Couch for eyelash extension: folding, folding. How to choose: sizes, prices. How to make a couch with your own hands

Eyelash extensions require a lot of time, so professional craftsmen offer customers conveniently located on a special couch.

Types of eyelash extension couches

Manufacturers are constantly expanding the assortment of couches, increasing their functionality.

Equipment is divided into several types:

  • On a mechanical principle . The basis for them are wooden or metal frames. The lounger itself has 1 or 2 moving parts with mechanisms as regulators of the position of the head, legs and body. Debugging equipment takes time. In the price range, mechanical couches take first place in terms of cheapness, therefore, as stationary equipment, they are available for beginners and salons.
  • Folding mechanical couches. More often they are 2-section with a lightweight frame and provide not only comfort, but also enable the master to quickly equip the workplace when leaving the house for the client, easily turn from the shape of a small suitcase into a couch. Folding devices are one of the cheapest cosmetology equipment on the market.
  • Models with hydraulics . The design is not much different from mechanical ones – the same moving parts, metal frame. An additional convenience is the ability to quickly and effortlessly adjust the couch in height using the hydraulic lift pedal. These devices are in the average price range. Couch for eyelash extension: folding, folding. How to choose: sizes, prices. How to make a couch with your own hands
  • Models with electric drives are the most comfortable, allowing you to quickly and silently adjust all parts of the sunbed, choosing the most optimal position for the body. Manufacturers are trying to equip them with additional functions that can be controlled using the remote control: local debugging of the tilt of the sunbed parts, its heating, with large volumes of storage space for the master’s materials at hand. Electric couches are one of the most expensive, and not every salon has the opportunity to purchase them.

Advantages and disadvantages of a folding couch

A couch for eyelash extensions, especially its folding option, is a necessary attribute of a master who goes to his client’s house. The availability of equipment will help the leshmeiker gain trust and a good reputation among those who use his services or can recommend to others.

The advantages of a folding couch are as follows:

  • convenience in transportation when working on the road is provided – it is easy to disassemble, compactly looks assembled;
  • mobile, as it weighs no more than 18 -24 pounds; Couch for eyelash extension: folding, folding. How to choose: sizes, prices. How to make a couch with your own hands
  • the problem of selecting improvised furniture for carrying out the building procedure at the client’s home is solved;
  • comfortable work of the master is ensured (one does not need to constantly strain the back muscles, to be in an uncomfortable position, thereby lowering one’s working capacity and earning sciatica);
  • customer comfort is provided (the ability to relax mentally and physically, to enjoy a comfortable lying position);
  • requires minimal care;
  • during storage takes up little space;
  • emphasis is placed on the professionalism of the lashmaker himself, who demonstrates his desire to conduct the procedure at the proper level.

The disadvantages of a folding couch may be the lack of a built-in headrest or orthopedic pillow, so this part has to be purchased separately. More often, such a lounger is a simplified model without hydraulics, without an electric drive, so adjusting in height and angle takes a certain amount of time.

Pros and cons of awkward couches

Clumsy couches are used in beauty salons as stationary equipment, so it becomes possible to choose more fundamental models, with additional equipment and increased comfort.

Depending on the purchasing potential of the beauty salon, awkward sunbeds can be equipped with:

  • hydraulic or electric hoists and tilt controls for comfortable building; Couch for eyelash extension: folding, folding. How to choose: sizes, prices. How to make a couch with your own hands
  • special head restraints for a comfortable position of the client’s head;
  • removable armrests;
  • pull-out tables at the head, where the master can lay out his work material;
  • drawers for storing tools;

They give status to a beauty salon.

With all the obvious positive qualities, awkward models have several disadvantages :

  • they cannot be used on the road, therefore, if the leshmaker serves clients at home, it is necessary to have an additional folding option;
  • couches with hydraulics, and especially with electric drives, take up a lot of space, so they may not be suitable for small rooms;
  • require more care;
  • prices for some modern models may not be affordable for beginner beauty salons.

Criterias of choice

Eyelash extension couch – purchase for more than one year. The physical condition of the master and his client, a positive atmosphere during the procedures, depend on her.

When purchasing this attribute, you need to consider many criteria:

  • frame material – metal is more durable, and wood is lighter;
  • coating – pleasant to the touch, giving the opportunity to periodically treat it with disinfectants;
  • the number of regulated sections – it must be remembered that the device is easier to fit for a client of small stature, if it has 3 sections. In fact, a 3-section couch is suitable for all categories of customers;
  • the presence of convenient adjustment for tilt and height;
  • the presence of a pull-out shelf or table in the area of the master’s workplace, where he can arrange the necessary materials;
  • the location of the legs in the area of the head should be away from the end edge so that the master can sit comfortably; Couch for eyelash extension: folding, folding. How to choose: sizes, prices. How to make a couch with your own hands
  • the presence of an orthopedic pillow that enhances customer comfort.

