Three Things to Put in Writing (and Three Reasons Why)


If you are tangled up in a confusing relationship, one effective strategy to gain a solid footing (and eventually a voice) is to write things down. It doesn’t matter if you are a good writer or not. Your purpose isn’t to win a Pulitzer prize. Here are three important things you can record on paper (or on your computer) that will be tremendously helpful to you over time.

Rushing Reconciliation is Rarely Rewarding


Can you have a healthy relationship where there is lying, covering up, pretending, overlooking, and ignoring? Does that foster intimacy? Of course not. Healthy relationships are grown in the soil of vulnerability and safety. When two people are open and honest, they can get close and experience authentic acceptance and love. Anything less is dysfunctional in some way.

Don’t Let the Current Catch You!


On July 9, 1960, a man took his two kids for a boat ride on the Niagra River. Motor trouble caused the boat to get caught up in the fast current and tip over. The father was swept over the falls to his death. One of the children, a 7-year-old boy, fell over the Canadian […]

Three Nasty Things (some) Women are Saying About Naghmeh


I’ve been posting links to articles about the whole Saeed-Naghmeh thing over on my Facebook page. For the most part, the comments have been sympathetic toward Naghmeh, but there are some comments that I feel a strong urge to talk about over here on my blog. I’m not going to be Smucker’s Sweet, more Sriracha […]