Mucin snails in cosmetology. Useful properties, how to use African Achatina mucus at home, photos, reviews

Restoring damaged skin areas, smoothing out fine wrinkles, reducing irritation, smoothing post-acne scars are the results of using snail mucin in cosmetology, which look incredibly amazing.

However, the snail secret filtrate is indeed a universal ingredient: suitable for all skin types and has a powerful regenerating effect that can help even with atopic dermatitis.

The unique composition of the snail secret

The natural secret of the cochlea is a viscous liquid of light yellow color, laboratory analysis of which showed the following composition:

  • glycosaminoglycans – polysaccharides capable of retaining moisture; Mucin snails in cosmetology. Useful properties, how to use African Achatina mucus at home, photos, reviews
  • allantoin – a substance responsible for the restoration of damage in the body;
  • collagen and elastane – proteins that are too large to penetrate the skin, but create a moisture-retaining film on the surface;
  • glycolic acid – a component with exfoliating and moisturizing effect;
  • hyaluronic acid – a powerful moisturizer;
  • antimicrobial peptides – give antibacterial properties;
  • glycoproteins, zinc, iron, copper, magnesia – are contained in small quantities and do not have a cosmetic effect.

Skin Benefits

All the beneficial properties of snail secretion are a consequence of the unique ability to repair damaged skin cells:

  • decrease in the relief of scars, colloidal scars;
  • smoothing acne spots;
  • accelerated regeneration of damaged areas: inflammation, acne, cuts;
  • exfoliation of cells in areas with increased dryness or dermatitis;
  • smoothing wrinkles caused by insufficient moisture (does not affect age wrinkles!); Mucin snails in cosmetology. Useful properties, how to use African Achatina mucus at home, photos, reviews
  • recovery from sunburn;
  • superficial moisturizing and maintaining the water balance of the skin.

How to get mucin

Snail mucin is produced by cosmetic and pharmaceutical raw materials companies. Championship in terms of production keep Korea and Italy. Each company uses its own, often secret, developments in this area, but in general, their goal is to create the most comfortable environment for snails, which affects the volume of mucin secreted by them.

For safety reasons, edible species of medium and large sized snails grown in captivity are used as sources of raw materials.

The most popular of the subspecies is a relative of the garden snail Helix aspersa, which secretes secretions with a high protein content and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. All animals undergo careful sanitary control, which is impossible when working with wildlife.

Snails are located on nets in dark, quiet rooms for 30 minutes, during which they have enough time to inherit mucin along its routes.

However, they do not apply any additional incentives:

  1. Firstly, issues of protection and exploitation of animals regularly excite the world community, and manufacturers do not want to spoil their reputation.
  2. Secondly, snails regularly produce mucus, being healthy, calm and in a comfortable environment. Therefore, companies are trying to provide them with the best living conditions.

After half an hour, insects return to their terrariums, where they live permanently. There they rest and recover, while the products of their activity are collected from the nets and undergo further processing.

There are studies proving an increase in the production of mucus by the cochlea under stress or when the shell is damaged.

But on an industrial scale, creating such conditions is laborious, not to mention the ethical side of the issue. In addition, snails in critical condition stop moving, sometimes hibernate, which threatens commodity companies with long-term production downtime.

What cosmetics are used

Mucin snails in cosmetology. Useful properties, how to use African Achatina mucus at home, photos, reviews
Snail mucin in cosmetology is used in face and hand creams.

Snail mucin is used in cosmetology everywhere. For a long time, Korean cosmetic concerns did not advertise this fact, especially when it came to exported products. For a customer far from Eastern rituals of care, such a component was a “fu” factor: a cause of aversion to products that clearly did not promote sales.

Since the ingredient was popularized, corporations no longer hide the presence of mucin in the ingredient list. Moreover, its presence began to be indicated in the name of the product, as well as indicate its percentage in the total mass.

