How to pump up the buttocks at home for girls: exercises, squats, lunges, training

In order to have a slim figure, to have toned beautiful buttocks, it is important to know the principles of training and physical exercises. Effective exercises and recommendations of fitness trainers will help to build gluteal muscles quickly and efficiently.

What is important to know about the structure of the buttocks

Female buttocks are formed by 3 gluteal muscles: large, medium and small. The gluteus maximus muscle is located closest to the skin, above the medium and small, in shape resembles a rhombus. The thickness of the fibers can reach 1’2 inch. The shape and volume of the priests depends on the gluteus maximus muscle.

It performs the following functions:

  • supports the body in a standing position;
  • extends the body after tilting (acts simultaneously with some other muscles);
  • extends the thigh;
  • helps to turn the thigh out. How to pump up the buttocks at home for girls: exercises, squats, lunges, training

If you need to work out the gluteus maximus muscle, you should pay attention to deep squats. If it is necessary to increase the volume of the buttocks, you should squat with a weighting agent – for example, a barbell or dumbbells. When the task is to compact this part of the body, you need to squat without additional load.

The middle gluteus muscle resembles a triangle in shape and is visible from behind and from the side despite the fact that it is almost completely closed on top of the gluteus maximus.

She is responsible for:

  • hip removal to the side;
  • hip rotation out and in;
  • body straightening (along with other muscles).

It must be pumped to obtain volume in the upper of the buttocks. Useful exercises are plie squats, swings to the side and the gluteal bridge.

The gluteus maximus muscle copies the shape of the middle one and almost always works with it. For this reason, it is impossible to work it out separately, which is not necessary: the same exercises that are recommended for medium and large gluteal muscles will help to pump it up. The gluteus maximus muscle is responsible for pulling the thigh to the side and straightening the body.

Rules for training and exercise

To achieve a result during training, you need to know some nuances:

  • Hypertrophy is achieved by alternating 2 types of loads : How to pump up the buttocks at home for girls: exercises, squats, lunges, trainingwith a high number of repetitions, but a small weight, and with a lot of weight – but with several repetitions. It is this strategy that will increase muscle mass.
  • Squats should be deep and weighted. They should be performed in combination with other exercises (deadlift, as an option): the squat itself does not sufficiently activate the gluteal muscles.
  • Muscle pain after exercise is not characteristic of the buttocks. The causes of pain can be the performance of new exercises, their stretching (for example, lunges) or too much stress that does not bear any benefit.
  • It is important to monitor your breathing. In any exercise, a deep exhale is made, preferably with the mouth. Otherwise, the heart may be overloaded.

Gluteal muscle exercises

1. Lift the pelvis, lying on the back.

To perform this exercise, you need to lie down, stretching your arms parallel to the body and pressing your palms to the floor, while bending your legs and pulling them to the buttocks. The feet and knees should be the width of the hips, the fingers should lie towards the heels. The body and shoulders are pressed to the floor, the socks are slightly raised, which is why the emphasis is on the heels.

  • The pelvis must be lifted, focusing on the heels, while the hips form a straight line with the body. The back does not strain.
  • After the highest point of movement is reached, it is necessary to maximize the tension of the gluteal muscles and hold the tension for 2 to 5 seconds.
  • Next, you need to slowly, without jerking, lower yourself until 1’2 – 2 inch remain between the buttocks and the floor.
    How to pump up the buttocks at home for girls: exercises, squats, lunges, training
    Pelvic Lift – A Popular Butt Pump Exercise

After doing 10-20 repetitions, you should rest for 60 seconds, and then do 2 more approaches. At the same time, when performing exercises, you can’t turn your head: this can lead to muscle strain or injury to the cervical vertebrae.

You can enhance the effectiveness of the exercise by placing your feet on a low bench, or by putting a bar on the lower abdomen and holding it with your hands. Instead of a bar, it is permissible to use another weighting material (weight, dumbbell). When lifting the pelvis, lying on your back, with extra weight, it is recommended to lean your back on the bench, which will relieve excessive tension from the lower back.

2. Raise the pelvis up one, leaning on a roller

Starting position: the back is pressed to the floor, one leg is placed on the roller.

