Falling for the Lie…Again and Again and…

It’s the same old lie…but she falls for every time.

Step One: “Did God REALLY say THAT? 

Doubt enters the Wemmick girl’s mind.

Hmmmm…well, gee whiz, I guess He couldn’t have really meant THAT.  Could He?

Step Two: “You know, if you think about it, THAT couldn’t be true.  Logically.  It isn’t sensible.  Not under the present circumstances.  Not for your life.”

Wemmick girl wavers.

Yeah.  I guess you’re right.  THAT was for a long time ago…you know…another time in history.  It’s outdated.  We have a better understanding of things today.  We’re enlightened.

Step Three: “If you forget about THAT…and do THIS instead…it will benefit your life.  You’ll be so much better off.  Just think of all you’ll have to miss if you don’t.  Why would God withhold this from you?  He is a loving God.  He wants you to be happy.  Right?”

Wemmick girl is convinced.

Absolutely!  And I know this really would fulfill me and bring happiness.  I would be able to serve Him more fully if I did this.  I’d be a better person.  Yes.  Now it all makes sense.

I will.

Have you had this conversation?  Of course you have.  We all have.  And we’ve all fallen for it.  Only Christ was able to listen to the lie…and resist its foolish outcome.

I’ve mentioned before that most Christians do not have a Christian worldview.  Your children don’t have to go through life being tossed to and fro by every cultural movement.  One of the greatest gifts you can give them is a Christian worldview.  It will give them a solid foundation on which to stand when life falls apart, ethical questions arise, and the enemy comes in like a flood to seduce and deceive them with the ultimate intent of destroying their lives.

One of the tools I’m using this year to ground my younger children (6-12) in a Biblical worldview, is Apologia’s new, What We Believe series.  We’ve been working our way through the first book, Who is God?  And Can I Really Know Him?  So far I’m very pleased.  It systematically lays the groundwork for a Biblical worldview of God and truth in an engaging and easy way for kids to understand.  If you click on the link, you can read more about this book as well as many positive reviews.

Apologia has published the second book in the series as well: Who am I?  And What am I Doing Here?   I plan to take my children through that one next.  One of the ways I work at grounding my older teen types in a Christian worldview is by talking, talking, talking through current events/issues that come up…almost on a daily basis.  We subscribe to World magazine which keeps us up to date on current events from a Christian worldview perspective.

But the best way to ground yourself in a Christian worldview…is to be saturated with the Word of God every day.  Study it.  Memorize it.  Apply it to daily life.  Live it.  Breathe it.  Obey it.  Pray through it.  LOVE it.

Remember, the Liar used the Word to tempt Jesus.

So what made the difference?

Jesus knew it better.

Do you?

Natalie Klejwa is a Wemmick, loved by the Woodcarver, wife of 22 years to Joe, and mother to 9 Wemmicks ages 2-20. She is a business owner (Apple Valley Natural Soap), founder and administrator of the Visionary Womanhood blog, publisher and contributing author of Three Decades of Fertility, You Can Do it Too! 25 Families Share Their Stories, and The Heart of Simplicity: Foundations for Christian Homemaking.

You can hear her being interviewed on Kevin Swanson's Generations with Vision radio program.

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3 thoughts on “Falling for the Lie…Again and Again and…

  1. World magazine is wonderful. My daughter does her Current Events assignments for her homeschooling with the Trak magazine for teens. I have her use that as well as secular media stories so she can compare the viewpoint. I think its important to teach children to think. We won’t always be there to feed them the right answers… and I love to hear what they come up with. Sometimes they think of things in a way I hadn’t. Great post!

  2. What a wonderful post. This is something that my husband and I are trying harder to work at. Our children are young (5 and under) and of course, very influential. I want them to know the Bible, what it says, how it applies to them and the world we live in. Thank you for sharing some resources you have been using! With so much out there it’s nice to have something recommended!