The line of care products has expanded significantly and continues to replenish with new types of cosmetics:

  • classic cream for smoothing, moisturizing and whitening;
  • cleansing soap with a regenerating effect;
  • foam for washing;
  • a fabric mask saturated with moisturizing ingredients;
  • gel-silicone patches for eyes and lips;
  • moisture retaining anti-aging serum;
  • concentrated gel (up to 98% mucin in the composition) against spots and scars;
  • classic moisturizing mask;
  • night-tightening mask;
  • refreshing scrub;
  • light cream for the area around the eyes.

Moisturizing serums for the ends of the hair and concentrated body gels after sunburn are also available, which have a cooling and healing effect. In the compositions of cosmetics, mucin is often adjacent to aloe juice, green tea, licorice or cactus extract.

Top 5 Professional Tools

Belita – cream based on snail mucus filtrate

The popularity of snail mucin in modern cosmetology inspired the cosmetologists of the Belarusian company Belita to create a complete care line. With regular use of snail series products, the manufacturer promises to slow down the aging process and improve metabolic processes in the skin. Mucin snails in cosmetology. Useful properties, how to use African Achatina mucus at home, photos, reviews

Day cream also contains white tea extract and a complex of shea butter and coconut oils, which repair damaged areas, refresh and moisturize the skin. The texture of the cream is light, it quickly absorbs and does not leave shine, which is especially important for owners of oily and combination skin.

Among the disadvantages of the product, a high consumption can be noted – when applying a thin layer on the face and neck, 4 presses of the pump are necessary.

Esfolio – an effective cosmetic product with snail mucin

The viscous crystal clear Pure Snail gel contains 95% mucin and can be used both for the face and body. This Korean formulation is designed to reduce acne vulgaris and soften very dry skin. The composition does not differ in the variety of natural ingredients, including except for mucin, only pharmacy chamomile extract. Mucin snails in cosmetology. Useful properties, how to use African Achatina mucus at home, photos, reviews

However, this allows you to reduce the allergenicity of the product and use it for various skin types. The positive qualities of the product include super-economical consumption: just one gel pea is enough for high-quality hydration. A little more will be required when applied as an express mask.

Esfolio brand technologists recommend storing the gel in the refrigerator to add a refreshing effect to morning use.

Deoproce Snail Recovery Cream – anti-aging snail cream

Deoproce restorative cream, in addition to snail mucus filtrate, contains an anti-aging component niacinamide, which is responsible for the renewal of skin cells, and a brightening licorice root extract. The product forms a protective film that prevents moisture loss, while low molecular weight collagen from seaweed moisturizes and improves skin elasticity. Mucin snails in cosmetology. Useful properties, how to use African Achatina mucus at home, photos, reviews

The composition contains many rare plant components:

  • Japanese quince root
  • Chinese camellia leaves
  • aloe leaves
  • ginkgo biloba extract.

A small amount of cream is applied as the second stage of care after using a tonic or lotion and allow it to absorb completely. Can also be used as a base for makeup.

Mizon All in One Snail Repair Cream – snail mucin-based cosmetics

Universal cream from a well-known Korean company consists of snail extract for 92%. Due to its high efficiency, this product has become a true bestseller, sold in quantities of more than a million pieces. This lightweight gel cream has a uniform viscous texture, milky white translucent color and is odorless. Mucin snails in cosmetology. Useful properties, how to use African Achatina mucus at home, photos, reviews

Flavourless with a milky white, slightly transparent color, this lightweight gel cream has a viscous texture that goes on a silky smooth. The cream is quickly absorbed, moisturizes, smoothes fine wrinkles, reduces acne scars and stains.

It does not clog pores and does not aggravate oily and combination skin, but for owners of dry skin it is better to use it as a serum for a more saturated cream. Perhaps spot use in areas with pigmentation.

Snail Secret Key Black Snail Original Cream

Another multifunctional product from the Korean manufacturer differs from the previous one in lower cost and more natural composition. Snail extract in the composition of 90%, which significantly affects the texture of the cream: it is sticky, jelly-like, but it is well absorbed and improves the general condition of the skin. Mucin snails in cosmetology. Useful properties, how to use African Achatina mucus at home, photos, reviews

Shea butter and olive and 9 other natural ingredients are responsible for hydration:

  • honey,
  • peony extract
  • green tea,
  • pomegranate juice
  • liquorice
  • seaweed.

