Tapping the face. Appliances, instructions at home, video tutorials

Over time, the skin of the face begins to change. Wrinkles appear, and the oval of the face begins to drop. The desire to preserve youth makes you buy expensive anti-aging products and go for plastic surgery.

A more gentle method is taping. Reviews about him say that the procedure is simple. It does not adversely affect the body and gives a good result at home.

The essence of the procedure

Face taping is a highly effective skin and contour lifting technique. The result of use is no worse than after applying gold threads, Botox injections and plastic surgery. For the procedure, kinesiotape is used. It’s such an adhesive tape that looks like a band-aid.

Teip has the following features:

  1. For the manufacture of using natural, hypoallergenic materials. It can be rayon or cotton. They have properties that are similar to silk.
  2. The technology of creation is based on an analogy with human skin. Teip has similar characteristics.
  3. The tape is highly elastic, which provides good attachment to the surface and comfortable use.
  4. Repels fluids well.
  5. One side of the tape is impregnated with an adhesive mass. The base is hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types, even very sensitive ones.
  6. You can choose a different shape, width and length. Parameters are selected depending on the area of use of teip.
  7. Has a large assortment of various colors, ornaments and patterns.

Teips are intended for use on the face and all parts of the body requiring intervention – neck, abdomen and chest. Most often they are used in cosmetology in order to obtain a lifting effect. Taping used to be used in sports. Adhesive tapes helped to quickly and effectively cure a variety of sports injuries, such as muscle tone or muscle strain.

Tapping the face. Appliances, instructions at home, video tutorials

The device was also included in the course on posture alignment.

There are several types of teips in accordance with the purpose and problem that needs to be addressed. For the face, thin strips on an adhesive basis are mainly used. They are made from high quality viscose.

The material does not interfere with the penetration of oxygen to the surface; it adheres easily and tightly. Due to their high elasticity, such tapes do not stretch the epidermis. Eco cotton is much less commonly used. But it is a little denser.

Forms of teips:

  1. Rectangular The width of the strip can be 5, 2. 2 – 0’4 inch. It is used to correct the oval of the face and its modeling.
  2. Threaded. Take a wide ribbon and cut it yourself into thinner strips. At the same time, the base that connects them is left untouched. From one such teip, 3 to 5 small ribbons can be obtained. The length of the base should not exceed 25/32 inch, and the width of the tape – 6/32 – 19/32 inch. This form allows you to increase lymphatic drainage.
  3. Mesh . Teip gives a more pronounced result compared to classic ribbons. It is used for resorption of hematomas.

Tapes of any shape can be adjusted independently with scissors.

Advantages and disadvantages

Patients appreciate the procedure for the large number of positive effects of its use. Taping is popular among women of all age groups.

Tapping the face. Appliances, instructions at home, video tutorials

Tapping face at home has these advantages:

  1. Efficiency. After completing the course, smoothing of facial wrinkles of different sizes, lifting of the facial contour and general rejuvenation of the skin are observed. The result is no worse than after painful cosmetic procedures.
  2. Availability. It is not necessary to look for a qualified beautician and clinic. The procedure can be performed at home. If you apply anti-wrinkle applications at night, you can save time and get a good lifting effect in the morning.
  3. Safety. In the production of teips, only hypoallergenic materials are used. Tapes do not leave marks on the surface. Muscles and skin are not damaged after the session.
  4. Cost. Compared with other cosmetic procedures, the average price for teip made in Korea is $ 8,16.
  5. Simplicity. It is possible to use the tapes yourself if you study the application pattern. Following the step-by-step instructions, even an inexperienced person in taping will achieve the desired result. It is important to understand how the lymphatic vessels and muscles are located.
  6. Low cost. Taping is one of the budget methods of rejuvenation, compared to others.

The method has its drawbacks. First of all, the result of the procedure is stored for a short time. Patients are forced to repeat the course of the rejuvenation procedure after a certain time again.

