How to whiten teeth at home without harming enamel quickly from yellowness. Products and folk recipes

How to whiten teeth in a short time at home, because the cost of dental services is quite high Using folk recipes, you need to be sure that you can restore whiteness to your teeth without harming the enamel. The main thing is to refrain from aggressive chemical effects on the natural coating of teeth.

Dangerous and safe methods of whitening

Ultrasound whitening and laser brushing are effective treatments. However, such an “upgrade” is expensive. Not everyone knows how to whiten teeth without problems at home, and even without harming enamel. After some procedures, the protective “shell” of the tooth may become thinner.

How to whiten teeth at home without harming enamel quickly from yellowness. Products and folk recipes

Effective folk methods of enamel clarification, which dentists call gentle, are:

  • Whitening with herbal decoctions and compresses;
  • The use of orange and banana peels in order to improve teeth health;
  • Use of essential oils;
  • Gruel of berries.

There are powerful tools to eliminate plaque (gels with the effect of whitening, toothpastes). Use them only after a visit to the dentist. The specialist will tell you how many days to use this or that tool. A prolonged effect on the teeth with the goal of whitening them can weaken the enamel.

People with hypersensitivity of teeth should refuse to use bleaching agents based on hydrogen peroxide.

Capa and whitening gels

They use strong gels when the enamel has significantly faded. The substances that make up the gel remove yellowness and gray plaque from the coating of teeth. The emulsion can be applied to the teeth with a brush. Soon it will be dissolved by saliva.

Close and long contact of the gel with the surface of the enamel provides the mouthpiece. This is the name of the small plastic construction worn on the teeth. Between the plastic and the enamel should be a layer of gel.

The gel is injected into a plastic product using a syringe. The use of mouthguards is a good “move” to protect the mucous membrane of the mouth from contact with the gel. Depending on the type of product, the shelf life of the mouthpiece on the teeth is determined.

How to whiten teeth at home without harming enamel quickly from yellowness. Products and folk recipes

On average, a mouthguard is worn for at least 8 hours (most often it is used at night). It is important to ensure that the cream is evenly distributed over the surface of the plastic. Otherwise, the patient will complain that not all teeth are lightened.

The standard mouthguard attracts many with its affordable price. However, in the process of wearing this “rescue plastic”, the patient may experience discomfort in the mouth. Annoying sensations are caused by the fact that the product is not 100 percent “fitted” to the dentition of a person. It will not work for a long time to wear such a device in the mouth.

A convenient variety of medical burls is a product made of thermoplastic. Before use, the cap is placed in hot water. When the transparent material becomes soft and supple, the mouthpiece is put on the teeth. The product is worn in the mouth for at least 5 hours.

So that the gel brings tooth enamel, getting rid of brown spots and does not add excessive sensitivity, dentists advise choosing gels based on carbamide peroxide. The result of the procedures will be noticeable in 10 – 15 days.

Children and pregnant women should not use gels

It is also important to remember that frequent and prolonged use will violate the sensitivity to temperature changes, but it is during the period when the cap is put on, and after the end of the procedure, the perception of temperature drops by the teeth returns to normal.

Whitening pencil

A pencil with enamel brightening effect is similar to gel in the type of exposure. In a tube of pencil there is a cream with whitening components (glycerin, ammonium carbonate, flavor, hydrogen peroxide, etc.). The disappearance of age spots from enamel occurs due to the “onslaught” of hydrogen peroxide.

How to whiten teeth at home without harming enamel quickly from yellowness. Products and folk recipes

Sometimes manufacturers replace this substance with carbamide peroxide. At the tip of the pencil is a miniature brush. With its help, a person smears problem areas of teeth.

It is important to pay attention to the percentage of hydrogen peroxide in the gel. Permissible content of this substance: 7 – 12%. Getting on the surface of the teeth, hydrogen peroxide enters into active interaction with air. As a result of chemical reactions, the whitening substance penetrates into the deep layers of enamel and eliminates brown spots.

A pencil should be used every time after standard brushing.

About 20 minutes you can’t drink and touch your teeth with your tongue so that the gel is absorbed and dried out. To improve the effect during the use of the pencil, it is advisable to refrain from smoking and drinking beverages that delay plaque (coffee, strong tea, etc.).

How to whiten teeth at home without harming enamel quickly from yellowness. Products and folk recipes
While using a whitening pencil, it is advisable to quit smoking and drink plaque

It is advisable to conduct a preliminary consultation with the doctor before using this pencil, so that it helps to pick up a pencil, which includes elements that are not able to cause allergies and gum irritation in the client.

Dentists remind you that you should not wait for instant results, resorting to the help of a lightening pencil. Dark plaque will disappear gradually. The natural “shell” of teeth will become lighter after 5 to 8 treatments.

