Tweezing eyebrows with thread. Which thread is better, how to do it at home

The method of plucking eyebrows with thread is popular because of its simplicity and effectiveness. In this way, you can independently give your eyebrows any desired shape without resorting to a beauty salon. Plucking hairs with a thread is called trading. Today it is a modern procedure in many professional beauty salons.

What is eyebrow correction thread

With the help of a thread made on her eyelets and proper manipulations get rid of excess hair. Tweezers eliminate only individual hairs. He cannot eliminate a small inconspicuous fluff. And the thread perfectly performs this function.

An eyebrow plucking thread can also remove excess hair anywhere on the face:

  • above the lip above;
  • between the eyebrows;
  • on the neck;
  • remove whiskers;

Beautifully and correctly designed eyebrows complete the image. Eyes become more expressive.

Who is contraindicated in hair removal with a thread

There are no contraindications for this method, and yet there are situations where you should refrain from the procedure.

Tweezing eyebrows with thread. Which thread is better, how to do it at home

Reasons to refuse trading Ways to solve the problem
Moles, papillomas, scars and other formations at the place of plucking. Use the services of a wizard.
Sores, herpes, inflammatory processes, on the treatment site. To avoid infection, wait until complete recovery.
Oncological diseases. Consult a doctor.
Pregnancy and lactation. Use painkillers.
Allergy to silk. Use thread without silk additives.

What are the benefits of using thread to remove eyebrows

The eyebrow plucking thread is so easy to use that it gives it advantages over other methods:

  • Minimum material costs.
  • Simplicity and accessibility of materials.
  • Make eyebrows more precise as desired.
  • Using the plucking thread, the upper border of the eyebrow becomes clear and creates a contrast with the bottom.
  • Safe in terms of hygiene. Each time a new piece of thread is taken. Infection is excluded.
  • The thread not only creates the shape of the eyebrow, but also removes the smallest fluffy hairs around, so it is suitable at any stage of hair growth.
  • The effect of the procedure lasts up to 4 weeks, and this is longer than with other methods.
  • The thread does not injure the integument, therefore it is suitable for any, even sensitive and problem skin.
  • There is no problem of ingrown hairs.
  • A fast moving thread creates the effect of light peeling, removing the top layer of dry epidermal cells, which has a beneficial effect on the skin.
  • The skin is not chemically exposed. So it does not threaten an allergic reaction.
  • Subsequently, the removed hairs become thinner and eventually cease to grow.
  • After using the thread, the skin becomes smooth. Cosmetics lie more evenly on the skin treated in this way.
  • The procedure time is much shorter.

Disadvantages of the method

Like any cosmetic procedure, trading has its drawbacks, but they are easily removable.

Tweezing eyebrows with thread. Which thread is better, how to do it at home

  • In the first procedure, using a thread to pluck the eyebrows, more painful sensations are possible. Over time, the pain decreases.
  • Often after using the thread on the treated surface, swelling and redness occurs. A cold lotion will help, and after 30 minutes everything will pass.
  • Without experience, this may seem like a daunting task. Correctly stretched thread crashes painfully into the skin of the hands (eliminated by training).
  • The thread may break (you need to change to a new segment).
  • It is necessary to choose the thickness and adjust the tension.
  • To postpone the coloring of eyebrows, suddenly the skin is accidentally damaged.
  • Not suitable for hard thick hairs, does poorly.
  • If improperly performed, the thread breaks the hairs, and they grow faster.

What thread is used to pluck eyebrows

Thread quality matters. In the salons, the procedure is carried out with special purchased cosmetic thread. It consists of the thinnest nylon fibers. At home, high-quality high-strength cotton thread, about average thickness, is suitable. Silk additives are allowed.

A pure silk thread slips off, so it is not suitable for an inexperienced person. And synthetic ones tend to stretch.

How to make a thread for plucking eyebrows

Making a thread does not take much time.

  1. Thread for plucking eyebrows is measured in accordance with the width of the palms. You can take it shorter at first. It is more comfortable. Specialists in salons usually use thread length of 17’7 – 19’7 inch.
  2. The thread is tightly, preferably on 3 knots, tied together by ends. The resulting ring is worn on the thumb and forefinger of both hands.
  3. Stretch.
  4. Rotating with one hand, twist in the middle 8–9 times. The nodule should be away from the torsion. It turns out a shape similar to an hourglass or figure 8.
  5. Index and thumb are obtained as if in triangles. Spreading fingers on one hand and narrowing on the other, we achieve the movement of the coiled stitches in a spiral. It turns out the effect of scissors.
  6. The plucking thread must be tight.

