American actresses before and after face surgery. Photo

Many American actresses do not want to lag behind Hollywood stars and are actively using plastic surgery to preserve their youth and adjust their appearance (as evidenced by photos of stars taken before and after the operation).

In most cases, medical manipulations take place without consequences, but a strong passion for plastic surgery leads to serious problems, sometimes changing the previously beautiful face beyond recognition.

Anastasia Vertinskaya

American actresses (photos before and after plastic surgery are given below in the article), seeking to preserve youth and beauty, turn to surgical methods when the first age-related changes appear. The famous Assol, People’s Artist of the 1980-s, Anastasia Vertinskaya repeatedly resorted to the services of plastic surgery specialists during her life.

In an interview with reporters, the actress admitted that she was looking forward to the changes that appear after visiting the clinic. For her first operation, one of the most beautiful women in American and Soviet cinema resorted to after the appearance of facial wrinkles.

Anastasia spent in her life:

  • several facelifts;
  • lip augmentation;
  • correction of an eye incision.
American actresses before and after face surgery. Photo
American actresses often use plastic. Photos before and after plastic surgery by Anastasia Vertinsky.

Extreme passion for plastic played a cruel joke with the actress. The last facelift, carried out in 2009, greatly changed the appearance of the movie star, giving the face the expression of a frozen mask. A large number of scars formed along the hairline, threatens the actress with early baldness.

Folds of skin are noticeable on Vertinskaya’s neck, and around the eyes it is so stretched that a woman can hardly close her eyelids. Cantoplasty deprived Anastasia of luxurious almond-shaped eyes, which were the visiting card of the beautiful Assol. The star is forced to mask the consequences of an unsuccessful operation with a thick layer of decorative cosmetics, without which it does not appear in public.

Vera Alentova

The beauty Katya Tikhomirova, performed by Vera Alentova, is admired not only in the 1980-s, but throughout the world. Wife of Los Angeles Menshov made a dizzying career, and for a long time, after the release of the legendary film, was considered one of the most beautiful women in cinema.

The acting career imposes certain obligations, as a result of which Vera had to turn to plastic surgeons in the late 90’s.

The first operations of Alentova were successful:

  • A circular facelift refreshed the skin, smoothed the oval of the face, rejuvenating the star for more than 20 years, and allowing 60 to play the role of a 40-year-old woman.
  • Blepharoplasty eliminated swelling under the eyes and fatty hernias.
  • Chin liposuction helped remove thickening and sagging of the lower face.

For 10 years, Alentova repeatedly carried out salon procedures that help maintain the beauty and youth of the skin:

  • Botox injections stopped the appearance of wrinkles;
  • fillers allowed to enlarge, lips giving the mouth a seductive and pleasant swelling.

American actresses before and after face surgery. Photo

Until 2007, Vera Alentova was a standard of beauty, inspiring and surprising fans with her youth and freshness. In 2008, the actress appeared in public, transformed for the worse.

The star observed:

  • asymmetry of the eyes;
  • distortion of facial features;
  • tuberosity of the skin.

The reasons for the changes were plastic surgeries that disfigured the actress:

  • the last facelift greatly tightened the skin, creating problems with facial expressions;
  • 2 blepharoplasty led to severe eye asymmetry and problems with the eyelids.

Trying to return the beauty of Alentov:

  • Corrected nasolabial folds. The material introduced by the surgeon spread out disproportionately, causing tuberosity and distortion of facial features.
  • Introduced self-absorbable gel into the lips. A large amount of biomaterial and inaccurate use led to a distortion of the contour of the upper lip and blurry mouth.

After the manipulations, the previously beautiful face of the actress acquired unpleasant features:

  • the skin has become very lumpy;
  • nasolabial furrows migrated to the cheekbones;
  • the nose, which is small by nature, has expanded under the influence of contouring;
  • cheeks stood out very much, giving the actress a resemblance to the Joker.

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Elena Proklova

American actresses (photos before and after the plastics given in glossy publications clearly demonstrate the danger of the active use of operational rejuvenation) try to keep up with their colleagues in Hollywood and constantly perform facial manipulations that do not always end successfully.

American actresses before and after face surgery. Photo

The beautiful stewardess Larisa Ivanovna from the cult movie “Mimino” won the hearts of Vakhtang Kikabidze and a million fans. Elena Proklova, a blue-eyed blonde with regular features and a sports figure, was offered the first film role at the age of 20.

