What I’m Thinking, Doing, and Reading

what I'm thinking

Getting Organized I’m going through Chalene Johnson’s FREE 30 day challenge. It’s utterly practical and has the potential to be a life-changer. I think I already do a lot of the things she talks about, but it’s helping me put those things into categories and do them in a way that makes sense and is […]

Comedy in the Gospel?

the gospel as comedy

It’s been a month of marinating in Buechner’s Telling the Truth. Oh my. It’s delish. So I wrote a little bit about how Beuchner presents the gospel as tragedy HERE. But he makes an argument for the gospel as comedy as well. Comedy is that genre in literature that takes a situation of (often) exaggerated […]

Concerns with the Homeschooling Movement?: RC Sproul Jr. Responds

R.C. Sproul Jr.: Jesus Changes Everything
June 23, 2015

I’m writing from this year’s Christian Home Educators of Colorado conference. It’s always encouraging to be here, to visit with friends and to be encouraged. I always find homeschool conferences encouraging.  That said, where there are people, there are sins to be concerned about, and that includes we who homeschool. Here are five things I believe are a current danger.

Five points that nail it. Read them HERE.

What I’ve Learned About Taking Artsy Pictures of My Kids (and other things!)


My eyes love drinking in beautiful photography. I drool over blogs and books replete with that kind of art. I’m a wannabe, but I don’t just wanna stay there. I want to learn how to do it, too. My sister is the one who got me thinking that if she could learn how to do it, why couldn’t I?

My Favorite Mom-Body Shirts (and what my toddler is wearing!)

pink sweater

When picking clothes for summer, this is what I take into consideration: 1. I’m busy. No time to iron. No time to hand wash. No time to hang dry. No time to mend badly constructed clothing. I need wash and wear. 2. I’m hot. No. Not that kind of hot. Sweaty, hot-flash hot. I need […]

Do Christians Have Rights?

March 3, 2015

In some Christian circles people are taught, “When you get angry, it’s because you thought you had rights, and you thought those rights were violated, but that just shows your pride and self-centeredness. Everything you have belongs to God, so if you’re unhappy, you’re claiming a right you should have given up, and you’re in sin. You’re not entitled to anything, but God will give you everything you need. So that should make you happy, and if you’re not, you’re in sin.” (This is paraphrased from an explanation of the concept that I found in a forum. My impression was that the one explaining it was a proponent of the teaching.)

So imagine you’re a vulnerable person (for example, a child, or a naïve young woman) in an outwardly Christian home or institution that is covertly extremely abusive. (These are far more common than you might think.) You’re taught that you have no rights.

Then you’re sexually violated. Again and again. Besides whatever threats and manipulation and lies the evil offender might snarl or whisper in the dark or write on the wall with your blood, in your ears is ringing the dictum, “You have no rights. Christians have no rights.”

The fallacious nature of this argument and the odious results are—or should be—painfully, painfully obvious. But someone asked me to please address this issue from a Biblical perspective, because she grew up thinking that the Bible taught that she hadno rights. (“We had no right to expect safety. We had no right to defend or protect ourselves. We had no right to be angry. We had no right to feel sadness.”)

Read the rest of this article HERE.