Kefir masks for face. Recipes and rules for use against acne, wrinkles, for oily skin
Kefir is suitable for the care of any type of skin. Kefir masks designed
White dots under the eyes. What is it, the reasons for the appearance, how to get rid
White dots under the eyes, and also sometimes on the upper eyelids and other
Mask with soda for the face from wrinkles, acne, black spots, age spots. Recipes and home use
Baking soda in face masks helps against wrinkles, age spots, acne and black spots.
Mask with gelatin for the face from wrinkles under and around the eyes with honey, glycerin, activated carbon, spirulina, milk
Effective masks with gelatin for the face from wrinkles around the eyes. Recipes with
A mask of starch for the face with the effect of Botox, against wrinkles, for dry skin, with kefir, banana, soda, salt, olive oil. Recipes
Facial starch is a unique product that can make skin clean, moisturized and toned.
Masks for the skin around the eyes after 30, 40, 50 years. Effective recipes for wrinkles and signs of aging
Masks for the skin around the eyes, which can be done at home, will
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