Nicole Kidman. Photos before and after plastic surgery, in youth, now, figure

Nicole Kidman is a world-famous actress, whose photo has been attracting the views of millions of fans for more than a dozen years.

With many awards and accomplishments on her track record, including Australia’s highest civic award – Australian Cavalier, Academy Award, 3 Golden Globe Awards and BAFTA Award (British Academy of Motion Picture and Television Arts Award), she is one of those actresses which Hollywood can rightfully be proud of.

Nicole Kidman. Brief biography by years

Being an actress by profession and a philanthropist at heart, Kidman is a figure that the whole world is watching with interest. Since her debut in the Australian film industry, she has shown signs that she has a brilliant acting future ahead of her and she successfully proved this when she moved to Hollywood.

In addition to acting talent, Nicole has excellent human qualities, showing goodwill and generosity. She takes an active part in various charity events aimed at improving the well-being of women and children. In addition, she was appointed UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and the United Nations Fund for the Advancement of Women (UNIFEM).

Nicole Kidman. Photos before and after plastic surgery, in youth, now, figure

Facts from the biography:

  • Nicole Kidman was born in the capital of the American state of Hawaii, Honolulu, on June 20, 1967 in the family of Anthony David Kidman and Jannel Ann McNail. Her father was a biochemist, clinical psychologist and author, and her mother an instructor in nursing. Nicole has a younger sister named Antonia Kidman.
  • Nicole’s parents were Australian citizens, but at the time of her birth, they were in the United States, where Nicole’s father took part in a research project. Thus, Kidman could apply for citizenship in both Australia and the United States.
  • At the age of 4, Kidman returned with her parents to Australia. She attended Lane Cove Elementary School, after which she was enrolled in a secondary school for girls in North Sydney. From a very young age, Kidman showed acting talent and attended a ballet class.
  • When her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, Kidman had to abandon her studies. To provide financial assistance to the family, she worked as a massage therapist.
  • Kidman later continued her studies at the Victorian College of Art in Melbourne and at the Philip Street Theater in Sydney, and later at the Australian Youth Theater. Kidman was actively engaged in the study of acting, drama and pantomime. Her undoubted talent, combined with a beautiful appearance, helped to achieve success on the road to achieving a dream.
  • Kidman made his film debut in 1983 in a remake of a favorite of the Australian holiday season, Bush’s Christmas. After that, she starred in several films, including Bandits on Bicycles, Night of the Shadow Dancing, and Chase in the Night. In addition to films, Kidman starred in various television series such as The 5 Mile Creek and the Vietnam mini-series.
    Nicole Kidman. Photos before and after plastic surgery, in youth, now, figure
    Young Nicole Kidman in the photo from the movie “Bandits on Bicycles”.
  • In 1988, the Emerald City appeared, where Kidman brilliantly played a supporting role, and her game was highly appreciated by both the public and critics.
  • A big leap in the career of the actress took place in 1989 with the release of the film “Dead Calm”, a role in which brought her international fame and recognition, as well as an invitation to Hollywood. On the set of the film “Days of Thunder”, she met actor Tom Cruise and in 1990 they got married. “Days of Thunder” brought Kidman great success in Hollywood and became not only her brilliant debut in the American film industry, but also one of the highest grossing films of the year. He was followed by remarkable roles in films such as Flirt, Billy Bathgate, Far, Far, and My Life.
  • 1995 was very successful for Nicole. She received the main roles in the films “Batman Forever” and “Die in the Name.” While the first film was the highest grossing, the second brought the actress the first Golden Globe Award.
  • In 2001, 2 films were released in which the roles of Nicole were radically different from each other. In “Moulin Rouge” she played the role of cabaret actress and courtesan, and in the film “Others” the role of the Catholic mother of two children. Both films caused a lot of positive reviews and showed the diversity and versatility of the actress.
  • This was followed by the film “Watch”, where Kidman played the role of the author, suffering from bouts of depression and mental illness. She played the character with such convincingness that she received not only numerous critics’ praises for her work, but also the most prestigious awards such as the Oscars, Golden Globes and BAFTA.
    Nicole Kidman. Photos before and after plastic surgery, in youth, now, figure
  • 2004 and 2005 became a black stripe in a kidman career. “Birth”, “Stepford Wives”, “Translator” and “Enchanted” had a record low rating of viewers and critics.
  • In 2006, the film “Fur” was released, for the role in which Kidman received positive reviews. The next couple of films starring Kidman didn’t really help restore a brilliant career. However, despite the fact that the 2007 film Golden Compass and the 2008 film Australia received mixed reviews, her acting was noted.
  • In 2012, Kidman regained her position by playing several successful roles in films such as The Newspaper, Vicious Games, and Hemingway and Gellhorn, where she played journalist Martha Gellhorn, Ernest Hemingway’s third wife.
  • The film “Grace Monaco” about the life of actress Grace Kelly, released in 2014, was nominated for an Emmy Award.
  • In 2021, Kidman appeared in a number of film projects, including the Australian film Stranger and Queen of the Desert.
  • In 2021, Kidman made an impressive role in the film “The Lion”, receiving the Golden Globe and Oscar nominations.
  • In 2021, the actress brought great recognition for her role in the TV series “Big Little Lies”, as well as the Emmy and Golden Globe Awards.
  • 2021 was a busy year for Kidman, who starred in several films, including the movie about the superhero Aquaman.
    Nicole Kidman. Photos before and after plastic surgery, in youth, now, figure
  • In June 2021, Kidman returned to the screen with the debut of season 2 of the series “Big Little Lies.”