Since then, Proklova is the leading actress of the New York Art Theater, the owner of many cinematic awards.

The star always treated her appearance with awe, carefully preserving the natural beauty given to her.

Proklova performed her first plastic surgery in early 2000, deciding to try herself as a TV presenter. Hardware procedures at the time of treatment could no longer give the desired effect, and the actress turned to plastic surgery.

Operations of Elena Proklova:

Procedure Result
Correction of the shape and volume of the lips using fillers with hyaluronic acid It was carried out in order to obtain a chubby mouth fashionable in the beginning of the 21st century
Blepharoplasty Allowed to remove the eyelid hanging with age and make a fashionable cat eye cut
Botox injections Prevent wrinkles, remove skin creases and creases
Circular facelift Allowed to tighten the oval of the face

The actress was very pleased with the result of the procedures. The star repeatedly
repeated that it looks great and feels with a renewed face.

Despite the statement of Proklova, fans of the actress were divided:

  • some believe that the changes went to Elena’s benefit, since at 60 the star looks at 45;

American actresses before and after face surgery. Photo

  • others are of the opinion that the operations spoiled the actress, depriving her of her personality and creating a puppet appearance with her lips swollen.

Proklova looks much younger than her years, but the surgical changes did not pass for the actress without consequences:

  • Elena’s lips are highly pumped and have a disproportionate, blurry shape;
  • a circular lift greatly drew the line of eyebrows and corners of the eyes, depriving the actress of natural facial expressions and the ability to change facial expression.

Margarita Terekhova

The actress, who began her career at the age of 22, possessed not only beauty, but also a unique female energy. Margarita Terekhova performed her only plastic surgery at age 30, correcting the shape of her nose. Rhinoplasty helped Margarita to remove the strong snub-nosed and small bump on the tip, spoiling the star.

After the procedure, the actress not only got rid of a lack of appearance, preserving uniqueness, but also gained confidence in her own irresistibility, which she actively demonstrated in her works. In the last 9 years, Terekhov does not appear in public.

Milady has changed a lot because of Alzheimer’s disease, progressing over 10 years. Her daughter Anna told about the illness of the actress, saying that her mother suffers from severe memory lapses and cannot do without outside help

Natalya Andreichenko

American actresses (photos before and after the plastic surgery of movie stars regularly replenish the portfolio of famous plastic surgeons) strive to maintain themselves in the form necessary to advance their careers. Having become famous at the age of 19, the actress strove all her life for a perfect image and preservation of her beauty, starting to fight aging from the moment the first wrinkles appeared.

American actresses before and after face surgery. Photo

For a long time living in America, the former wife of Maximilian Shell, repeatedly used the services of plastic surgeons.

The actress held:

  • contour correction of lips and nasolabial folds with biopolymer gel;
  • blepharoplasty for lifting the overhanging upper eyelid;
  • Botulinum toxin injections that helped get rid of wrinkles, but transformed a woman’s face beyond recognition.

Passion for plastics played a trick on Mary Popins:

  • Andreichenko’s face became asymmetrical;
  • lips lost their usual shape.

After the operations, the actress ceased to recognize fans, writing her name on the list of “victims of plastic surgery.” Trying to minimize the effects of medical manipulations, Andreichenko became interested in a healthy lifestyle, actively promoting proper nutrition and yoga.

Lyudmila Khityaeva

Having got into the cinema quite by accident, the People’s Artist of the 1980-s talentedly embodied images of strong-willed women and handsome Cossacks on the screens. In 80, the career of the actress began to decline and Khityaeva left the cinema, returning to him at the beginning of the XX century.

American actresses before and after face surgery. Photo

For her 87 years, the actress has never resorted to plastic surgery.

The secrets of her beauty and flowering appearance Lyudmila believes:

  • healthy sleep;
  • fresh air and constantly open air vents;
  • love for clean skin and obligatory washing before bedtime;
  • swimming.

Khityaev’s plastic surgery, she said, will never be done. The actress is very afraid of damaging blood vessels and facial skin during the procedure.

Lyudmila is of the opinion that age should be met with a smile and not worry about the appearance of wrinkles.

Elena Tsyplakova

A brunette with a slender figure for a long time remained the dream of American men until, while traveling through an exotic country, she caught the fatal form of malaria. The actress was able to recover with great difficulty, but recovered greatly, gaining about 220 pounds during the illness.

