Hydra Hydraulic Vacuum Peeling Hydrafacial. What is this procedure, description, devices, price

Vacuum hydro peeling originally transformed the faces of famous people. Today, his Hydra Facial innovation allows a different look at age-related changes for ordinary people.

HydraFacial vacuum hydro peeling: procedure description, principle of operation

Hydra Facial Vacuum Hydro-Peeling is a modern innovation in the hardware method of vacuum hydro-peeling. The effect on the skin is based on the use of special serums and a vacuum. Disposable nozzles with a special abrasive contribute to the natural cleansing of the skin without traumatic effects.

Hydra Facial is a new patented method of renewal and deep cleansing of the skin.

Operating principle:

  1. A special patented nozzle, together with a vacuum, exfoliates dead skin cells and cleanses it.
    Hydra Hydraulic Vacuum Peeling Hydrafacial. What is this procedure, description, devices, price
    Hydra Feshl Vacuum Hydro-Peeling will help to cope with various facial flaws.
  2. Modern serum.

The latest:

  • increase the activity of recovery processes;
  • accelerate skin renewal;
  • have anti-inflammatory effect.

During the procedure, the cosmetologist changes the nozzles depending on the necessary actions: cleansing, moisturizing. Each nozzle is sterile, is in an individual package and is aimed at its action.

For its effectiveness, the Hydra Feshl procedure has earned numerous awards and prizes in the United States and continues to receive them, winning the title of “Best Procedure of the Year”. The technique is used in 80 developed countries of the world and becomes more accessible to the population.

Pros and cons of the technique

At the Haidra Fashion procedure, cosmetologists highlight their advantages and disadvantages.


  • suitable for any skin;
  • reduces increased pigmentation; Hydra Hydraulic Vacuum Peeling Hydrafacial. What is this procedure, description, devices, price
  • fills and removes wrinkles, folds at the nose and lips;
  • appointed before and after the laser procedure, plastic surgery, as it fixes the result;
  • removes puffiness around the eyes;
  • improves the properties and tone of the skin;
  • the procedure is not dangerous and does not cause pain;
  • does not require rehabilitation and special training;
  • improvements are visible after the first procedure;
  • deep skin cleansing;
  • increases the thickness of the skin, making it more elastic;
  • It does not have consequences in the form of irritations and inflammations on the skin.

The method has no disadvantages, only problems that it is not able to hide or fix are highlighted:

  • scars
  • deep age wrinkles.

Modern cosmetology has not yet invented an analogue to the Hydra Fashion procedure. It is popular for its complex effect on the skin. And it is considered the only hardware procedure that is not contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women.


Beauticians are advised to carry out vacuum hydro-peeling even with perfect skin. The procedure will help maintain this state and strengthen the protective properties of the skin.

For people with problematic skin, vacuum cleansing and rejuvenation will serve as an excellent alternative to plastic surgeries and expensive care products.

Vacuum hydro peeling is recommended for:

  • increased secretion of sebaceous secretion;
  • increased pigmentation;
  • acne and its effects; Hydra Hydraulic Vacuum Peeling Hydrafacial. What is this procedure, description, devices, price
  • enlarged pores on the face;
  • the presence of ingrown facial hair;
  • dry skin;
  • signs of swelling of the face;
  • violation of the brightness and tone of the skin;
  • violation of the elasticity and density of the skin;
  • oily skin with contaminated pores;
  • skin aging.

With all these imperfections on the face, vacuum hydro-peeling can cope. It will take an individual approach and a system hardware course.


Contraindications are identified during consultation and examination of a doctor. More often, an analysis is not required, but in case of any doubt, a specialist will suggest taking the necessary tests and additionally visiting related specialists.

Hydra Facial Vacuum Hydro-Peeling is not indicated for:

  • oncological diseases;
  • inflammatory processes in the body, for example, herpes;
  • mechanical damage to the skin.

In all of the above cases, hydro-peeling procedures can lead to the formation of complications and worsening of the patient’s condition. Therefore, during the initial consultation, the doctor should be aware of the patient’s condition.

The best vacuum hydro peeling machines

Hydra Feshl Vacuum Hydro-Peeling was first introduced in the United States. The devices of this country are considered high-precision and specialized. Analogues of other countries and industries can significantly degrade the quality of the procedure and not get the desired result.

Modern clinics carefully select the devices for the procedure and highlight the best.