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The personal life of the actress

Australian theater actor Marcus Graham was the first man in the life of Nicole Kidman and the relationship between them lasted 2 years, from 1987 to 1989, although they were not officially registered. In 1989, while working on the film Days of Thunder, she began a serious relationship with filming partner Tom Cruise. On Christmas Eve 1990, they got married in Telluride, Colorado.

The couple had two adopted children, daughter Isabella Jane and son Connor Anthony. After a decade of living together, the two stars broke up, saying that the cause of the breakup was irreconcilable differences. Interestingly, being 3’9 inch taller than her husband Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman rarely appeared in high heels in his company.

From 2003 to 2004, Kidman met
with musician Lenny Kravitz, and she also had a short relationship with Robbie Williams.

In 2005, at an event honoring Australians, she met Keith Urban, an Australian country singer who, according to the actress, became “the love of her life.” They met for some time and in May 2006, Kidman announced their engagement.

Nicole Kidman. Photos before and after plastic surgery, in youth, now, figure

On June 25, 2006, the couple tied the knot at the Cardinal Cherretti Memorial Chapel on St. Patrick’s Manly Estate in Sydney. A few months after marriage, Kidman supported her husband in deciding to undergo treatment at a rehabilitation center due to alcohol problems.

The couple was devoted to each other during this crisis and successfully overcame a difficult life period. In July 2008, they rejoiced at the birth of their first child, Sunday Rose, and in December 2010 they had a second daughter, Faith Margaret.

The appearance of the actress in her youth, at the beginning of her career, the parameters of the figure

Nicole Kidman, whose photo has been 16 years old, adorns magazine covers, at the very beginning of her acting career appears as an ordinary teenager with mischievous freckles and a shock of naughty red curls. Many note that Nicole could not be called a big beauty in her youth, her beauty gradually blossomed with age.

Nicole Kidman. Photos before and after plastic surgery, in youth, now, figure

Nicole herself admits that in her early years she considered herself an “ugly duckling” and notes that in her childhood she had many problems with naughty hair and pale skin, which had to be carefully protected from the bright Australian sun. At a time when her swarthy sister could spend days swimming and surfing, Nicole was lying on the bed, immersed in reading and dreams.

Plastic surgery that Nicole Kidman underwent

No other actress has so often been criticized for using injectable fillers and Botox as Nicole, and some are sure that plastic surgery was not done.

Nicole’s face has changed a lot over the years, however, the actress herself at first denied everything and claimed that her beauty was absolutely natural, and she owed her magnificent appearance to the regular use of sunscreen, self-care and a healthy lifestyle. Subsequently, she admitted that she tried Botox, but expressed regret that she decided on this procedure, calling it “an unsuccessful step.”

Nicole Kidman. Photos before and after plastic surgery, in youth, now, figure

Plastic surgeons suggest that the actress, in addition to Botox, did a facelift and laser skin resurfacing. Whether Nicole Kidman owes her magnificent view to plastic surgery or amazing genes is known only to the actress herself.

How did Nicole Kidman change her life

Nicole Kidman, whose photo has been in sight for a long time, attracts the attention of millions of fans. Now she is 52 years old, and the first film with her participation was released back in 1983, when she was 16 years old. It is very interesting how her appearance has changed over the years.

1983 year

In 1983, the actress was 16 years old. Ironing had not yet been invented at that time, and it appeared to the viewers with natural red curls and mischievous freckles.


At 25, Nicole was already an adult, her style was typical of the 90s. In many photos, she appears in a business suit with luxurious red curls and porcelain skin.

1995 year

Nicole Kidman appeared in the movie “Batman Forever” in 1995 and many noted that she was stunningly beautiful in her 20s.

Nicole Kidman. Photos before and after plastic surgery, in youth, now, figure

Blond retro waves were replaced by funny red curls, bright red lips. 

1996 year

The next year, the curls returned, and again in the hair Kidman began to play a reddish tint, which became her trademark.

1998 year

“Practical magic” was a wonderful inspiration for changing the appearance. At that time, she appears with long straightened red hair and bangs.

2001 year

Nicole was 34 years old, her natural beauty was in its prime: magnificent skin, bright blush, honey-colored lipstick on her lips and red hair in a high tail.

2003 year

The actress is already blonde, but still gorgeous. The first questions appear in the press about whether her nose has become a little smaller, because if you compare the photo of the actress with earlier ones, it seems already.

2004 year

At the age of 37, funny curls played in Nicole’s hair again.

Nicole Kidman. Photos before and after plastic surgery, in youth, now, figure

This time may have been the moment of using Botox and filler for the upper lip.