Tweezing eyebrows with thread. Which thread is better, how to do it at home

The thread does not need processing, it must be dry. For each procedure, the length of thread must be new.

Step-by-step instructions for plucking eyebrows with thread

The necessary accessories can be found in every home:

  • Thread for plucking eyebrows.
  • A lamp with bright directional light, as well as the procedure can be performed with good daylight consecration.
  • Disinfectant: hydrogen peroxide or a solution with an alcohol content (2-3%).
  • Moisturizing or softening cream.
  • Cotton pads, dense texture, so that there are no sticking villi.
  • Chilled decoction of chamomile or other herbs with anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Powdery or medium hard eyebrow pencil. A soft pencil can spread and a hard one can scratch the skin.
  • Cosmetic tape or wax for eyebrows.

Preparing eyebrows for plucking

To reduce pain, you can perform several manipulations.

  1. Apply cream to the depilation site, wait until completely absorbed. After a few minutes, remove the remaining cream with a cotton pad dipped in warm water. Hold a warm disc for several minutes to soften the skin.
  2. You can take a cream, which contains the anestheti
    c drug lidocaine, it is sold in a pharmacy.
  3. Moisten a cotton pad with hydrogen peroxide or any alcohol-containing agent. Wipe the eyebrows in the direction of hair growth, from the nose to the temples. This will sanitize the skin and remove any remaining cream.
  4. Comb eyebrows up with hairs.
  5. Make a parting comb with frequent teeth.
  6. Define the middle of the eyebrow and make a mark with a pencil. This will be a guide. Draw a pencil border of the desired shape.
  7. In order not to pull out the necessary hairs, for greater convenience, you can use cosmetic tape or eyebrow wax.

Eyebrow plucking

To begin with, it is advisable to practice in a less visible place, for example, on the leg, above the lip above. The method of plucking with a thread is simple, but it also needs experience.

Tweezing eyebrows with thread. Which thread is better, how to do it at home
The figure shows how to use the thread to pluck the eyebrows.
  • Fingers with the finished thread on them should be directed forward.
  • Bring the thread close to the hairs intended for removal, they should be inside the larger triangle next to the twisted spiral. The thread should fit snugly to the skin.
  • The larger triangle should be the first in relation to the middle of the face. The hair in twisted loops should fall against its growth.
  • Move the coil in a synchronous way, spreading fingers on one hand and narrowing it in the other, the hairs should fall into the coil.
  • Pull sharply in the direction of hair growth.
  • When the thread moves to the right, the right hand mainly works, and the left pulls the thread, when moving to the left, the left.
  • First, the space between the eyebrows (above the nose) is processed.
  • Following is the upper border of the eyebrow.
  • After that the bottom one.
  • Eyebrows begin to pluck from the center to the temple.
  • Then from the center to the bridge of the nose. Pencil marking of the middle of the eyebrow is used.
  • The thread should capture from 2 to 5 hairs in one movement.
  • The process is controlled by a mirror and a lamp.
  • After the procedure, you need to disinfect again.
  • A piece of ice from herbal decoctions will remove redness and swelling and relieve unpleasant sensations.

How to adjust the shape of eyebrows with thread at home

Each woman decides for herself to carry out the procedure on her own or contact the master. For the first time, it might be better to contact the master. He will create a form and will only have to maintain it.

  • Prepare the necessary materials and devices.
  • Determine your desired eyebrow shape.
  • Using wax, cosmetic tape or a stencil, lay the hairs in shape.
  • Using a properly made thread, manipulate the plucking.
  • In the absence of experience, manipulations are carried out alternately, tracking the result in the mirror.

At home, you can carry out the procedure after taking a bath or simply steaming the skin over a water bath.

  • If you accidentally pulled out excess, you can use a pencil to fill in the gaps. After the set time, the eyebrows will grow back, and you can try again.
  • If individual hairs do not fall into the thread, they can be plucked with tweezers.

Useful Tips

It is important to know that the shape of the eyebrows affects the expression on the face, so you need to decide: which shape to give the eyebrows. If the procedure is painful, you need to carry out a correction once every 2 weeks to prevent the growth of thick and strong hairs.

Tweezing eyebrows with thread. Which thread is better, how to do it at home

It is very important to remember about disinfection, with any home procedures. Do not forget about home care treatments. Castor and other oils will delight the eyebrows and make them thicker, more shiny.

The effect of plucking eyebrows with thread will meet any expectations. Every woman can easily master this modern technique. The eyebrow plucking thread will soon become the accessory of any cosmetic bag.

Useful videos with step-by-step instructions for plucking eyebrows with threads

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