Rushing Reconciliation is Rarely Rewarding


Can you have a healthy relationship where there is lying, covering up, pretending, overlooking, and ignoring? Does that foster intimacy? Of course not. Healthy relationships are grown in the soil of vulnerability and safety. When two people are open and honest, they can get close and experience authentic acceptance and love. Anything less is dysfunctional in some way.

Don’t Let the Current Catch You!


On July 9, 1960, a man took his two kids for a boat ride on the Niagra River. Motor trouble caused the boat to get caught up in the fast current and tip over. The father was swept over the falls to his death. One of the children, a 7-year-old boy, fell over the Canadian […]

Deliver Us From Evil


“Deliver us from evil” is part of the Lord’s Prayer. It’s something Jesus told us we should pray for regularly, so it’s obviously God’s will for us. Yet it’s astounding how many Christians think it is some kind of spiritual exercise in becoming a “living sacrifice” to daily expose oneself to evil—as long as the […]

For Crying Out Loud!


Have you ever felt like God’s wisdom is some kind of elusive thing only meant for certain people—but not you? Today we’ll continue looking at Proverbs chapter one where that idea is soundly debunked. Wisdom? It’s necessary for a life well lived, and it’s all yours for the taking.