The dense material of the tape creates a greenhouse effect, which contributes to the active reproduction of microorganisms. As a result, inflammation and acne can appear on the skin. Owners of sensitive skin complain of the appearance of itching from the adhesive basis of teip.

Tapping the face. Appliances, instructions at home, video tutorials

Non-compliance with the technology of applying tapes for taping can lead to deterioration of the skin. As a result, the size and depth of wrinkles and folds will increase. Despite all the shortcomings, the risks of using the technique are minimal, in contrast to serious interventions with the introduction of injections or plastic surgery.


Experts recommend starting the procedure from 25 years old. This will help prevent wrinkles ahead of time.

At a later age, the procedure is indicated for:

  • folds and wrinkles of medium size on the neck and face;
  • second chin;
  • pronounced nasolabial folds;
  • deep wrinkles around the mouth;
  • sagging and sagging skin;
  • aesthetic drooping eyebrows;
  • sagging facial contours;
  • impending century;
  • severe swelling under the eyes.

From the point of view of medicine, a regular course of taping is required for the inflammatory process of the facial nerve, impaired blood circulation of the skin and slowed outflow of lymph. Teips should be used strictly according to indications. Violation of the tape gluing schemes is unacceptable. In addition, it is important to strictly adhere to the recommended procedure time.


The safety of the session does not deprive the taping of contraindications.

Tapping the face. Appliances, instructions at home, video tutorials

It is forbidden to carry out the procedure in case of:

  • impaired functioning of the lymphatic system;
  • otitis media, tonsil inflammation and nasopharyngeal congestion;
  • high blood pressure;
  • herpes infections;
  • lesions of the facial muscles or nerves;
  • pustular skin diseases;
  • problems with the lymphatic system;
  • facial paralysis and paresis in chronic form;
  • chronic diseases in the acute stage;
  • oncological disease;
  • rhinitis or tonsillitis in the acute stage;
  • damage to the skin;
  • deep vein thrombosis;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • heart failure;
  • circulatory disorders in the brain;
  • advanced degree of osteoporosis;
  • psychoneurotic disorders;
  • neuropathy;
  • development of skin diseases;
  • individual intolerance to the materials used for the manufacture of teip.

To avoid deterioration of the skin condition, you can not glue tape on areas of the face that do not require correction. It is forbidden to apply teip on the surface with hair, scratches, papillomas, moles and warts.


Before performing taping at home, a consultation with a cosmetologist is required. He will talk about the rules for gluing tapes and list possible contraindications to the procedure. At the reception, a specialist will conduct a thorough examination of the skin and give an assessment of their condition. Based on this, he will prescribe a course of procedures, which can consist of 10-25 approaches with an interval of 2-3 days.

In advanced situations, the number of sessions increases to 50.

Also, the patient will be assigned certain teip overlays, which are important to follow. It is not recommended that you select the overlay principle yourself. Ignorance of the structural features of the muscular corset and the vascular system of the face can lead to complications.

Tapping the face. Appliances, instructions at home, video tutorials

In addition to talking with a doctor, special preparation is not required. Before gluing tapes, it is necessary to carry out only the usual hygienic procedures, which consist of cleansing the surface with gel or foam for washing. After that, the skin is well dried with a towel and proceed to taping.


Tapes are glued to the face along certain lines, which depend on the corrective areas. Each area has lymphatic vessels and muscle, directed in a certain way. The application of teips also occurs in accordance with the condition of the skin and the age of the patient. The strength of their tension depends on these indicators.

