Moisturizing, cleansing lotion for dry skin, alcohol and alcohol-free. How to cook at home

Regardless of age, a woman should take care of her skin and herself. To do this, she will need lotions, creams, tonics, and many other products. Their cost is rather big, therefore it is cheaper to make face lotion from the available products at home.

The benefits of lotions

Using homemade tonic for derma care will bring only benefits.

The main objective of the funds:

  1. Cleansing the dermis, getting rid of makeup and impurities applied earlier.
  2. Regulation of the pH of the dermis.
  3. After its application, the cream and serum are better absorbed by the skin.
  4. Using prepared products, you can invigorate the skin and set a certain tone.
  5. The properties of the product can be different, they depend on what will be added to the tonic, it can soothe, moisturize, cleanse. Moisturizing, cleansing lotion for dry skin, alcohol and alcohol-free. How to cook at home

To choose the right tonic, you need to contact a professional cosmetologist.

How often can I use lotions

When choosing a tonic, you need to pay attention to the type of skin. The main principles of choice are:

  • If a woman has a very oily dermis, it is necessary to choose a remedy with alcohol in the composition of at least 35%.
  • With increased fat content, the optimal alcohol content in the tonic is 30-35%.
  • The alcohol content should be no more than 30% if the skin is mixed and normal.
  • Dry skin, the content of alcohol-containing components is 18-28%.

With oily skin, it is better to opt for recipes with the addition of alcohol, but with dry and normal – water. Lotion – fights against problematic formations on the skin, and tonic tones and soothes, prepares the skin for a better perception of the cream.

Means help to avoid skin problems, but it is important to follow the rules for its application:

  • Before processing the face, you need to get rid of makeup. This rule applies to more acidic lotions. If the tool is of a different type, then this action can be skipped. Moisturizing, cleansing lotion for dry skin, alcohol and alcohol-free. How to cook at home
  • In order for the lotion to gain strength, it is necessary to moisten a cotton swab with it and apply it to the face and neck. It is applied until the new cotton wool remains clean after wiping.
  • The tonic and nourishing cream are applied next.

Regardless of the purpose of the product, its use is made 2 times a day. In order to restore internal balance, it is necessary to apply a tonic toner in the morning, and in the evening it is used to remove funds applied during the day.

Nutrients for dry dermis

Face lotion at home can be prepared using different products, herbs, fruits. In case of dry skin, then all used products should be moisturizing.

This also applies to means manufactured independently:

  1. You will need melon juice, to which you need to add milk. Everything needs to be taken in equal proportions. Use such a lotion, you need to wipe the skin. Moisturizing, cleansing lotion for dry skin, alcohol and alcohol-free. How to cook at home
  2. Means with the addition of birch sap. Take 0.5 stack. birch sap. Boil and add 1 small tablespoons of honey. Means to cool, treat the problem skin with a cotton swab.
  3. Add a spoonful of olive oil to the egg yolk. The product is applied for 20 minutes, and then rinse.

Any product prepared at home has a huge advantage over products manufactured on an industrial scale. Own tonic contains natural products without the addition of chemicals.

Means for combination skin type

Face lotion, prepared at home, better than bought in a store. Cooking it for a long time, but when using a woman will feel the difference.

Combination skin has several disadvantages. On one area of the face can be a different type of skin: dry and oily.

In order not to harm the sensitive dermis, you can use home-tested recipes.

  1. For cooking, you need to take in equal shares of grass: chamomile, thyme and nettle (1 tablespoon each). Mix everything, add 8,45 fluid ounce. boiling water, and put to cool. This composition is washed 2 times a day, in the morning before applying day care products and at night after cleansing the skin of cosmetics. After a few days, the face will acquire a healthy look.
  2. Useful washing with milk in the morning and evening. Thanks to its healing properties, the skin will acquire a healthy and beautiful appearance.
  3. In a ratio of 1: 1 carrot juice and kefir. Carefully move everything and do lotions on the night, on a cleanly washed face. Moisturizing, cleansing lotion for dry skin, alcohol and alcohol-free. How to cook at home

Using these compounds, you can quickly bring your face in order.

Oily skin products

Skin with problems is always unpleasant, gloss is visible on it, it constantly shines, acne periodically appears.

At home, you can use the recipe for making lotions for the face.

  1. It is necessary to have 3 large lozengra: calendula, chamomile and nasturtium. The composition is poured with boiling water – 0,1 gallon. Leave the liquid for 6 hours to insist. Strain through cheesecloth and introduce a few 5-6 drops of cologne into the cooled medium.
  2. In the summer, berries and fruits are widely used. To cook, you need 180 g of strawberries. It needs to be kneaded and filled with vodka 6,76 fluid ounce. The composition is packed and insisted 30 days so that it is insisted. After the solution is filtered and boiled water and vodka ( 6,76 fluid ounce) are added to it in equal proportions. Tincture is applied regularly so that the effect is visible. It is enough to wet her cotton wool, wipe her face and after a couple of weeks the difference on the skin will be noticeable. Moisturizing, cleansing lotion for dry skin, alcohol and alcohol-free. How to cook at home
  3. Cut one lemon into small pieces and knead until gruel. Add vodka 3,38 fluid ounce. The composition is infused for 7 days. Then strain it and add glasses of mineral water.