  • It is necessary to bend the second leg and then raise the pelvis up, making sure that it does not move to the side.
  • The pose is held for a minute.
  • The exercise is repeated for the other leg.

In total, you need to perform 5-10 repetitions for each leg, 1-2 approaches, a break between which should be at least 1 minute.

3. Exercise “Mollusk”

It should be performed lying on its side. The legs need to be bent at the knees, making sure that the heels are in contact. The leg is set aside, while the gluteus muscle works. You need to perform the Clam exercise for a minute for each leg, doing 10-15 repetitions and up to 4 sets. How to pump up the buttocks at home for girls: exercises, squats, lunges, training

4. Exercise “Hunting dog”

To perform it, you need to get on all fours, then raise your left and right hands so that they are parallel to the floor. The position is held for 10 seconds, then the arm and leg change.

5. Steps on the steppe with a knee raise

When doing this exercise, swing to the side should be avoided. Also for him you will need a step or bench, always below the knee. Otherwise, taking steps will be inconvenient.

  • It is necessary to step with the left foot on the step and raise the right knee, pushing off with the heel.
  • Then the right leg drops, the body returns to its original position.
  • You need to repeat the exercise 10-15 times for each leg, doing 3 sets with minute breaks.

With good physical preparation, the exercise can be complicated by picking up dumbbells.

Workout for pumping buttocks to a girl

The key to success is muscle elasticity, which can be achieved by doing exercises for stretching the gluteal muscles:

  • To perform one of these exercises, you should lie on your back, grasp your leg just below the knee joint and pull as close to the body as possible. In this position should be 20-30 seconds. It is better if the leg is straight, but suppose a lightweight version with a slight bend in the knee. It is recommended to do 5-10 receptions. How to pump up the buttocks at home for girls: exercises, squats, lunges, training
  • To perform another, no less effective exercise, you need to sit, stretching your left leg, then bend your knee and bend to it. The right leg is laid back at this time. In this position, you need to stay at least 1 min. After you can change the leg. The number of approaches is the same as in the first.

Deep squats will allow you to achieve elasticity of the gluteal muscles.

To execute them, you need:

  1. spread legs shoulder width apart;
  2. make sure that the pelvis, shoulders, ankles and head are in the same plane;
  3. start to lower, while taking the pelvis as far back as possible;
  4. stop and freeze when the bottom point is reached (the lower back should not bend much);
  5. stand up, leaning forward and straining the gluteal muscles.

Swing legs should be performed to tighten the priests. To take the starting position, you need to kneel down and the forearm, knees should be bent at right angles. It is important to keep your head up, your back straight, your abs tense.

Then follows the left leg, without bending the knee, raise the heel up. The left buttock should be tense until the leg returns to its original position. In one sitting, 20 approaches are done. The number of sittings is not limited.

For weight loss buttocks lunges are great. How to pump up the buttocks at home for girls: exercises, squats, lunges, training

To perform classic lunges you need:

  1. position the legs at the width of the hips, slightly bending the back in the lower back. Knees should be slightly bent;
  2. step forward with one foot, the other stretching out like a spring. You need to lean on your toe and transfer the weight to your front foot. It must be bent at the knee, then to crouch slowly, without a jerk;
  3. to rise smoothly, leaning on the forward foot, and return to the original position;
  4. do the same for the other leg.

For faster weight loss, a jump lunge is recommended. Its difference is that the legs change in the buckle, which makes it possible to burn a large number of calories. However, there is a risk of tendon stretching when performed.

Another effective exercise is the bridge, the implementation of which not only helps to build the buttocks, but also, for example, develops abs and increases the flexibility of the paravertebral muscles.

When performing it, it is important to prevent such characteristic errors as:

  • straight back. It must take the form of an arc;
  • pelvis too low. It must be raised above the shoulders;
  • bent limbs. Hands and feet should be straightened, while spreading the feet and hands to the width of the shoulders;
  • cramped breathing. Lack of oxygen during the execution of the “bridge” may cause dizziness. How to pump up the buttocks at home for girls: exercises, squats, lunges, training

In one training session, 2 approaches are done, each 15 times.