Tapping a person at home is carried out according to the paragraphs of a step-by-step instruction:

  1. Cleansing. The surface of the face eliminates pollution and oily secretions of the sebaceous glands. To do this, use foams and washing gels that are suitable for the type of skin.
  2. Massage. Helps to achieve easy warming. It is necessary to improve the effect of the procedure.
  3. Sticking teip. The process is carried out in accordance with the location of the muscles and blood vessels.
  4. Waiting time. Tapes are left on the face from half an hour to 5-8 hours. Beauticians advise sticking teip before bedtime and leave until morning.
  5. Stripping The procedure is carried out by smooth and accurate movements. In this case, it is necessary to fix the skin so that it does not stretch. You need to start with the top ribbon. For problems with removal, it is recommended to moisten the strips with cream or warm water. Thus, the effect of the adhesive base can be neutralized. It is important to choose the direction to the lymph nodes. It is also permissible to move along the massage lines.
  6. Skin treatment. After removal, the surface is cleaned in the usual way and a moisturizer is applied.

When using strips of eco-cotton, it is recommended to preheat the skin. So, taping will have a greater effect. After gluing, the material should be rubbed without pressing for a minute. Tapping is usually done with a course that contains from 3 to 12 sessions.

Lift the cheekbones and get rid of nasolabial folds

One teip is used, the width of which is 2 inch. It is glued to the small and large muscles of the cheekbones.

Tapping the face. Appliances, instructions at home, video tutorials

Mounting Scheme:

  1. Begin from the lips.
  2. The nasolabial fold is blocked from the beginning under the nose.
  3. Skin should not be pulled.
  4. The tape lead up, do not reach 6/32 – 13/32 inch to the ear. In this case, you need to hold the tape for the protective paper.

Fighting wrinkles around the eyes

For taping take a tape 25/32 inch wide. It is attached to the circular muscle from the outside of the eye.

Teip fix instruction:

  1. Gluing of the tape begins opposite the outer corner of the eye from the middle.
  2. Without skin tension, the teip begins to pull down from the eyebrow, retreating it 0’4 inch from the top.
  3. Pull down 25/32 inch. The tension of the ends should be alternate.

In the locked position, the teip is held for about 4-8 hours. To avoid creases, leaving the tape on your face at night is not recommended. The procedure should be done in the daytime.

With horizontal wrinkles on the forehead

For this zone you need to use teips with a width of 63/32 inch. They are fixed on the middle part of the forehead.

Tapping the face. Appliances, instructions at home, video tutorials
The photo shows the result of the face taping procedure.

The principle of using teip in the forehead:

  1. Begin to stick the tape from the nose bridge over the eyebrow line.
  2. Fix the beginning of the strip.
  3. Hold the palm of your hand and slightly pull the skin on the forehead.
  4. Pulling up the protective paper, complete the application of teip without additional tension.

With eyebrow folds

In this area, wrinkles are formed due to the habit of frowning eyebrows. The process leads to muscle spasm, which requires removal. When smoothing strips affect the frontal part of the muscle.

For the procedure you will need a tape 2 inch wide. Its length should go from the nose to the hairline. The teip is cut into 2 parts lengthwise. The first strip is cut again so that there remains a base equal in height to 13/32 – 19/32 inch.

Received teip fix:

  1. The base is applied between the eyebrows on the bridge of the nose.
  2. The ends are glued in turn onto the forehead, sipping on the protective paper. The skin itself does not need to be touched.

As a result, the overlay is located on the face in the form of the letter V.

The second part of the tape is cut in half transversely. Each segment of the tape is glued over the eyebrow. First fix the base. Next, pulling the skin with your hand in the area of hair growth, pull the protective paper up. Thus, teip is completely on the surface.

For face contour lifting

The optimum width of the tape is 63/32 inch. It is longitudinally cut into two strips.

Tapping the face. Appliances, instructions at home, video tutorials

The resulting tapes are glued to the jaw area in this way:

  1. The head is slightly raised and tilted to the side.
  2. In the place where the chin ends, the teip base is attached.
  3. < li>Glue the strip, stretching it to the end of the jaw. The skin itself does not need to be pulled.

For wrinkles around the lips

A teip width of 31/32 inch is suitable for this area. It is applied to the circular muscle, which is located above the lip.

