Homeschooling Gems in the Web 8/9/13

Gems in the Web

I believe that we get into trouble when knowing becomes a surrogate for learning. We know that a vast recall of facts about something is in no way a measure of understanding them. At best, it is necessary but not sufficient. And yet we subject our kids to memorizing. We seem to believe that rote learning is akin to physical exercise, good for their minds. And, quite conveniently, we can test whether the facts stuck, like spaghetti to a wall. In some cases knowledge is so drilled in that you know and hate a subject at the same time.

Read “Another Way to Think About Learning” and a follow up article, “Given Tablets but No Teachers, Ethiopian Children Teach Themselves.”

The swelling legions of homeschoolers poke a subtle rebuke at America’s ever expanding nanny state. Under both parties, Washington has systematically invaded private spheres and co-opted public services historically performed by local bodies. But a spontaneous groundswell of freedom minded folks has continued America’s rich inheritance of rugged individualism.

Read the rest of “Want to Tell the State to Stick It? Home School Your Kids” from Forbes magazine.

Math and Science Fun

Cindy, the Homeschooling Blogger Rock Star

I can’t get enough of Cindy (Get Along Home). She’s smart, witty, and brave. She’s got several incredible homeschooling articles on her blog. Once you start reading over there, you’re hooked. Unless, of course, you’re spitting tacks. Check out some of these:

Homeschooling Concerns

Naive, Unworldly Homeschoolers

Homeschooled Kid Grows Up


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