The Tower Hydra Facial is one of the best, and for the past 5 years it has won the name “Best Facial Apparatus.” Has certificates and registration certificates. Hydra Hydraulic Vacuum Peeling Hydrafacial. What is this procedure, description, devices, price

For 1 session using the apparatus produce:

  • cleaning;
  • lifting;
  • cleansing;
  • hydration;
  • rejuvenation;
  • treatment.

The Hydra Facial MD device (USA) won first places among others in competitions and earned many awards, it is considered one of the best and most effective. It also includes the whole range of procedures; the use of additional devices is not required. This unit has international standards.

Both techniques are considered the best and use many special nozzles that will help to approach each client individually and solve his aesthetic problems. For most medium-sized clinics, it becomes unavailable to purchase high-precision multifunction devices, they buy several and use their action during one procedure.

The modern technology market offers analogues to professional devices – universal inexpensive devices for professional and home use. For example, the device for vacuum hydro-peeling – WMD-01 – made in China, compact, suitable even for sensitive skin. Hydra Hydraulic Vacuum Peeling Hydrafacial. What is this procedure, description, devices, price

Specialists do not recommend using the services of a “home” beautician, since the quality of the equipment and means used is not confirmed.

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Preparation for the procedure

There is no definite preparation for the procedure; only a specialist consultation is required.

At the consultation, the doctor:

  • He will talk about the technique of vacuum hydro peeling;
  • visually inspect problem areas;
  • identify contraindications;
  • determine the required number of sessions;
  • prepare an individual program to restore skin properties.

If the specialist does not identify contraindications, it is possible that after consultation he will immediately begin the first session.

Hydra Fashion Technique

Hydra Feshl Vacuum Hydro-Peeling is carried out using a special tip in the form of a spiral that can remove the dead skin and cleanse it.

Hydra Facial offers 2 exposure modes.

Blue tip:

  • removes dead skin;
  • treats a rash from acne;
  • relieves inflammation.

Red tip – improves skin tone and elasticity. It acts deeply, thereby enhancing blood circulation, which leads to an increase in skin tone and accelerates the natural metabolism. Hydra Hydraulic Vacuum Peeling Hydrafacial. What is this procedure, description, devices, price

Deep cleansing and hydration is provided thanks to special formulations of:

  • glucosamine;
  • lactic acid;
  • fruit acid.

When the skin is very dry, specialists use a special serum.

It consists of a complex of components:

  • white tea;
  • hyaluronic acid;
  • Vitamin A
  • • vitamin E.

Serum intensively moisturizes and smoothes the skin, making it young and fresh.

Hydra Hydraulic Vacuum Peeling Hydrafacial. What is this procedure, description, devices, price

Each session of Hydra Fashion includes:

  • skin cleansing with special compounds;
  • removal of keratinized particles using diamond microdermabrasion;
  • removal of dead skin cells with special serums;
  • pore cleansing with a light peeling based on acid;
  • vacuum treatment of the skin with the help of innovative nozzles;
  • skin rejuvenation with special serums that promote the release of collagen and elastin;
  • the use of an antiseptic mask and a mask with an analgesic effect (if necessary);
  • the imposition of nutrients;
  • treatment of the skin with sunscreen.

During the session, the specialist changes the nozzles several times, each of which is designed for certain manipulations. The events included in one session for different age categories of people and for different skin problems are different. The specialist individually selects the technique. Hydra Hydraulic Vacuum Peeling Hydrafacial. What is this procedure, description, devices, price

And after the procedure, he advises the patient about further actions for skin care and fixing the result. The average duration of the procedure is 20-60 minutes. After completing the first Hydra Facial procedure, the patient will immediately see the result. The skin is tightened, becomes smooth.

This is achieved with the help of a complex effect on the epidermis by a mechanical and chemical method. The procedure is prescribed once every 7 days. And other cosmetic procedures during the Hydra Fashion course are not recommended.

Possible complications

If the procedure for vacuum hydro peeling is carried out by a competent specialist on modern equipment, then complications do not appear. Undesirable consequences can occur when contraindications have not been taken into account (for example, herpes, skin neoplasms).

The doctor should be aware at the first consultation about:

  • the emotional state of a person (disorders in the psyche, nervous state);
  • the presence of diseases, for example, diabetes;
  • taking medications and other drugs.

These conditions can lead to an undesirable result from the procedure – the formation of bruising, deterioration of the patient’s condition.

