Exercises to reduce nose without surgery at home

Over the years, the muscles of the nose near the nostrils weaken, which leads to its lengthening, deformation or thickening. Therefore, a set of exercises was developed to reduce the nose and give it a beautiful shape. Do not forget that it is impossible to fundamentally change the nose through face-building, it only makes it more accurate and helps to correct minor flaws.

How to adjust the shape of the nose without surgery

Performing gymnastics up to 16 years of age is highly undesirable, because facial features are still formed before this age, and its proportions can change. It is more advisable to start training when the first signs of aging appear. If the result obtained after performing the exercises is not satisfactory, you should stop performing gymnastics, and pretty soon the changes will disappear.

How long does it take to achieve a result

Most often, a noticeable result can be noted 2-4 weeks after the start of gymnastics. It depends on the age of the person and the individual parameters of the face. If after a month there are no visible changes, it is possible that the classes are not conducted intensively enough, irregularly, the exercise is selected or performed incorrectly.

Exercises to reduce the nose are recommended to be performed every day for 2 weeks, and when progress is evident, the regularity of training can be reduced to 2-3 times a week. If, having achieved the desired goal, stop engaging in face-building, the nose will gradually return to its original shape and size, so classes are advised not to quit.

Choosing the Right Exercise

To reduce the nose, there is no need to perform all existing exercises, 2-3 will be enough to eliminate existing defects. If the nose is beautifully shaped, Carol Maggio is advised to perform the multifunctional exercise to maintain it.

Exercises to reduce nose without surgery at home

In the absence of flaws, it will not allow them to appear, as well as shorten the long nose and make its tip narrower, the upper lip – sharper, will help mask a small hump.

The sequence of steps includes 5 steps:

  1. To take the starting position – any comfortable: sitting, standing, lying and even on the go. The main thing is that the stomach should be pulled in, the muscles of the buttocks and the front surface of the thighs are tense, and the rest of the body is relaxed as much as possible. It is undesirable to hold or stray from the breath, it should be measured.
  2. With the thumb and forefinger, squeeze the bridge of the nose like a clothespin, fingers should be straight and upright. If it became harder to breathe, your fingers probably lay on the cartilage, you need to move them a little higher on the bone.
  3. The tip of the index finger of the second palm rest against the nasal septum from below.
  4. Close your lips and, without opening your mouth, lower the lower jaw so that the upper lip is stretched and pulled the tip of the nose, while holding it in place with your finger.
  5. Freeze in this position for a second, return to the starting position and relieve tension. Do one set of 40 repetitions daily. When done correctly, a tingling sensation and a slight burning sensation should appear in the area adjacent to the nose.

If redness of a nose disturbs, massage of ears successfully copes with it.

You need to grab them so that the index fingers are located in front and the large ones in the back. Massage the edges of the auricles in circular motions for half a minute, moving from bottom to top. Stretching your ears is not necessary. Above, for convenience, you can swap your fingers. Perform 2-3 sets daily until the problem disappears, when it returns, resume manipulation.

Contraindications to nasal gymnastics

Facebuilding must be postponed or completely terminated, if there are:

Problem Cause Consequence
Neck problems (hernia, sprain, osteochondrosis, and injuries) Muscle overload will exacerbate existing problems and prolong the recovery period. Snooze until recovery
Herpes There is a danger of the spread of infection. Set aside until wounds heal completely.
Oncological diseases Inadequate studies of the effects of training do not preclude their negative impact on cancers. Specialist consultation required
Pregnancy period It is undesirable to overstrain the abdominal muscles, so as not to cause uterine tone and not to create a threat of termination of pregnancy. Snooze until delivery
Injuries, inflammation and unhealed wounds of the nose, traumatic brain injuries There is a risk of deterioration, additional muscle injuries and an increase in the recovery period. Set aside until complete healing.
Surgical intervention and plastic surgery of the face, immediately after Botox injections and cosmetic procedures There is no guarantee that, until the muscles are completely restored after mechanical action on them, gymnastics will not bring harm. The first 2 years are contraindicated, then specialist advice is required
Unwell, hypertension, fever, hypertensive crisis, dilated vessels, problems with the lymphatic system, exacerbation of diseases, inflammation of the facial nerves. The risk of exacerbating existing health problems is increasing. To postpone problems until the disappearance, if cure is impossible – stop