Multicomponent provides deep nutrition and restoration of irritated areas, however, the main effect of regular use is manifested in lightening and increasing the elasticity of the skin surface. It is used twice a day as the last stage of care, and to enhance the effect, leave it for several minutes under a thin plastic film.

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How to treat weathered lips with snail extract

Change of seasons, central heating, frost and wind make lips dry, weathered and can cause cracks. In such a situation, the moisturizing and restoring properties of mucin are just in time, and for this it is not necessary to buy a special tool.

It is enough to apply a drop of serum or gel with a high content of snail extract on the weathered lips, allow to soak for 1 minute, and then use the usual hygienic lipstick.

Small areas of dryness after such leaving will disappear in 3 days.

In more complex cases, the serum is applied before the night moisturizing lip mask, in order to prevent it, it is enough to perform this procedure once a week.

How to use a secret to rejuvenate your skin

Happy owners of snails may not spend money on buying mucin care products – just use the mucus that your pet gives off. To obtain mucin, the snail is washed in water, and then they try to scare it. In a stressful situation, the animal secretes a large amount of mucus – about half a teaspoon at a time, this is enough for one home procedure. Mucin snails in cosmetology. Useful properties, how to use African Achatina mucus at home, photos, reviews

Mucus can be used in its pure form as a night mask for the face. It is applied to cleansed skin before going to bed, and in the morning it is washed off with cold water without additional funds. Mucin is also added to any homemade mask based on juices, dairy products, clay, honey and fruit purees.

This procedure has a complex effect, combining the result of the action of all the ingredients.

The exposure time depends on the composition of the mask and with the addition of snail secret does not change. The main thing to remember is that the prepared product must be used immediately, it cannot be stored, even for a short time.

Massage with snails

With the popularization in cosmetics of care products, which include snail mucin, beauty salons began to offer an exotic procedure – massage with live snails. The trend was picked up by all the owners of these unusual pets, and now no one can be surprised with snail procedures at home.

Two large or 5 medium-sized individuals are enough to massage the face ; the snail Akhatina is especially popular because of its gigantic size, unpretentiousness in care and longevity.

Before the procedure, the skin is thoroughly cleaned with natural products (baby soap is best), and the snails are washed with warm water. Moisturize the skin with water, milk or cream. During the session, which lasts from 15 to 30 minutes, the animals are launched on a certain part of the human body (most often the face, hands, neck, decollete).

When moving, the body of the snails contracts, massaging the skin and increasing blood circulation.

Some species also eat the stratum corneum, providing delicate micropilling. The mucus remaining after the massage is distributed over the entire surface of the skin and left as a moisturizing mask.

Beauticians recommend protecting the eyes and nostrils with cotton swabs, and also warn that some snails may leave bites, sometimes quite painful and noticeable on the skin. The massage course is 10 sessions every 3 days. The first results are noticeable already in the second week after the start of the procedures.

Possible side effects

The natural origin
of the snail secret virtually eliminates the occurrence of side effects.

However, glycolic acid in its composition can cause discomfort in people with sensitive skin:

  • burning;
  • redness;
  • feeling of dryness and constriction;
  • irritation, itching;
  • allergic reaction, edema.

It should also be remembered that the more natural components are contained in the composition of the cosmetic product, the more dangerous its use for allergy sufferers. At the first signs of side effects or an allergic reaction, thoroughly rinse the product off the skin and stop its further use.


The list of contraindications to the use of products with filtrate of snail extract is small:

  • open skin lesions – abrasions, inflamed elements, acne in the acute stage;
  • sunburn of the second degree;
  • excessive dryness of the skin;
  • individual intolerance.

The use of mucin or snail secretion in cosmetology is safe, environmentally friendly, has low risks and side effects.

The positive aspects of regular use, on the contrary, are confirmed by several independent studies that note a noticeable regenerative and healing effect, as well as the ability to create a protective layer that retains moisture on the surface of the skin.

Video: snail mucin in cosmetology

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Snail mucin – application in cosmetology:

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