How to pump the buttocks with exercises – squats, is shown in the table.

View Execution feature Most Exercised Muscles
Classic Hips parallel to the floor throughout the exercise All the muscles of the legs, all the buttocks
Deep Hips are lowered below the knees at the bottom of the squat. Hips biceps, hips wide muscles, VMO (located above the knee), all buttocks muscles, lower back and back (partially)
Narrow Stop Feet together, arms down along the body and locked in front of the chest. Big buttock (this type of squats will help increase the volume of priests)
Sumo Socks are turned to the sides by 45 degrees, legs are widely spaced, the body is tilted forward The muscles of the legs and buttocks. Sumo squats burn fat on the inside of the thigh
Curtsy Legs should be crossed, body slightly tilted forward. With a full squat, the left knee touches the right heel, and vice versa All 3 gluteal muscles (equally). Help get rid of the “ears” on the hips
Pistol Squatting is performed on one leg, while the other is strictly parallel to the floor at run time. Quadriceps, gluteus maximus
With twisting You need to lower, as in the classic version, but when rising, you need to touch the elbow of the opposite hand with your knee. The body is twisted All gluteal muscles, hips
Ripple Before you start to rise, you need to make two or 3 movements up and down with the pelvis Additional load on the buttocks (compared with the classic)
Plie The socks are deployed, the knees should be slightly bent all the time, and the buttocks should be very tense. Straight back All gluteal (especially the superior), quadriceps femoris

Aerobic exercise

In order to pump the gluteal muscles with exercises, while avoiding injuries and sprains, it is necessary to warm up the muscle fibers before training. This requires aerobic exercise.

Aerobic training is dynamic, their goal is not only to warm up the muscles before other loads, but also to saturate the body with oxygen . This effect is achieved due to the fact that, along with the pulse rate, breathing becomes faster.

Each of the aerobic exercises listed below must be completed for more than 5 minutes:

  • Side steps to the side are performed in a semi-squat. It is necessary to step with the right foot to the side without bending the k
    nees, then return to the starting position and repeat the movement for the other leg. Hands should be bent at the elbows. How to pump up the buttocks at home for girls: exercises, squats, lunges, training
  • This exercise is also done from the half squat position, but the arms are at the waist. It is necessary to straighten out of this position, lifting the leg as high as possible and moving it to the side.
  • To perform this exercise, which remarkably warms up each of the gluteal muscles, you will need a fitness ball. The lower abdomen should lie on the apparatus, and the legs rest on the floor so that the body stretches in a straight line. After being held in this position for 5-10 seconds, you should carefully relax the gluteal muscles and lower. The recommended number of repetitions is 10-12.
  • An exercise with a soccer ball will warm the gluteus maximus and inner thigh. To do this, you need to lie down with your arms behind your head, bend and lower your legs, and hold the ball between your knees. Next, you need to lift both legs at the same time, not too high: even a small amplitude will allow you to sufficiently load muscle fibers.

Nutrition Rules for Muscle Growth

How to pump the gluteal muscles with exercises is not the only thing you need to know to achieve the result. No less important is a special protein diet. How to pump up the buttocks at home for girls: exercises, squats, lunges, training

Product What is the benefit
Domestic bird Turkey and chicken breasts contain almost no saturated fats, the use of which leads to high cholesterol. At the same time, per 100 grams. meat accounts for 30 grams of protein.
Salmon and tuna Salmon meat is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which stimulate the hormones responsible for building muscle. Tuna also contains 24.4 grams. protein (per 100 g.) and is enriched with vitamins B1, B2, B6, as well as potassium, iodine and phosphorus.
Fish fat One of the products that promote rapid metabolism. It accelerates the healing of microtraumas that appear in muscle fibers after training, that is, it helps to recover from power loads.
Oatmeal In 100 gr. contains about 6 grams. fiber. It breaks down in the stomach long enough to give a feeling of satiety for several hours.
Buckwheat Of all the side dishes, it stands out with the highest protein content: up to 20 gr. protein per 100 gr.
Whole milk 3.5 g protein per 100 gr. product. It is milk that actively contributes to the synthesis of protein. If you drink it immediately after class, after 3 months you will see how the volume of trained muscles increased.
Greek yogurt The protein content is from 14 to 20 grams. on 100 gr. This product is useful and high (10% of the daily intake) of calcium, which is involved in muscle contraction.
Serum Rich in amino acids and proteins, when consumed after strength training, it begins to stimulate the synthesis of muscle protein, that is, it helps to increase the amount of muscle fiber.
Lean beef The heme iron in the composition saturates the body with oxygen. In 100 gr. beef contains a daily (2.6 gr.) rate of collagen. This item

extremely important for the health of inter-articular ligaments.