Properly caring for oily dermis, you can achieve balance. The skin will be beautiful, clean, without rashes.

Fading derma lotions

Facial lotion at home is recommended to be used to increase the tone and elasticity of the dermis:

  1. Mineral water mix 1 cup with 1 large tablespoons of honey and 1 tablespoon. lemon juice. It is not recommended to use the product immediately; it must be insisted on for a day. To apply on face skin by means of cotton wool or a disk. Suitable for use every day. Moisturizing, cleansing lotion for dry skin, alcohol and alcohol-free. How to cook at home
  2. At home, in the manufacture of facial lotions for aging skin, you need 2 tablespoon. grated cucumber, 1 tablespoon peppermint, peppermint extract 4 drops. Mix everything thoroughly. Keep the mixture in the refrigerator. Ready-made balm is used 2 times a day.
  3. 1 tablespoon honey, 1 small tablespoon of vinegar and 1,69 fluid ounce of colo
    gne. Dilute everything with a glass of water ( 8,45 fluid ounce). The tool is used 2 times a week. Shake before use.

Using the compounds listed above, you can maintain youthful skin for many years.

Tonic lotion

Tonic agents are used in case of development of changes in the dermis associated with age. According to statistics, the dermis begins to age at the age of 25, the level of collagen and elastin decreases. From this point on, it is important to use tonic agents to maintain the dermis in good condition.

For cooking, you need sage (broth) and plantain 1,69 fluid ounce, bergamot (oil) 15 drops. Put everything on the fire, boil, let cool and gradually introduce the oil into the composition. Strain. Apply lotion at least 4 times a day when using a cotton swab. After use, a moisturizer is required. Moisturizing, cleansing lotion for dry skin, alcohol and alcohol-free. How to cook at home

Using such a tonic, the skin will look young and healthy.

To lotion beneficial effect on the skin, you need to remember the basic rules for its application.

  • A prerequisite is skin cleansing. Do it better when using special tools.
  • The composition is applied to a cotton pad and distributed along the massage lines.
  • When applying the skin can not be stretched and pressed on it.
  • Lotion distribution is made from the center of the face to the side.
  • After application, it is necessary to use tonic and creams (nourishing or moisturizing).

Cucumber tonic

The vegetable has healing properties, so its use in the preparation of dermal care products is justified.

A face lotion at home from a cucumber is prepared simply – for 1 fruit, 1 teaspoons is needed. boric acid.

The vegetable should be finely chopped and boric acid added to it. Allow to stand and wipe the skin 1 time a day in the evening. Especially useful is this lotion for oily skin. He will dry it and remove all the flaws caused by the inflammatory process.

Sunscreen lotion

So that the sun’s rays do not harm the skin of the face, you need to use sunscreen lotion, which will protect against their direct exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

To prepare you will need:

  • Olive oil – 1,01 fluid ounce (3 tablespoon).
  • Coffee grounds – 20 g.

Moisturizing, cleansing lotion for dry skin, alcohol and alcohol-free. How to cook at home
Coffee is placed in a container made of dark glass. Oil is added. Insist the mixture obtained days in a dark place for a week. Periodically, the resulting mixture must be shaken. After 7 days, you need to strain everything and pour the composition into a container with a spray. It is applied when leaving or when going to the beach. The prepared product can also be used for children.

Cleansing Lotion

The skin requires proper cleansing. Appropriate care will help keep her young and beautiful for many years. Cleansing should be soft, not provoking peeling. Nettle is widely used in the preparation of products on an industrial scale.

For the product you will need:

  • nettle infusion – 1,35 fluid ounce;
  • 8 drops of glycerin;
  • 0,41 fluid ounce of dry white wine.

Herbal solution is boiled. It will require 15 g of nettle leaves and 0,34 fluid ounce of water. Put everything on fire, boil and let cool. After the product becomes cold, add the remaining ingredients to it and shake well. Store for 12 days. Apply with cotton pads 2 times a day.

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Whitening lotion

Brown spots may appear on the skin of the face. They will not give a woman beauty. To avoid their appearance, as well as lighten existing spots, you must use a whitening lotion.

To prepare it you will need:

  • 0,68 fluid ounce milk.
  • 0,68 fluid ounce of distilled water.
  • 1 tab Aspirin
    Moisturizing, cleansing lotion for dry skin, alcohol and alcohol-free. How to cook at home
  • 19 drops of jojoba oil.