Complexes of exercises for adjusting the nose at home

For proper performance of gymnastics, control is necessary, therefore, it is necessary to conduct it in front of the mirror, carefully observing that there is no tension in the back of the head, other muscles of the face, neck and shoulders. If swelling and swelling appear after performing the exercises, you should reduce the pressure on the muscles of the nose and reduce the number of repetitions.

Exercises to reduce nose without surgery at home
The photo shows effective exercises to reduce the nose.

It is better to increase the load gradually as the muscles strengthen. You should not be lazy and skip Facebook building classes until you see obvious progress, otherwise time will be wasted. Regularity is the key to a successful result.


In case of asymmetry of the nose, if the tip is curved to the right or left, the output will be the following exercise: the starting
position, the order of execution and the number of repetitions are the same as in the multifunctional exercise Carol Maggio, only the finger should be pressed not from below, but from the edge where the nose is deflected , shifting the tip “into place”.

When the nose aligns, do not abruptly quit training , at least a couple of weeks later you need to do gymnastics in order to consolidate the positive dynamics, after which you can switch to the multifunctional exercise Carol Maggio to maintain progress.


The exercises to reduce the nose described below, in addition to narrowing, strengthen and tighten the internal muscles of the nose, smooth the nasolabial folds and strengthen the nasal.

Exercises to reduce nose without surgery at home

  • First: open your lips and raise the tip of your nose with your fingertip to expose your teeth. Tuck your lip inward and try to pull it back onto your teeth, feeling finger resistance. Do 40 times.
  • Second: lower the chin to the chest and open the lips, while the nose will stretch. Hold for 7 seconds, then close your mouth. It is recommended to carry out two sets per day for 30 repetitions.
  • Third: bring the chin to the chest and open the mouth, press the nostrils with the pads of the index fingers. Looking up is important without wrinkling the skin on the forehead. For 10 seconds, inflate the nostrils, after which take a short break and perform two more of the same approaches.

Potato nose reduction

  • With your index finger, press the nose cartilage from below so that it slightly rises. Deep transverse creases should not appear on it. Reducing the lateral nasal muscles, push the nose against the finger. Perform 20 quick movements, take a 10-second break and repeat the exercise. To move eyebrows and to pursue lips incorrectly, the face should be as relaxed as possible.
  • Option two: put the index fingers, the other fingers gently squeeze into a fist. There should not be excessive tension in the fingers and hands. With straight index fingers located horizontally, you need to tap on the area under the nose, without touching the tip of the nose. Most attention should be paid to the place where the nostrils begin. Perform 35-40 repetitions.

FlexEffect for strengthening and smoothing the nose wings

Wide nasal wings become less pronounced if you place your middle fingers close to them and wrinkle your nose. Hold in this position for 6 seconds. Do every day 5 times. The ugly shape of the nostrils can be corrected by stroking them with a light pressure with thumbs from top to bottom. Run 10 times.

Exercises to reduce nose without surgery at home

If the nasal wings sink, they can be leveled. Insert the thumbs into the nostrils, and place the index fingers on the hollows of the wings of the nose. With your thumb, make a movement, as if trying to turn the nostrils out, while straining the nasal muscles. Measure for 6 seconds. Do at least 5-6 repetitions.

Place the middle fingers on the recesses of the wings of the nose. Wrinkle your nose and tighten your nostrils. Feeling palpably, draw your fingers along the wings of the nose to its base 3-5 times, stretching the movement for 6 seconds.

Hump correction

Exercises to reduce the nose will help smooth a small hump, if pronounced, they will not completely eliminate the problem, but slightly reduce the protruding part. The above-described multifunctional exercise from cosmetologist Carol Maggio will help to cope with the defect.

