Gunshots in the Night

gunshots in the night

My life is not all that interesting, so when something unusual happens, I get a little excited. Saturday night something interesting happened. I sent out an email to my friends and family Sunday morning, telling them about our dramatic night, and since I have so little time to write these days, I thought I’d just […]

Spiritual Maturity and Emotional Health Go Hand in Hand

Christ Centered Counseling
March 11, 2015

“True spiritual maturity is not possible without concurrent growth in emotional health. In one of my comments to last weeks’ post, I said that what’s going inside of us often repeats itself in our outside world. For example, when we’re unhealthy on the inside, we attract others who are unhealthy. When we beat ourselves up on the inside for our faults, flaws, mistakes, and failures, we are more likely to tolerate that behavior from others on the outside. When we don’t think for ourselves we are more likely to blindly follow or believe things people tell us without checking it out for ourselves. When we feel unhealthy, we also often feel incapable of taking care of ourselves or standing up for ourselves in appropriate ways. When we don’t care about ourselves or care for our soul, spirit, mind, or body then we are more likely to accept relationships with others who do not care for our body, mind, spirit and soul either.”

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Why I Love Hanging Out with My “Bad-for-Me” Friends (and why I’m pretty sure God wants me to!)


About a year and a half ago I began getting together regularly with other women in destructive marriages. We would pray together. We did a lot of weeping and subsequent nose blowing. A lot of laughing. A lot of venting. It was a safe place where we could let out all the pent up emotions […]

Wounded by Your Own

A Holy Experience
March 4, 2015

Can I just whisper? I know you must feel like people, the Church, have wanted you to go away. Sweep your scars under the proverbial rug. Erase you, avoid you, silence you.

Because it’s too uncomfortable for us, the neighbors, the church, the Body, to face our own culpability in scars. Face our own fallen disfigurement. Pollyanna wasn’t the only one who wore rose-colored glasses. Few like to admit that we come from a long line of Roman soldiers who have crucified our own.

I know and I’m sorry — When it comes to the bloodied and wounded, we suddenly all lose our thin, bare necks and become turtles, shirk back into our see-nothing shells.

Sometimes the church doesn’t want to know details or listen to wounds weep or wade into the bloody mess. Christ is the Truth — but too many of His people run from the Truth.

If Christ is The Truth — then where there isn’t Truth, there isn’t Christ. Why ever be afraid of the Truth? You only need fear the Truth of anything — if you think Christ isn’t capable of redeeming everything.

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