“Joy in the Midst of Navigating LGBT Issues”
by Andrya Dieter

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MOMS Talk - Bethlehem Baptist Church, Mpls. MN
May 12, 2015

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) influence on our culture is growing, and with that, unique opportunities to share the love and joy of Christ. Come be challenged to understand and respond, and to equip our children to stand strong in the face of this cultural reality.

Let “Bible-Belt Near Christianity” Die? Um. Yes.

Moore to the Point
May 12, 2015

This is precisely what several of us have been saying for years. Bible Belt near-Christianity is teetering. I say let it fall. For much of the twentieth century, especially in the South and parts of the Midwest, one had to at least claim to be a Christian to be “normal.” During the Cold War, that meant distinguishing oneself from atheistic Communism. At other times, it has meant seeing churchgoing as a way to be seen as a good parent, a good neighbor, and a regular person. It took courage to be an atheist, because explicit unbelief meant social marginalization. Rising rates of secularization, along with individualism, means that those days are over—and good riddance to them.

Read the rest of this article and shout AMEN with me (or cuss me out, depending on your perspective) right HERE.

Awesome Book Series to Read to Your Kids (GIVEAWAY!)


I’ve got such a fun treat for anyone who loves books and has kids who love books. And even if you and/or your kids hate books (perish the thought), it’s likely because they’ve never read books like these. Allow me to introduce you to Freddie Cottonmouth. An unassuming 10-year-old boy who has some pretty bizarre […]

Excellent Negative Review of True Woman 101 – Don’t Miss This One!

Rachel over at A Daughter of the Reformation has written a grand-slam-home-run review of True Woman 101 by Nancy Leigh DeMoss and Mary Kassian. I’m going to copy/paste an excerpt to whet your whistle here – and then you can head over to her blog to read the rest. There have been a couple of […]

A Giveaway and Beautiful Opportunity to Help a Hurting Mother


My heart is with Give Her Wings. I love Megan Cox and all that she is doing to emotionally, spiritually, and practically help mothers in the process of escaping the torture of domestic abuse. This month they are doing a really lovely fundraiser that can bless women in two ways. First, when you purchase one […]

Another reason why every man who would be safe must be in earnest, and be violent, is this, there are so many adversaries to oppose us, that if we are not violent we shall never be able to overcome them.
. . . do you still condemn this man, and say that he is an enthusiast and a fanatic? Then God himself comes forth to vindicate his despised servant. Know that this is the sign, the mark of distinction between the true child of God and the bastard-professor. The men who are not God’s children are a careless, stumbling, coldhearted race. But the men that are God’s in sincerity and truth, are burning as well as shining lights. They are as brilliant constellations in the firmament of heaven, burning stars of God. Of all things in the world, God hates most the man that is neither hot nor cold.

Charles Haddon Spurgeon  Holy Violence, sermon No. 252

How God’s Word to Everyone Becomes Personal to Me

God's Word Personal

I’ve found that when I am in a bad place, emotionally, and I just want to curl up into a ball and, well, bawl…I am not so interested in opening up God’s Word. I struggle with doubt. What good will it do anyway? What if I am disappointed, and God doesn’t meet me? I couldn’t bear that rejection right now. Better to ignore Him and avoid the crushing pain of being ignored by Him.