herself to music and skipped classes. The best solution she considered leaving the university (acting department).
  • In the Pussycat Dolls group, the girl could not find a common language with other members. Between the singers there were constantly strong quarrels and conflicts. The main reason is that Nicole herself is very efficient, used to achieve the perfect result and demanded the same from others. In addition, it was Scherzinger who was especially fond of fans, for which the rest of the girls did not like her.
  • At the beginning of her career, Nicole suffered from bulimia. The girl could not cope with the problem herself. As a result, experts helped her. Scherzinger even lay in a special clinic.
  • At the beginning of the relationship, Hamilton made a proposal to her lover 3 times. But then Nicole was too passionate about her career. Later, when she changed her mind, Lewis himself categorically refused to marry.

Beauty Nicole Scherzinger today is among the 20 most popular singers in the world.

The photo of the girl is decorated with numerous glossy magazines, she acts in films and TV shows, participates in fashion shows. Fans of the girl note that in her in an amazing way beauty and talent are combined at the same time.

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Nicole Scherzinger is a fashion model, singer, actress and simply beauty:

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