Confused About Submission? Some Clarification!


In a cut and dried world of blue skies and straightforward rules, the answer to misogyny is to cheerfully encourage women to suck it up and suffer like Christ. Problem solved with deeply ingrained theological beliefs still intact. It’s challenging to leave your spoon feeders behind you and sit down with just the Bible and your questions.

One of my favorite online friends, Jennifer Ross, is part of a documentary project that is being released August 26: Unmarried: The Rise of Singleness.

The price will be $18 when it is released, BUT – right now you can pre-purchase it for only $13.

This release falls in the same month our 20-year-old son will be marrying his 20-year-old fiance. One week to go, and I will be a mother-in-law. That feels weird to me, I have to admit. Wasn’t it only yesterday I was on a date with my 2-year-old in his favorite restaurant (McDonalds) eating french fries? Just the two of us? I can’t think of that without crying. It inspires me to smother my current 2-year-old with a few more hugs than he likes every day.

I’ll post some wedding pictures when it’s all over. In the meantime, check out this thought-provoking documentary HERE.

Should a Husband Force His Wife to Home School?


Picture this: it’s the Judgement Day, and you are standing next to your spouse and kids. Maybe your family of origin too. Maybe your friends from college. Hey, there’s a whole crowd of people you recognize all around you. It’s like “This is Your Life” from Sesame Street.

Will Someone Please Make Her Shut Up?

Whole Family Strong
May 1, 2013

Why do women feel the need to tell us the same junk over and over and over? Why do they feel the need to nag and complain about every stupid little thing? It’s aggravating. It’s demeaning. It becomes bullying after a while. It’s completely unnecessary. Seems like it should qualify as abuse. Can I get an amen out there?

Well, guys. Here’s the problem with that.

When I hear a guy complain about his nagging wife, I NEVER assume it’s her fault.


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My own caveat about this post: there IS such a thing as a “nagging wife.” You know. A chronically self-centered, dissatisfied, ungrateful woman. Of course there is, or the Bible wouldn’t mention her. But in the majority of counseling cases when a woman initiates a cry for help, she isn’t being a “nag.” Her husband may SAY she is a nag, but she is not this woman the Bible is talking about. The husband is just using verses against her to confuse her, make her doubt herself, and keep her “in line” so he can control her while living however he wants to live. It is in defense of the majority of women who fall into THAT category that this guy is writing. Capiche?

Do You Want to Be Different?

Do You Want to be Different?

This morning I thought about how John must have felt as he watched Jesus being crucified. His hero. His life. All his hopes and dreams—dying. What in the world happened? The feelings of disbelief, horror, and fear of the future must have been overwhelming. John believed that Jesus was God. What do you do with that? You know. When God dies?

Shut Up Wives

Practical Theology for Women
July 28, 2014

I’m an outspoken, feisty person. My husband is gentle and kind and easygoing. After I heard about the “shut your wife up or I’ll shut her up for you,” I spent years stifling my voice, afraid I’d get my loving husband “in trouble” with church leadership. All of this destroyed me because … it was coming from a pastor in the pulpit. I trusted him because he kept preaching about needing to blindly trust your pastors, and I didn’t want to disobey God. I feel like his teaching targets women from abusive backgrounds and screws them up further by insisting on trust and then spewing a skewed view of women.

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The “disease to please” runs rampant in society and in many churches, resulting in women who act more like girls than powerful women of loving faith. Consequently, far too many women are not being transformed into the true image of Christ, and not living like the heroic women of faith in the Bible. Instead, they have become hamster-wheel women of immense frustration, burnout, and depression with lives that lack purpose and integrity.