The tablet must be crushed in a bowl, pour water and boiled milk. Oil is added last. There are no restrictions on the use of the product. Application is made until dark spots have passed.

Means against wide pores

The pores expand most often on oily skin and of course such flaws on the skin are not permissible. To combat them, lotion is used to narrow the pores.

To prepare it you will need:

  • green tea – 1,01 fluid ounce;
  • 0,27 fluid ounce of grapefruit juice;
  • 7 drops of mandarin oil.

Brew tea and let it cool. After add juice and oil to it. Before using the product, you need to steam the skin and apply lotion when using a cotton pad. After applying it, the pores will narrow and the skin will become smoother and more well-groomed.

Means for the problematic dermis

If the skin is problematic, consult a cosmetologist. But even at home, it can be looked after, using various lotions, prepared independently.

To prepare you will need:

  • calendula tincture – 1,35 fluid ounce;
  • salicylic acid – 0,17 fluid ounce; Moisturizing, cleansing lotion for dry skin, alcohol and alcohol-free. How to cook at home
  • chamomile ether – 5 drops.

Freshly picked marigold marigold pour water and put on gas. After the mixture boils, remove it from the heat and let it brew for an hour. Then add oil and acid. Such a solution is stored for 10 days in a cool place.

You need to use lotion for problem skin at least 5 times a day , at the time of the rash, and as a preventive treatment in the morning and evening.


Even if you properly care for the skin, then over time wrinkles will appear on it. To prevent them and keep the skin younger, you can prepare a wrinkle lotion.


  • laminar powder – 30 g; Moisturizing, cleansing lotion for dry skin, alcohol and alcohol-free. How to cook at home
  • cucumber juice – 0,51 fluid ounce;
  • almond oil 16 drops.

Laminar powder is poured into 1,69 fluid ounce of water and infused for 3 hours. The solution is filtered through gauze. Add cucumber juice and oil to the container. Store the product for 3 days in the refrigerator. Use in the evening for 30 minutes. before applying anti-aging cream. The anti-aging effect is enhanced if you apply a mask against wrinkles before applying the lotion.

Chamomile Lotion

Chamomile is a healing plant and is used in many recipes. Most often, it is added if an antiseptic effect on the surface of the skin is required.

You can prepare the composition using the following ingredients:

  • Chamomile infusion – 1,35 fluid ounce.
  • Pomegranate Oil -? teaspoons
  • Peppermint oil – 5 drops.
    Moisturizing, cleansing lotion for dry skin, alcohol and alcohol-free. How to cook at home
    Face lotion for dry skin with camomile nourishes and soothes the skin

Pour boiling water over the chamomile and let it brew for at least 40 minutes. Strain the composition and gradually add oil to it. Use is made before applying the cream. This composition is best suited if used as a cleansing milk. The skin will become cleaner, more beautiful and younger.

Citrus Remedy

To prepare the composition, you need one orange, medium size. It must be grated, do not peel. In the resulting mixture you need to add vodka – 6,76 fluid ounce. Enter a tablespoon of honey here.

Thanks to honey, the mixture will be more nutritious. Strain. Infuse the mixture for a week. After the lotion insisted on adding 2 tablespoon. boiled water. You can apply the lotion 2 times a day, morning and evening. After applying face cream.

Parsley tonic

Parsley is widely used in the manufacture of products on an industrial scale. At home, you can prepare a composition based on it. Such a composition is applied after 30 years. Favorably, the lotion affects the disposal of age spots, as well as relieves facial wrinkles.

To prepare the composition you will need:

  • Parsley leaves – 10 branches.
    Moisturizing, cleansing lotion for dry skin, alcohol and alcohol-free. How to cook at home
  • Sour cream – 2 tablespoon
  • Nutmeg nutmeg – 3 drops.

To obtain juice, it is necessary to press the parsley in a press. In juice, add nutmeg and butter and sour cream. Everything is mixed up. Before application, the skin must be cleaned and applied with a cotton pad.

Aloe tonic

If aloe is added in the preparation of the lotion, then you can achieve a rejuvenating effect quickly enough. To prepare, you need 2 sheets of aloe and grape oil (16 drops).

Rinse the aloe vera with water, wrap it in parchment paper and send it to the refrigerator for 10 days. Then squeeze the juice from the leaves and mix with oil. The product is ready to use. Apply the product 2 times a day.

Beauticians tips: how to properly care for face skin

In order for the skin on the face to be well-groomed, it is necessary to properly care for it. Therefore, creams, lotions and tonics should be available.

Using tools you need to remember the following main points:

  • care products are selected depending on the type of dermis;
  • lotions are often used for oily skin;
  • if the product is prepared on its own, all the ingredients must be mixed thoroughly;
  • face treatment is performed on massage lines. Moisturizing, cleansing lotion for dry skin, alcohol and alcohol-free. How to cook at home

Home-made face and body lotions should be fresh. Thanks to their use, the skin will become beautiful and well-groomed.

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