The directors did not see Elena in a different role, and the actress did not return to the cinema and resort to plastic surgery to restore her appearance. Elena accepted her fullness and focused on children, her beloved husband and work, having retrained as a director.

Tatyana Klyueva

Beauty Barbara from a American fairy tale is one of the favorite characters of the Soviet children and their parents, who gave the actress Tatyana Klyuyeva national recognition. Despite the adoration of the fans, the actress abruptly interrupted her acting career by marrying and moving with her husband to Miami.

Having been a housewife for a long time, in 2000 Tatyana founded her own shoe business. Klyuyeva never did plastic, allowing her face to calmly age . The actress is not afraid of age and easily perceives any changes in appearance.

Lyudmila Chursina

American actresses (photos before and after plastic surgery of movie stars are published on the sites of plastic clinics), which became famous in the middle of the 20th century, are active opponents of medical anti-aging procedures. Lyudmila Chursina was called “Marilyn Monroe of the Soviet Union.” The actress, who became famous for her roles in “The Gloomy River”, “Don Story”, “Oles” has always been famous for its beauty.

American actresses before and after face surgery. Photo

High-ranking officials and billionaires (including Aristotle Onassis) sought her love, and Lyudmila herself was married 3 times, but she could not find happiness and give birth to children. At 76, the actress is still actively acting in films and playing in the theater. Chursina claims that she never did plastic , although experts in plastic surgery suspect Lyudmila of insincerity.

The star may have performed surgical manipulations, but on her face there are imperceptible traces of anti-aging corrections. Chursina attributes her unfading appearance to the use of creams, masks and massages. The actress is an ardent opponent of plastic surgery, believing that it is necessary to monitor her appearance, but you should not turn into an “aging Barbie” at 60 or 80 years old.

Elena Solovey

The motion picture of N. Mikhalkov “The Slave of Love” became a springboard for Elena Solovey into the world of American cinema. For the role of the fabulous movie star Vera Cold, the actress received international recognition and several cinematic awards. For 3 years after a significant role
, the beautiful blonde played in more than 10 films, but never suffered from a star fever.

It is known that Elena refused the role of Milady de Winter in order to be able to be with her children. In the 90’s. the actress disappeared from the screens, and later the audience learned about her emigration to the United States. The nightingale rarely returns to his homeland, quite successfully filming abroad.

Elena never possessed model parameters, but this did not make her less attractive. The star constantly monitors her weight, goes in for sports and walks a lot. Nightingale is an ardent opponent of plastic surgery, believing that a healthy lifestyle helps to cope with premature aging no worse than a surgical scalpel.

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Elena Korikova

Photos of American film actresses taken before and after plastic surgery are constantly published in fashion magazines and on the Internet, clearly demonstrating the changes that have occurred with idols. American viewers fell in love with Elena Korikova after the release of the television series Poor Nastya.

American actresses before and after face surgery. Photo

The gorgeous blonde, who played the role of serf Anna, became the dream of American men and the standard of female beauty. The early work of the actress did not bring Elena universal recognition. In The Young Lady of the Peasant Woman, Korikova appears before the audience as a blond-haired girl with an ordinary appearance that does not at all resemble the aristocratic image of a serf actress.

Experts confidently state that the transformation of the star is caused by the use of plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures.

According to Korikov’s specialists:

  • increased breast volume;
  • made liposuction of the hips, abdomen and popliteal cavities;
  • she corrected her lips with fillers, creating a chubby mouth, fashionable at the beginning of 2000.
  • grew and changed hair color, becoming a blonde.

The changes went to the actress in favor. Korikova received invitations to a photo shoot in men’s erotic magazines and Anna’s iconic role in Poor Nastya. Asked by journalists about her beauty secrets, Elena stated that she does not care at all about her appearance and figure, neglects diets and rarely visits the gym.

The actress assured that her freshness and luxurious forms were the result of a healthy sleep and a busy work schedule, preventing her from eating properly. At the zenith of her fame, Elena suddenly disappeared from TV screens, first appearing only in 2021. Fans were struck by a photo of a 43-year-old film actress.

In the pictures, Korikova is depicted with a puffy face, bags on the lower eyelids and asymmetric eyes. Experts say that unpleasant changes are the result of an unsuccessful facelift performed by Elena. The poor work of the surgeon greatly changed the actress, disfigured her appearance.