In addition to him, you can just press hard on the protruding part, which you want to smooth out, and hold as much as you have enough patience. It is important not to overdo it, otherwise an ugly redness will appear on the skin.

Alignment of the sunken area between the nose and cheeks

Option one makes a smooth transition from nose to cheeks and fights with sunken eye sockets. Set the pads of the middle fingers on the hollows near the inner corners of the eyes, the ring fingers themselves will conveniently lie on the bridge of the nose. To wrinkle the nose strongly and slowly smooth out the formed folds with your fingers, significantly pressing and slowly leading them from top to bottom.

Exercises to reduce nose without surgery at home

This movement should end at the lower edge of the nostrils and take 6 seconds. 3-5 repetitions is enough.

Option two makes the furrow between the nose and cheeks less deep. Place index fingers on the problem area, wrinkle your nose and inflate your nostrils. The mouth should be relaxed and closed while not moving it. Then relax the muscles. The recommended number of repetitions is 10.

Nose tip

Place index and thumbs around the eyes, simulating binoculars. Thumbs should be on the nose. The pressure should be palpable, do not reduce it, since it prevents the formation of wrinkles in the area around the eyes.

Exercises to reduce nose without surgery at home

To wrinkle your nose by lifting your upper lip and baring your teeth. After 5 seconds, give the muscles a rest. Repeat the procedure 10 times. The massive overhanging tip of the nose will take a more precise shape, the back will strengthen and the contour of the upper lip will be more attractive.

Correction of the nasal septum

Exercises to reduce the nose are powerless to eliminate a septal defect. However, they will help ease breathing difficulties, calm the mucous membranes, strengthen blood vessels and relieve swelling.

  • Massage of the sinuses: apply a cream based on propolis and usd it into the skin in a circular motion. It is better to perform these manipulations in the evenings before going to bed.
  • The second method: dissolve a pinch of sea salt in warm filtered water. Collect the resulting solution alternately with both nostrils, hold it a little in the nasopharynx, and then sharply push it out of itself. A painful sensation will appear. Repeat until the pain subsides completely. Regularly performing the procedure will help to avoid rhinitis.
  • Lightly tapping your fingers on the nostrils and back of the nose , inhale, then without a pause, exhale completely and stop breathing for a couple of moments. At first, do 2-3 sets a day 10 times, and after restoration of nasal breathing – 1 time per day.
  • With a tightly closed mouth, buzz any song, feeling the vibration in the nose.
  • Open your lips and reach for the upper jaw , avoiding the formation of wrinkles in the corners of the mouth. The tip of the nose will move down, the nostrils will move closer, and tension will appear under the sinuses. Eyebrows and forehead do not frown. Wait 2-3 seconds, then give all the muscles a rest, continue again, making the greatest number of approaches, this will allow the septal muscle to grow stronger faster.
  • Exercise “ear-nose” to align the deformed septum – place the index finger on that wing of the nose, in which direction the septum is displaced, and press firmly so t
    hat it stands up evenly. Perform as many times as you have patience, and as often as possible.

Precautions When Performing Exercises For The Nose

  • Before embarking on face-building, it is important to thoroughly wash and wipe your hands dry, usd your palms so that they become warm. The nails should be carefully treated, not to leave scratches.
  • In 20-30 minutes Before performing gymnastics, it is advisable to apply massage oil, cream or ointment to the skin, they nourish the skin, give it a healthy look and reduce the risk of injuries.
  • Gymnastics should not bring pain, if they occur, pressure should be reduced.

Exercises to reduce nose without surgery at home

Immediately after exercise, unstable muscles come in tone, and positive changes can be observed for several hours. This indicates that everything is done correctly.

Not all nasal flaws can be corrected through exercises to reduce the nose, but gymnastics helps to significantly improve the appearance, prolong youth, prevent facial features from swelling and restore impaired respiratory functions.

Posted by: Lilia Razzhivina (Meerjungfrau)

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