Should We Recalibrate Our Conscience?

recalibrate conscience

Our conscience informs us on such issues as how we dress, whether or not we celebrate certain holidays, how much time we spend on the computer or watching TV, what we do for a Bible reading routine, our choice to speed or not to speed on the freeway, our education choices, whether or not we vaccinate, what we believe about things like abortion, embryo adoption, in vitro fertilization, sex before marriage, homosexuality, and on and on. But how do we know our conscience is functioning accurately?

Fifty Shades of Genesis 3:16

Practical Theology for Women
February 6, 2015

The Twilight Series was a lighter version of Fifty Shades of Grey. Call it what you want – erotic fiction, BDSM, or in the Twilight Series, paranormal young adult fiction. But the bottom line of both series is the same — Good Girls fall in love with Bad Boys. These particular series made the news because the individual books and movies reached a mass market audience, but “romance” novels involving the “hero” treating the girl badly and the girl wanting him anyway (with the hope of reforming him) have been hugely successful among women for hundreds of years.

The popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey doesn’t surprise me, because God predicted it in Genesis 3. The woman’s desire or strong craving (addiction if you will) will be for the man, and he will rule over her. THAT is why Fifty Shades of Grey, the Twilight Series, and countless other lesser known masochistic “romance” novels have flourished over the years. When Christ is removed from our relationships, that is what is left – men oppressing women and women lapping it up, even if it’s just in fiction. I imagine men will not appreciate that characterization any more than women will. Yet, apart from Christ and God’s common grace among unbelievers, this is where both sexes default in my humble opinion, and I think history affirms my view.

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The Fact is, We Have Good Parts and Bad Parts. Are We OK with That?

good parts, bad parts

On the surface it appears that you are just like everyone else. Playing with your own beach ball. A nice enough beach ball. But they don’t know that your real beach ball is under your derriere. You have to struggle to keep it under there. It wants to come to the surface, and you have to keep wiggling and finagling to keep it down. You can’t swim with freedom because if you did, your beach ball would do what it wants to do—what Reality says it should do—and bounce up and out. It would be exposed for all to see. How embarrassing. You can’t have that.

Forgiveness and Reconciliation

Revolutionary Faith
December 30, 2014

True, Joseph did forgive his brothers. And by the end of the story, he reconciled himself to them. But here is the part most biblical counselors leave out:

Joseph did not reconcile until he had tested his brothers’ repentance.

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Lead On: Thoughts on Women, Leadership, and Motherhood

Hannah Anderson: Sometimes a Light
January 29, 2015

The question of gender and leadership is a sticky one for Christians. Recently, in response to Propel—an initiative designed to”help women internalize a leadership identity & fulfill their purpose, passion, and potential”–someone asked where conservatives fall on the question of developing women as leaders. But I’m not entirely convinced that this is a conservative or liberal question. Our applications of how and where women lead may divide us along certain fault lines, but the fact that women are made to lead isn’t up for debate. Made in God’s image, we were not made to be passive any more than He is.

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