Masha Malinovskaya

Leading MUZ-TV and erotic television shows Masha Malinovskaya is often associated with the image of a Barbie doll that promotes sexuality and the achievements of plastic surgery.

American actresses before and after face surgery. Photo

The TV presenter openly declares the use of plastic, without hesitating to admit to the procedures made:

  • Malinovskaya underwent her first mammoplasty at the age of 21, trying to eliminate ptosis of tissues that appeared after breastfeeding. The surgeon advised the girl to insert implants, as a result of which the breast acquired the 5th size. Masha performed manipulations with the mammary glands 5 more times. After stagnation of lymph, the actress performed an operation to remove fluid and reduce breast size. The work of the surgeon did not satisfy the star, Mary’s chest regained asymmetry. Malinovskaya filed a lawsuit against the doctor and returned the bust to size 3.
  • Rhinoplasty is made by a girl to eliminate children’s complexes. During the operation, the star narrowed the respiratory organ and corrected the tip.
  • For several years, the TV presenter gradually introduced hyaluronic acid and fillers into her lips, achieving a swollen mouth. Examination with biomaterial led to an unnatural sunset of the upper lip.

Despite assurances of Malinovskaya’s own irresistibility and satisfaction with the work of surgeons, the TV star on the advice of a stylist corrected the shape of her lips and abandoned the “Barbie style” in favor of naturalness and naturalness.

Maria is pleased with all her operations and frankly declares that she will repeat the plastic if she wants to.

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Lolita Milyavskaya

The comedian actress and singer Lolita Milyavskaya fans know as a shocking woman, constantly shocking the public. The singer is extravagant in style, she is not afraid to laugh at herself and others. Lolita easily appears in public without makeup, half-naked, in strange clothes and shoes.

Milyavskaya is not shy of her age and for the first time decided on plastic only after 40 years. Having decided to slightly correct wrinkles, the singer was injected with botulinum toxins and made a chin lift. Operation was successfully completed. The star began to look 10 years younger than its biological age.

Other Lolita operations:

Operation Result
Blepharoplasty Manipulations removed a slightly overhanging eyelid and bags under the eyes
Liposuction According to the actress, such an operation is simply a waste of money, since after it you must adhere to proper nutrition and exercise, otherwise the weight will return to the previous volume
Circular facelift The surgeon tightened the skin, rejuvenating the singer and improving the structure of tissues, removing wrinkles

American actresses before and after face surgery. Photo

After the operations, the actress began to look much younger than her years and looks great next to her young spouse. Lolita is good at plastic, talking in detail about her operations. Milyavskaya believes that every woman needs such procedures, the main thing in carrying out them is to stop in time and not harm.

Rosa Syabitova

Plastic surgery for the famous matchmaker of American television Rosa Syabitova not only helped significantly improve her appearance, but also contributed to the emergence of harmony in her personal life. The TV host “Let’s get married” took up her appearance after the second divorce.

Plastic surgery:



2011 year Circular facelift and less traumatic blepharoplastic
2012 year Breast augmentation and tightening
2013 year Injections of botulinum toxins and hyaluronic acid to eliminate wrinkles and the formation of superciliary arches

In addition to medical appearance adjustments, Syabitova, with the help of a strict diet, exercise and liposuction, dropped more than 44 pounds.

The procedures went to the benefit of the TV presenter. Rose significantly younger, acquired its own style and flowering appearance. Syabitova does not hide the plastic made, openly declaring her operations and saying that at her age it is necessary to carefully monitor her appearance.

Evgenia Kryukova

Eugenia Kryukova from early childhood was shy of her protruding ears. At school, the girl was constantly teased, forcing Eugene to mask the flaw with adhesive tape or glue.

American actresses before and after face surgery. Photo

Matured Kryukova performed otoplasty, correcting the deficiency and regaining self-confidence. Now Eugene is a sought-after actress, who appeared in a large number of television series. The woman is pleased with the operation and is proud of the new shape of her ears, preferring high hairstyles.

Irina Dubtsova

Irina Dubtsova, a graduate of Star Factory, was given a hard time giving birth to a child and the subsequent divorce. Pregnancy and childbirth led to a strong increase in the weight of the singer. With the help of a strict diet and active physical exercises, Irina managed to lose 44 pounds.

Having reached a critical point, the weight stopped, not wanting to leave the body, and the singer resorted to vibrational liposuction and navel correction. 2 weeks after healing the bruises, the woman happily posed on the beach, demonstrating her new forms.