Sizes of couches

The dimensions of the couches depend on their functionality, the method of debugging the position of the sections (hydraulics, electrics, mechanics), design and construction. But there are generally accepted, basic sizes that are considered classic. In this case, the length of the couch is 5’9 foot, the width is about 23’6 inch, and the height is adjustable from 25’6 – 29’5 inch. There are Chinese models that can be higher – up to 33’5 – 35’4 inch. Couch for eyelash extension: folding, folding. How to choose: sizes, prices. How to make a couch with your own hands

Most often, electric models do not fit into these sizes, since they are considered one of the most cumbersome. Other parameters of these devices are also possible if they are made to order or with your own hands , as they are oriented pu
rely to the individual needs of the master.

Coverage selection

One of the important nuances when choosing a couch is a properly selected coating, on which the client can feel comfortable and relaxed.

It should be:

  • tactilely enjoyable;
  • soft;
  • durable;
  • be treated with antiseptics without any problems.

It is better if the couch is covered with leather without an unpleasant odor (a more expensive option), or with a good quality leather substitute (such material will cost 30-50% cheaper) so that no cracks appear. Cloth coatings will not work – they quickly become dirty, glossy and do not allow for high-quality sanitization.

Modern technologies offer such a product for upholstery of couches as eco-leather. Such a coating does not allow bare bodies to shine, does not cause irritation, refers to “breathing” materials. A nice bonus is the treatment of eco-leather in the style of “stop claw”, when the surface is practically not subject to scratches. Couch for eyelash extension: folding, folding. How to choose: sizes, prices. How to make a couch with your own hands

To increase their status and customer comfort, some manufacturers complete their goods with a terry or non-woven cloak, and also provide their products with quality certificates.

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Which is better to buy

The choice of couch depends on a number of factors:

  • the purpose of the purchase is to go home, it means a folding model, or to work in the cabin, where a clumsy attribute is suitable;
  • sufficient space for the selected stationary equipment;
  • set of useful properties: functionality, comfort, quality;
  • financial possibilities of a salon or a private master;
  • the payment ability of the bulk of customers, affecting the rate of return on acquisition;
  • the degree of exactingness of the master himself and his clients, that is, the status of a cosmetic institution.

For a novice salon or for a private lashmaker, it is cost-effective to purchase a mechanical couch (stationary or mobile), as a budget option, which will quickly pay off, but will last a long time. Couch for eyelash extension: folding, folding. How to choose: sizes, prices. How to make a couch with your own hands

For salons of the average hand, it is possible to purchase equipment in hydraulics. It is more convenient to use due to the ability to adjust the position of the couch with the pedal.

VIP lounges in big cities can afford to buy an electric installation. Depending on the requests of the master, it can be equipped with 1, 2 or 3 electric motors, which allow the client to take the most comfortable pose for himself, by heating the sunbed.

The installation can be transformed from a couch to a chair, has a number of additional gadgets. This is not only increased comfort, but also a serious application for success.

The same functionality models may cost differently, depending on the manufacturer. The most expensive, but also high-quality, are considered couches made in Europe. Equipment manufactured at American and CIS countries is somewhat cheaper.

Those who want to save more turn to the offers of Alibaba, AliExpress and other online stores and manufacturers in China, a successful replica of a European certified product can be obtained for very little money.

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Top manufacturers and prices

The price spread on the couch, given below in usd, is very arbitrary.

The final cost depends primarily on the current exchange rate of the dollar, euro or national currency. Couch for eyelash extension: folding, folding. How to choose: sizes, prices. How to make a couch with your own hands

Manufacturer Mechanical * Hydraulic Electric drives **
China (such as Chaohui) 7500 – 9000 22000 – 28000 from 45000
USA (such as RuComfort) 9500 – 13000 25000 – 30000 from 48000
Europe (such as Restpro, US Medica) 23500 – 42000 36000 – 42000 from 50000

* prices are indicated only for stationary couches, folding on average 20-25% cheaper;

** the lower price bar is indicated, since the upper one depends on the number of electric drives (from 1 to 3), additional gadgets, the presence / absence of heating and has a very large spread.

Can I make a couch with my own hands

If the beginner is a lashmaker and does not have the financial ability to purchase factory equipment, it is possible to make a couch with his own hands. The easiest way is to adapt a folding office chair, massage table, sofa without backrest for procedures, equipping them and their workplace with an orthopedic pillow, cloak, hard mattress, chair with lifting and folding elements for the convenience of the master.