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Teeth Whitening Strips

Thinking how to whiten his teeth at home, the patient longs without harm for the enamel to regain a dazzling smile. To make the enamel lighter by 3 tones, professionals advise using strips with a lightening effect. Anyone can purchase this product in a pharmacy.

Strips noticeably whiten teeth without harmful effects for enamel, they have a good brightening effect (for a couple of tones) and affordable price tags. 

Whitens a strip in its composition with hydrogen peroxide, which oxidizes and breaks down spots. One minus is that they do not hold tight and slide, which is why the bleached areas are not uniform.

Lighten this tool should be exclusively healthy teeth!

Like all bleaches, strips also exacerbate sensitivity and can cause allergies. Not recommended for pregnant women and people suffering from periodontal disease, allergie
s, asthma and diseases of the internal organs.

You can also find on sale flexible strips with a gel-like substance based on carbamide peroxide.

As soon as the patient removes the protective film from the plate, the gel begins to “work”.

How to whiten teeth at home without harming enamel quickly from yellowness. Products and folk recipes

The patient should refrain from the following actions in order not to harm the teeth and health in general:

  • Eat food while holding strips on your teeth;
  • Drink water;
  • To smoke;
  • Swap strips. The plate intended for the teeth of the upper row is longer than its “neighbor”;
  • Use the product again.

It’s highly undesirable to keep whitening cream strips on your teeth for longer than 30 minutes

Talking with medical strips in your mouth is not very convenient. However, for the sake of a good result, people are ready to suffer minor discomfort. You can lighten teeth with stripes in several tones.

The duration of the treatment course usually does not exceed 28 days. The result will be noticeable 4 – 5 months. When the enamel regains a grayish tint, the procedure can be repeated.

It is not possible to act on the interdental spaces with the help of strips. This fact forces some people to choose a more radical way of bleaching (mouthguards).

Whitening toothpastes and brushes

Pastes created to brighten enamel are in great demand. There are several varieties of effective pastes. How to whiten teeth at home without harming enamel quickly from yellowness. Products and folk recipes

Enamel-removing pastes

Instant improvement of a smile with the help of these pastes is problematic. Means act gently, without aggressive effects. These pastes contain enzymes that destroy tartar.

The best known bleaching enzymes are polydone and bromelain. Pastes also contain substances with polishing properties. Use pastas daily.

Active oxygen brightening pastes

Such pastes can be called quick helpers in whitening. However, they should be used with caution.

Pastes with abrasive components

Pastes containing large abrasive particles and enamel polishing substances are not intended for regular use. They scrape off not only the gray coating, but also the upper layer of the “shell”. How to whiten teeth at home without harming enamel quickly from yellowness. Products and folk recipes

When purchasing a paste for enamel clarification, a person should find out the RDA indicator. A high RDA indicates that the paste contains large particles that polish the teeth.

Dentists remind that the abrasion index should not exceed the value of 75 – 80. Pastes with a higher RDA index can be used no more than 3 times a week. By abusing aggressive pastes, the patient will notice that his teeth have become more susceptible to hot and cold foods.

Toothbrushes for active whitening

This is a good solution to eliminate soft plaque and age spots. The villi of such brushes consist of a rubber coating saturated with substances with a chemical composition capable of lightening.

At the base of modern electric brushes is a pressure sensor. It is necessary so that, along with dirt, the brush does not “carry away” part of their natural coating from the surface of the teeth. The location of the bristles makes it possible to eliminate plaque from the gaps between the teeth.

The most effective way to deal with age spots on the teeth is an ultrasonic brush. However, such a device is expensive.

Teeth Whitening with Herbs and Berries

You can whiten your teeth without harming enamel with berries and herbs rich in acidic elements that dissolve plaque. These are strawberries, lemon, apples, as well as sage.

Popular products based on herbal ingredients are:

  • “Porridge” from basil and bay leaves. Fresh basil leaves should be taken. Dry laurel is crushed into powder. The ingredients are mixed and applied to the molars. Using a cotton swab, the patient brushes his teeth with aromatic gruel;
  • Compresses from sage leaves and olive oil. To prepare this proven product, sage leaves must be crushed and mixed with a tablespoon of olive oil. The mixture should be on the teeth for 5 minutes. Then the patient should wash it off;
  • Herbal decoction of mint and chamomile. This product is intended for rinsing the oral cavity. Spending time preparing a decoction, the patient will do his teeth a favor. The above herbs well strengthen enamel and brighten it;
  • Licorice is naked. Stems and licorice leaves can be useful for healing and whiteness of enamel. In the ground form, the pulp is applied to the molars for 3-5 minutes;
  • Pulp of strawberries and strawberries;
  • “Lotions” of cranberries. Cotton wool soaked in berry juice should be left on the teeth for 4 minutes. After two weeks of such treatment, the patient will notice that the gray tint of the enamel has disappeared.

