Analgesic ointments in cosmetology for face and body skin. Reviews which are better

Anesthetizing ointments and gels are used in cosmetology if you need to relieve mild pain. There are many such products, so it is important to know which one is most suitable for a cosmetic procedure.

The use of anesthetic ointments in cosmetology

Anesthetic ointment in cosmetology is effective compared to anesthetic tablets. After all, the latter affect the whole body, and the ointment only at the place of application.

Anesthetizing ointments are used for:

  • Sugaringe. Destruction of hair in any part of the body with sugar caramel.
  • Electrolysis. Removing unwanted hair by destroying its follicle with a weak discharge of electric current.
  • Photoepilation. The process of removing unwanted hair with a prolonged effect.
  • Laser therapy. The method relates to physiotherapy, and is based on the use of radiation of the optical range that the laser generates.
    Analgesic ointments in cosmetology for face and body skin. Reviews which are better
  • Mesotherapy. Injection method of introducing hyaluronic acid and vitamins under the skin.

The choice of anesthetic ointment depends on the following factors:

  • from the treatment area and the pain threshold of a person;
  • from the presence of contraindications;
  • from chronic diseases;
  • from drugs used.

It is important to pay attention to effective and safe means. The drug should not carry the additional burden on the central nervous system and heart. Through the use of anesthetic cream, you can remove unpleasant sensations and reduce the risk of complications. This will allow you to carry out the procedure on a selected part of the body painlessly. Specialized products are applied to the face, neck or decollete.

Contraindications to anesthesia with ointments

The main contraindications include:

  • an allergic reaction to the substance of the drug;
  • taking other drugs in which lidocaine is the main component;
  • pregnancy and childhood.

Analgesic ointments in cosmetology for face and body skin. Reviews which are better

Creams that are not officially registered can be hazardous to health. They have an incomprehensible composition of origin. Before using such a tool, it is necessary to consult a specialist and conduct an allergy test.

Side effects

Side effects may also appear, which manifest as:

  • redness;
  • itching
  • burning sensation;
  • swelling
  • swelling;
  • rash.

Types of ointments-anesthetics for the face and body, their composition

You can buy a cream with an anesthetic effect in any pharmacy.

Among the wide variety of such tools are:

  • Freezing drugs . They perfectly anesthetize the skin due to their direct functions, but do not completely relieve pain, since they do not penetrate deep into the skin. Often, such drugs are used at home. Means include Prilocaine and Lidocaine.
    Analgesic ointments in cosmetology for face and body skin. Reviews which are better
  • Means with a complex of anesthetics . To enhance the effect of anesthesia, manufacturers combine several active components of anesthetics in one drug. Thanks to this combination, you can achieve a long and quick effect.

Action of drugs

The active components of painkillers block impulses from the nerves to the head. As a result, pain is not felt, only a slight tension is felt. Cosmetology anesthesia can be performed along with sedatives.

This will allow you to relax during the process of manipulation, which will reduce the risk of stress from the body. The effect of analgesic ointments lasts 3-4 hours. The effect occurs 15 minutes after application.

The method of applying analgesic ointments

Anesthetic ointment in cosmetology is used as follows:

  1. First you need to clean the necessary area of the skin.
    Analgesic ointments in cosmetology for face and body skin. Reviews which are better
    Before using analgesic ointments in cosmetology, it is necessary to clean the skin area.
  2. Then, with a cotton pad, apply the cream with a thin layer of 3/32 inch and evenly distribute by hand in a certain area.
  3. Wait about 1 hour.
  4. Remove cream.

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The best ointments for anesthetizing cosmetic procedures

Anesthetizing ointments due to the greasy consistency additionally moisturize the skin and prevent irritation. In cosmetology, the drugs listed below are most effective.


Emla is an odorless white cream. After its use, the active ingredients are gradually released. At the time of absorption, the effect of anesthesia is manifested. The duration of the anesthetic effect depends on the area of application, the pain threshold of the patient. After 1 hour after use, the skin is anesthetized to a depth of 0. 0’8 inch. After 10 minutes, complete anesthesia occurs.

Analgesic ointments in cosmetology for face and body skin. Reviews which are better

The cream is mainly used for hair removal. The procedure is unpleasant, so the use of the drug is very important. The medication includes lidocaine and prilocaine. Due to the first substance, an analgesic effect is provided, and due to the second, prolonged analgesia occurs.

Upon contact with the skin, the drug dilates the blood vessels. Therefore, during its use, redness of the skin is observed, which disappears at the end of the procedure.


Anestezol is a complex local action drug that has an anesthetic effect. The tool quickly anesthetizes and has an astringent composition. The analgesic effect is achieved due to benzocaine, which is part of the composition, and thanks to zinc oxide, the cooling effect of menthol is provided.

Dr. Numb

The cream is an effective drug for quickly achieving the desired result in cosmetology. The combination of two active ingredients makes this drug the most effective for preparing the skin for cosmetic procedures. The cream includes the substance Anestoderm, as well as vitamin E and ethyl alcohol. After use, the effect of the drug remains for 2.5 hours.

Analgesic ointments in cosmetology for face and body skin. Reviews which are better

To obtain the result, it is necessary to apply the drug with a layer of 1/32 – 3/32 inch on clean skin with an alcohol wipe. The tool is used for waxing. Before using the medication, the skin must be washed with soap or treated with alcohol. Then apply a layer of cream. You can use the film, it will speed up the process of anesthesia. Cream on the skin should be kept no more than half an hour.

Light dep

Anesthetizing ointment in cosmetology Light Dep is a unique anesthetic cosmetic product. This medication is intended for the most sensitive skin areas. The duration of the drug is 4 hours.