Skim cheese More than one fifth of the composition – proteins, no harmful fats. If there is cottage cheese without additives there is no possibility, you can add milk and banana to it. Vitamins B in the latter only contribute to muscle growth.
Eggs 7 g protein from 100 gr. The amino acids of tryptophan contained in eggs provide a good sleep during which the body is restored, which is also important for building muscles.
Almonds, walnuts These nuts contain not only many useful microelements (vitamins B, P, A, E, magnesium, iron, potassium), but also proteins necessary for building muscle mass.
Soya beans 40-50% of soybeans are proteins. They are also a source of fatty amino acids – for example, oleic.
Chickpeas Boiled contains about 9 g. protein (per 100 g.) and is rich in amino acids that contribute to the growth of new muscle fibers (valine, leucine).
Beans The protein content is about the same as in salmon. In 100 gr. product 32% of the daily iron intake. Calories from beans are not converted to fat.
A pineapple In the chemical composition of this fruit there is bromelain – an enzyme that not only promotes muscle recovery, but also participates in the breakdown of fats. With regular use, pineapple can speed up the metabolism.

Adequate water intake is equally important. With moderate physical activity, that is, during the start of training, you need to drink at least 0,5 gallon of water per day. Along with the intensity of classes, the amount of drinking water should increase to 0,7 gallon. How to pump up the buttocks at home for girls: exercises, squats, lunges, training

Moreover, the norm depends on weight: the higher it is, the more the body requires fluid. So, with a weight of 220 pounds and active training, you need to drink 1 gallon of water per day. Consumpti
on of other liquids (juices, tea) is not considered.

You need to drink often, but little by little, no more than a glass at a time. Otherwise, swelling may occur. Non-carbonated water should be consumed: mineral water in large quantities can lead to the deposition of salts and urolithiasis.

To quickly burn calories, you should speed up the metabolism. To do this, it is recommended:

  1. change the intensity of the workout. For example, during a run, either a little slow down, then increase speed;
  2. consume a lot of omega-3 fatty acids;
  3. eat chocolate with a high (from 75%) cocoa content (but it is important not to overdo it: two pieces a day will be enough);
  4. Do not neglect strength exercises;
  5. drink green tea;
  6. cool the water before drinking (just hold the glass in the refrigerator for several minutes);
  7. consume protein foods;
  8. must have breakfast;
  9. rest for at least 2 hours after training;
  10. get enough sleep (it is in a dream that the body recovers);
  11. do breathing exercises;
  12. to eat in small portions, but more often;
  13. minimize trans fat intake.

How to increase the effectiveness of training

How to pump the buttocks with exercises efficiently is an urgent issue for all the girls who are training for this muscle group.

To speed up the results, do not forget about the following rules:

  • train with great intensity;
  • gradually increase the load (otherwise the muscles will get used to it and stop growing); How to pump up the buttocks at home for girls: exercises, squats, lunges, training
  • do at least 3 approaches for each exercise;
  • engage in a slight “burning” in the muscles;
  • perform exercises with full amplitude (it is especially important to pay attention to this when squatting)
  • train no more than 1 hour in a row (at high intensity);
  • do not practice every day. 2-4 lessons per week is enough;
  • Perform warm-up and hitch. Doing stretching after exercise is just as important as warming up the muscles before exercise.

Timing and Results

It is possible to pump a girl’s gluteal muscles as quickly as possible by performing effective exercises. The first noticeable results will be visible after 1-3 months during classes 3-4 times a week, on average an hour per workout. Muscle building is not a quick process.

Butt pump videos

How to pump up the buttocks and not pump legs:

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