Bleaching Essential Oils

With a slight darkening of tooth enamel, dentists recommend remembering about essential oils. Tea tree essential oil is known for its whitening and antimicrobial properties. Before using the oil, brush your teeth with toothpaste for daily use.

How to whiten teeth at home without harming enamel quickly from yellowness. Products and folk recipes

Orange, tea and other essential oils give a visible and quick result without harm. Rinsing the mouth with a glass of water with 2-3 drops of oil removes plaque and covers the enamel with a thin protective film that protects against caries.

Essential oils are not recommended to be used more often than 1 time in 7 days.

A slight numbness of the cheeks during the procedure is considered normal.

If the patient is allergic to tea tree oil, he may use another remedy to eliminate gray plaque. Peppermint essential oil gives good results.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil removes light plaque, prevents its appearance, refreshes and improves the inflamed state of gums. It is simple to apply: each time with a standard cleaning procedure, it is necessary to add a few drops of oil to the paste.

A more effective recipe for sensitive enamel and irritated gums is a combination of a few drops of tea tree oil and aloe vera juice.

Lemon juice

Flavored citrus juice can serve as an indispensable service for people who have darkened tooth enamel. It is enough to brush your teeth once a week with a lemon slice so that tooth pigmentation is a thing of the past. The spaces between the teeth are easy to cl
ean with a lemon peel. To do this, peel should be chewed.

How to whiten teeth at home without harming enamel quickly from yellowness. Products and folk recipes

Dentists remind that lemon juice should be used no more than 1 time per week. Frequent contact of aggressive acid provokes the destruction of enamel.

Strawberries and wild strawberries

For those who are considering how to whiten their teeth without significant costs at home, without harming the enamel, folk methods can be advised.

Grated berries split the plaque and have an enamel polishing property. After the first wiping, the effect is visible, but, over several days, wiping with strawberry or strawberry berries brightens the enamel by tone.

Gruel from strawberries and strawberries gently and gradually brightens the upper layers of enamel. The crushed strawberries are left on the teeth for 5 minutes. For medicinal purposes, fresh berries are used. The benefits of frozen fruits will not be too great.

How to whiten teeth at home without harming enamel quickly from yellowness. Products and folk recipes
How to whiten teeth at home Berries of strawberries or wild strawberries will help to cope with yellowness without harm to enamel.

Strawberries also have a bleaching effect. Malic acid contained in aromatic berries eliminates plaque from the surface of enamel.

Some patients use strawberry pulp with soda. The crushed berries are mixed with a spoonful of baking soda. Teeth are brushed with this mixture. Then the patient should rinse thoroughly with water.

Eggplant Pulp

Few people know that eggplant pulp is an excellent way to combat tooth pigmentation.

Raw eggplant

A little raw vegetable mass should be mixed with a spoonful of olive oil. The resulting mixture is evenly distributed over the dentition for approximately 5 minutes. Then the mouth rinses with warm water. Mandatory procedure after eggplant treatment is toothpaste paste.

Hot eggplant

It is possible to lighten teeth by 2 tones in a short time by applying powder from red-hot eggplant.

Vegetable should be charred over an open fire. Then the dry charred eggplant is ground. Dark powder is used in the same way as toothpaste. Burnt flesh strengthens and brightens tooth enamel well.

It is undesirable to use eggplant paste more often 2 times a week

Banana peel

Without harming the enamel, it is not always possible to remove age spots. In order not to risk the health of the enamel, it is worth resorting to the help of a banana peel.

In a banana there are many elements useful for enamel (potassium, manganese, magnesium).

After the first application, the result will not be noticeable, but if banana wipes are carried out at least once a day for a period of about 3 weeks, the bleaching will become noticeable.

How to whiten teeth at home without harming enamel quickly from yellowness. Products and folk recipes

A well-washed banana peel is used for brushing your teeth. The duration of rubbing should not exceed 3 minutes. A more radical way of whitening is crushed banana peel in combination with soda.


Teeth can be whitened at home using basil herb, which has a moderate whitening effect on tooth enamel. Fresh leaves of this plant must be crushed in a mortar.

Ground basil leaves with 2 or 3 drops of mustard oil will strengthen and brighten the teeth, breathing will be with a slightly unusual smell.

Basil has an anti-inflammatory effect and will heal the gums. Green gruel is applied to the surface of the teeth. With a soft fleece, the mixture is rubbed into the teeth, then washed off.

How to whiten teeth at home without harming enamel quickly from yellowness. Products and folk recipes

In some cases, experts advise using basil in combination with mint. Both ingredients are ground, then applied to the teeth.

