“The healing path plunges us into the depths of our doubt, where a new faith can be born. This faith, birthed in the desert and the valley, frees us to remember a past not only with loss, but with redemption. It leads us to a perspective that is full of God, therefore deepening our trust that redemption will dawn tomorrow as it did once before. First, however, this process often confronts us with who or what we really have been trusting rather than God.”

Dan Allender

A Cry for Justice
December 18, 2015


“Subverting the meaning of the real 10¬†commandments to foster worship of an institution that will pass away when Christ returns, is the height of purveying the false gospel that marriage is to be esteemed and honored above God himself.”

This is an important article. Read it HERE.

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I’ve disappeared again! I know! Here’s why: This is my company’s busiest time of the year, so I’m working more hours on that. We are having our first ever open house at the end of November, so if you live near the Twin Cities area and want to stop in to say “hi” – I’d […]

My Fall Schedule (and What We’re All Doing Over Here)


How about an update? Some of you have asked how the kids are doing in school – wh0’s still at home – what I’m doing now, etc.. Things have finally fallen into a routine that I’m content with. My oldest son has been happily married for over a year now. We get to see him […]

Are Boundaries Biblical?


I’ve got another post coming tomorrow that continues with yesterday’s, BUT Leslie Vernick just published a helpful article about boundaries this week called, Are You Setting Boundaries or Just Being Manipulative? It’s perfect for what we’re talking about over here. Be sure to check it out. In the comments section, Leslie got the following question: […]