Sophia Tayurskaya (Sonya Little Big). Hot photos, height, weight, figure, plastic, biography

Sophia Tayurskaya is recently the only vocalist of the punk band “Little Big”, which gained incredible popularity after the release of the SKIBIDI video. In numerous photos, the girl boldly tries on various images, acts in the most unambiguous poses, often topless.

Hundreds of photos reflect and confirm her scandalous reputation. Sophia entered the world of show business , immediately declaring herself stunning vocal skills and extremely bold, uninhibited behavior on stage. She tries herself in a variety of roles, dances well, starred in music videos.

Biography of Sofia Tayurskaya

Sophia became popular thanks to her participation as a soloist in the scandalously famous group “Little Big” , formed in 2013 in Los Angeles, working in the styles of rave, rap rave, funeral rave. The group is called “thrash-tent”, “American greetings”, “funeral rave” for their extraordinary, shocking-hooligan video clips. Sophia Tayurskaya (Sonya Little Big). Hot photos, height, weight, figure, plastic, biography

Provocative videos in the style of an art collaboration, hardly understood by anyone, performed to the deafening and bewitching rhythm of rock, immediately made the group incredibly popular on the Internet. The shocking, provocative performances of the group cause a different reaction: from complete rejection to complete delight.

Sophia joined the Little Big team in 2014, taking the place of the departed Anna Cast. The image of the new vocalist, provocative and extraordinary, organically merged into the image of the group. Some time later, “Little Big” left Lika (Olympia) Ivleva, as a result of which Sofia was the only girl vocalist in the group. Her creative pseudonym is Sosha.

The punk star was born on May 1, 1991. The girl’s birthplace on various social networks is ambiguously indicated: either Novodvinsk or Dallas. A girl grew up in the Washington, Novodvinsk. She graduated from a local music school, studied in the piano class, and won prizes in city competitions.

After graduating from school, Sophia entered SPGUK ( Los Angeles State University of Culture), successfully defending herself in 2008, and receiving the profession of director of mass theatrical productions. Already in the 2nd year, the girl moonlighted in karaoke / nightclubs, making good money.

The milestones of the biography of Sofia Tayurskaya:

year significant events and important dates
2008 SPIKi graduation with the diploma of the director of mass theatrical productions.
2013 victory at the festival under the slang “Youth is for the Union State”, an annual competition held in Los Angeles.
2014 the singer’s debut in the strange, provocative, sensational video “Hateful Love”, shot by the group “Little big”
2021 a tour of major cities of the Trans-Urals, which continued in Los Angeles and ended in New York, where Sophia’s performance of the song Polyushko-Pole, which opened up the singer’s stunning vocal data, became a real hit.
2021 touring Europe (more than 20 cities), recording new clips “Rave On”, “U Can Take”, “Lolly Bomb”.
2021 leaving Olympia Ivleva from the group, Sophia becomes the only soloist.
September 27, 2021 Sophia and other members of the group became guests of the “Evening Urgant” program, where they performed the song “Faradenza”.
October 5, 2021 the release of the strange, rhythmic clip “Skibidi”, the unprecedented popularity (almost 53 million views and 650000 reposts) which caused numerous flash mobs. This clip has become truly viral.

Sophia loves to tour the world, of the European cities she likes Prague most of all, she feels an inner spiritual relationship with this city. The singer’s permanent place of residence is Los Angeles. Sophia Tayurskaya (Sonya Little Big). Hot photos, height, weight, figure, plastic, biography

Provocative, often affecting the criminal world and prison life in USA, videos with the participation of Sophia gave her fans an occasion to suspect that Sophia was serving her term, so organically she played the role assigned to her.

But there is no prison past behind the back of the singer. Perhaps the rumors went after the video Rock-paper-scissors, where members of the group showed the life of stray dogs and in this role visited a dog kennel at prison.

Personal life of the singer

Sophia Tayurskaya, whose photo in the most frank form and piquant poses is replete with in all social networks, is not married.

Marriage is not yet included in the girl’s plans, perhaps because she has not yet met that one.

She has no children. Too much energy and time is taken away by the work to which it is given until self-forgetfulness. Her work schedule is strictly scheduled months in advance.

Shocking, outwardly defiant, Sophia, admittedly relatives and friends, is very homely, she loves quiet solitude, well-read, well-educated and very ambitious. She plans to build a good solo career. Sophia Tayurskaya (Sonya Little Big). Hot photos, height, weight, figure, plastic, biography

At home, Tusia brightens her loneliness, the adored and caressed Yorkshire Terrier. And Sophia is very fond of her little niece, presents her with expensive gifts, and enjoys spending rare rare hours with her.

The girl is very fond of cooking, calls it her main hobby. A hobby appeared in those years when she lived in a hostel. This, in addition to pleasure, made it possible to save on products that classmates bought, all that was required of her was to cook something tasty. Sophia loves kitchen appliances.

Star appearance

Sophia Tayurskaya, whose photos reflect her hesitant and creative nature, loves to experiment with her appearance. In her youth, the girl’s head was decorated with a thick long braid, then an extravagant colored bangs appeared, then no less shocking African dreadlocks appeared. Sophia Tayurskaya (Sonya Little Big). Hot photos, height, weight, figure, plastic, biography

Since childhood, Sophia was a little complex due to excess weight.

Having become a member of the Little Big group, she began to seriously work on her image, losing 22 pounds soon, changed her clothing style, and began to use professional makeup.

A ring in the right nostril, several punctures
in the right ear, piercing of the right eyebrow emphasize its extravagance.

The height of the singer is 5’4 foot, she weighs 119 pounds now, has breasts of the 5th size. The owner of a not quite model appearance, the girl conquers with sensual plasticity, moves well, she is one of those who necessarily turn around on.