Orange peel and bay leaf

Bay leaves and orange peel are good bleaches. A paste made from these components will help your teeth shine and get rid of pathogens.

The peel of citrus contains vitamin C. This substance strengthens the coating of teeth, fights against germs. The components found in the bay leaf contribute to the discoloration of age spots. Regularly using vegetable raw materials for medicinal purposes, the patient will see that the appearance of his teeth has changed for the better.

A mixture of these ingredients removes plaque and discolors stains, and will also be effective as a prevention against tooth decay .

First, they usd the teeth with the inside of the peel from the orange, then they usd them with chopped bay leaves. After 5-7 minutes, the composition should be washed off with warm water.

Products to help snow-white smile. Table

In order to improve the color of teeth, you can use foods with a natural whitening effect. Among them are products containing components that have a beneficial effect on the color of enamel, but only the effect will not be immediately noticeable.

for a




 The product’s name Beneficial effect Possible cons
Apples and pears Malic acid perfectly breaks down plaque. Sensitivity and irritation of the gums with very frequent use.
Dairy products (milk, cheese) Strengthen tooth enamel due to the calcium in them.

(lemon, orange)

They consist of ascorbic acid, whi
ch helps to brighten enamel.
Allergic reactions are possible.

(Strawberry wild-strawberry)

Remove plaque well. Allergic reactions are possible.
Vegetables (carrots, broccoli, celery) Enriched with trace elements, brighten teeth and remove dark spots.  Allergic reactions are possible.
Fish Contains amega -3 acid, good for the prevention of inflamed gums and restores the whiteness of teeth. Bones can damage the gums.

In order not to be shy of brown plaque, it is worth including vegetables and fruits from the list below in the menu: How to whiten teeth at home without harming enamel quickly from yellowness. Products and folk recipes

  • Milk. This product contains a high percentage of calcium. Thanks to the influence of calcium, tooth enamel becomes stronger and acquires a light shade;
  • Apples These fruits have a high percentage of water and iron. Having eaten an apple after lunch or dinner, a person will create additional cleansing of soft teeth from his teeth;
  • Strawberry. There is a lot of malic acid in strawberries. This valuable enzyme helps eliminate contaminants that have lurked in the interdental spaces;
  • Celery. Celery roots have a lot of calcium, vitamin C, and other valuable substances. Using celery in salads, a person will be able to achieve clarification of the molars;
  • Nuts. Walnuts and hazel contain potassium, calcium, and vitamin B1. Once in the body, these components will “work” on the strength and whiteness of the teeth;
  • Oranges. Fragrant fruits contain magnesium, phosphorus, ascorbic acid and calcium. By incorporating oranges in their diet, many people have gotten rid of the darkening of tooth enamel.

Other home whitening methods

There are other ways to eliminate plaque, but they must be used with extreme caution, as in most cases they are not recommended by dentists.

Soda Whitening

In acceptable quantities, soda does not harm enamel and is quite effective for such purposes. The procedure is enough to carry out 1-2 times a week.

How to whiten teeth at home without harming enamel quickly from yellowness. Products and folk recipes

A pinch of soda should be used instead of a paste, as in the normal toothbrushing process.

Activated Carbon Powder

To bleach pass only one charcoal or combined with paste. So bleaching is allowed no more than 1 time within 7-10 days.

Possible consequences of self-bleaching

With independent procedures, it is important to understand that incorrect actions will lead to unpleasant consequences:

  • teeth scratching;
  • thinning of enamel;
  • increased sensitivity (bleeding gums);
  • individual allergic reaction (allergic stomatitis) is possible.

How not to harm tooth enamel when whitening

In pursuit of a spectacular smile, some patients are in a hurry to try all the means on themselves. A chaotic combination of recipes can harm a person.

When whitening, dentists recommend that you follow a few important rules so as not to damage the enamel.

In order not to harm, you should refrain from:

  • teeth whitening affected by caries;
  • the use of flexible strips and cap, having old fillings;
  • frequent use of soda-based compresses;
  • pressing hard on the teeth using a toothbrush.

As a preventive measure, it is recommended to reduce the consumption of food that destroys enamel (too cold or hot, too hard food), as well as take vitamin complexes enriched with calcium.

Having figured out the entire list of means and methods of whitening, we can say with confidence that whitening teeth at home without harming the enamel is quite realistic. The main thing is to know the safest of them and follow the rules for their use.

It is dangerous for a person prone to allergies to use homemade pastes and essential oils as a bleaching agent.

It is highly undesirable for people with thin tooth enamel to purchase pastes with abrasive components. Young patients should give preference to traditional enamel clarification methods with minimal health risks.

Before whitening teeth with a specific tool, it is necessary to consult a dentist and the possibility and safety of its use in an individual case

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