2006 year

Soft hair color, voluminous curls, bangs and a larger volume of the upper lip, which is already widely discussed in the press, although the lips of the actress still look quite natural and do not spoil her at all.

2007 year

Fans are a little puzzled by the appearance of the actress. The upper lip is slightly deformed from injections, and distinct “rabbit lines” appear on the sides of the nose from Botox.

2008 year

Long blonde hair with a straight parting without bangs falls off in large curls, which looks very glamorous.

Nicole Kidman. Photos before and after plastic surgery, in youth, now, figure

There is talk that Nicole is wearing a blonde to hide gray hair. At this time, her face is bold flush, luxurious lips – the actress looks great.

2010 year

Nicole looks 10 years younger than previous photos and her hair regained its natural red color.

2011 year

The actress was 44 years old, and she looked just great (maybe a fringe helps her to look younger). The only mistake that fans note is the return of the failed lips.

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2012 year

The following year, Nicole was a beauty superstar in Cannes. She retained
the reddish shades in her hair, just lightened them a little, which against the background of porcelain skin looked immaculate.

She wore minimal makeup, with the exception of pink lipstick, which contrasted coolly with the red dress. Everyone pays attention to her perfect skin, but such a level of perfection is difficult to achieve only with the help of a foundation, which naturally leads to the idea of Botox.

2013 year

Nicole cut her hair to the popular length of a long bean, just below the collarbone, which really refreshed her.

Nicole Kidman. Photos before and after plastic surgery, in youth, now, figure

Cheeks treacherously give out too much filler, and the area around the eyes looks tense, almost stretched under the influence of Botox.

2014 year

She again looks younger than her years. Side parting, ponytail and reddish sparkles in the hair. Her cheeks still look slightly swollen, but in general, the actress, who at that time was 47 years old, looks really gorgeous.

2021 year

Nicole’s hair became shorter and acquired a brighter strawberry shade, and warm tones predominate in cosmetics.

2021 year

Nicole’s face looks a little tense, but still quite natural. Long straight hair, lips with fuchsia lipstick (which looks unexpected and fun), a beautiful line of lips. And everything could be called perfect, if not for her cheeks. 

2021 year

Now Nicole’s hair appears lighter than ever, and she continues to experiment with bolder makeup, as evidenced by her bright red lipstick. It seems that she still makes injections, but everything looks very restrained and does not spoil the magnificent appearance of the actress.

Nicole Kidman. Photos before and after plastic surgery, in youth, now, figure

However, here it is not without suspicion – now the chin line, which seems clearer than before, causes increased interest in the audience.

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Candid photo shoots of an actress in a swimsuit nude before and after plastic surgery

Nicole Kidman (her photos now, when she turned 52, look beyond all praise) pleases fans not only with her acting talent, but also with her unfading beauty.

The actress proved that age is just a figure when, several weeks after celebrating her 50th birthday, she undressed to take part in a risky photo shoot for Love magazine, where she posed in a tight red swimsuit and cowboy hat. True, Nicole Kidman later admitted that she regretted it a bit and joked that she was just “crazy!”

Nicole said that the purpose of this act was to convey to all women that at 50, life does not end.

Nicole Kidman. Photos before and after plastic surgery, in youth, now, figure

The actress and today, when she is 52 years old, looks very young and talks about her approach to the fight against aging. She leads a healthy lifestyle, takes vitamins, meditates, keeps away from the sun and goes in for sports. Over the years, rumors have been circulating about using Nicole Botox and more invasive cosmetic procedures.

In 2013, the actress responded to these rumors and said that, unfortunately, had tried Botox, but got out of it. Kidman makes a bold choice when it comes to makeup and fashion, but her look is almost always balanced by her blond, tousled hair – the style responsible for her signature angelic look.

Speaking about her appearance, stylists note that she has “the right balance without unnecessary efforts, which really matches her ethereal complexion.” The choice of such an untidy style also helps to preserve youth, because it does not look too thoughtful, while everything classic and neat can age.

In addition to her hairstyle, she moves away from her natural red hair color and strives for lighter, softer and more mixed shades that give her a natural, vibrant sensation. In addition to the admirable millions of fans of unfading beauty Nicole Kidman and her undoubted acting talent, it is worth paying attention to her participation in charity.

For many years, the actress has successfully attracted the attention of people to destitute children around the world. For her tireless work aimed at improving the living conditions of these children, she was appointed Goodwill Ambassador to UNICEF in 1994. Kidman also joined the Little Tee campaign to fight breast cancer.

Nicole Kidman. Photos before and after plastic surgery, in youth, now, figure

The motivation is her own experience when she saw her mother struggling with this disease. In 2006, Kidman was appointed Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Development Fund for Women’s Rights (UNIFEM).

The answer to the question of whether Nicole Kidman underwent plastic surgery remains open, because no one has yet presented authentic evidence. However, millions of her fans are looking forward to new acting roles and photos by Nicole Kidman with the hope that she will delight them with her unfading beauty and acting talent for many years to come.

Video about Nicole Kidman

How Nicole Kidman changed from 4 to 49 years old:

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