How long does the result last

Hydra Feshl Vacuum Hydro-Peeling is a course procedure. In order for the result to be successful and gain a foothold on the skin, it is necessary to undergo from 5 to 10 procedures. Hydra Hydraulic Vacuum Peeling Hydrafacial. What is this procedure, description, devices, price

The interval between sessions is 6-9 days.

After completing the first course of procedures, the cosmetologist appoints a monthly clinic visit. After fixing the result, vacuum hydro peeling can be done no more than 2 times a year. That is, the period of saving the result individually, but on average is 6 months.

How many courses do you need to achieve the effect

The number of courses is determined individually. For example, for perfect skin in order to prevent age-related changes, it will be enough to go through 1 course during the year, which consists of 1-3 procedures.

For skin with minor imperfections and problems, 2 courses per year are required. For problem skin, course treatment can be long and consist of 3-4 courses per year.

Vacuum hydro peeling prices for face cleaning in salons in New York, Los Angeles,

Hydra Facial vacuum hydro peeling has reached great latitudes and is used in almost all cities. You can make an appointment with a cosmetologist and decide on the duration of the procedures by phone and online. Depending on the, the price for a session is different. Hydra Hydraulic Vacuum Peeling Hydrafacial. What is this procedure, description, devices, price

ic Name
Cost of 1 procedure (usd.)
Laser Doctor ( Los Angeles) From 3300
Laser Doctor ( New York) From 3200
LLC “Anatomy of Los Angeles” ( Los Angeles) From 3600
“LIGT KLINIC” ( Seattle) From 3000
SEPERNONA ( New York) From 7000
“Beaty expert” ( New York) From 5800

Most clinics offer to go through the basic procedure – “cleaning”, which will help cleanse the skin, moisturize. It will help determine the client with further actions and show the effectiveness of the method.

On average, basic cleaning in different salons starts from $ 41 – $ 54.

An extended procedure is already more expensive, an average of $ 68 – $ 95 and includes the entire versatility of the method – the use of serums, peeling and other things.
The price in the price list may differ from the actual one due to the individuality of the skin and its problems.

Treatment and care are selected individually, respectively, and the price of the procedure will depend on the use of special tools and the time spent.

Choosing a clinic and a specialist today has become easier – all the information is on sites and forums where people communicate and share their experiences. Saving on health and looking for clinics with a very low price is not worth it, you can not get to a qualified cosmetologist. Then the result can not only disappoint, but also bring big problems.

Performance Reviews

2 out of 10 women do not see significant changes on the face after the procedure, note only the absence of dryness and redness. But others confirm that the procedure is effective in combating skin imperfections and perfectly transforms the appearance.

Women also note that it is impossible to achieve the result of young and toned skin with creams and masks, and vacuum hydro-peeling is an effective anti-aging procedure that improves the properties and appearance of the skin. Hydra Peeling Hydral Feshl appeared long ago, and in recent years has become increasingly popular. Developers and innovators are constantly improving this process. Hydra Hydraulic Vacuum Peeling Hydrafacial. What is this procedure, description, devices, price

In many salons, it became possible to order an individual nozzle for a vacuum for your skin type, which allows you to most accurately affect imperfections and improve the epidermis, which means transforming a woman’s face.

One of the main advantages that clients note is that after the procedure there is no inflammation and redness of the skin.

Change your plans for the day and sit out at home do not have to! Patients note that after the procedures, the makeup on the face lies evenly and does not require the use of special tools that prepare the skin. The effectiveness of this cosmetic method was appreciated not only by the recipients of the service, but also by the cosmetologists themselves.

The vacuum hydro-peeling procedure allows you to individually approach the problem or shortcomings of the patient and assure him of a successful result. All nozzles are sterile and the client does not have doubts about its use for other patients. Reviews about modern devices, their numerous awards help to position the patient for the procedure and trust the doctor.

After cleansing pores and eliminating imperfections, the skin does not begin to secrete sebum intensely and fight against innovations. What is also considered a big plus in comparison with other methods of improving the skin.

The patented technology of Hydra Fashl has established itself due to its efficiency and the absence of a rehabilitation period. The technology includes the whole complex of procedures for rejuvenation and facial cleansing. The number of procedures is determined by a specialist, but to see the result, it is enough to go through only one procedure.

Haidra Fashion Vacuum Hydro Peeling Video

The cosmetologist talks about the procedure and the device itself:

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