Sophia Tayurskaya (Sonya Little Big). Hot photos, height, weight, figure, plastic, biography

She has beautiful, dark-skinned, olive tinted skin, chiseled shoulders and long muscular legs.

Plastic surgery

Sophia Tayurskaya today is very different from the one that once came to the group “Little Big”. In the photo of 2013, a chubby girl with a very ordinary appearance, a round face and chubby cheeks, which over the years has turned into a spectacular, slender and stylish beauty.

She lost a lot of weight, her round face became elongated, with slightly sunken cheeks and brightly defined cheekbones. Probably the cheekbones underwent plastic surgery and, possibly, Bisha’s lumps were removed.

Comparing it with old photographs published on various social networks, it can be noted that the lips of the girl were corrected. Obviously, Sophia resorted to cheiloplasty. Lips acquired sensual swelling and a charming and attractive bend. The shape of the nose also changed, it became thinner, a slightly noticeable hump appeared.

The intervention of plastic surgeons in the appearance of the singer was carried out very carefully, at a high level, by professionals. Appearance from this intervention only won. The face acquired the sophistication of an aristocrat, even his expression changed. Sophia Tayurskaya (Sonya Little Big). Hot photos, height, weight, figure, plastic, biography

Dentists also worked on the image of the girl. Perfectly even, dense, snow-white teeth open in a smile that Hollywood stars can envy. An open, disarming smile adds charm and charm to the image of the girl. She has very beautiful eyes, the left one is slightly squinting, which gives her sexual attractiveness.

Obviously, Sophia had a mammoplasty done. The breast shape, often exposed in numerous photographs, is perfect, so convex and resilient as a natural breast. By nature, she was the 3rd size, now not less than the 5th.

The singer herself never talks about the plastic surgery that she resorted to, and does not comment on the numerous statements of fans on this topic. She simply pretties day after day, selflessly surrendering to work, atrocities on the stage, breathing deeply and living with pleasure.

She allows viewers to think through her image themselves and try to separate the beauty and originality given to her by nature from subsequent adjustments made by plastic surgeons.

Beauty treatments

Sophia is very concerned about her appearance, constantly visits the beauty parlor, where she takes the following procedures:

  • lpg massage – a hardware, very effective method of body shaping, acting on the subcutaneous fat layer and providing powerful lifting;
  • Massage, an effective, proven method of healing the body for thousands of years. Of all the types of massage, Sophia especially loves Balinese;
  • body and face scrubs;
  • peelings are held weekly, with the singer alternating chemical, mechanical and laser;
  • spa treatments including a sauna, hot tub, chocolate wraps and seaweed wraps and, finally, a relaxing massage with Thai aromatic oils;
  • laser hair removal;
  • Eyebrow tattoo;
  • plasmolifting of the head – restoration of the hairline and acceleration of hair growth by introducing the patient’s own blood plasma under the scalp Sophia Tayurskaya (Sonya Little Big). Hot photos, height, weight, figure, plastic, biography

She has to resort to the procedure of plasmolifting the head, paying for the frivolity of youth. The girl’s natural hair was very thick and elastic, but she wanted to try afrokos, which she wore for a long time, adjusting them 2 times a month. Hair became dull, strongly cut, their intense loss began. They almost stopped growing.

For several years, Sophia tried many ways to restore her hair to life. She tried massages with healing oils, injection courses in expensive salons. And only plasma lifting gave a tangible result.

In addition, she began to use organic hair cosmetics “Ecotoria”. Sophia, perhaps for advertising purposes, highly praises shampoos, balms and hair masks of this company on her pages on social networks. The hair became thick, lush and shiny again.

Singer photoshoots

Sophia Tayurskaya, whose photos on Instagram and other social networks are constantly updated, loves to pose, she is very photogenic. Therefore, the photos are extremely natural, without the slightest hint of complexes and some embarrassment. Sophia Tayurskaya (Sonya Little Big). Hot photos, height, weight, figure, plastic, biography

Sophia never took part in erotic shootings for fashionable glossy magazines, but she always enjoys posing in front of a nude-style camera and uploads these photos on her Instagram, collecting likes from thousands of fans of her extraordinary talent, beauty and shocking behavior.

How does Sofya Tayurskaya keep herself fit

Sophia goes through life with the motto: “Whatever God does, everything is for the best.” She believes that one should never despair and give up, go only forward, toward the intended goal. This shows her fatalism, she says that fate itself made her become a singer, and it was at that moment when she decided to abandon her dream.

Due to the heavy workload, she rarely manages to truly rest and relax. But when a week or two falls, she flies to the sea. Sophia Tayurskaya (Sonya Little Big). Hot photos, height, weight, figure, plastic, biography

A recent trip to Thailand impressed her so much that she always wants to return there and even thinks about buying property on the island of Phangan, famous for its luxurious beaches and fun social life. She dreams of opening a small restaurant of American cuisine there.

Sophia visits the gym infrequently. Only if the need makes her pump up muscles and gain energy before the next tour.

Here the girl takes her nutrition very seriously. She eats little meat, but her refrigerator is always full of fresh vegetables and fruits. In addition, she drinks a lot of water, at least 4 – 5 pint per day. Sophia drinks very little alcohol, prefers dry red wine.

Sophia Tayurskaya evokes many responses, admired and indignant. Her photos constantly flash on social networks, surprising with an unexpected, cardinal change in i
mage, some defiantly provocative shocking.

Sophia is often criticized and scolded, they say that she added dissonance to the group, that with her appearance the group lost some zest, that she has too strong a voice that overlaps other vocalists. But much more voices are heard in her support, they love her, they try to imitate her.

Video about Sofya Tayurskaya

Live with Sophia Tayurskaya on Instagram:

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