Step-by-step process instruction:

  1. The upper lip needs to be bitten. Thus, the skin will stretch over it.
  2. The tape is taken at the ends, pulled a little and glued to the area of the nasolabial triangle.
  3. Tapes are smoothed from the center to the edges.

If done correctly, it feels as if the lip is pulled down. The procedure can be done at night. To withstand the tape on the face should be 3-8 hours.

General rejuvenation

At home, to obtain a general lifting effect, taping is used for several muscle groups at once. They are glued to all areas of the face where there is a loss of tone.

There are several schemes for applying teips that correspond to age groups. At the age of 30-40, cheeks begin to sag and nasolabial folds stand out. Use tapes of 31/32 inch. They are laid out in a fan of 3 teips from the center of the cheek to the temple. 1 strip is placed in the temple area. A tape is also glued to the nasolabial fold.

Tapping the face. Appliances, instructions at home, video tutorials

In 40-50 years, problems change. These include drooping eyebrows, an increase in the chin and the appearance of deep facial wrinkles. The taping scheme is presented in the table.

Cheeks and nasolabial fold Around eyes The chin Over the eyebrows Nose
A vertical fan of not wide ( 31/32 inch) ribbons, which are glued between the ear and cheek, is added to the first scheme. Thinner strips, 13/32 – 19/32 inch, are needed for thin skin around the eyes. Use 3 strips of 13/32 inch. They fan out from the lower lip to the end of the chin 3 thin, 13/32 inch ribbons will help to raise eyebrows. They are pasted from the center of the eyebrow to its tail. On the middle of the nose, 31/32 inch wide are fastened

After 50 years of lifting, the following areas require:

  • Upper lip. Above it, vertically stick 13/32 inch of tape with a fan.
  • Forehead. Tapes fan out from the center of the forehead. Moreover, their width should alternate from 13/32 – 31/32 inch.

How long will the result last

Medical science has not yet provided evidence of the effectiveness of the application of the technique to get rid of signs of skin aging. To assess the result of taping, experts recommend taking photographs before the procedure and after 30-45 days. This method will help to see the difference between the changes and the past condition of the skin.

Tapping the face at home, aimed at correcting the second chin, leads to such changes:

  1. Flabbiness of the skin has become less pronounced.
  2. The oval of the face visually tightened.

A large number of patient reviews after the procedure say that the difference before and after treatment with kinesiotape is obvious. After 8 hours of exposure, we can conclude that the procedure is effective.

But there are negative reviews that claim that the devices give a placebo effect. The skin of the face does not change at all. They call this cosmetic procedure a waste of money and time.

Possible complications

During the correct use of teips, the occurrence of side effects was not noticed. In this case, itching, redness and an allergic reaction of the body are not excluded. The strong tension of the strips when glued can injure the skin, especially for the sensitive type.

Tapping the face. Appliances, instructions at home, video tutorials

Tapping the face at home can lead to the formation of:

  • bruising;
  • pain
  • bruises.

The prolonged presence of the tape on the skin negatively affects the health of the skin and its microbiomes. The improper removal technology violates the barrier properties of the surface. As a result, the skin becomes susceptible to irritants that penetrate the skin layers. The surface intensively evaporates the liquid, loses its protection against ultraviolet rays.

After violation of the barrier properties of the cover, their restoration is required. First of all, it is important to abandon the care products that destroy it. These include cosmetic products based on retinol and acids. It is recommended to abandon aggressive procedures if the problem can be solved by conservative methods.

Anti-aging taping of the skin of the face and neck has positive reviews of women who have tried the technique.

It is a safe and physiological substitute for other aesthetic techniques. The procedure can be carried out at home, because even an inexperienced person can handle the application of tapes. Before the session, it is recommended to consult a cosmetologist, because there are contraindications and side effects.

Author: Pronina Marina

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