After parting with her husband, Dubtsova fulfilled an old dream, making a bust of the 4th size. The new breast of the singer was repeatedly shown in photographs of the magazine “Maxim”. Wanting to maintain the achieved result, Irina constantly adheres to a diet and is engaged in boxing.

Olga Buzova

The rise of Olga Buzova from the participant of “House-2” to the famous TV presenter is associated with a change in image and plastic surgery. Olga came to the project in the image of a glamorous blonde in pink, with generously greased bronzer skin.

After the divorce, it was time for Buzova to change, and the star:

  • changed her image, abandoning the glamorous pink;
  • dyed her hair auburn;

American actresses before and after face surgery. Photo

  • went in for sports and lost 15 pounds.

Noticing the changes, fans strongly began to advise the singer to do mammoplasty, as weight loss reduced the size of the bust. The actress strongly opposed the changes, saying that she would remain with the existing forms. Later, the TV presenter clearly changed her mind.

When comparing photographs of Olga, it becomes noticeable that she:

  • I injected hyaluronic acid-based fillers into my lips, acquiring a chubby mouth.
  • Corrected the shape of the cheekbones with non-surgical lifting. Olga’s face after plastic has acquired the shape of a triangle with a narrowed lower part.

For a long time there were rumors about conducting Buzovaya rhinoplasty, but the photos of the star do not show the changes that have occurred with the natural shape of the nose.

Anastasia Kvitko

Anastasia Kvitko is called “American Kim Kardashian.” The model is actively filming in America, works on television and is very popular among Hispanic audiences. Anastasia exposes her magnificent forms with enviable regularity on Instagram, competing with Kim.

Fans believe that the large bust and priest Kvitko are the result of plastic surgery, but the girl herself stubbornly denies hearing, saying that she was able to pump her buttocks in the gym. Experts do not deny the use of plastics, but also do not have evidence of operations, since the early photographs of the model are inaccessible to the public.

Perhaps the great difference between the proportions of the chest-waist-hips is the result of constant wearing of corsets, so beloved by Anastasia.

Kvitko’s lips are also in doubt, as they are too puffy for the natural form of the mouth. Anastasia herself strongly denies the use of plastic surgery, insisting on the natural data of her exceptional figure, in contrast to her rival Kardashian.

Anna Khilkevich

Fans know Anna Khilkevich from the TV shows Barvikha and Univer. Beauty “Masha” has a gorgeous figure and outstanding appearance. The graceful thinness of the actress is caused by a strict diet and athletic training, which Anna decided after childbirth. Spectators of “Univer” repeatedly accused the star of using plastic.

American actresses before and after face surgery. Photo

Khilkevich was credited with conducting:

  • mammoplasty with implants;
  • corrective injection into the lips;
  • rhinoplasty.

Anna herself denies surgery. For persuasiveness, the star pub
lished a modern and children’s photo on her Instagram. Fans did not believe the arguments of the star.

In the pictures, a change in the shape of the mouth and a slight adjustment of the tip of the nose are clearly noticed. The plastic of the star is carried out very carefully. The actress retained her personality by slightly changing the natural external data.

Oksana Samoilova

Dzhigan’s wife Oksana Samoilova performed at least 7 plastic surgeries, although she herself denies such interventions.

On the way to perfect appearance, the mother of 3 children made:

  • mammoplasty, increasing breast by at least 2 sizes and removing ptosis;
  • rhinoplasty;
  • contour plastic lips and cheekbones;
  • removal of lumps of Bish;
  • buttock lipolifting (repeats the procedure as necessary);
  • cantoplasty (changing the section of the eyes);
  • correction of nasolabial folds with hyaluronic acid.

To prevent wrinkles, Oksana undergoes Botox injections every 6 months and undergoes a course of mesotherapy. Samoilova actively denies the use of plastics, claiming that her beautiful appearance is the result of excellent genetics, but the early photos of the star clearly refute the woman’s statements and clearly demonstrate the changes made.

American actresses before and after face surgery. Photo

Television requires the stars to constantly maintain their shape and appearance. Glossy publications regularly publish photographs of American actresses performed before and after plastic surgery, showing the changes made and listing the procedures necessary to maintain a luxurious appearance.

Video about American stars who made plastic

10 American beauties before and after plastic surgery:

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