During this time, pain is not felt. The tool penetrates the skin due to the active ingredient – anestoderm. The drug is applied in a small layer for a certain time. After this time, the remaining funds must be washed off.

Analgesic ointments in cosmetology for face and body skin. Reviews which are better

In addition to the main substance, the cream includes:

  • water;
  • carbomer;
  • sodium hydroxide;
  • Castor oil.


This product has an anesthetic effect and relieves irritation after a cosmetic procedure. The drug is used before the hair removal procedure. The cream makes the hair elastic, they are easily removed and do not break. This fact helps to avoid the process of hair growth.

The drug has a menthol aroma.

A little means is applied to the proposed area of hair removal and left until completely absorbed. The composition of the product includes chamomile, water, menthol extract. The cream is not used for allergies to its components.


A cream is needed to anesthetize a skin area before cosmetic procedures. It is a mixture of prilocaine and lidocaine. The basis of this medication is a hydrolipidic emulsion, which allows you to effectively overcome the protective barrier on the skin and accumulates in the dermis and epidermis. The cream is applied externally to the mucous membrane and to the skin.

Analgesic ointments in cosmetology for face and body skin. Reviews which are better

The dosage should correspond to the processing surface and should not be higher than 1 g per 3’9 inch 2
The drug should not be taken with an allergy to its components and during pregnancy, since the active substances can penetrate the fetal tissues.

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Ane stop

Cream-gel, odorless, white, with a thick consistency, characterized by quick effectiveness, good tolerance and excellent absorption. Amethocoin and a eutectic mixture of propitocaine and lingnocaine make it ideal for long-term and powerful pain relief.

The cream is used for:

  • peeling;
  • piercing;
  • mesotherapy;
  • contour correction;
  • skin surgery.

Analgesic ointments in cosmetology for face and body skin. Reviews which are better

The depth of anesthesia after applying the medication is 4/32 inch and continues to persist for 3 hours. The product does not require a dressing during use and is used on an intact skin area. After cleansing, the first layer of cream is applied to the area of the procedure, which must be removed after 10 minutes. Then for 10 minutes apply another layer of cream and also remove.

Apply the 3rd layer of the agent for 5 minutes, remove the residues, clean the treated area and disinfect. As a result of this application process, the skin becomes ready for the procedure. All of the above painkillers creams have different cost, which depends on the manufacturer, the composition of the cream and the duration of action.


Title Cost
Emla from $ 19 – $ 23.
Anestezol from $ 1,07.
Ane stop from $ 1,93.
Xylocaine from $ 16 – $ 20.
Depilflax from $ 5 – $ 7.
Light dep from $ 20.
Dr. Numb from $ 12,65.

Precautionary measures

For the procedure of hair removal and other similar cosmetic procedures, different types of agents are used. This is not an advertising ploy. All such drugs vary in composition. Therefore, if a mustache remover is applied to the legs, then a positive result may not be obtained. But if you do the opposite, you can get a severe chemical burn.

Analgesic ointments in cosmetology for face and body skin. Reviews which are better

This is dangerous and painkillers. On the face, hair can be removed by any method, but if you choose a cream, then you need to consider ultra-gentle. As for the legs, you need to buy strong concentrated medicines and know the features of your own skin.

Before using anesthesia, a test must be performed. Apply a little anesthetic to an exposed area of the skin and wait a few minutes. If the skin does not redden and a rash does not appear, then everything is in order. To avoid burns after removing the drug, the skin area must be thoroughly rinsed with water and do not use cosmetics and perfume after that.

Alcohol and local anesthetics

Before any anesthesia is forbidden to drink alcohol. The combination of alcoholic beverages with such agents causes bleeding,
weakens the effect of the agent.

When drinking alcohol, the following reactions from systems and organs are observed:

  • blood vessels dilate;
  • blood clots form;
  • muscle cramps appear;
  • tachycardia appears;
  • blood pressure rises.

Painkillers, like alcohol, are poisonous because they paralyze nerve fibers. For this reason, they are not compatible: the simultaneous use of two types of toxins leads to a negative reaction of the body.

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Folk methods

Such a phrase as “chemical constituents” does not harm the skin and the body as a whole, if you adhere to the recipe for preparing the mixture:


A simple and effective method based on the drug Rivanol. To remove hair, you need to take this medicine and dilute it in a ratio of 1: 1000. Moisten a cotton pad with a solution and wipe the skin. After a few days, the hairline will become thinner and the hair will not grow.

Analgesic ointments in cosmetology for face and body skin. Reviews which are better

This method is quite safe and there are no burns after it.


It will take 1 small spoonfuls of ordinary soda diluted in 1 tablespoon. boiling water. After the mixture has cooled, you need to moisten a cotton swab with it and apply it to the skin area, leave it overnight. This procedure must be carried out every day and after a few days the hair will fall out.

Ant oil

This drug effectively fights unwanted body hair. It penetrates the hair, which eventually becomes weaker, their growth slows down, and they stop growing. With constant use, oil destroys the bulb, hair disappears forever.

In addition, the drug is a wonderful antiseptic after the hair removal process, it does not allow hair to grow into the skin. The drug is applied for several minutes to the skin and washed off with warm water. For maximum effect, the drug is mixed in equal proportions with turmeric and lemon juice.

Hydrogen peroxide

Due to the drug, the hair will become thin, and the removal problem will disappear on its own. Such a process is resorted to by those who want to get rid of facial hair. It is necessary to wipe the skin several times a day with this drug.

Analgesic ointments in cosmetology for face and body skin. Reviews which are better

In order to painlessly get rid of unwanted body hair, even in particularly delicate places, you should use painkillers ointments, widely used in cosmetology.

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