The second way is, having decided on the parameters of the couch, prepare a drawing (or choose a ready-made option on the Internet), think over what materials will be involved, and choose the most optimal option according to the criteria of functionality-quality-price.

Experts recommend the manufacture of a couch from 2 sections – it is easier to perform, but provides a certain convenience for the client and for the master.

Beauty salons belonging to lovers of exclusivity are invited to consider the option of contacting the furniture workshop with a request to make a cosmetic couch for the interior of the room itself, providing suggestions for the design of the sunbed. Suc
h an attribute will cost the customer about $ 408 – $ 544, but will be able to raise the prestige of the institution.

Materials for creating a couch

The eyelash extension couch consists of several main parts: the frame, the base of the sunbed, the inner and outer coatings.

For the manufacture of the entire structure you will need:

  • wooden beams or a metal profile (optional) to form the frame;
  • plywood for the hard part of the sunbed;
  • filler to create the necessary softness, for example, foam. As an alternative, you can use semi-rigid mattresses that are suitable in size to the base; horse hair or dry algae can ideally serve as a filler;
  • coating (low-cost option – faux leather of good quality, version more expensive – eco-leather);
  • simple lifting gear;
  • welding machine, attributes to it (if the frame is metal);
  • self-tapping screws (if the frame is made of wood);
  • furniture stapler; Couch for eyelash extension: folding, folding. How to choose: sizes, prices. How to make a couch with your own hands
  • furniture varnish or paint;
  • related tools (brushes, hacksaws, grinder, hammer, screwdrivers, glue, coarse sandpaper, solvent).

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Step-by-step process of making a couch with a photo

A 2-section eyelash extension couch is assembled as follows:

  • according to the drawing and the selected parameters, the frame is made;
    Couch for eyelash extension: folding, folding. How to choose: sizes, prices. How to make a couch with your own hands
    Couch for eyelash extension can be done with your own hands with the right tools
  • the legs of the couch are interconnected by additional crossbars for greater stability;
  • the assembled wooden frame is opened with varnish, the metal structure is painted with light paint. The product must be allowed to dry;
  • the bottom of the sunbed is cut out from plywood and adjusted to the dimensions of the existing base, the edges are processed with sandpaper;
  • the plywood bottom is attached to the frame using self-tapping screws or arbitrary fasteners, if the base is made of metal;
  • according to the drawing, a lifting mechanism is installed;
  • plywood is covered with foam to a certain thickness. It must be remembered that soon the filler will take a little, and the bed may not be so comfortable. So that the material does not roll, does not create wrinkles, it must be glued to the plywood along the edges;
  • the almost finished construction is tightened by the coating; it must be attached with a furniture stapler to the underside of the plywood. In the case of a 2-section device, it is better to tighten each part separately, this will prevent rapid wear, deformation at the joints.

Professional advice on choosing: what you need to consider when buying a couch

For successful eyelash extension, it is necessary that the couch and the master’s workplace be comfortable and practical.

Therefore, professionals recommend taking into account some details when buying this equipment:

  • what the frame is made of – metal is more durable than wood;
  • what quality is the coating – it is necessary to take into account the degree of its elasticity, strength, lack of smell, the ability to treat with disinfectants;
  • 2 or 3 sections – a 3-part couch is considered more universal, as well as convenient for clients of small stature; Couch for eyelash extension: folding, folding. How to choose: sizes, prices. How to make a couch with your own hands
  • it is desirable that the couch lacks a partition or a horizontal bar under the head of the head, otherwise the master will not be able to sit down evenly and put his legs comfortably, which means that he will get tired faster;
  • it is recommended that the lounger is everywhere the same width, including at the head;
  • when buying equipment, it is necessary to correctly calculate its dimensions, the allocated space in order to organize a convenient approach to it, properly equip, illuminate the working area;
  • when buying a used couch, you must carefully check the condition of its mechanisms and cover. Attention should be paid to the general appearance of the equipment;
  • if when acquiring funds it was enough for a simple couch without lifting mechanisms, then it makes sense to supplement the master’s workplace with an adjustable up and down chair.

High-quality equipment causes visitors to beauty salons a sense of satisfaction, trust and confidence in the experience of the master. A good lashmaker is not only one who seeks to do a quality job, but also who thinks about the comfort of customers.

The main indicator in this may be the presence of a well-thought-out couch, where for 2-3 hours eyelash extensions for women will turn from an unpleasant procedure into relaxation after a hard day or household chores.

Video about eyelash extension couches

Desktop for craftsmen:

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